I'm actually the worst Mini Golf player of all time (Golf It Funny Moments)
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  • Grayson White
    Grayson White

    that was probably the cleanness accidental trickshot of all time

  • Mikey Games
    Mikey Games

    Pinocchio is 81

  • XAmitchXX

    0:57 DJ'S be like

  • Malaki Morris
    Malaki Morris

    You ever just run out of new smitty vids and have to go back to the old ones?

  • Hai KaaaLL_
    Hai KaaaLL_

    I can't breathe

  • eye34

    Link from smash

  • Brody Frick-Benetti
    Brody Frick-Benetti

    What's your discord Smii7y?

  • Vegas Humphreys
    Vegas Humphreys

    you guys crack me the fuck up, intro was priceless

  • Yu Jin
    Yu Jin

    Gave up, too many ''trickshot'' attempts. Literally just watching a ball fly into nowhere for half the video.

  • Weston Maria
    Weston Maria

    0:37 yessah same person

  • Kris BD
    Kris BD

    The guy who created this map: Am I a joke to you?

  • Captain Cheese
    Captain Cheese

    "Next time, we're doing a hundred holes!" Me and the boys.

  • Forg

    The amount of sound effects in his videos are crazy

  • game on
    game on

    SMii7Y says he is a bag of milk but what we couldn't know is he could probably be a bag of sunscreen.

  • Rocco Caves
    Rocco Caves

    I’m taking a dump watching your videos

  • VZNation

    Ahh the reason i found Mr Milkbag

  • Soomayya Omar
    Soomayya Omar

    Englas 100

  • Zukan

    I can never tell if you’re a Milk carton or a pillow

  • Express Raider
    Express Raider

    Literally pulled out the chips half way "ooo, I'm about to get it!" *eats chip* just be waiting for a trick shot

  • Akash K Biju
    Akash K Biju

    4:11 that was a dream minecraft manhunt 'WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT'

  • Koitoly

    insanity level: insane ≈ fine

  • Poppy Pully
    Poppy Pully

    Lol I got a golf advert

  • Twonsleberry Crunch
    Twonsleberry Crunch

    At 12:45 he made it in the 11th hole on his 11th stroke.

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith

    That first minute kills me everytime lol

  • Gamma

    day 1 of asking for damn its windy merch

  • Elgordau

    Guys research about AMC stock if you want to make money.

  • Ari wahyu
    Ari wahyu

    Trick shot of 360 4:08

  • Ari wahyu
    Ari wahyu

    Playing Golf It but more Leanguage 0:41

  • Beep Boop
    Beep Boop

    Bruh if someone called me a fucking flarbeedoogen I’d punch them

  • Davis McNeill
    Davis McNeill

    smii7y the title of the video dont make sense you full sent it hit off a tree and made it in what you talking about.

  • Project

    Me.beast is gonna cancel lmao

  • Cheese n' crackers
    Cheese n' crackers

    I couldn't breathe while watching this vid I'm not kidding

  • Victor Hernandez
    Victor Hernandez

    4:08 The most amazing trick shot I’ve ever seen!

  • Renegade Media Group
    Renegade Media Group

    Give this man a ribbon for his attempts to entertain us. Not A Trophy, he isn't Kryoz after all. But a ribbon none the less.

  • Redox

    4:07 *excuse me*

  • Rootii

    Bring back Rainbow 6 Siege Funny Moments!! SAY IT WITH ME!!!

  • Battery Life
    Battery Life

    BTW Pinocchio is 7 years old

  • Orange Vanilla
    Orange Vanilla

    When are we gonna get proximity vc with golf??? as in proximity to the golf balls that'd be so fucking good-

  • Lewis mansbridge
    Lewis mansbridge

    I've just had a breakup with someone for 8 months. Your videos helps a lot. Thank you

  • SfMinter

    Smii7y: how old is Pinocchio What I found out: "He reveals that he is the seven-year-old boy who found the infant Emma."

  • PMT_ Red
    PMT_ Red

    If he does a simlish video I would insta like and wouldn’t be surprised

  • That Thing
    That Thing

    If it were only smii7y+

  • Frosty

    Garbone moment

  • Seita

    God dammit Smitty, play the game... it doesn’t always have to be “EPIC TRICK SHOT” hour...

  • Hi :3
    Hi :3

    Smitty: “that’s it” Golf it: “you son of a bitch, I’m in”

  • Proffeserapple Gaming
    Proffeserapple Gaming

    🎶go your own waaaayyy🎶”the all new Isuzu dmax starting from 33,990 drive away”

  • Maronmikhail Soriano
    Maronmikhail Soriano

    The silly cathedral remarkably bolt because toe notably flow since a past lemonade. orange, bizarre stick

  • Nilla Gamer
    Nilla Gamer

    4:09 is literally worth like 8 BILLION views on its own

  • Inou'rcing Disk
    Inou'rcing Disk

    What was it? Like the definition of crazy or something is repeating the action over and over again or smth? It's what I see here.

