The Best Rocket League Game Ever!
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  • MrBeast Gaming
    MrBeast Gaming

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    • Leia Burlingham
      Leia Burlingham

      ur mom

    • Lemmon

      lets 1v4

    • Carmen Laguna
      Carmen Laguna


    • tiger barb bros
      tiger barb bros

      i play rocket league and im greater

    • Keily Saucedo
      Keily Saucedo


  • Shayan_11 08
    Shayan_11 08

    did anyone notice that chandler said that they r S@*# in chat lol at like arounf 8:00 idk tho so

  • katy montgomery
    katy montgomery

    The vengeful castanet conversly trick because tie unintentionally heat out a aboard baboon. cynical, tangible vacation

  • Sue Barlow
    Sue Barlow

    Can I one v 4 yous

  • blackbelt

    carls laught is so creapy

  • heqsime lecatqip
    heqsime lecatqip

    The fluttering william hemperly flow because aftermath characteristically interfere off a skinny hydrogen. flimsy, tangible flood

  • Charlie T
    Charlie T

    Could I 1v1? I’m on Xbox like you guys.. let me know if you want too! It’s a dream of mine but also another game you could play on Xbox is rainbow six siege

  • the mosser
    the mosser

    Watching y’all play is like watching 4 annoying oranges play I could beat all 4 of y’all vs just me but keep making content I love it

  • Shanley Jackson
    Shanley Jackson

    In the mid of vid why so exited

  • eantoncic

    Do they have to say every word 5 times!

  • Q Grant
    Q Grant


  • Torri Pino
    Torri Pino

    The terrible peanut pharmacokinetically continue because step-son analogously marry including a ghost. spiky, filthy firewall

  • Csurgai Christopher
    Csurgai Christopher

    6:04 saw this video now but imdont think those are players. I haven't played much, but bots have these simple names. And they have simple ones. And they are commenting your so bad xD

  • Issa Yousuf
    Issa Yousuf

    I can help :)

  • Issa Yousuf
    Issa Yousuf

    User : sofianekarwa

  • Issa Yousuf
    Issa Yousuf

    Octane is best

  • Issa Yousuf
    Issa Yousuf

    Can u play w/me :)

  • Penguinpro800

    little do they know they are shit talking bots

  • Nalbi Hajo
    Nalbi Hajo

    I like how jimmy just started playing, but he already has interstellar lol

  • Aaron23 Ninja
    Aaron23 Ninja

    Y’all guys kinda toxic tho lol no hate tho

  • MJ Playz 24
    MJ Playz 24

    Did anyone notice that mrbeast was wearing a $20 decal on his car called interstellar

  • I will never say
    I will never say

    It’s like watching a baby trying to walk. That’s them playing

  • Janis Paula
    Janis Paula

    The safe reindeer basically damage because april anatomically rain since a harmonious scale. shaky, aboard chimpanzee

  • jackooteam

    The gang :this is ez Other players above silver: ok gamer

  • Cyphrus

    Why is Karl wear a FaZe clan shirt?

    • Cyphrus


  • Lemmon

    I bet I'll beat you in a 4v1

  • Charlie kerans
    Charlie kerans

    Their not bad

  • Jennifer Kight Henriquez
    Jennifer Kight Henriquez

    I love you so much.

  • Ils Van As
    Ils Van As

    Faze karl

  • Danny Juul Petersen
    Danny Juul Petersen

    karl says when are we done laying aginst toutorial bots THEY ARE PLAYING AGINST TOUTORIAL BOTS KARL

  • Joschua Göpfert
    Joschua Göpfert

    new e-sports team confirmed

  • Yummymeerkat

    The camera shake!

  • Finn's gaming
    Finn's gaming

    Whose gonna tell them that i am 99% sure they are bots and btw bots can score.

  • Mcwhopper257

    Jeez they should join nrg pro team

  • Isaiah Nazeeh Tanagho
    Isaiah Nazeeh Tanagho

    Love it! My fav sport is Soccer so ya!

  • Joctan Antonio Romero Sanchez
    Joctan Antonio Romero Sanchez

    Me; seeing them suffer eating jalapeños Also me; eats jalapeños everyday for every meal

  • rapiddanny boo yeah
    rapiddanny boo yeah

    bro they are playing against tutorial bots and karl is like "when are we gonna stop playing against tutorial bots" to be mean lol

  • tuba khan
    tuba khan

    This is y I love u guys mr.beast 😊

  • Isaac The gamer
    Isaac The gamer

    I lost my Nintendo so I can’t play it..

  • Marshmello Lord
    Marshmello Lord

    Nice video lmao

  • Thomas Cespedez
    Thomas Cespedez

    Mr beast I like your videos

  • Daniel Pollard
    Daniel Pollard

    Me looking in the chat mrbeast saying that are bad lol

  • Archie Carre
    Archie Carre

    Mr beast and crew vs sidemen ? Thoughts

  • Glinda Mccorkle
    Glinda Mccorkle

    The staking pillow scully trot because parent roughly smoke unlike a gaudy cord. dapper, towering c-clamp

  • Lopez_Official

    them realizing they where playing ai's

  • Gytis Gytauskas
    Gytis Gytauskas

    I think u guys are litterly like bronze 3

  • Chris Rooney
    Chris Rooney

    Bro they actually were playing against tutorial bots

  • L O L
    L O L

    Game 2 was just bots they didn't say anything

  • Dan Roars
    Dan Roars

    Karl is so adorable😭 he sounds like a dolphin🥺

  • Hv Pyrø ツ
    Hv Pyrø ツ

    The fact they have Camera Shake on ahhh

  • Max is sweaty !!!!!
    Max is sweaty !!!!!

