Daft Punk - Epilogue
Daft Punk
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  • marcelo guanco
    marcelo guanco

    its crazy to realize that they broke up, I`ve been listening to Daft Punk for as long as I can remember ( im only 19) and since 2013 I've been sitting here patiently saying to my self their gonna drop another album they have to their just waiting for the right time and now hearing this is kind of devastating. Thank you Daft Punk for the best 19 years of my life getting me through thick and thin.

  • Banjara Yatri
    Banjara Yatri

    I got into a car accident after falling asleep on the wheel. It was a near death experience for sure which changed my view of looking at life. It was a miracle that I got out alive with my right hand completely broken. I was listening to Harder better faster stronger when it happened!

  • Roxanne Marie Guerin
    Roxanne Marie Guerin

    I'm actually crying

  • Bizunga animation
    Bizunga animation

    Não tenho palavras.

  • iggytaco

    You were a magnificent bastard

  • Jatzemani

    angelic rainbow song

  • Mr. Incognito
    Mr. Incognito

    Can we get an F in the chat for Daft Punk?

  • hao kiana
    hao kiana

    5.20,dp,god forever

  • Mohamed Canaria
    Mohamed Canaria


  • Catman Sandiego
    Catman Sandiego

    Bloody Murder 😢

  • BlackList

    Selamat Jalan Daft Punk 🇮🇩☹️

  • Vultures of the Ether
    Vultures of the Ether

    I'm going to watch this video... 🕶️... one more time...

  • Celine Aswad
    Celine Aswad

    daft punk... please come back one more time!! Your album Random Access Memories got me through a transitional and tough period. Thank you for the music, thank you for sharing your creativity, thank you for the memories🤍🖤🤍🖤 we will forever lose ourselves to dance to your songs 🤍🖤🤍🖤

  • Silver Ninja
    Silver Ninja

    The legend is born now and cannot be destroyed

  • Post Tenebras Lux
    Post Tenebras Lux


  • Scold Experiment
    Scold Experiment

    Man, 2020 and 2021 sure are shitty years..

  • Steven Bob
    Steven Bob

    Danke, Thank You, Merci! For all!!!! Ich war damals beim Konzert, in Berlin dabei und bin bis heute Froh das ich dabei war. Hero tonight, Legends forever.

  • Blade GTR
    Blade GTR

    Thank you for everything. Your music and deeds will live on through out the years. T_T

  • the god
    the god

    5:27 this gave me goose bumps

  • Dio

    NUNCA FUERON BUENOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Aeryo

    "If love is the answer, you're home"

  • Steel Toxi
    Steel Toxi

    What about new Tron legacy sequel soundtrack?

  • TJ PlaysGames
    TJ PlaysGames

    You had a good run.

  • Gabriel L
    Gabriel L

    Say for me, please. It's lie

  • Yes I Am Indeed Jacob M
    Yes I Am Indeed Jacob M


  • Seong Hang
    Seong Hang

    Pués, han roto nuestros corazones! 💔💔

  • Nate!

    I can't say I knew much about daft punk. Listened to a song or two, knew who they were, but not much else. Wasn't that sad when I heard they broke up a couple of days ago, asked my friend if he'd heard about it, he said he'd never even heard of them in the first place. Apparently they're french, which doesn't really matter, I guess. They brought people together. That's all that really matters. Just randomly got recommended this. I'd like to imagine, in the back of their closets, with their own lighting, are their suits and helmets. From the little I listened to, they made some good music. So uh, thanks. Thanks for bringing us together, and making some good music while at it. That's it, I guess. 1993-2021 *DAFT PUNK*

  • improvized gaming
    improvized gaming

    Press f to pay respects

  • Stamps121

    This is the end for some feels :(

  • UltraRareShura

    Most artists don't make it to retirement. So many just wide up...not making it there...Congratulations Daft Punk. You are one of the few. You've brought many smiles and bangers throughout the years. You will be missed greatly.

  • HENTAI mujdii
    HENTAI mujdii

    We will never know who were the person who started this project but we know they changed the world with their music

  • Тимур и Ко.
    Тимур и Ко.

    Thx for all

  • Aaron

    I think this is the most boring video of all time to get over 22 milllion views

  • ced Coach
    ced Coach

    Vous avez fait pleurer mon fils de 11 ans les gars... Son plus grand rêve était d'aller vous voir en concert. Là je le vois encore en larmes me dire, '' je ne les verrai jamais ''... Si jamais vous avez un peu de temps, vous pouvez toujours passer à la maison lui dire bonjour, histoire que son rêve de vous voir se réalise. En tout cas merci de nous avoir régalé pendant ces années. 😉

  • Big Blast
    Big Blast

    RIP daft punk

  • SixSix Six
    SixSix Six

    Sad and beautiful at once...

  • Karolos Makris
    Karolos Makris

    just want to know ... were "SPACE" your grandparents ???

  • s.w.126strawberry

    I'LL MISS U GUYS! u were the 1st real artists i ever listened to✌🏼👍💔

  • Ege ÜNER
    Ege ÜNER

    Witnessing the legend was unique, we will miss you.

