Gold Digger Gets What She Deserves
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  • Dinah Khairina
    Dinah Khairina


  • Its crazy daisy
    Its crazy daisy

    It’s all about the Benjamin’s boiiiii👌😌

  • Isaiah Hayes
    Isaiah Hayes

    that girl in then green dress her face is just pretty

  • Dark Tiger
    Dark Tiger

    Me being a huge SSSniperWolf fan :D

  • Evening Knife
    Evening Knife

    The spotty fowl infrequently pat because lute covalently charge per a waiting edward. special, lowly sausage

  • Evieon Roblox
    Evieon Roblox

    VIP IS FOR THAT GIRL OVER THERE IS WHERE SHE BELONGS because it’s VIP as in “very important poop 💩”

  • Danny CampbellRaymond
    Danny CampbellRaymond

    Medallion chain made of real diamonds😎

  • Benjamin Cable
    Benjamin Cable

    Love the hat lol

  • Anam Salman
    Anam Salman


  • Anam Salman
    Anam Salman


  • Landon Martin
    Landon Martin

    Whispers I’ll be in v.i.p.

  • Christina Hedberg
    Christina Hedberg


  • Maylin Whitlow
    Maylin Whitlow


  • Sabe Abel
    Sabe Abel


  • zen wright
    zen wright


  • builderzim s
    builderzim s


  • Nathaniel Gagnon
    Nathaniel Gagnon

    As if there not in some kind of building

  • Nathaniel Gagnon
    Nathaniel Gagnon

    How did you know about him owning the bar

  • Sharky M
    Sharky M


  • Abigail Peak
    Abigail Peak

    that moment when you watch all leas vids

  • Cheryl Thompson
    Cheryl Thompson

    Me all the time on tv and mobile

  • Aleyda Talavera
    Aleyda Talavera


  • Extra robloxian Shorts & gaming
    Extra robloxian Shorts & gaming

    In my life i just wanna be alone with a dark heart

  • Death Rinnegan mangekyo sharingan
    Death Rinnegan mangekyo sharingan


  • Sadie C
    Sadie C

    I choked on my water when Lia zoomed in on her face 😂

  • Diem Nguyen
    Diem Nguyen

    i feel like this is the only dhar mann story/vid that doesnt have the saying "SO YOU SEE"

  • Amberleyley T
    Amberleyley T

    I watch Ssniperwolf every time when I’m free I’m kinda a big fan

  • •PeachesYTwildcraft•

    I watch her like everyday. Well unless I’m busy.

  • Moon UwU Roblox and More!
    Moon UwU Roblox and More!

    Only ogs like me remember this:Hey guys its me your favorite French youtuber

  • Moron Dude
    Moron Dude

    Like... nice rich persons are near imposible to find.

  • Rianne Guzman
    Rianne Guzman

    Who always enjoy sssniperwolf video everyday

  • Sara Šolčić
    Sara Šolčić

    I dou

  • flo Vibes
    flo Vibes

    SoRry NoT InTeReStESted

  • Rumen Traikov
    Rumen Traikov


  • Wongwong Swe
    Wongwong Swe

    The end was so funny

  • Jacob Essentials
    Jacob Essentials

    The abrupt sagittarius disturbingly tempt because canvas broadly wail over a wakeful drain. tricky, minor multi-hop

  • Leah J
    Leah J

    I watch snowfall every single

  • Leah J
    Leah J

    I watch sniper wolf every day every day


    L-L-L-L-L000VE IT😂😂😂

  • Naava Hurley
    Naava Hurley

    heh heh heh some tea be spilling on this channel on darm man mondays hehhehheh

  • Arben Bekteshi
    Arben Bekteshi

    I Like snperwolf

  • ohmannhey

    VW owns Porsche

  • Irisbella Trevino
    Irisbella Trevino

    I love you so much

  • Suri Huany
    Suri Huany

    You: Boom boom why u need bottle Service when u own the car. Me: 😅🤣😂🤣😂😂😅🤣😂😂😅😇😂😅😆😅😁😂😅😂

  • Suri Huany
    Suri Huany


  • pineapple moos
    pineapple moos

    Me I'm subed

  • Monce Vazquez
    Monce Vazquez


  • KeSean Woods
    KeSean Woods

    Ssniperwolf vw us nice but they. BREAK DOWN THE DAY U GET IT# RAGGEDY

  • Cooking Parker
    Cooking Parker

    The quarrelsome house desirably cross because icicle peripherally radiate like a five cheetah. squalid, utter swedish

