100 Things Added in Minecraft 1.17 Caves & Cliffs Update
Today I bring you 100 things added in Minecraft 1.17 Caves & Cliffs Update. 100 new features such as amethyst geodes. New mobs such as axolotls & goats. New biomes such as lush caves. New items and blocks such as copper ore, candles and deepslate ores! Leave a "LIKE" for more Minecraft 1.17 cave update videos!


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  • iDeactivateMC

    Hey what's going on guys! MY. NAME. IS. ANTHONY! Here is my huge 1.17 Caves & Cliffs video, enjoy! :D Also follow me on Instagram if u want: instagram.com/ideactivatemc

    • Kerry Wesley
      Kerry Wesley

      I'm in part two no new biomes

    • Ace Matthew Cabreros
      Ace Matthew Cabreros


    • Alex Izmirian
      Alex Izmirian

      In #meantime same time I have to go back and get the same stuff done before my surgery

    • Jennifer Luttrell
      Jennifer Luttrell

      I'm a big fan of you


      I found blue axolotl when I was mining in the deep caves

  • Eric De Souza
    Eric De Souza

    8:30 XD who wants to live in complete darkness

  • Bird Gaming
    Bird Gaming

    Candles are only on java not bedrock btw

  • عمار و عهد سكينه
    عمار و عهد سكينه

    Did you Realized there is two axolotls are missing the green and orange are missing watch the Video again and you will see the two axolotls

  • Wolfy Salcedo Afton Videos
    Wolfy Salcedo Afton Videos

    IDeeactivateMC Is Block Facts

  • Jackson Luong
    Jackson Luong

    You forgot deepslate coal (it’s right there under the normal coal

  • Ace Matthew Cabreros
    Ace Matthew Cabreros

    i Like the Minecraft 1.17 Caves and Cliffs

    • Ace Matthew Cabreros
      Ace Matthew Cabreros

      i try in the Minecraft Sad there is no Warden Spawn Egg 🙁 i don't know How to Spawn Warden in Minecraft 😟

  • Jessica Reitzell
    Jessica Reitzell

    DAIMONDS! no

  • Blackwolf Isthename
    Blackwolf Isthename

    8:01 this is actually from the Java version of the game where there used be a feature that you could zoom in on your view but was later removed

  • Blackwolf Isthename
    Blackwolf Isthename

    6:58 actually I’m not sure if this is only on bedrock but geodes are commonly found on the ocean floor

  • Blackwolf Isthename
    Blackwolf Isthename

    5:18 technically this is not true bc iron golems don’t even take fall damage

  • gaming-bxll-playz

    There is a different feature deepslate ores give more xp

  • Lightrider 1198
    Lightrider 1198

    11:39 12:00

  • Noah Lin
    Noah Lin

    Do you know that if you type /summon axolotl ~ ~ ~ Minecraft:entity_born It will summon a blue axolotl (Only bedrock)

  • Carson and Friends
    Carson and Friends

    Raw ore or chicken?

  • Vic B
    Vic B

    Lair the thumbnail is 180

  • Carrot Thompson’s vids
    Carrot Thompson’s vids

    Lush caves I’m not actually in 1.17 1.17 was just for the items 1.18 is the New biomes and The warden

  • Hazlan Bahauddin
    Hazlan Bahauddin

    0:53 DIAMONDS!

  • PF96

    I went blue axolotl hunting and got one after 1312 eggs

  • Mostee

    deepslate ore gives more xp than normal ore

  • Mel Dole
    Mel Dole

    I wor won

  • Kaloqn Stanev
    Kaloqn Stanev


  • Ap Yt
    Ap Yt

    This update is really disappointing to say the least, only few items are good in my opinion. Most of the stuff is either useless, weird or too simple and makes you wonder why they don't add these things more often..

