Rich People Have Bad Taste
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  • shrunkenmonkey5

    The pinned comment sucks

    • Mrs&mr Sr
      Mrs&mr Sr

      Uh oh

    • Frogsreprettycool


    • im bored
      im bored


    • Su Phar
      Su Phar


    • Welcome to my Dystopia
      Welcome to my Dystopia

      As someone who’s read this comment, I can confirm that this is true.

  • Bunny

    The flower cutting room is less weird than you think. That's why a lot of older homes had the back tiled mudroom looking rooms with the sink. That's for flower arranging. Otherwise the lady of the house would have to do it in the kitchen, which would be a huge pain for the cook. It's a very old school feature. It's frankly less stupid than the craft rooms you see in middle class homes, where the person is like, "Oh, this is the room where the machine cuts adhesive vinyl so I can put 'Live Laugh Love' or 'Family' onto everything I own. I also scrapbook."

  • David Harmon
    David Harmon

    Wealthy Hippies have bad taste.

  • Alice Bennett
    Alice Bennett

    People who have money for 100 million dollar houses probably didn’t strive to make that money. I’m gonna go on a limb here and say it’s generational family wealth

  • its_thug_yes

    Sir. This was amazing. Thank you.

  • 113OneOneThree113

    Walk through a city and give every homeless person you see 1000$. You will be a historical legend, a modern Robin Hood. You will have the right to wear a superhero costume and no one would deny it. You would be doing more for common people than any politician ever has in all of history. You would be saving countless lives and building a brighter future for humanity! You would CHANGE THE WORLD! or... could use that money to buy a bigger castle with a room dedicated to organizing all your shoelaces..

  • Eardstapa

    "So how did you get all that money?" "Oh yeah I just have an ATM in my house."

  • Ruby Blue
    Ruby Blue

    So controversial yet so brave

  • Franz Sela
    Franz Sela

    That's what sets the rich man's home apart from yours and mine. Envious huh!

  • Daichi Sawamura's wife • 20 years ago
    Daichi Sawamura's wife • 20 years ago

    sawarasenai🥰kimi😸wa⛓shojo👻na💅no ✨bökù🌸wâ🧚ÿariçhiñ🤴bįcchī😾ńo😩osû🚣dà🎉yo💦

  • Sophie Schroer
    Sophie Schroer

    "This room is smaller cause we wanted a comfier, cozier feel" Huh. If only there was someway to have an entire place that's smaller and comfier and cozier. Nothing like that exists though.

  • Millennium Man
    Millennium Man

    Rich people dont even live in their house many just sit at a restaurant patio and people watch their lives away

  • EyDomizzi

    Nice Last Dinosaurs LP on the shelf back there

  • D Baker
    D Baker

    Half the stuff in those house them rich folks hardly or never use. I prefer to have a regular size house and a lot of land.

  • AnneLien1987

    I laughed way too hard with this

  • Diva is bored
    Diva is bored

    I love limes -Dakota

  • Two Teens
    Two Teens

    shout out to my homies, y'all already know who you are, my day ones, my ride or dies, and that's on God

  • MayBeeAnon

    I love how 1% of the people that voted on this disliked it... makes ya think

    • String Cheese ᄋᄉᄋ
      String Cheese ᄋᄉᄋ

      i think you're onto something😭

  • TipTheScales27

    You better not drag my girl Dita 😒 I’m annoyed that you put her place in the thumbnail

  • Chris L
    Chris L

    I will say that chandeliers aren't necessarily that much more expensive than other options. They can be thousands of dollars, or more, but the one I've got was only a few hundred dollars and the next step down isn't really that much less expensive and was quite ugly.

  • Nuts8

    DUDE, drew is fucking really funny. Can’t get enough of this guys videos.

  • Jack Fuller
    Jack Fuller

    you don't buy chandeliers cuz you need them, you buy them cuz they look nice. not everything needs to be bought cuz you need it. you can buy stuff just because u want it. nobody needs a 300 million dollar yacht but if i was worth billions of dollars i wud buy one

  • Jennifer Hughes
    Jennifer Hughes

    I once knew a rich person who threw a party for her new chandeliers

  • The Gold Wolf
    The Gold Wolf

    Hey guy welcome back to my

  • PackApunch 2013
    PackApunch 2013

    80k for a full sized elephant taxidermy? That’s a bargain, finna cop one and put it on my roof

  • entertain7us14

    this is what happens when you're so filthy rich that you just throw more and more money at things til they're completely impractical. (cos yknow, you can't imagine just giving some of your money to charity, or even your employees)

  • furby bodacious
    furby bodacious

    you didn’t make a video about the stock market drew, im suing

  • Viv The Viv
    Viv The Viv

    6:27 I love how the atm machine implies that the dude makes his guests pay money to play in his personal arcade

  • iiKhico

    See, I wanna be rich (like most :p) but I just want an apartment in nyc, not big, but not to smol

  • Sue Lyons
    Sue Lyons

    OMG Pierce Brosnans house was HORRIBLE!!!! Horrible! Honestly, I was shocked.

