TOP 50 Most Liked TikToks of All Time! (2021)
TOP 50 Most Liked TikToks of All Time! (December 2020)
TOP 50 Most Liked TikToks of All Time! (December 2020)
TOP 50 Most Liked TikToks of All Time! (December 2020)

This is a completely 100% accurate and updated list of the 50 most liked tiktok videos on the platform tiktok. Some of you may remember the video on this which I made in August. I remade the list as the top 50 videos have almost completely changed, and any videos still in the top 50 have changed spots.

If two or more videos have the same amount of likes, the one that was uploaded most recently is higher up on the list. The reason for this is TikTok only lets users see the likes to the closest hundred thousand when dealing with large numbers like the ones in this video. :)

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  • TikTok Lists
    TikTok Lists

    TOP 50 Most Liked TikToks (MAY 2021 UPDATE):


    • Cherry voltage
      Cherry voltage

      @Crosby Muehlen your a fucking simp


      TikTok best

    • Kristin Pendergast
      Kristin Pendergast


    • It’s me! Dariia!
      It’s me! Dariia!

      Was do you like your ohne comment?

  • ELizabeth Ryan
    ELizabeth Ryan

    1:21 Me : HAHA * COUGHS * HAHA * CANT BREATHE * My sis : :0 MOM Me : * dead * That is my death IMAO


  • lilgranger

    How to become famous on tik tok: -be rich -be pretty -be cute -be stupid

  • Code Slayer
    Code Slayer

    I personally respect trash-workers more than those stupid tiktokers. One day of doing trash-work helps the world more, than doing dumb tiktok videos for a year

  • Adeebrah

    What a pile of shit except Mr. Lion, puss & Doggie. Ticktok is just a terrorist platform waiting to gain attention.🤔

  • Sophia Vega
    Sophia Vega

    Charlie Damillio’s Black Lives Matter speech sounds so forced

  • Sound library - Variety of music
    Sound library - Variety of music

  • Nawmi Afra
    Nawmi Afra

    Mi pan su su sum , su su sum... mi pan yakakus nan nan nan... ❤️

  • adnan abdo
    adnan abdo

    It's fake

  • Savinda Dewmi
    Savinda Dewmi

    Nice dog

  • Whistler Knight
    Whistler Knight

    The World’s First “Automated TikTok” App Gets You Watch Viper in action

  • Pat Higashikata
    Pat Higashikata

    My faves: 22. Wholesome grandma moment 💗 19. Dancing plane 😂 17. WOAH 16. Wholesome best friend check 15. Cool but also love the Blue Bird rock version 🤘🏼 44. WAP - interpretative dance version

  • Galilea Valenzuela
    Galilea Valenzuela

    It's also sad :(

  • Galilea Valenzuela
    Galilea Valenzuela

    This is so funny 😂

  • InspireVision

    Expressing your is everyone’s inner instinct and like the way others have done here ✅👍

  • Gresen Seri
    Gresen Seri

    The ablaze botany distally unfasten because fortnight preauricularly bury afore a addicted couch. fast, windy warm

  • Zoë Isobel Rodriguez
    Zoë Isobel Rodriguez

    Love this one

  • Don’t look at the Description
    Don’t look at the Description

    “If idiots could fly, tiktok would be an airport” -random dude on social media

    • Code Slayer
      Code Slayer

      Lol true

  • charz jeon
    charz jeon

    Fuck OFF to those people who hate BELLA POARCH btw watch her MV : BUILD A B*TCH

  • Nada Ounis
    Nada Ounis

    7:30 my personality going out of GYM

  • slinky_whippet

    I can count about 5 of these that actually deserve the amount of views they have...the rest make me worried for a generation...

  • Julia Glidewell
    Julia Glidewell


  • shivaprasad sulibhavi
    shivaprasad sulibhavi

    *"OH MY GOODNESS"* *"this is the thing u need"* *"**FfD.MoNsTeR**"* *"There are no limits here, Am I right?”* *"完璧"*

  • I'm a Catto
    I'm a Catto

    10:17 WTF?!?!!

  • Harold Walker
    Harold Walker

    50, 28, 18,17,11

  • ADDIsON JWalker
    ADDIsON JWalker

    Tiktok: does not have talented people ISnets: you can find any talents here 😄😄😄😃😃

  • Simple Saffa
    Simple Saffa

    I hate this with a passion.Thought i would see some talent.

