BEST BOATS EVER!!! Taking Our Supercharged Mini Jet Boats On SUPER Shallow River Trails!
WAHOOOOO these things are incredible! All thanks to these guys, check them out!
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  • Cleetus McFarland
    Cleetus McFarland

    Yo thank you guys for all the support on the Month of Freedom so far!!! We’re having a blast hustlin, hoping you guys are as well!

    • Rob y4h3ll
      Rob y4h3ll

      How much would you charge to build me one? I need the Cleeter welds... Im rough. Lol.

    • johnnycat

      nice channel , BUT NO WATER SAFETY ..why no life jackets ...

    • adam0U812 Davies
      adam0U812 Davies

      Cool , it's like drifting a boat. If I could , I would have one.

    • Deangelo Ty
      Deangelo Ty

      @Wesson Shepherd Definitely, I've been using Kaldrostream for since november myself :D

    • Kabir Thaddeus
      Kabir Thaddeus

      @Wesson Shepherd definitely, I have been watching on kaldrostream for years myself :)

  • Michael L
    Michael L

    Where is this?? I am from the Tampa area and I haven’t found a jet ski friendly river like this anywhere! Dying to know where it’s at.

  • Cameron Neal
    Cameron Neal

    Where is this place?? I gotta check it out I live out east of orlando

  • Randy Reneau
    Randy Reneau

    When one of your fools gets killed, grow up

  • eric griffin
    eric griffin

    Gotta get much if I build?how difficult. How much if I bought completed finished boat

  • bruce belitz
    bruce belitz

    I've never seen a boat I need more than these! Absolute fun!

  • Hargoni Yamaki
    Hargoni Yamaki

    Great life jackets.

  • Mark Corboy
    Mark Corboy

    Hell dude if you were a pilot you could claim that you have walked away from a crash. These jet boats can take a beating. Cheers from New Zealand.

  • Ramiro Caballero
    Ramiro Caballero

    Super cool brother

  • Jenifer Applebee
    Jenifer Applebee

    it looks like it was filmed in fast foward

  • Cody Lucier
    Cody Lucier

    Truly are living the dream brother . No one deserves this more than you God bless bro

  • Moroni Rios
    Moroni Rios

    I think everyone has those same off blue towels.

  • Robert Villiard
    Robert Villiard

    What motor , size, hp ?

  • Casper Me
    Casper Me

    I keep thinking that this needs a CCR soundtrack 😁

  • Louisiana Native
    Louisiana Native

    Trying to figure out where in the heck he is, I thought I knew all the good places in FL.

  • cpsencik04

    Anyone else not surprised the video with a thumbnail containing chicks in bikinis has 100's of thousands more views than the video of the initial ride! lol

  • A R
    A R

    When will Sea-Doo be DONE with that carbon seal shit????? WHEN????????????????????

  • Grunt Ohseven
    Grunt Ohseven

    Those look really nice but are rich boy toys for sure.

  • doittoday1

    Awesome video guys 👍😎 what do you think your total cost of the boat was?

  • David Easter
    David Easter

    Whats the price $ of these

  • Robert Allen
    Robert Allen

    I love it, your in my neck of the woods, Peace River, Desoto County.

  • Rob Odenbach
    Rob Odenbach

    Man those this are sick.

  • Kent Mackey
    Kent Mackey

    No PFDs? It takes just one crack of the noggin on that windshield frame. Otherwise, looks awesome!

  • chad dempe
    chad dempe

    When, youre in real shallow water, start doing “S” turns, it will get you a little more shallower water and it will force clean water into the pump and you won’t suck up much rocks and debry that’s on the bottom.

  • Mitch C
    Mitch C

    Those things are very cool but also very harmful to small river habitats

  • Trees Happen
    Trees Happen

    Skin that bottom with some UHMW plastic, and run it up some PNW rapids on the Wenatchee River.

  • Bryan L
    Bryan L

    You will catch an edge and roll that over sometime and then you will respect it

  • R.j. Brown
    R.j. Brown

    Im sorry butt I'd beach that shit on purpose just to watch the hotties put it back in the water. They need to be in bikinis in every vidja.

  • Cale Phillips
    Cale Phillips

    It's all fun and games until you realize this rotax engine burns 20 gallons an hour and reliability is nonexistent. Turbo a yamaha 1800, that's where the power and reliability is at.

  • Bill Hamblin
    Bill Hamblin

    “Best boats ever?” Only if you’re an idiot that gets off by going to the quiet rivers and f’ing them up with a bunch of noise.

  • Smokescreen

    Dude, that looked like so much fun! Wish I had the $$$ to build one, over here in California! Cuz that looks awesome!

    • Smokescreen

      @robert wessells Does look fun though.