  • Mgoblagulkablong

    If I was that rich I would build a replica of the Temple of the Dark Side from SWTOR as my house lol

  • Mima TaTa
    Mima TaTa

    5:28 my dumbass thought that, the shoe shining room is a thing 😂 i didn’t realize it was a skit at first 😂

  • Kluster


  • GibbyGib

    Your AC vent is upside down bro

  • Oli

    Which one of these houses can i buy? I have about 200 dogecoins

  • bread

    Do you have a minute to talk about our Lord and savior drew gooden?

  • MO

    Honestly the chairs are beautiful

  • Shesh

    This is probably on the bottom of the list of why we should tax rich people more, but also the most entertaining

  • Briana McCarthy
    Briana McCarthy

    “Square space” 🤣

  • Will Becker
    Will Becker

    I subscribed to Architectural Digest like a year ago and never watch any of their videos anymore but I still haven't unsubscribed for some reason

  • psychosparten049 .Esquire
    psychosparten049 .Esquire

    Jarvis Johnson stole this

  • Karen Wang
    Karen Wang

    Rich people can afford to have taste no matter how bad. Look at cars for example, us plebs are stuck choosing being a boring honda or a boring toyota while a rich person can get themselves the tackyest g wagon they can find.

  • Roobs

    sometimes you just gotta look at the opulence of the elite and just be agape at the difference in lifestyle when you got basically unlimited cash

  • KeroScene

    I keep on thinking that the giraffe kitchen room is a strange dream I had when I was 8 and I just rewatched this video and I'm so fucking confused. I thoroughly convinced myself that I came up with that 5 years ago like how does that even happen

  • Rayne Michelle
    Rayne Michelle


  • Extra Credit Productions
    Extra Credit Productions

    Butt-ugly houses... But with contact tracing I would put a bowling alley in my house.

  • Interdimensional Steve
    Interdimensional Steve

    Most people have bad taste, it just makes sense rich people would stand out more.

  • ThePoolboy789

    usually more of the story behind the piece than the visual appeal

  • Grace Roberson
    Grace Roberson

    rich people do often have poor taste.......but please, don't come for the chandelier dahhhlliiinnggg

  • Jasmine Garcia
    Jasmine Garcia

    just noticed drew’s yumeno garden vinyl!

  • Kiley's Weird
    Kiley's Weird

    If I was rich enough I would have giant crystals in my house too

  • Luc O
    Luc O

    'covered outdoor room'. Bitch thats a room

  • Matthias Bergendahl
    Matthias Bergendahl

    I actually love older houses with history over a modern house

  • subwayjrod1

    Less than 60 seconds in, Me: Oh this kid doesn't understand estates or generational wealth Also me: better watch the whole video just to be sure

  • Emma Swift
    Emma Swift

    You give me John Mullaney vibes.

  • Netfilxandpizza [MINTEDS]
    Netfilxandpizza [MINTEDS]

    No, what it sounds like to me is you just don't like Victorian french style homes... the ugly homes are the modern ones you say are so nice

  • Andrew Awad
    Andrew Awad

    is it just me or did u think that was Howie Mandell

  • Sincerely Defiant
    Sincerely Defiant

    But flower cutting room is a very real thing in my Sims 4 seasons expansion game

  • nfinitiduck

    Makes one want to take a baseball bat and a bottle of whiskey and just turn that into an anger management fun-zone.

  • LyleDeYounges

    middle class

  • cereal chef
    cereal chef

    Yea honestly if a roadkill sweater costed 800 bucks and smelled like a toilet, rich people would totally buy it and take pride of it.

  • batata b
    batata b

    why tf did she lie about liking limes?

  • Gabrielle Elizabeth
    Gabrielle Elizabeth

    I straight up thought it WAS Howie Mandle, figured it was his place and was confused why he was shocked by everything

  • john young
    john young

    The ultra-rich don't buy homes, they buy elaborate trophy cases.