  • Haris Javed
    Haris Javed

    But then who is gonna fuel the next Tron?😔

  • มีโซแซต

    Good bye i love Daft Punk 💗

  • Sanincha

    I thought at first they sang 'God is the answer to all' or something like that but now I know the real lyrics and it's just beautiful.. especially because the sound of it is so incredibly clean and great! 💜💜

  • Steve Ashworth
    Steve Ashworth

    The way it transitioned into Touch, my favourite song of theirs... I wept

  • nicholas azak
    nicholas azak

    What is grief, if not love persevering

  • Bryan moran rossi
    Bryan moran rossi

    Muchas gracias por todo .... Solo es un hasta luego


    I'm glad I'm in the same reality with you in it

  • nicholas azak
    nicholas azak

    What is grief, if not love persevering

  • Krlos Razo
    Krlos Razo

    wOOOO. NO,NO

  • Emil Ahl
    Emil Ahl

    thanks for everything you have done for the music world... you have made my life so much better

  • Camefumi


  • Camefumi

    Listen my song

  • babismad

    Από σήμερα η ηλεκτρονική μουσική θα είναι φτωχότερη, αφήσατε όμως τεράστια παρακαταθήκη! Ευχαριστούμε για τα ωραία ακούσματα!

  • Cao Mạnh
    Cao Mạnh

    Cảm ơn và tạm biệt!

  • AK Kan
    AK Kan

    Around the World its gone 😢

  • Igro4ok

    Thank you for 28 years with us, I will never forget you

  • Matheo B
    Matheo B

    Le nom de la musique à la fin ?

  • Thomas Wadsworth
    Thomas Wadsworth

    I honestly didn't realize these guys could age but damn think about it these guys are pushing 50s

  • Private_Ryan1

    I just decided to start listening to daft punk and they dissolved 4 days ago

  • Petya Hadjiilieva
    Petya Hadjiilieva

    Why did you stop, you made unique songs and songs??!!!!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Lauren Groves
    Lauren Groves

    Me and my dad are sad that you retired from daft punk


    Legends best of luck for future you will be missed 💔

  • Central Perk and friends
    Central Perk and friends

    No no no this can’t be happing why is this happing they where the best they helped everyone through hard times this isn’t fair

  • Lauren Groves
    Lauren Groves

    My dad and me love daft punk

  • Gusman Arnol
    Gusman Arnol

    ok si ya no habrá nada mas por aquí me desuscribo....

  • nk


  • iPhoneeditor

    Daft Punk had to end so that Daft Punk 2 could begin! Please? Pretty please? :'(

  • Ronaldo Cr7
    Ronaldo Cr7

    No me gusta la separación de eso no ahí duda, es triste ver que un dúo como este único y que formó los mismos 28 años que tengo! Hoy nos dice adiós como artistas.. Espero que sigan orientando o dejando huella en la música en esa tan especial que los caracterizó desde el principio! En hora buena

  • ChocolateSmores

    What a beautiful ending :') why would anyone dislike this you incel degenerate.

  • beeper sheeper
    beeper sheeper

    This will be a sad while, but I know they've just been doing tours. You guys broke new ground and you two will have forever shaped music for me.

  • Batallas Smash
    Batallas Smash

    oh my heart

  • Mr Blue
    Mr Blue

    Thanks for every good memory we love u

  • Batallas Smash
    Batallas Smash

    oh my heart

  • Kaja Fertin
    Kaja Fertin

    i will join you. nothing is lost :)

  • Fher Mendoza
    Fher Mendoza


  • Kiên Hoàng
    Kiên Hoàng

    Nooooooooooooo pls =((((((

  • Gabriel Christian-King
    Gabriel Christian-King

    Pure class from beginning to end; not many people can claim that prize. I will miss your music guys. Take care and be well.

  • Rene GMW
    Rene GMW

    Epic good bye

  • avaritia heart
    avaritia heart


  • Ali Vefa Taşçı
    Ali Vefa Taşçı

    harder, better, stronger....... good bye old friend we will miss u thx for everything ;)

  • FDG oW
    FDG oW

    I think daft punk is dead

  • Mire Milez
    Mire Milez

    The fact that this comment section is filled with so many languages really shows how much Daft Punk has impacted the world

  • Quentin Gillard
    Quentin Gillard

    Tellement triste qui sépare 🙏

  • N B
    N B

    Farewell Daft Punk..I remeber I was massively into New York Garage House at the time and then an obscure left wing dance record called Teachers caught my ear..Loved them ever since..

  • Manuel


  • Slushii Monster
    Slushii Monster

    Imagine if this is was april fools prank

  • Quentin Gillard
    Quentin Gillard

    Ce duo était tellement magique ❤

  • Bartolo Lopes
    Bartolo Lopes

    Thank you for all

  • Pierre Lascoux
    Pierre Lascoux


  • Eymen Şahin
    Eymen Şahin

    4:33 :(

  • Алина Джатдоева
    Алина Джатдоева

    Это лучший конец который я когда-либо видела

  • rewalker012

    It’s nice to see this is the thing that broke the internet not some TikTok drama We will all miss you


    We will miss you Daft Punk

  • UnderGroundVEVO

    Se del rap vuoi ascoltare allora il mio canale devi visitare

  • Marco Ferreira
    Marco Ferreira


  • Some guy with beanie, hoodie and glasses
    Some guy with beanie, hoodie and glasses

    Avid listener and I'm quite sad and happy at the same time because now they can relax and be happy on whatever the future holds for them. I know their fans will follow them to the end and they literally end it with the *BANG*

  • Peter Pawlak
    Peter Pawlak

    Me desperté de un coma de 3 años para enterarme esto Me voy a suicidar

  • Loor101

    Damn they literally went out with a bang!! I'm so sad, but also happy that we all got to experience their music! Daft Punk will live on forever in our hearts!

  • crónicas Angélica Seña
    crónicas Angélica Seña

    Fueron lo máximo y más con Julián Casablancas y su Instan crush.

  • The dude from fnf
    The dude from fnf

    This makes me sad bcs of all the great songs and memes....goodbye guys we are still gonna rember you

  • Nomis Hakai
    Nomis Hakai