    • robert wessells
      robert wessells

      @Smokescreen we've got one here in Virginia too. Lol. That boat looks so fun

    • Smokescreen

      @robert wessells Yeah, cuz he's an ass like that! 🤦🏼‍♂️

    • robert wessells
      robert wessells

      I hear ya but looks like too much freedom for California. Unless you can get a battery powered rig your prob out of luck.newsom would lock you up and throw away the key for the emissions.

  • sam yeates
    sam yeates

    All humans need one !!!

  • PrimeProductionsULTD

    This could never happen in PA. Too many water ways are restricted to 20 Horse Power. Which is a shame because this looks like a blast of fun.


    Where is this?


    Yah bro i was going to say who did the seadoo work engine wise... Well you went to a good guy. Here in cali Im friends with Rich who puts down same MPH less boost. Since we have been racing since 95 got lucky to test parts... I need to get one of these.. and build back better lol...lame.. any ways.... You did it right....


      Oh PS To fix any water leaks.....Ever or miss haps!!

  • Kyle Earle
    Kyle Earle

    So...when are you adding the nitrous?

  • mygreat78

    I love how if you turn closed captioning on, at 8:15 ISnets thinks the turbo noise is "Applause" from the whistling haha

  • Chuck Rice
    Chuck Rice

    Close cost of boats

  • Mattias Dino Johansson
    Mattias Dino Johansson

    So freaking awsome Jetboats. Really nice tuned in also. Freaking awsome builds dudes. Keep up the hreat work you’re doing both you and James. Best wishes from Sweden 🇸🇪

  • Randy Bender
    Randy Bender

    I would feel better if you were in life vests but the boats are awesome

  • ninney 79
    ninney 79

    Pretty darn cool!! Those things would work great for arrowhead hunting!

  • Samosa Sosa
    Samosa Sosa

    Fishermen and fossil divers know where your trucks are parked. I'd pick the creeks carefully. For Real I have seen it happen.

  • Brett Allen
    Brett Allen

    Ok, time to start jumping those sand bars!!! #Nitro Circus

  • Bob Saget
    Bob Saget

    This dude is gonna kill himself lmao

  • Mose Yoder
    Mose Yoder

    What is the music he uses in the video as they are traveling? What song?

  • Kevin Johnson
    Kevin Johnson

    Cleet is sunburnt to be hell lol 😆 been there it sucks. You should do a wrap on one of them and make it look like the boat in the kid rock video all summer long

  • Blastedlife420

    IN TRUE Cleetus fashion i think you need double up on the motor count...

  • lvbuckeye

    Some absolute mad lad was driving one of these on Lake Mead last weekend.


    where in Florida is this?

  • Tony B.
    Tony B.

    These boats are freaking Awesome and Awesome video 👍👍👍 Enjoyed it very much !!!

  • ianrkav

    Well that was a blast. Those little jet boats are awesome:-)

  • gnewb e
    gnewb e

    Almost manatee friendly

  • Mad Man Marine
    Mad Man Marine

    For boats like those. Shallow is when there is shit sticking up out of the water lol. I have always wanted to build one of my 15 mad man marines into a jet boat. But I live on a island and we really only have open water around us. No rivers to run in. Would make it hard to actually use it. Looks great though!!!

  • mastryda

    Cleetus is my spirit animal...


    Money Cant Buy You Happiness... But You Can Build It

  • Paul LeBeau
    Paul LeBeau

    If you think these boats are amazing, check out some videos of jet sprint racing. Be prepared for even more awesomeness.

  • Jeremy hanna
    Jeremy hanna

    U need a oval canal at freedom yesterday to race these little beasts

  • Ron Thorpe
    Ron Thorpe

    Those boats that you see from New Zealand like yours are super cool, and they race them too.

  • john McKinney
    john McKinney

    You need a roll bar on that sled so you can run with Wilkey

  • AZ Sunsun
    AZ Sunsun

    I'll be honest. I hit play because of the hot señoritas on the page...which I didn't get to see, but the boating was cool too👍🏻

  • Norman Anderson
    Norman Anderson

    If you like to throw trash into the bilge.. use a trash pump instead of a bilge pump.. no problems..

  • exxonvaldeezy

    It’ll be nice to see a jet boat vs. airboat vs. hovercraft shallow water series.

  • Ryan Plato
    Ryan Plato

    God would love to do that to my boat

  • James Schwitalla
    James Schwitalla

    Need to put a callus saki zx 14 hunderd motor with a Turbo are now.😉

  • Justin Perez
    Justin Perez

    The swanky bow preliminarily long because polyester habitually watch towards a swanky violin. spectacular, necessary phone

  • Mitten Mayhem
    Mitten Mayhem

    Let's keep the swearing to a minimum... 2 sec later im F****** getting one! Lmao

  • scerms

    This looks soooo much fun! I am really jealous. Greetings from rainy Germany 🤗

  • acarlos

    14:04 👅

  • dano

    Biden must be supper happy with you guys!! you are using up all of the gasoline,,,,,, he wants this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Derek Frampton aKa 1PaPaD1
    Derek Frampton aKa 1PaPaD1

    Welding is on point as well as the g-forces are handled in the hull/keel etc.

