From Extreme Goth To 'Basic' - How Will My Husband React? | TRANSFORMED
A GOTHIC-obsessed mum has decided to undergo an extreme make-under to surprise her partner and 6-year-old daughter. Emily Boo, from Ipswich, has dressed in black since she was a teen and has collected over 150 modifications including facial tattoos and piercings. As a part of Truly's brand new series, Transformed, she stepped out of her comfort zone and tried out what she describes as a "basic b*****" look.
Videographer: Marcus Hessenberg
Producers: Chloe Sweet, Ruby Coote
Editor: Helen Mckee
Series Producer: Charley Sutton, Jon Eastman
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  • Claudia Janzen
    Claudia Janzen

    I love being basic, she looks good.

  • Primary School
    Primary School

    Her basic look with cheek piercing was absolutely amazing!

  • Allan McElroy
    Allan McElroy

    She looked stunning after. Reminds me of Evanesence

  • oddgirl of the oddest
    oddgirl of the oddest

    she looks really pretty as a normal girl

  • Carrie's Journey
    Carrie's Journey

    She looks better goth.

  • Nicole

    looking good girl, wow what a difference......what beauty...

  • Shamiah P
    Shamiah P

    The only reason why I wear black a lot is because of...women we get this every month but periods

  • Ghoul Goil
    Ghoul Goil


  • Tammy

    She says she's happy with the goth look, but the makeover side of the split image is the one where she's actually smiling.. and it's a very confident smile with a stunning glow.

  • ImAos Y
    ImAos Y

    She’s gorgeous either way

  • Wes Johnson
    Wes Johnson

    Jesus loves you🤩🌷⚘👏

  • Big Birds stomach acid
    Big Birds stomach acid

    “If she says she likes it I’ll be very surprised. I’ll put her up for adoption”

  • BConText

    Feel bad for the poor lil girl with those "parents" obsessive behavior leads to no good. Grow up !! the lil girl say it..... Stinkis ! PERIOD

  • Kurikara99

    Black is the best color

  • Matías Sayko Sacheri
    Matías Sayko Sacheri

    the clothes they chose for her are disgusting.

  • Fate Nightroad
    Fate Nightroad

    Her original look was better. Now she looks like another generic mom pushing a stroller down the park.

    • О Ск
      О Ск

      What's wrong with that? 🥰

  • Shick 17
    Shick 17

    To be fair they chose horrible clothing for her. They dressed her like a 50 year old PTA leader

  • Alza Mansfield
    Alza Mansfield

    Look a lot younger, and I think it's a reflection on who you are as a person..

  • Funnyx pg3d
    Funnyx pg3d

    She looked better

  • Funnyx pg3d
    Funnyx pg3d

    Bet she gets jealous when her phone dies

  • diana averina
    diana averina

    She looks soooooo gorgeous with any style▶️😍

  • Ras J
    Ras J

    I was cheery when I was punk goth in Highschool

  • janet ovens
    janet ovens

    I prefer her as a goth

  • Anime lover
    Anime lover

    Her daughter is adorable!

  • rod lambo
    rod lambo

    When demon calls you

  • Lexi Hey
    Lexi Hey

    I where anything comfy

  • Little Ginge
    Little Ginge

    Why do people be horrible to goths? 1, they look sick (i just love how they look), 2, if colourful people are alowed to be their selfs, why cant goths?

  • Escaped Patient
    Escaped Patient

    umm... hate to say it... but I don't think she looks good not because she is goth... she just cant pull it off that well.

  • Mr. mayhem
    Mr. mayhem

    Those shoes are horrendous

  • love2sing20101

    Too much going on before you can’t see her too well. She could have the goth style but with less in the way. Very beautiful lady!

  • Max Last name
    Max Last name

    Your like Abby from NCIS

  • A R.
    A R.

    I hate pointy shoes too. Clogs girl to be honest

  • kbe king
    kbe king

    She's such a good sport, that's fun

  • Baldoxxx4000

    Her husband is probably doesnt have much option to pick a blimp with piercings

  • Lady Jax
    Lady Jax

    Lol she's such a hater

    • tanjiro kamado
      tanjiro kamado

      Who is a hater?

