Doritos 3D | Flat Matthew Super Bowl LV
Who's ready for a little dimension? #Doritos #FlatMatthew

  • Pat Shoren
    Pat Shoren

    Aint no way Mathew eatin Doritos

  • Five Nights At Plushies
    Five Nights At Plushies

    Game theory gonna be all up on this

  • fireballtp

    After seeing this commercial, my wife bought me Wheat Thins.

  • Ganon

    This is a good ad

  • Tom Lucitor
    Tom Lucitor


  • Alex E
    Alex E

    Ok, that’s a good ad

  • caeviyon

    This would make a good movie, I would watch it

  • James Hubacher
    James Hubacher

  • Norton's Tiddies
    Norton's Tiddies

    I'm so uncomfortable

  • Miguel miranda
    Miguel miranda

    They did a good job with dis commercial nice job guys nice!

  • Gunner Booth
    Gunner Booth

    So are these basically Doritos puffs or are they something else entirely?

  • Raquel NT
    Raquel NT

    Prop Hunt be like: 0:14

  • Burger- Fortnite
    Burger- Fortnite

    I always wondered what happened to Mike tv after he was flattened now I know

  • TheChosen

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  • Jack Adogoff
    Jack Adogoff

    Was this supposed to be funny?

  • cam tu Dang
    cam tu Dang

    0:51 GOD KNOW IM _ _ _ _ _ (the word is stuck) GOD KNOWS IM STUCK

  • Cameron Smith
    Cameron Smith

    When u get tired of anti white propaganda

  • Leo the Editor
    Leo the Editor

    I remember having these in Mexico they were bomb-ass shit I'm glad they're bringing them back for a bit

  • Gong GongTheSecond
    Gong GongTheSecond

    this is hilarious

  • Like Sample
    Like Sample

    Where's all the celebrities? The Rock commercial and now Mathews.

  • null x
    null x

    I've legit still yet to see any fuckin 3D doritos and I'm pissed about it

  • Frank Carsone
    Frank Carsone

    Glorified Bugles. 🙄

  • transforming2013

    He looks like he would stink

    • bodoti qwiu
      bodoti qwiu

      How Twitter expects drawings to be when they say “where are her organs”


    Ugh LSD is a trip

  • well here we go again
    well here we go again

    Therapist: "Flat Matthew isn't real. He can't hurt you." Flat Matthew:

    • bodoti qwiu
      bodoti qwiu

      They are not the same!! Such a disappointment! And an insult to peoples memory..

  • NobCogSci

    Flat Stanley

    • Egg Doggo
      Egg Doggo


  • Budd631

    Flathew. Missed an opportunity there.

    • Egg Doggo
      Egg Doggo

      no flat Stanley

  • Lazy cat 123
    Lazy cat 123

    I don’t know why but this is my favorite I’ve ever saw

  • MaxedGamer

    Before this: Matthew ate a 2d Doritos and became flat.

  • Arturo's Kingdom World
    Arturo's Kingdom World


  • Mark Wenz
    Mark Wenz

    So glad Doritos brought back the 3D...for a tasty treat, nibble one corner of the chip then squirt in some of that cheese whiz stuff...I invented this treat back in the mid 1990's. It's delicious! And really the only way to eat and enjoy a 3D chip...Imo. Try it! You'll like/love it!!!

    • Charming nowhere to hide
      Charming nowhere to hide


  • Levi Perillo
    Levi Perillo

    I just came for the comments too see how old I feel. Since we had a giant grouping of people who thought post malone discovered ozzy I'm sure nobody will believe these are a comeback concept

    • Charming nowhere to hide
      Charming nowhere to hide


  • Mr. Burns
    Mr. Burns

    When triangle gets an update:

  • Daniel


  • Douglas Campbell
    Douglas Campbell

    Flat fat

  • DoilgolyYT

    0:49 dude THAT IS SO SMOOTH.

  • Furman Roberts
    Furman Roberts

    They are not the same!! Such a disappointment! And an insult to peoples memory..

  • 0ptik

    How Twitter expects drawings to be when they say “where are her organs”

  • Lamont Simpson
    Lamont Simpson

    Was he driving a Lincoln?

  • Harold Torres
    Harold Torres

    Should have stayed Flat?!

  • OvasonicFan

    I have those lol


    Shut up and take my money💰 😏

  • Ransom Floyd
    Ransom Floyd Me reviewing the nacho cheese 3D

  • 3D Ghost_YT
    3D Ghost_YT

    Moral of the story don’t eat thin Doritos

  • Dorito King
    Dorito King


  • YoungQueen Courage
    YoungQueen Courage


  • M. R.
    M. R.


  • Arslan Malik
    Arslan Malik

    Yes one of my favorite chips growing up

  • Andrew Newman
    Andrew Newman

    Oh you mean Flatthew

  • jon Doe
    jon Doe

    ....I remember another chip was 3d and it was good...... ahhh I forgot the name

  • Dominic Mcelfresh
    Dominic Mcelfresh

    0:16 do not attempt you’re a 3-D people

  • Eddie Bacon
    Eddie Bacon

    Yessss you punk kids weren’t even alive the first time they came out

  • Mo rt
    Mo rt

    Pov- you clicked on this

  • Young Blender user XIII
    Young Blender user XIII

    Doritos littarally just made a short film for a damn Doritos bag.