  • marc Smith
    marc Smith

    What Kind Of Seats Are Yall Using. I’m Building a 14’ With a Berkeley Jet and a 454.

  • Farmer Fpv
    Farmer Fpv

    Freedom Factory Marine. Let's Goooo!

  • Duramaxturbo

    Man, I don't need anymore toys. But this looks like a blast.

  • Bigkountry33

    Are these faster than jet skis

  • Stop Deleting Me
    Stop Deleting Me

    No titties? Such a tease!!!

  • Buck Fiden
    Buck Fiden

    Bro dude dude bro bro bro dude dude bro

  • A True Wisconsinite
    A True Wisconsinite

    Not to that guy but helmets are even more important for these boats than cars. Just imagine smacking your head on any of those sharp edges of the windshield or elsewhere.

  • chålan kånton tasi
    chålan kånton tasi

    The steel boat frame is hovering over inches of water that's fast.

  • Adam nahtankyoulol
    Adam nahtankyoulol

    those are legit! time to learn how to weld aluminum! nice work! my next door neighbor when i was knee high had a low profile jet boat and remember the two or three times getting to ride in it pretty vividly but these are on a whole other level..let rear rip tater chip! try to stay safe lol🤘🏼

  • Friggenturd

    Yo Maddi is draggin a whole wagon 😳🥵

  • Dudeofdawn

    Did you guys come down the chattahooche river in atlanta in these things? a few weeks ago i watched 2 guys in 2 of these things come bombing down and absolutely launch off a rock at like 30 mph+ and kept going. now that i think of it, sounds like something yall would do

  • Dani over
    Dani over

    Seems like a very capable hull for home made

  • Chuck Maier
    Chuck Maier

    Hey bro How much did that boat cost in total??? im super curious and dont see it anywhere in this episode....

  • Tommy Bowling
    Tommy Bowling

    Dam when shorty in the red was dragging the boat and you go and say "the back is the heavy part"!!! Oh yeah her back sure is heavy!!! 😆 LUCKY MAN!!!

  • niduoe stre
    niduoe stre

    I love that you can hear the supercharger for how small it is, it’s sitting on the engine all like “don’t forget me”

  • Jimmy Griswold
    Jimmy Griswold

    Next time you come up to SilverLake, bring the jet boats and hit up Torch Lake!!

  • 944tim

    I know yer unbreakable, but you really should have flotation decices on.. booyah for Water Burnouts!!!

    • niduoe stre
      niduoe stre

      again, Awesome.

  • Peter Southern
    Peter Southern

    Trump turned the whole country into a swamp and now this is the only way to get around.

  • Kyle Smith
    Kyle Smith

    6:48 I may be a Texas man and not a Florida one but I know the proper pronunciation of “burnt up” when I hear it!


    This is Awesome !!

  • Craig Jackman
    Craig Jackman

    Hey man you need to put a 150 outboard jet motor on one of those bad boys. Maybe JP can put it on his build.😂🤣

  • Alex Ortiz
    Alex Ortiz

    The macabre atm aetiologically chop because pastor pathomorphologically disapprove beyond a awake cardboard. scientific, deeply fragrance

  • Samuel Bose
    Samuel Bose

    how does it not ingest sand??? i mean y'all seemed to be doin alright and it looked like you were sprayin out clean water... but HOW hahahaha it looks fun man. im glad the work paid off for yall

  • Orang Utan
    Orang Utan

    Wow I’d move to Florida just to do this

  • _Machine_

    I need to move to florida

  • GaryLordsWayMinistry

    Only thing it needs is a rope bar put on it for towing a couple of skiers behind it. Thank you for at least getting some decent listening music to listen to while the live action is going on. You can only say "Fire Me Up" so many times before it is just boring to listen to.

    • Oliver Craner
      Oliver Craner

      Go build yourself a jet boat and then you can do whatever you want to it. Then when you get 2.62m subscribers and over 3 million view per week AVERAGE, someone might listen to your criticism.

  • mightyhead

    That engine noise sounded familiar - then I realized it sounded just like my 2007 Aprilia RSV Factory

  • runs withsisors
    runs withsisors

    hold my beer

  • bodoti qwiu
    bodoti qwiu

    the guy holding the can while riding in the boat sure knows how to keep his beer steady didn't spill a drop

    • niduoe stre
      niduoe stre

      Going Ozzie on the burnout cars, going Kiwi on the jet boats.

  • Salty Dog889
    Salty Dog889

    Lucky there’s no wildlife on dem riverbanks for you to upset boy!....