    MrBeast can I play rocket league with you plzzz

  • GalaxyGhoul

    I never want to be friends with karl cuz I suck at rocket league

  • Eester4680 Plays
    Eester4680 Plays

    Fortnite is a boys game rocket league is a man's game

  • syphon bully
    syphon bully

    i love how the first game was actually bots

  • CoopGamer23

    comment me if you are watching 2021

  • Atinfoilhat

    Little did they knew that they were playing against bots

  • Henry Steenhuis- Young
    Henry Steenhuis- Young

    Jimmy can I vs u Carl and Chris and chan chan in rocket league

  • mr random
    mr random

    Me realizing I could beat all of them

  • Jack Harte
    Jack Harte

    If you see me my name is WILD_TIGER_8661

  • Brian Pantoja Martinez
    Brian Pantoja Martinez

    Jimmy: I think we are playing against the worst gamers on earth Me: alright add me and let’s do a 1v1 my user is brian_atom

  • Charles Neuberger
    Charles Neuberger

    “Bad game?”

  • supermariofamily

    1:58 how many times did he say go forward

  • Samantha eubanks
    Samantha eubanks

    I gay

  • Jezza does stuff
    Jezza does stuff

    Can u guys do another How about with MUSTY!!!! LOV U MUSTY AND MRBEast

  • VibesMc1

    Wait I just now noticed is that interstellar??? Jimmy is using🤔

  • duck the first
    duck the first

    anyone watching this and have been a ssl since the ssl came out

  • Efehan lol
    Efehan lol

    As a grand champ watching this is funny

  • Kieran Wall
    Kieran Wall

    chris got 5 goals,Karl got 3 goals,Jimmy got 3 goals and Chan Chan got 2 goals.

  • iDrix 129
    iDrix 129

    The enemy was botts

  • iDrix 129
    iDrix 129

    Bronze when playing be like

  • Brycin Shipley
    Brycin Shipley

    My grampa ate a carline reaper he said meh to it

  • John Arvai
    John Arvai

    Not good I’m better

  • Alexi Décoeur
    Alexi Décoeur

    Can you please play rocket league with me we can do a 4v1

  • Liam PlayX
    Liam PlayX

    I have a good video idea u guys 1v4 me for 1000$ but u don’t actually have to give it to me

  • Liam PlayX
    Liam PlayX

    1v4? 😏

  • Joshua Renner
    Joshua Renner

    Little did they know they were playing bots And that camara shake is pissing me off

  • Elisabeth Poppe
    Elisabeth Poppe

    Wich rank are you guys on?

  • t0ni

    Have chris the athena flag

  • gahan and friends with pet dog rio
    gahan and friends with pet dog rio

    I also have rocket leauge on nintendo switch

    • gahan and friends with pet dog rio
      gahan and friends with pet dog rio

      Its basically foothball but with cars

  • Jan Rita
    Jan Rita

    This happens 0:40 it's so hard then this happens 4:07

  • The Daredevils
    The Daredevils

    I ate a red one and almost died it was 400,000 scovile units

  • Game Play
    Game Play

    5:16 I thought you mean "worth game"

  • missy g
    missy g

    I love you

  • GamingWithLanz

    mrbeast: they are bots or moms finish their chores the 4 people that being roasted: *im gonna do what a pro gamer does*

  • Dzixq DC
    Dzixq DC

    Me thinking he will finally make a vid with Musty🤣

  • GamingWithLanz

    mrbeast: gets 7 goals in whole round me: only has 0 in the whole round and lose in to the ot

  • Nxrth Prxvel
    Nxrth Prxvel

    4v1 me

  • Satroyit

    this just proves that all free to plays are bad

  • Odila Cabrales
    Odila Cabrales

    mr BEAST i am you bigis fan ever

  • Odila Cabrales
    Odila Cabrales

    you are to good

  • Christian Vu
    Christian Vu

    im pretty sure the enemy team was bots.

  • Jaja

    Sirkle to boost

  • ayman pro
    ayman pro

    plz disable camera shake its so bad

  • Zion McElveen
    Zion McElveen

    hey mrbeast can you 1v4 me on rocket leageu

  • Gavin Kyle
    Gavin Kyle

    You are playing bots

  • dane gaming
    dane gaming

    I challenge the whole crew to a game of rocket league

  • DM_3B

    Karls shirt,RIP Juice

  • Grug Pokemon
    Grug Pokemon

    Hey can I challenge you guys

  • Sebastián Lamas
    Sebastián Lamas

    Bots es bots da der vursin

  • Theofficialrzrz

    Imagine MrBeast announces that his favorite game is Roblox.That’d be cool