  • BabyBird

    Wait he didn’t talk about the lightning rod tho…

  • GalaxyGamer

    On my 3rd try I GOT A BLUE AXOLOTL

  • BlockClips

    Axolotl: *exists* Everyone: 😳cute water lizard that is pointless is great i lov it UwU😳

  • RAJA Gibran
    RAJA Gibran

    I cook axolotls in Minecraft

  • aadya gupta
    aadya gupta

    In my opinion, powdered snow was only added to give leather armor some value

  • David Meek
    David Meek

    i found amythist by digging STRAIGHT down

  • nzraya

    I would like to mention that there is also 'Raw Gold'.

  • Grasiele Araujo
    Grasiele Araujo

    Diamonds diamonds diamonds diamonds diamonds

  • Grasiele Araujo
    Grasiele Araujo

    Am I the only one who has three Blue axolotl’s it’s probably because I play 48h straightI play I too much

  • jared inniss
    jared inniss

    found it

  • Max Rob
    Max Rob

    What I am happy about is that you can finally use fortune on iron and gold. P.S. I also found an entire amethyst cave when I was boating I found the entire cave completely exposed fully underwater

  • Heek

    There's is 10 axealotls

  • Super Boots the dog
    Super Boots the dog

    random fact: you can freeze in the nether

  • The PrivateGamer
    The PrivateGamer

    My first time playing minecraft today on ps4 and I found an Axolotl into a cave.

  • Chad Livermore
    Chad Livermore

    The candle one is a lie

  • JamesonR 2013
    JamesonR 2013

    Yes can you please make a video of 1.17 things you didn’t know

  • professor deja jin
    professor deja jin

    Wait they cyan axolotl is white in bedrock

  • XxreydenxX

    Me after 2 weeks: excited to learn new things Also me: *forgets he uploads each month*

  • Nestor Organes
    Nestor Organes

    Diamonds >:D

  • Jeff Jacobs
    Jeff Jacobs

    U da best

  • Alexander Kjerstad Ellefseth
    Alexander Kjerstad Ellefseth

    11:24 DIAMONDS!

  • Frogboyaidan


  • ImhimLM

    Goats: Attack players that stay still for a while AFK Players: dead

  • Little Foxy
    Little Foxy

    4:12 actually not many people know theres a command for spawning a blue axolotl

    • Devon Bennett
      Devon Bennett


  • Veenit Mishra
    Veenit Mishra

    When I play the beta version of minecraft pe I spawn in a hill with survival mode , then I see a goat and the goat just push me from the hill to the ground and I died

  • Hazlan Bahauddin
    Hazlan Bahauddin

    i played java 1.17

  • Dean Machine 501
    Dean Machine 501


  • Solly Labuschagne
    Solly Labuschagne

    I couldn't find blue axolotl so I just used commands

  • ko min min
    ko min min

    I love your videos

  • ExtremePlayz99

    4:07 i found one

  • Carter G
    Carter G

    Found 29 axalotil

  • 💜Alexa sparkle💜
    💜Alexa sparkle💜

    To be honest I got the gold one but not the blue one

  • Saneeya Irfan
    Saneeya Irfan

    You can also write something on a sign in Minecraft and then place the glow ink sac, then the writing will light up as well

  • Meme King
    Meme King


  • Cl4ps G4mes
    Cl4ps G4mes

    U missed the facr that glow ink can makebthe text light up on an item frame by right clicking it

  • (TordAndTom)

    What about 1:17 Bedrock Minecraft Is there Single Biome in bedrock

  • Uma Manikandan
    Uma Manikandan

    i spawned the blue axolotl using commands

  • FastAsEStudios


  • *gumster mcnugget*
    *gumster mcnugget*

    Am i the only one who saw the green axolotl in the 1.17 live??

