Trying the World's Strongest Alcohol
We Tasted the Most Powerful Drinks in the world!

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      @Jason Voorhees Joe mama

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      toasty boi

      Sellout intensifys

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      Edgar Armenta

      GAHAHA i want some of that absinthe mate, im from middle earth let me come on the show 🍻


      I bet You guys were straight sloshed after this episode!Lmfao! 🤘😂🤘

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      tom haw

      @Saviour 3.0 g HRT of hi

  • Aaron Kubert
    Aaron Kubert

    They sound hammered before they take their first shot

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    Syahrul Riot

    I am from indonesian

  • Syahrul Riot
    Syahrul Riot

    yo speake lengague java eees gak popo hahaha

  • Jaxon Smyth
    Jaxon Smyth

    Bro I’ve had moonshine that was 98% alcohol tf that’s not the strongest oh and the moonshine made me throw up in my mouth a little bit

  • lowlife prdx
    lowlife prdx

    years later and i still love max

  • AiMZ

    Stroh 80 kost in germany regluar 16 euros btw

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    this was on my recommended and i’m not mad 😭😭😭😭

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    Mr-Stratton PlaystionLp's

    Damn stroh 80 here in germany is only like 15$ or something

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    Lucifer Morningstar

    We Estonias got 105vol 😁

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    Shade Man

    smirnoff is trash guys

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    Trevor Bunclap

    No offense for the dullards max carries

  • Trevor Bunclap
    Trevor Bunclap

    Isn’t that kind of the point get folded and chill with the boys

  • Trevor Bunclap
    Trevor Bunclap

    As long as ur drunk this shit is funny 😆

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    "Fuck, that'll make anyone immortal" 😂😂😂

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    Joe Frazer

    It looks syrupy. It looks refreshing. WELL WHICH IS IT FOR FS!

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  • B

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  • :awesome:

    Mm disenfectant

  • Jian Guan
    Jian Guan

    The stormy quart putatively branch because day gully detect aboard a left geranium. scared, future futuristic guatemalan

  • S G
    S G

    Tastes like eggnog

  • Someone on the internet
    Someone on the internet

    Chad: genuine reactions Deez: my name is Deez

  • Furry Trash the movie
    Furry Trash the movie

    This feels like drunk Game Grumps I love it.

  • Qwerty Chad
    Qwerty Chad

    No idea these two Chads even had this ISnets channel until now:,,( thank heavens I clicked on this video

  • Jon Valt and the Evil Robots
    Jon Valt and the Evil Robots

    Do they not have everclear (🤮) there?

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    Roy Saxena

    "My NaME iS DeEz!"

  • Frank Savage
    Frank Savage

    Bacardi 151

  • Kenneth Wasserstrom
    Kenneth Wasserstrom

    Does not take much of absynth to feel fucked up. Watch other ISnets videos and you will see people sleeping on side walks. I my self drank absynth and sweat so much and passed out under my porch while the cable guy was knocking on my door

  • Josh sim
    Josh sim

    Their drinking Russia blood

  • Andrew Hargrove
    Andrew Hargrove

    Chad looking like Fat Jesus everyday

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    kolin nitruc

    0:10 0:29 1:04 2:43 3:25 4:22 14:31 16:28 17:51

  • Lushendran Govender
    Lushendran Govender

    You can just see Chad loves spirits and max loves beer

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    Mr. Philosophy

    Everclear hits like diesel fuel

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    I Just Want a Lexus!

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    tianna romberg

    i think his name is deez?

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    These guys are gods!!

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    Derrick Werito

    Me all buzzed out oh shit this is all flammable lol

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    I got drunk just watching this haha

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    Daniels Vlogs

    Why does he keep saying his name?

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    First time watching you two. Laugh so hard. Instant sub. Thank you!

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    Nathan Armstead

    I think I found my new favourite channel

  • Mo0nshine

    in germany stroh 80 costs around 15€.. u payed 90 dollars holy fuck

  • Master Hasher
    Master Hasher

    this high apv alcohol is for weed only :D

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    96% that's cute. guess you've never heard of spirytus boys.