  • Timea Biro
    Timea Biro

    Husband is scarier than anyone I’ve seen in my life. Are these people satanist as well? I’m just wondering.

    • Jesus Reincarnated
      Jesus Reincarnated

      goth style doesn’t equal satanist

    • Just a Punk Fangirl
      Just a Punk Fangirl

      Goth is not satanic. They just like looking that way and they like the music.

  • Nia McDonald
    Nia McDonald

    Omg why did they do her like that

  • Ani Mamikonyan
    Ani Mamikonyan

    That wig was gorgeous though. And she looked great with both looks.

  • Mayo Nakajima
    Mayo Nakajima

    "I hate yellow so much!" Bruh your eyeshadow is yellow

    • Klára Kopečková
      Klára Kopečková

      I think she meant she doesn´t like yellow clothes

  • Jennah Daggett
    Jennah Daggett

    she definitely likes type o negative :)

  • C C
    C C

    The Look after is better. 👍👍👍

  • One Punch
    One Punch

    The new look looks great on her except for the terrible outfit. I can see her looking like that in her 40-50’s.

  • nickeldum

    Eyebrows have left the server

  • Dee Kerei
    Dee Kerei

    wheres her utube channel

  • Dee Kerei
    Dee Kerei

    hay pointed shoes are a weapon -0- think about them like that

  • Campervan Beethoven
    Campervan Beethoven

    I hate blue denim jeans too. The work wear of the working class boring mainstream loser. They are SO unoriginal and ugly. You never see anybody of class or significance wearing blue jeans.


    So like the wig makes her look like Charles Manson and the shoes make her look like a lizard person and she's complaining why?...

  • Lizze Lovegood
    Lizze Lovegood

    These videos made me realize that I’m goth/emo

  • ・Angelicat・

    I love her alt style! Sadly my parents would hate me if i dressed like that :(

  • losfromla

    If she wasn't fat, it really wouldn't matter what she wore.

    • Jesus Reincarnated
      Jesus Reincarnated

      she’s not even fat? and it doesn’t matter what someone wears in the first place

  • ladybird_巴一曼

    How do they kiss with piercing?

  • animalcol1

    She looks beautiful.

  • Ian Yockey
    Ian Yockey

    They gave her such and ugly outfit

  • Lilian Thompson
    Lilian Thompson

    She is a beauty now!

  • alisa

    *if she likes it... i'll put her up for adoption* best sentence ever lmaoo

  • Camp Colossal
    Camp Colossal

    Oh god a ferret I’m relating too much but in the wanting to be a goth with a ferret spectrum

  • ZosiaSamosiaOo

    I want a house tour lol.

  • Estefania de Oliveira Santana
    Estefania de Oliveira Santana

    oh my god you re such a different beex!

  • MxntyGlow

    “Stop trying to be someone you are not. Normal’s boring! -me 2021

  • Sarah Houston
    Sarah Houston

    Lovely family too! I embrace alternative so much. Gothic will always be the most freakish of all love it! Who wants to fit in anyway!!!!

  • Sarah Houston
    Sarah Houston

    I love your "original goth" look and you carry it of exceptionally well, you skin looks so young with the goth look!😈😈😈

  • Brian Kevin Calmes
    Brian Kevin Calmes

    I like the makeover. Take pictures for your family.

  • dave schmidt
    dave schmidt

    her i hate yellow i won't wear it her has on yellow eye shadow

  • justin yolo
    justin yolo

    And this is a Make Up Artist? Srsly? This is Raping the Soul of a Human.... With the Right Clothes she also could let her Tattoos visible and looks normal aswell. Many normal Girls are Completly Tattoed. Omgosch this Cloths ...

  • Miss Mayo
    Miss Mayo

    ‘Basic Biatch’ that made me laugh right away.. they made you a 70s housemom

  • Eren Yeager
    Eren Yeager

    Hmm... Isn't she the girl that i watch dye her hair turquoise

  • Kiarikakini Uzachiha
    Kiarikakini Uzachiha

    Anti-vax kids are smarter than her

  • Pk Sal
    Pk Sal

    Funnily enough I reckon her makeover made look like she was going to the funeral instead of her old look

  • Liusila

    She does look pretty though.

