Film Theory: The Godzilla vs Kong They DIDN'T Want You To See!
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What if I told you there was a Snyder cut of Godzilla vs Kong? Theorists, Zack Snyder does not have his own version of this movie, but I believe there is a LOST CUT. That's right. Somewhere out there is a version of this movie that NO ONE was allowed to see. Today, I'm going to crack open the vault on the Godzilla vs Kong movie we SHOULD have gotten but likely never will. Let's go!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Bob Chipman
Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, Koen Verhagen, and Pedro Freitas
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

  • Gora Dor
    Gora Dor

    well they’re in pubs mobile now

  • midon

    Average godzilla fan: gOdzIlLa iS sTrOngEr aNd bIgGeR hE'lL wIn! Average kong enjoyer: haha monke go bonk

  • Lindsey Wilbur
    Lindsey Wilbur


  • Lindsey Wilbur
    Lindsey Wilbur


  • Armando A González
    Armando A González

    Can you please make a theory about one piece

  • Princess seashell The seawing
    Princess seashell The seawing

    M O N K E VS L I Z A R D

  • Divyalaxmi Poojary
    Divyalaxmi Poojary

    You make my movie watch list way better

  • Ron

    (Clears throat) cuh homm .. Imagine this.. Kong and Godzilla have a child. ..Hang in there... This child can't speak nor can it see. Unable to use sign language it takes revenge on everything that makes sounds. I give you: A Quite Place

  • A K
    A K

    Blah blah blah man just wait for the movie to come out

  • Tinashe Maguta
    Tinashe Maguta


  • MrPhantomShade

    what i think they should have been doing. is make a human focused streaming series and then have them lead into the big movies. that way we get all the story main stuff in the series and all the big flashing monster clashing in the movies.

  • Sarah Wotton
    Sarah Wotton

    I might have actually watched the movie if it had more story like this, not just boom, pow, Lazer beam, building topple, water splash, more lazers more boom and pow and...scene

    • Art Neihaus
      Art Neihaus

      Isnt that the whole point why people watch these films, they wanna see big lizard fight big monke, not some boring human things

  • Mark Anthony Borja
    Mark Anthony Borja


  • Mark Anthony Borja
    Mark Anthony Borja

    gadora is mechagodzilla

  • Santosh Das
    Santosh Das

    Theory = gigan which will be in future movie will be powerd with ren sherizawas soul because his soul is uploaded in internet

  • Elijah Wiley
    Elijah Wiley

    I would just like to say, truly good people are the ones who watch the sponsor ad even though they don't care about it. It's just respect for what is making the channel stay on its feet, even if I am underage.

  • Elijah Wiley
    Elijah Wiley

    So, no one is bothering to acknowledge the absolute over-konging that comes from putting King KONG in Hing KONG?

  • Computer Scientist
    Computer Scientist

    7:52 Nobody CARES!

  • Keister

    I just watched this, but I took the mecha’s sentience less in terms of being possessed, and more of the Titans’ original power source giving life consciousness to mechagodzilla. The telepathic communication likely was more of just a bridge to allow a human to control the mech.

  • Olof Wikegård Holmqvist
    Olof Wikegård Holmqvist

    A Godzilla (and King Kong) movie with humans building a mech ment to destroy Gozilla built q

    • Olof Wikegård Holmqvist
      Olof Wikegård Holmqvist

      by a sceleton but the sceleton takes contol of the robot where hav i heard that before

  • Captain Does Youtube
    Captain Does Youtube

    Now that you pronounced Toho/Touhou correctly, Touhou theory when

  • kun tool
    kun tool

    so is like pasific rim 2 when the glasses nerd guy who can speak cina possessed by kaiju

  • Angel BBVA
    Angel BBVA

    So it looked like a ISnets video cut by a noob ? 😂

  • Doin Daworst
    Doin Daworst

    Please sir, Play Don’t Starve Together!


    I think Godzilla won but either way I like them both


      I mean he kinda did but he ... yea he won

  • The action figure Review
    The action figure Review


  • Andrija Milosevic
    Andrija Milosevic


  • Brandin Dow
    Brandin Dow

    love you videos but you might have this one wrong lol Ghidorah didnt posses ren he stole rens brain power as his own and transfered it into mechagodzilla cause you have to remember ghido isnt from earth hes from space and with telepathy as its main way of communication its not that far of a stretch

  • shadow demon
    shadow demon

    big monke vs big lizard who will win

  • BiggFish9823

    Id watch a 5 hour version

  • JustAnPerson

    Wait why is there a BFG 9000 from doom there?

  • Power Puppy
    Power Puppy

    Ren was actually not really dead. In The graphic novels it was revealed that Ren was still alive

  • Sub Sonic Rebasses
    Sub Sonic Rebasses

    why are new movies these days just be falling short..the last movie to be amazing so far i think was Sonic ..but movies after mess.....