  • 𝐩𝐲𝐧𝐞𝐚𝐩

    11 year olds after drinking a whole bottle of coke: 7:44

  • dale James
    dale James

    This is painful

  • Trey Ghost
    Trey Ghost

    "Whooo the fook is Admiral Vernon"? Lol

  • 01DOGG01

    Back in the day you could buy a large bottle of Hoyts cooking essence from the supermarket for 5 bucks and it was 90% alcohol. It'd get 3 people tanked. They stopped selling it when a young dude died from it

  • P W
    P W

    Brilliant 🤣🤣👍

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    LEON Tempest

    Guys I think he's called Deeez

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    Hi I'm from America fly me out 😁 and I don't hafto leave I'll make sure everything isn't poisened and his name's Deez

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    The boy who Knows it all

    Fav youtubers ny man

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    Mark Barta

    romainians : whatta is thatt i drinnk 99% palinka

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    Dante Palermo

    How to get alcohol poison 101

  • Dante Palermo
    Dante Palermo

    Chad's a chad.

  • Max Östlund
    Max Östlund

    Hi am chad today we are trying ratpoisen

  • Shea Buttah
    Shea Buttah

    It’s gotta be nice to get drunk and camera and get payed for it

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    NIck E

    Happy to see yall still alive and posting content...much love

  • BiemoryBie

    Max: "It's beyond comprehension.." lmao

  • Jake Lewman
    Jake Lewman

    Who tf are these dudes it’s like a dumber version of GMM 🤣🤣🤣 dudes literally drank motor oil and goes “wtf was that”

  • KMG

    In Greece we drink beltion with food from the age of 18 you wuss

  • KMG

    Please say more often my name is deez and look at the camera

  • Preston V
    Preston V

    "rum drinkers best their wives" I agree.

  • Weedbon

    In Poland we drink pure etanol alcohol and i think is beautyfull

  • MarcoPolo

    This shit........ bussin!

  • ranksta YT
    ranksta YT

    Ive drinked 99.5 corn booze

  • Nico Pascual
    Nico Pascual

    "Fuck that'll make any one a model." Can confirm.

  • ضع اسمك
    ضع اسمك

    try Jackson cologne Contains 70 % alcohol And it is a Kuwaiti industry And they drink it in Kuwait because alcoholic drinks are prohibited It must be mixed with juices, soft drinks and energy drinks in order to drink it You have to eat nuts to lose their taste

  • Karol Gołofit
    Karol Gołofit

    Chocolate pudding with stroh 80 is really good.

  • King Nugget OSRS
    King Nugget OSRS

    fuck ya's ill do a goon of fortune to see if i can out drink ya's xD ill even pay my own flights.

  • Mister Sire
    Mister Sire

    The fermented Sezu bean XD

  • Anahata Das
    Anahata Das

    did they really pour a 400 dollar scotch on ice what is wrong with you guys

  • Anahata Das
    Anahata Das

    why you drink that stuff with ice

  • Ryan Kearney
    Ryan Kearney

    Allright guys, we have one final bottle... hydrazine (reads bottle): says here this is combustible, used as satellite fuel, it is extremely neuro-toxic, caustic, and probably carcinogenic... Here ya go, mate. 'ave some Monster to chase it.

  • Isaac Morales
    Isaac Morales

    I'm from Texas where our everclear is based at 95% alcohol.

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    FERPZZZ ItsFerpaTime

    Loved the video , need another one please 🙌🙌😂😂

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  • Logan F.
    Logan F.

    I know it's a play on words with hot ones already, but this gauntlet could be a literal cold ones interview.

  • Rudss Botes
    Rudss Botes

    This is hilarious, now i know how i look like when i am getting wasted lol

  • Dian Agung
    Dian Agung

    Gak ada mc'donal 55%, around the world apane?

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    Janoy Cresva

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    Martin Jacobsen

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    • soryu goro
      soryu goro

      no it's deez

  • Lexie Tibbs
    Lexie Tibbs

    I don't even drink alcohol, and I still enjoyed this video far more than I had any right to 😂

  • Andrew Franco
    Andrew Franco

    This is not world's strongest alcohol moon shine is its 100% proof

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    damn deez is drunk asf

  • ian superfly
    ian superfly

    Your liver said good bye loool

  • blu menthal
    blu menthal

    Multifunction drinks that can also used as hand sanitizer.

  • Vault_Boyofwgkta PS4 DBD
    Vault_Boyofwgkta PS4 DBD

    Hey .... Deep nutz


    You guys even dont taste it properly you guys did with ice

  • Joshua Watson
    Joshua Watson

    “I board a drunk flight before”

  • Eliseo Fabela
    Eliseo Fabela

    Am I drunk or did they super droop his face after that shot at 10:54 🤣🤣😂

  • Nicholas Savoretti
    Nicholas Savoretti

    Chad: how tf do you open this bottle? Oh yeah ill use a fucking drill. Corkscrew: *existing*

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    Jacob Mawyer

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    Jacob Mawyer

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