  • Sonic The hedehgog
    Sonic The hedehgog


    • Emily An
      Emily An

      My BP was 155/100

  • Cillians 747
    Cillians 747

    Uhhhh give me doritoes

  • Skyler Ezell
    Skyler Ezell

    The ending is so scary. 😨

    • Emily An
      Emily An

      This guy is still alive?

  • AlaskaM00se

    Flat Stanley

  • Troy Goodwin
    Troy Goodwin

    "Get Me Outta Here!"-Flat Matt.

  • Likethebomz

    If it wasnt in 3D before then what was it 2D?

  • Kitanai Koneko
    Kitanai Koneko

    All Flat All Flat All Flat. × 3 by the biggest D.

  • BananaBuns

    fun fact: they taste like sealed bugle chips with doritos dust on them, they're absolute shit dont buy them you'll be 100% disappointed with how they taste now

    • Furman Roberts
      Furman Roberts

      They are not the same as the old ones

  • FiveNightsAtFreddy’s Fan
    FiveNightsAtFreddy’s Fan

    The Doritos look so good, I want to eat them🙂

  • FiveNightsAtFreddy’s Fan
    FiveNightsAtFreddy’s Fan

    Ngl if I was Mathew I would go in and pull the Doritos out and then eat

  • Don't Care
    Don't Care

    I actually clicked the ad because he looked so crazy in the thumbnail.

  • superfuresh

    Love hearing Freddies voice

  • Reddy Kavya
    Reddy Kavya


    • Ask to seduce Miss
      Ask to seduce Miss


  • Corbin Olivier
    Corbin Olivier

    Ah yes a actual funny ad

  • Utah Shaw
    Utah Shaw

    This guy is still alive?

    • Ask to seduce Miss
      Ask to seduce Miss

      Doritos turns you fat!!!

  • George Schlaline
    George Schlaline

    My BP was 155/100

  • Jayce Jackson
    Jayce Jackson

    Stops on the Rito’s they’re bad for you then meet you fat just get rid of the company

  • Poké Lee
    Poké Lee

    Flat Matthew, more like flatthew

  • Shadow Sam
    Shadow Sam

    "Doritos never made a good transition to 3D."

  • Jason Cool
    Jason Cool

    God knows I- *gets stuck in vending machine*

  • Dakota Jensen
    Dakota Jensen

    This commercial was as flat as matt

  • Sean Lakeram
    Sean Lakeram

    I love Doritos they taste so good

  • john paolo
    john paolo

    You should have an alternate with an actress

  • A User
    A User

    These are terrible. Not at all like the 3D Doritos from the late 90's/early 2000's. They're just rebranded Bugles.

  • ParanoidDroid

    Me in highschool:

  • pizzajona

    Did anyone else read Flat Stanley when they were younger?

  • West Cityslcc
    West Cityslcc

    Doritos turns you fat!!!

  • Black Harlow
    Black Harlow


    • A User
      A User

      They don't taste the same. The 3D Doritos from the late 90's/early 2000's were light, and crispy. These are thick and hard as a rock. And they don't come in the original flavors. They're basically rebranded Bugles. Really disppointed.

  • Eve Loyola
    Eve Loyola

    This is the sequal to the commercial fzero snes USA

  • TheGreatNexus 420
    TheGreatNexus 420

    Mexico had these WAY Before Americans adapted the Idea

  • Matthew Chavez
    Matthew Chavez

    You guys really messed these up. This is a food texture I remember VIVDLY. They are supposed to be thinner doritos that kind of melt as you play with the texture in your mouth. They are glorified Bugles. The ranch tastes exactly the same but with heat, but the texture is SUPER IMPORTANT. Please accurately bring the 90's back.

    • A User
      A User

      Thank you! I feel exactly the same! I was so excited when I heard they were bringing these back and my disappointment is immeasurable. =(

  • zac mcghee
    zac mcghee

    These tata chips will light on fire dis is what we feeding are kids

  • miros flores
    miros flores


    • minij hooi
      minij hooi


  • Rudolph de Rainbow
    Rudolph de Rainbow

    I don't even eat doritos but I'm here for I Want To Break Free

    • minij hooi
      minij hooi

      Jimmy Kimmel the man who never made me laugh


    Yes I now eat thick dog poop

  • Ixapter

    I hope they taste better this time.

  • yi chen
    yi chen

    U r like super paper thin?! I’m muchhhhhh thinnner 😂 lolz!!!!

  • Good*P*art

    glorifying processed foods?

  • Jessica Bishop
    Jessica Bishop

    He should've gotten out first before he ate the 3D dorito!

  • vector

    they bussin

  • Eddie B
    Eddie B

    Flat Stanley grew up.

  • Hercules Puga
    Hercules Puga

    Vish vi até o final.. valeu vídeo top tbm se quiser passar lá no hercules puga .. agora tô no canal tbm

  • Reddy Zhang
    Reddy Zhang

    I love that Mindy just randomly showed up

  • Tman 2000
    Tman 2000

    There back. When they first came out years ago I was so excited. Now they bak and it brings bak memories. Awesome.

  • bak ugo
    bak ugo


  • Chris Chicha
    Chris Chicha

    Hilarious but not like the original 3D, just glorified bugles

    • Ptao Tom
      Ptao Tom