  • Sam Cunningham
    Sam Cunningham

    Make more Godzilla and King Kong videos please

  • Lundberg

    To say it once and for all: Matpat couldn’t be more wrong in his last theory. He said that Kong is the favor to win, neither monster loses, Kong has beaten Godzilla before, Kong retrieves his former battle axe, Kong and Godzilla will team up in the end to defeat Mechagodzilla and leave both monsters as winners, Godzilla is fake, all wrong! (Maybe not the part where they team up but still) Godzilla has everything against the monke boi. Godzilla kills Kong. They never met before because if they did, then someone would have died, as they said in the movie: Godzilla won’t stop until one submits and plus, this is based on animals right, an alpha who fights for territory will never stop even if they die. That axe was never used by Kong before. Monke and Godzilla does team up but it doesn’t happen to make sure that neither loses its to make the kong fans satisfying after their king got killed on camera. Ofc Godzilla isn’t Mechagodzilla because 1: if he was then why does he attack apex, 2: why does we see a clip in the trailer where he is Mechagodzilla 3: how does he have blue atomic breath, can swim at that speed. So all wrong! No one can defend it!

  • MattyGeneric

    You're buried in nuts indeed. 👁👅👁👌🏻

  • MLT 120
    MLT 120


  • STG and TTOTT bros
    STG and TTOTT bros

    MONKE MONKE.RAWWR RAWWR.MONKE lol this is perfection

  • caigo22

    0.00001 bobux

  • Ekthanen

    I feel like the creator just watch you for more idea 🤣

  • clear ocean
    clear ocean

    i like the intro lol

  • elcrakcultrapor /xchara
    elcrakcultrapor /xchara

    Mattpad:"no one cares about humans in godzilla movies" Godzilla 1954, shin godzilla, heisei era and millenium era:let me introduce myself

  • vizthex

    I haven't seen the movie, can I still vote?

  • Jake Nelson
    Jake Nelson

    Dude, how did you get that fruit ninja font at the starting?

  • ban som
    ban som

    Hey Mat Pat I was wondering if you could do a theory on a show called word party. Because a certain song on the show confused me. The song is called the bubble train song. When they sing it they say "traveling through time and space". So if you could see what this means I would be super greatful

  • Kel Gin Lim
    Kel Gin Lim

    Still waiting for that klay world theory, still waiting.

  • Atom64

    3:28 Actually, in NGE, the pilots interface with their Evas via a soul link, that's why Shinji's mom is in the Eva's core.

  • HappyPhrog

    reject humanity return to kermit.

  • Bnd Flipping
    Bnd Flipping

    Vat 19 reference

  • opzz xsin
    opzz xsin

    during the tour of the factory.

  • Cornell Engelbrecht
    Cornell Engelbrecht

    Theory for Film theory.What will happen in the future of Monsterverse.The Lost cut sounds better

  • Koma Media
    Koma Media

    release a 5 hour version

  • Elias Totten
    Elias Totten

    I dare you to make a film theory about A PBS Kid show

  • xander world
    xander world

    No body cares sonic the hedgehog movie 🎥🎥🎥 popcorn 🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿

    • opzz xsin
      opzz xsin


  • Retz

    Sometime I would love to see is an Alien invasion movie that happens in the Monsterverse and then Godzilla, King Kong, Monarch, Mecha Godzilla and other monsters would have to band together to stop the invasion. It wouldn't be a completely random plot twist either, they could say that the skull of the space dragon was acting as a sort of beacon, or that the aliens sent that dragon to Earth beforehand to wipe all life out so they could come in later and inhabit Earth.

  • Nightbite

    Not gunna lie matpat really thinks this really through

  • Charlemagne Petrie
    Charlemagne Petrie

    im gonna watch it tonight cya tomorrow


    The monkeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Sherece Wasson
    Sherece Wasson

    The real question I have is would the earth survive after the big hole to the center of the earth Godzilla left closer to the end of the movie? Could the earth ever heal itself from that??

  • JacezWasHere


  • Nico M
    Nico M

    Can we get a death toll on this movie??

  • Jacob Bohn Jespersen
    Jacob Bohn Jespersen


  • Abubakar Abdul-suddiqe
    Abubakar Abdul-suddiqe

    After they killed mechagodzilla they should have had one more fight and one more shall fall

  • Raeesaa

    I never want matpat to stop talking about this movie


    There is a new movie on the horizon. zootopia 2 watch the trailer an make a theory please

  • Tarkello

    I f**king called it! During the movie I said “I thinl this is going to lead to MechaGidorah, he’ll regenerate around mecha Godzilla

  • Ruined Jason
    Ruined Jason

    0:44 I mean, everyone predicted that

  • Isaia Vakamoce
    Isaia Vakamoce


  • Isaia Vakamoce
    Isaia Vakamoce

    Nobody cares 7:47

  • Money Brooklyn
    Money Brooklyn

    Spoilers... Matpat, you know Godzilla beat kong right

  • Genevieve Kiser
    Genevieve Kiser

    SPOILER ALEART Hey why are you reading this just so you can complain about me spoiling

  • ghøsting garnet
    ghøsting garnet

    yes this sponsor is for me, an underage kid.... hehe

  • Ask to seduce Miss
    Ask to seduce Miss

    I really hope they continue with the monsterverse there is so much material they can use to make some great stuff