  • ju lokk
    ju lokk

    The agonizing reading orally head because lisa postsurgically preserve concerning a agreeable panties. scary, illustrious stomach

  • Pink Queen
    Pink Queen

    in number forty three dixie like clapping un impressed

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan

    Every tiktokers is💩💩🤮

  • md milon sikder
    md milon sikder

    best song

  • Kyra Vijsma
    Kyra Vijsma

    The wholesale riverbed principally license because stepdaughter neurophysiologically license along a deserted milk. aloof, scandalous tennis

  • MrsVillain xxx
    MrsVillain xxx

  • Indian kitchen
    Indian kitchen

  • Indian kitchen
    Indian kitchen

  • Indian kitchen
    Indian kitchen

  • Sharon fox
    Sharon fox


  • DENGO 101
    DENGO 101

    Hasbulla gonna be the new king

  • lily hyppolite
    lily hyppolite

    0:59 dats not billie

  • Always Effects
    Always Effects


  • Usagi Chan
    Usagi Chan

    Guys, that song from number 7 ?? Anybody knows?

  • VillagerWithGuns

    how come every influencer is anti racist?

  • Queen Jozy Melichar
    Queen Jozy Melichar

    With the gas station one, that’s the type of people we need in the world. Bless that guys heart and the homeless guys heart.

  • jesuschristopher deguzman
    jesuschristopher deguzman


  • Stevil3113

    Entertainment has hit an all time low.

  • 讨厌你sтʏʟᴇᴢ

    More TikToks here -

  • Kristin Pendergast
    Kristin Pendergast


  • TikoTak

    Hi people

  • Sara ali
    Sara ali


  • Alvin galang
    Alvin galang

    omg i love charli - a girl

  • Oof the Hacker
    Oof the Hacker

    I have proof bella poarch has not have the most liked in tiktok proof👉:

  • Oof the Hacker
    Oof the Hacker

    Where is Mr sugar crash?

  • John Avant
    John Avant

    The most liked video in the world Is bella porch build a b*tch

  • Lennon Hiner
    Lennon Hiner

    hi charliy


    11:56 i cant stop crying

  • ItssJerry

    I like the meme part of the tik tok.

  • Treza Raee
    Treza Raee

    Bella poarch 😘😘 Just love her ❤️❤️


    3:36 i was like "cool 2 man did some dance" until i saw the little kid in front of them. OH MY GOD. HE TINY- 🥺❤️

  • Ryuk

    guys what's the song at 7:06 on number 22 tiktok? appreciate guys if you can reply.


  • L D
    L D

    May it be the Holy Will of God For this prayer to set you free from bondage 🙏✝️🕊✝️🙏 Holy Father God Holy King Father of Creation Holy Breath of Life If it be Your Holy Will: + I forgive everyone of my past, present & future permanently Holy King Father of Creation. + Holy King Father of Creation & everyone, Forgive me of my past, present, & future permanently. + I cancel all contracts which do not bring Honor and Glory to You, Holy Breath of Life, From my past, present and future permanently. + I cancel all attacks against (my life and the seed of my lineage) from my enemies, I cancel the attacks to other people's lives from me, which do not bring Honor and Glory to You Holy Father of Creation From my past, present and future permanently. + For everything which was taken from me and the seed of my lineage, from my past, present and future which I earned and/or brought Honor & Glory to You, Holy Breath of Life, But was stripped of me or the seed of my lineage, May it be returned in good condition permanently. + Holy Breath of Life if it be Your Holy Will: I permanently cancel any further contact With anyone who previously held me and the lineage of my seed against our will in our spirit and/ or in our flesh, no matter how cruel or gentle they may become directly or indirectly towards me and the lineage of my seed from my past present & future. They themselves and any other individuals directly or indirectly acting out on their behalf may not approach,tempt, stalk, harass, falsely accuse, contact, spy, set me up or the lineage of my seed, in anyway, And may not come within 10,000 ft in any direction of my soul and the souls of the lineage of my seed as long as me and my seed shall remain in existence in any place. It would be as though the soul and flesh of my seed and I never existed to (them and theirs) Permanently, whether directly or indirectly. Effective immediately. + Holy Breath of Life If it be your Holy Will, I cancel all contracts with all spirits of all past present and future lives of mine As though I never existed to those spirits permanently. Either way not my will but Your Holy Precious Will Be Done Above All Will Now & For Ever & Ever Holy King Father of Creation Holy Breath of Life Permanently. The Glory The Honor The Power The Praise Are for you permanently Holy King Father of Creation Holy Breath of Life. In the name of Christ I send this to you For he came to set the captives free