  • Millow the cat
    Millow the cat

    Hey I have found five amathist geodes in the ocean exposed am I lucky or something because they were right next to each other

  • arman naybe
    arman naybe

    and a blue one

  • arman naybe
    arman naybe

    i found a axolotl

  • Selever

    0:18 wait what

  • pxydust18


  • alex and sunny games
    alex and sunny games

    cough maybe the green axolot will be added in prt2 cough xD

  • lee ash
    lee ash

    i have five in 1 world

  • Doulingo Owl
    Doulingo Owl

    They should add copper or bronze tools

  • Touch this ————— over here ——
    Touch this ————— over here ——

    Glad they added my birthstone

  • Owen Winefield
    Owen Winefield

    me after watching this video MURDERING MY GAURD IRON GOLEMS and replacing them with goats

  • Miklós Kurdi
    Miklós Kurdi

    Well they take out my depression soooo i guess its balanced

  • Demon _Minecraft2027
    Demon _Minecraft2027

    Wait yall can get candles I can't idk why tho =>=

  • Amy Westrick
    Amy Westrick

    part 2 as been rlassle today

  • Felicia Brumley
    Felicia Brumley

    I have not found one of the lush bioms

  • ParkerExtras

    I found a blue axolotl

  • Hashir Emran
    Hashir Emran

    Minecraft: Heres some new mobs guys. Meh: NEW PETSSSSSSSSSS?!?!?!!

  • Sophie Walker blain
    Sophie Walker blain

    *Crys in bedrock*(we don't have all of these items)

  • bread

    " *some* features have been postponed" ah yes, caves and cliffs without caves or cliffs (i know why it was split and support the devs taking as much time as they need, this is just a joke)

  • Shadowwilliam1736

    I don’t play on the PC so can’t get the lush caves biome

  • Stephen Ramirez
    Stephen Ramirez

    I have 5 blue axolotls in my hardcore world

  • Stephen Ramirez
    Stephen Ramirez

    I saw a mob spawned

  • Sofia Among us
    Sofia Among us

    You forgot lightning rods!

  • Mousekwinch Gaming
    Mousekwinch Gaming

    Ik someone used this comment and I will give credit to them. But... Take a shot everytime he says "there you go" or "which looks like this"

  • ShadowReaper

    The ‘cyan’ axolotl looks more white to me-

  • 💠💙Leah💙💠


  • BoobooAndre

    Nice video, straight forward and simple thanks!

  • Renato Oliveira
    Renato Oliveira

    1:08 you forgot coal 5:10 it isnt all other mobs since cats dont take fall damage Last thing, you forgot glowing signs But cool video

  • Metroplex

    5:49 That made think about goat milk cheese, which gave me the idea of why cheese and other milk-made products have never been added

  • Isaac Richardson
    Isaac Richardson

    Also they added the raw ores so every block can be effected by the fortune enchantment, instead of excluding iron and gold

  • Syphe_YT

    Is this on console addition too i haven't played in a while

  • Jane C
    Jane C

    Diorite: you took everything from me Calcite: i dont even know who you are

  • man i can draw
    man i can draw

    Ya I found a blue one Cuz I summoned it


    I love your voice ;) :) btw love you and your video

  • Dragon Wolf
    Dragon Wolf

    i know a command for a baby blue axolotl in bedrock il say in reply list

    • Aarab YT
      Aarab YT

      U can make green axolotl see the channel name bonc and Scrool down where there is a short watch it to know about new axolotl

    • Dragon Wolf
      Dragon Wolf

      the big space is for the 3 swirl things but u can see what sorry

    • Dragon Wolf
      Dragon Wolf

      /summon axolotl mincraft:entity_born

    • Dragon Wolf
      Dragon Wolf

      i cant do some but ill say the ones that i know its in the middle lets go

  • Kristine Nagel
    Kristine Nagel

    I have 10 blue

  • Ibrahim Alkhars
    Ibrahim Alkhars

    I got the blue axlotle les gooooooooooooooo!!!!!!

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    Please Listen To CupcakKe's Music Thx


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    Brooklyn's Adventures