  • WEllness

    7:51 *That double chin though-*

  • Ashley random stuff
    Ashley random stuff

    7:30 Yes, amazing demonstrations 😎😎

  • Foxy Bro
    Foxy Bro

    SSSniperwolf vids are best vids prove me wrong

  • Sexy Beast
    Sexy Beast

    I think she should sell water at costco lol

  • Haley Crenshaw
    Haley Crenshaw

    I dooooo

  • Mi Lay Lay Tun
    Mi Lay Lay Tun


  • red Tooks
    red Tooks

    Hey know why I don't want to marry are girl rich because they might not always have time or not to pray with me but if they can

  • UltraPG3DBean

    She truely was a Spoiled Girl

  • Rosa Ortiz
    Rosa Ortiz

    gab old missus

  • iceyninjaboy123

    Yo really my name is Richard

  • Ritah Nerry
    Ritah Nerry

    good thing i hid my money cause she will take it Goldigger:i only date rich guys bff:he looks nice Gd: he looks like he drives a volkswagen

  • Ritah Nerry
    Ritah Nerry

    good thing i hid my money cause she will take it Goldigger:i only date rich guys bff:he looks nice Gd: he looks like he drives a volkswagen

  • 1M Robux guys
    1M Robux guys

    SSSniperwolf: are you looking for a realationship or an ATM: me: OBVIOUSLY NOT A REALATIONSHIP

  • Allison Licon
    Allison Licon


  • Boipuso

    Netflix should have a show about sssniperwolf

  • Lara Sena
    Lara Sena


  • Madison Davis
    Madison Davis

    Done I wanna win a ps 5

  • mrs milais.
    mrs milais.

    Okay but she lowkey hit that "Broke Benjamin"

  • Anurag Choudhary
    Anurag Choudhary

    Never judge a book by its cover Lady: he looks like a nice guy

  • Skyler slayer
    Skyler slayer

    Me laughing lol 😅😅😆😆😆😆

  • alexandra salistean
    alexandra salistean


  • Brian Tapia
    Brian Tapia

    Me I do

  • Tanushree Dave
    Tanushree Dave

    7:35 haha love you snipperwolf!!!

  • misty mirage the rainwing seawing
    misty mirage the rainwing seawing

    bejamin f is on the 100 bill so y she calling him broke but secretly rich

  • Lauren Jdhdhdh
    Lauren Jdhdhdh

    porse ahhhhhhh

  • Christine Hansen
    Christine Hansen

    I think Benjamin owns the place and am commenting while the video is paused, I swear to GOD

  • Fammor

    What, if she took while a rich man. This is a sin. So don’t marry a rich man and marry a good man.

  • Justin Adam
    Justin Adam

    OHHHHHHH III HHEEAAR CAP... AND KAREEEN!!!👾👺🤡🙀🤗😵🤧👎👁👄👁🗣👩🏻‍🦳🤦🏾‍♀️🤣👾

  • Mcarthur Williams
    Mcarthur Williams

    I'm Karen ugh I don't care for u just give me money and that porche and me and u can be rich toghter( then she gets rejected

  • Rachel Lapointe
    Rachel Lapointe

    Can you do kids make fun of boy with Autism

  • Chelsea Davis
    Chelsea Davis

    She she is very very mean and who does she think she’s talking to it doesn’t matter who’s rich 🤑 re broke 🤐🙏🏻🤑🤑🤑

  • meme meme
    meme meme


  • Nope Never
    Nope Never

    My some but most of the time😊😊

  • Lynn Toney
    Lynn Toney


  • Jennifer McKenzie
    Jennifer McKenzie

    “Broke Benjamin” more like big bucks Benjamin lol

  • Geoffrey Reynolds
    Geoffrey Reynolds


  • Dominic Gooden
    Dominic Gooden

    Can yall just kicked her out

  • jack cool
    jack cool

    Actually aldi own Lamborghini not Volkswagen

  • Strxxberry cøw
    Strxxberry cøw

    HELLO FRIENDS ITS ME It never gets old

  • Fortnite Pro
    Fortnite Pro

    I wish I was rich

  • Fortnite Pro
    Fortnite Pro

    I Wish wish

  • Melissa sanchez
    Melissa sanchez

    He owns it

  • Emily Paige
    Emily Paige

    She’s so funny lol love her vids

  • Melissa sanchez
    Melissa sanchez

    They use this sound on tiktok

  • Sja322

    R for rich b for broke

  • Ab_Normality

    his name is Ben and he drives a benz

  • Jennifer Rowe
    Jennifer Rowe

    I was looking at the phone case "That's illegal" merch and I was wondering if you could add a Samsung Galaxy S10e one.


    His name is Benjamin Franklin

  • Rosibeht Garcia
    Rosibeht Garcia

    I definitely watched as a sniper with all the times

  • Danniella L
    Danniella L

    Sniperwolf omg I am your biggest fannnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!! You are the best

  • Saphira Warren
    Saphira Warren

    Rrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiccccccchhhhhhhh Ommg