  • Mikhayla Fairbanks
    Mikhayla Fairbanks

    those shoes they had her put on were horrendously UGLY

  • Daria Szafran
    Daria Szafran

    "I hate yellow.." (Has yellow in her makeup)

  • Taylah Scothern
    Taylah Scothern

    i love emily she is so cute no matter what look.

  • Gehgw Gwtst
    Gehgw Gwtst

    Shes so pretty☺☺☺☺☺☺

  • soulseeker

    Sweet makeup lady with differrent style i reccomend you shrrrraanzzz .

  • IsaywhatIthink

    Clothes cant fix hygene

  • John Pitts
    John Pitts


  • Real Cyphox
    Real Cyphox

    if you play the video in reverse you see a normal woman transforming into something out of a horror movie

    • Jesus Reincarnated
      Jesus Reincarnated

      haha no

  • Pingvin4ence

    Yeah her outfit wasn't the best but am I the only one who noticed how pretty and cute she actually looks?

  • Andi Leigh
    Andi Leigh

    I love the shoes!

  • Attila Boldog
    Attila Boldog

    After, she looks like a human being. Remarkable make up skills.

  • BytemeVV -
    BytemeVV -

    _...Black is my Happy Color_

  • shitward

    Okay but she was stunning in both styles ❤️

  • Latofa Tifa
    Latofa Tifa

    she is beautiful both ways even if i hate black my self

  • Living Inthenow
    Living Inthenow

    The only thing I'd want her to keep is the eye make-up. I had no idea she was that pretty when I saw her in her goth eye make-up. The rest didn't improve her look at all, imho. Also, as a "normal" girl, I wouldn't wear those hideous shoes anyway.

  • •꧁𓆉carcinoc𓆉꧂•

    that's how my english teacher dresses- especially the animal skin shoes

  • Skylar Gomattum
    Skylar Gomattum

    "I literally HATE YELLOW!!!" *Has yellow eyeshadow on her face that she put there herself*

  • Sal O'Mahoney
    Sal O'Mahoney

    I would _die_ for Emily Boo

  • VΞLVΞΓVHS gaming
    VΞLVΞΓVHS gaming

    She's beautiful in both looks! But whatever makeup artist made those "normal" eyebrows broke all laws of makeup and should be locked up.

  • kuau_ queen
    kuau_ queen

    if you like black there is NOTING WRONG whit that!!!!i like black too i wair black most of the time wen i go outside,sometims i wear a light gray. white the black i like a brigth hot/neon parents acsept my stiele and when they go to a clothing store and im not whit them they get cloths that i like.they understand me and i like that about i respelt every style and dont judge if someone has make up!

  • kuau_ queen
    kuau_ queen

    there is no meaning for Normal. normal is what thing you are confterbel whit normal is what you like dont let any one tell what to like and what not to you,dont let anyone brake you.if someone tells you to what to wear and not wear ignor them even if they are you best frend,true frends acept you no mater what,true frend are the people that suport you and stays with you even in the hardest times! scren shote my comment if you feal inspird by what i said! morel of the story:be YOU,there is NO meaning for normal and dont let anyone tell you what to wear and what not to wear!!!

  • wolfy

    well boo is in her name

  • Simone Rochelle
    Simone Rochelle

    So much better goth :)

  • yesmina begum
    yesmina begum

    She looks pretty without tattoos

  • Elżbieta Zalewska
    Elżbieta Zalewska

    Zastanawialam się, jaki facet chciałby taką kobietę. No i sprawdziło się stare przysłowie "każda zmora znajdzie swego amatora"

  • boggie chan
    boggie chan

    Anyway let's talk about this outfit *D I S G U S T I N G*

  • Sarah De Monte
    Sarah De Monte

    Poor kid

  • 0 Subscriber • 15 years ago
    0 Subscriber • 15 years ago

    you look better this way...

  • Kenna Ito
    Kenna Ito

    that makeover is amazing!

  • Kenna Ito
    Kenna Ito

    she sounds so sweet but looks so 😈. She sounds so nice.

  • Sofia Quinn
    Sofia Quinn

    She said she hates the color yellow and she’s wearing it on her eyes lol 😂