  • maisie mcd
    maisie mcd betrayed me..

  • Mutualist

    You raise a very good point. They waste huge amounts of money of stupid things that serve no purpose at all. There is a whole sector that feeds off the stupidity of the rich and their pathologies.

  • theo

    is it becoming acceptable to say i hate rich people

  • jordopia

    What's better than having Justin Beiber perform for you and your family? Not having Justin Beiber perform for you and your family.

  • Kaisse Sokrane
    Kaisse Sokrane

    You are wrong Mr Gooden! Some of these pieces are marvelous not because they are expensive but because they are different and interesting to look at! Yes some of us love other things than white walls, light wood, mid-century furniture, and white marble! BTW love the editing of your video this is a great job!

  • Chris

    OK but if you have millions of dollars and you still need 'set dressing' in your own home to make it interesting, you're doing something wrong

  • Dalphy

    the taxidermy looked more alive than the cat

  • spamviking

    Good to know all the working class people billionaires exploit are working themselves to death for a flower cutting room...

  • Daniel Clay
    Daniel Clay

    I love this and I think we need more

  • Starfall

    Rich people should give me some money, I can spend it better than them.

  • Fila Ahezzan
    Fila Ahezzan

    my stupid ass just noticed yumeno album back there @ 5:31. whoa nice

  • Natalie

    You're right but the lawless sofa looks good and fun and i wanna sit on it.

  • jose padilla
    jose padilla

    Totally agree with everything in this video but the absurdist couch is actually really comfortable. I clean the home of someone who owns it lol.

    • Natalie

      It looks so comfy!!

  • Aldier Green
    Aldier Green

    I wish that one day I can have bad taste



  • Alex

    These houses are WAY to big!

  • Alana Soares
    Alana Soares

    My mother is a diarist and work for some middle class people (who think they are rich), she use to clean apartments no way near this places but this people really like to show off and be cluttered with loads of useless stuff.

  • UnknownRunner

    "What's wrong with the rich people?" "BAD TASTE".

    • Blobfish Lover
      Blobfish Lover

      Poor taste

  • The Breakfast Menu
    The Breakfast Menu

    This video genuinely made me feel better about being poor. Thank you.

  • Erin Risner
    Erin Risner

    I know this is maybe an unpopular opinion but I absolutely love the fact Dakota just lied about loving limes 😂😂 that is the funniest thing to me

    • Blobfish Lover
      Blobfish Lover


  • Ashlyn Berry
    Ashlyn Berry

    My church has three kitchens, a computer lab, a daycare, and a movie theater, and I've taken it for granted all my life.

  • Alex Holmes
    Alex Holmes

    1:35 ehhhhhhhhhhhhhh why would you buy this monstrosity it looks like it’s from a different dimension.

  • ShitBirdGaming

    look up the mansion called The One

  • Linucs x
    Linucs x

    room for cutting flowers? gotta keep this one in mind when building my next mansion for my sims

  • beke

    They probably have too much space and just find random things to fill them up

  • Mel Dembinski
    Mel Dembinski

    being high and watching the part where drew describes his dream home was seriously a trip

  • Ender

    the voice sounded familiar so i looked back at older videos and i was right. he used to make vines amd im happy to see him still making content

  • Darla Anne
    Darla Anne

    hey guy

  • Chotenque

    No individual person needs more than 500 sf. Up to 3000 for a large family

  • Matilda's Messes
    Matilda's Messes

    Guess you didn’t watch the full dita vid cause all her taxidermy is either ethically sourced (died of old age) or it is true vintage (taxidermy from 50+ years ago) bought from estate sales or antique stores. But taste is personal and it may not be for you. That’s fine just wanted to clarify the info.

  • EmperorSigismund

    7:20 I wonder if that guy comes with the house.

  • Jack Brouse
    Jack Brouse

    If I owned a mansion and wanted it to sell it It would cost only 50 dollars to get the house

  • Andrew Plant
    Andrew Plant

    ATM machine seems to strongly imply that these xillionaires have decided not to set up free play on the arcade machines in their own basement which is generally very doable, I guess that's one way to get rich. charging your friends to play pinball. alternately they're just compulsive gamblers constantly withdrawing cash to bet on bowling. either scenario is a nightmare.

  • Many_Lives

    That bit with the eye contact at the camera had me laughing so hard.

  • Dwyn

    If you take five seconds to zone out of any of Drew's videos you'll have to start from the beginning all over again just to understand the context

  • 11 11
    11 11