  • Tucker French
    Tucker French

    I'm the 1000 comment

  • Unknown

    Wan townsenth coment !


    Smii7y: *about to do the most epic trickshot ever* Also Smii7y: * resets * *Not good enough*

  • Isaac Jeremiah
    Isaac Jeremiah

    Can’t get over this 😂😂 4:09

  • Right Left
    Right Left

    4:08 my favorite clip by far

  • FrenchFry

    Smitty plus, Smitty minus, Smitty Divide, and Smitty Multiple

  • Jonathan


  • Cold_pizzarolls Lol
    Cold_pizzarolls Lol

    I love how there trash talking/raging over golf never been interested in golf but this is gold

  • AquaticBlack

    History seems to repeat itself. In Smii7y's case I guess he'll never learn.

  • Michael Davinci
    Michael Davinci

    Where tear down

  • Tommy Lister
    Tommy Lister

    Have one Dean and Tay new update happen on tear down and it it new map on tail down do you want to play again

  • Esgarpen

    Smii7y can probably sit in any pre-game lobby with 2-3 other people and make an entertaining 30 minute video, without problems

  • TheEvilEgo

    4:07 bruh

  • TDU Toasted
    TDU Toasted

    i made u a dicord server btw lol

  • Cmupet

    petition for smii7y to do a 'glory holes' golf it map

  • Slatsky August
    Slatsky August

    Is your beanie attached to your skull?

  • Person Someone
    Person Someone

    How to piss smitty off. Add invisible walls to force him to follow the track

  • Dwight Barnett
    Dwight Barnett

    Smity play devour

  • tea gang
    tea gang

    I just wanna know what the back of SMii7Y’s head looks like

  • Carson

    need a video with them playing golf it while drunk asf

  • Just Goose
    Just Goose

    As Byze once said “oknahbaillsayhe”

  • The Advocate
    The Advocate

    Will you make another Purge SMP video or is the server over?

  • bitchy mitchy
    bitchy mitchy

    0:06 the more I listen to it. the more it sounds like a foreign language

  • AJ Serafin
    AJ Serafin

    I just found your Chanel and I’ve already sub to all your Chanel’s and watched like 5 videos

  • YTW

    4:08 you cant do that again even if you tried.

  • Riley Gravel
    Riley Gravel

    0:39 "Flarbanom" "mmmmmmmmmmmmm" "Rabashinoo"

  • Nxbody

    "You just sound like Link" Me: :) *"FROM SMASH"* Me: :(

  • Forrest Rimar
    Forrest Rimar

    i will not stand for deforestation. No it isnt becsuse of my name

  • Boyfriend Wannabe
    Boyfriend Wannabe

    Where is Smii7y's prediction?? Did he lost his power?? Did he break the rules for losing his prediction ability?

  • Anxious Owl
    Anxious Owl

    Oh don't mind me 11:30



  • Funk-A-Dillie Jungle
    Funk-A-Dillie Jungle

    Never thought I'd see the day when youtube recommends me a pillow raging over golf at 1 AM

  • Thean Kotze
    Thean Kotze

    I loved it when you guys talked simlish fluently!

  • SuperMRain1

    omg i love the simlish part! highlight for me

  • Ismael Alvarado
    Ismael Alvarado

    9:07 hella sus 😬👴🏿👍🏿😈

  • Zak McGill
    Zak McGill

    I'm not even a minute in and I'm already fucking dying, the fucking sims language 😭

  • Geometric

    smii7y at 12:00 made me laugh so hard, i sounded like him

  • Groomie


  • frogge

    trickshot level over 9000

  • Austiin

    wow i love link from smash

  • mcboss297

    Ever try to beat Minecraft with the goose mod

  • Russell Gronbach
    Russell Gronbach

    They should definitely do golf it with Sim speaking

  • Lawd Shadow
    Lawd Shadow

    I need more sound effects

  • Cerulean Pug TCG
    Cerulean Pug TCG

    Ah yes l to like link from smash

  • Pico

    15:44 *This Sound*

  • Amelia Ranowiecki
    Amelia Ranowiecki

    Smii7y new update in teardown

  • Shiggi 125
    Shiggi 125

    Can’t wait to see 4:08 in the best of 2021

  • J Jones
    J Jones

    Finally a video without blarg

  • Aiden L0363
    Aiden L0363

    the video should of been called: golf it but where dude perfect the whole time

  • Gm Eighteen
    Gm Eighteen

    13:11 Gays Be Like:

  • Kalib Ferguson
    Kalib Ferguson

    I would take a whole video in Simlish