  • rachel Hen13
    rachel Hen13


  • Nicole Casey
    Nicole Casey

    George Floyd, a drug addict and a criminal.... Charli you and tik tok are what's wrong with the world 😢

  • Allie E
    Allie E

    3:00 had me weezing

  • Bianca Brenha Ribeiro Teran
    Bianca Brenha Ribeiro Teran

    The one TikTok that made me cry was the one with the guy walking in onto the store and that kind man giving him free food. The one that made me die in fear was one of the lions in the street with that scary music. And the one that made me cringe was that TikTok that Charlie dances a little bit savage... And the funniest one was that cat dancing with its owner!!!

  • Roblox Fan01
    Roblox Fan01

    Who’s misses all those TikTok songs from quarantine no all that songs at just not hype or have swear swords in them

  • Abhishek Singh
    Abhishek Singh

    7:22 Lion be like, "Damn! Where the hell I parked my car?!"

  • Fanni Balogh
    Fanni Balogh


  • bigboycain

    John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.”😁🙏❤️

  • Silviasa Thomaser
    Silviasa Thomaser

    The six israel precisely start because double ultrasonographically camp via a rotten firewall. utopian, beneficial gallon

  • Krishna chauhan
    Krishna chauhan

    That cat 😸 omg 😭❤️

  • Orsini Beats
    Orsini Beats

    Check our latest release “Jaifondeh - Ff. Franky Flint” ❤️🍑

  • Ricky Krüger
    Ricky Krüger

    10:4 omg im can not luk das cydit

  • Monica Souza
    Monica Souza


  • Yuri Hartmann
    Yuri Hartmann

    Wow super time fun! Everyone here download Tik Tok to finance One China Dream and support Supreme Leader Xi's fight to have free democratic society. I wish more countries respected our freedom to have censorship.


    Lol I see Charlie mom she like bruh


    I love Charlie is the best and also plz stop killing and hating black people just because of the color of their skin


    I’m. A fan of Bella porcha

  • Aleksejs Kruks
    Aleksejs Kruks

    *Very nice, but boys love Trio Mandili*

  • J J
    J J

    31. Disgusting, druggie overdosed who cares. NUKE BLM

  • Shahriar Kabir Mahin
    Shahriar Kabir Mahin

    Hey yo never installed this shit check 🙂

  • Una Bera
    Una Bera

    1:33 wow

  • VigilAntiks

    #31- "I'm retarded and easily manipulated, but my life skill is dancing so my opinion matters"

  • Jake Miles
    Jake Miles


  • Hanif Zamani IV
    Hanif Zamani IV

    11:58 that must be the most liked tiktok ever cause it actually meant something.

    • Fidha Fathima VP
      Fidha Fathima VP

      its all staged he got a shop sooo he makes staged videos

    • Nicole

      This guy does these as skits, you can tell all his videos are acting.

  • Zannat Ara
    Zannat Ara

    The 24th one was the best lol

  • Aldriya & Aldrich
    Aldriya & Aldrich

    28th one the real one got 1.9M and his got 19M

  • takwetsuo

    o gato foi melhor porra

  • Potato Frys
    Potato Frys

    Kept getting it recommended to me so I watched it.I regret nothing

  • Mammy Cher
    Mammy Cher

    Why are these liked? So boring.

  • Lexi minnix
    Lexi minnix

    I got an ad for TIKTOK while watching this

  • Royal Whitni
    Royal Whitni

    1:52 dixie just clapping

  • gaming princess hayleigh
    gaming princess hayleigh

    When you were here when there tiktoks weren’t famous

  • Shirin Mloda
    Shirin Mloda


  • mobile vids
    mobile vids

    I'm that bald girl