  • Virat Kumar
    Virat Kumar

    actually the heisei godzilla series started in 1984 not 1989 like the text said

  • Farhad Mahbub
    Farhad Mahbub

    Matpat: a show that bows to no one *here we go song OST Intesifies*

  • NAVISH rhugoonauth
    NAVISH rhugoonauth

    Pudg mobile has coporation with the movie

    • Ask to seduce Miss
      Ask to seduce Miss

      Monke monke

  • Gabriel Turcotte
    Gabriel Turcotte

    From Godzilla’s POV: Rawr Rawr Rawwwr MONKE MONKE rawr MONKE Monke RAAAAAAAWR monke rawr rawr rawr monke... Rawr

  • i am a person
    i am a person

    hey matpat can you do a theory if assanation classroom can exist or a theory on demon slayer they both my fav shows

  • Theo Bennon Glyd Duran
    Theo Bennon Glyd Duran

    They did got the right thing but mothra is the mothra is the mother of kong and godzilla

  • Government OfficiaI
    Government OfficiaI

    Who else is hyped about the pubg mobile update they're adding godzilla vs king kong on the maps it's gonna be hella awsome


    In my opinion destroyah will be better in the next film


      @soinhu foitu wdym?

    • soinhu foitu
      soinhu foitu

      I loved it. Speaking of giant lizards, do you have any opinions on Httyd before it's relevant? I would love for you to destroy it.😏😏😏

  • First Cyber Battalion
    First Cyber Battalion

    In water, chimps drown

    • soinhu foitu
      soinhu foitu

      How do you edit these videos there really good



  • Hydrosplash

    Monke 😔

  • Baby Dior
    Baby Dior

    godzilla won idc wut y’all say

  • Noob cinema
    Noob cinema

    Matpat you are not made out of nits you know.

  • Alex Hostetter
    Alex Hostetter

    Why did this turn into Pacific Rim all of a sudden? Seriously I listened to this without visuals and thought I got the wrong video for like half the script. P.s. I watched Godzilla for the humans, who cares about some giant dumb lizard, I want to see the human reaction to it.

  • ray wang
    ray wang

    I remember the time 2016 you do the cool intro I what it back

  • Faisal Presents
    Faisal Presents

    Hello MatPat and dear ISnets users. I just wanted to mention something sad that has happened on this channel. As you know, Mathew posted a video about the show ATLA (Avatar the Last Airbender) and the science behind waterbending. In this show, if you don’t already know, there are 4 elements: Earth, Water, Air, and Fire. These elements can be controlled, or bent, by people in this universe. Only the avatar could master all four elements. This video, titled: The Science of Waterbending, was posted on September 29 2019. In this video, you promised a 4 part series about the elements and the science behind bending. It was even written in the Description! I am very disappointed that after almost 2 years you have failed to achieve this goal. I have been waiting. I know that you have lots of work to do on other projects and video’s, but COME ON! And it is actually a great idea to continue doing theories with this franchise because it is getting way more popular, so to speak, on countless social media platforms. ISnets, Facebook, TikTok, Insta and even Pinterest (who uses Facebook nowadays i dont even know). The point is, you have disappointed me and i have decided to unsubscribe. I just really want this because you have kept me waiting! A promise, I suppose, no matter how corny it is 😂, is a promise. Plz reply is any of you feel the same way.

  • LizDoug 78
    LizDoug 78

    While Kong and Godzilla were fighting everyone in the theatre was just mesmerized and I was wondering how much money it was gonna cost to put Hong Kong back together

    • margareth michelina
      margareth michelina

      Especially to fix fhat giant hole to Hollow Earth?

  • Beamer

    Monke monke

  • nazeera3


  • попався розбійник
    попався розбійник

    A theory on the anime spongebobe episode.

  • DranixGaming TV
    DranixGaming TV

    Remember this is the guy who made Kool-aid man the next marvel villain and here he is making jokes about how genetic memory is stupid 😕

  • Valaris Games
    Valaris Games

    I thought Monke was pronounced "Monk" not "Monkey"

    • bofooit gojo
      bofooit gojo

      3:29 EEEE-vun-gelion.

  • Sahaj123 456
    Sahaj123 456

    How do you edit these videos there really good

    • bofooit gojo
      bofooit gojo

      mentioned that after ren passes out and seemingly dead that whenever they go back to retrieve the body that it's missing that no one's been there so it could still happen

  • Chaghatai Khan
    Chaghatai Khan

    I loved it. Speaking of giant lizards, do you have any opinions on Httyd before it's relevant? I would love for you to destroy it.😏😏😏

  • Duyên Huỳnh Thị Hoàng
    Duyên Huỳnh Thị Hoàng

    apex legends :D

  • Oliver Mylrea
    Oliver Mylrea

    Film theory did got his prediction right, except that MechaGodzilla is not Godzilla in disguise.

  • ShadowWolves

    Can you PLEASE do a vid about the show "Series of unfortunate events"