Could You Make Tropic Thunder Today? w/Robert Downey Jr. | Joe Rogan
Taken from JRE #1411 w/Robert Downey Jr :

  • Hedy Did
    Hedy Did

    "I get to be black for a summer". Lol lol lol hahahahahaha

  • Idris Faulcon
    Idris Faulcon

    “Black” people are brown.

  • King Dass
    King Dass

    White chicks came out first

  • Rodolfo Perales
    Rodolfo Perales

    Downy is like the people's man nobody can hate on him 😂

  • Richki Nurhasyanah
    Richki Nurhasyanah

    If Tony Stark was played by Black People, who would that actor be? Have you ever seen the film Tropic Thunder? There it is

  • Krutarth Mankar
    Krutarth Mankar

    Wait did he just talked and mentioned Sarah Jessica Parker, wow ageing and success really makes the person wiser, humble and funnier, and also he is RDJ so it definitely comes like 10 folds cool.

  • Normandy Black Market Cichlids
    Normandy Black Market Cichlids

    He had the funniest part

  • Noncedo Ngwenya
    Noncedo Ngwenya

    I love this guy❤

  • Evandro Monteiro
    Evandro Monteiro

    Certified black man here. Roll was fucking hilarious 😆

  • Scott Caputo
    Scott Caputo

    John Schnatter (Papa Johns) said "Colonel Sanders called blacks n-----s,”... and he was blacklisted, ousted, outcast, and cancelled. You can't even be a guy saying what the other guy said anymore... so NO, you could not do this movie now, Downey's career would be over.

  • Don Manley
    Don Manley

    I loved the movie and was in no way offended. It's a farce, taking a satirical look at - well - everything

  • Dawone Diggs
    Dawone Diggs

    That movie was great 👍 got me through a tough time me and a friend of mine still quote this movie to this day 🤷🏾

  • Jacori Porter
    Jacori Porter

    Bro I think it’s also due to the fact, that RDJ played a black man so well that people forgot or didn’t Even know that you were on the movie until the end. Like when people first told me the black guy was RDJ I didn’t believe it. He actually looked and sounded like a B list old black actor 😂

  • Jake ANZAC
    Jake ANZAC

    Any tips... any tips ya got... GIMMIE THAT GOD DAMN MAP such a great movie!!

  • D L
    D L

    Almost lost trudeaux 😂😂 you so dumb😂 Trudeaux Is intouchable since he’s a leftist I would have been so happy so she that trash get kick out but that’s not gonna happen

  • Leka Jovanovic
    Leka Jovanovic

    What about Halloween. Everyone dresses and acts up.

  • MB

    Never mind blackface, streaming sites like Amazon and Netflix have already butchered Tropic Thunder by editing "offensive" scenes to the Chinese market. Just watch when the Peck asks Tugg Speedman about his adoptive child, when they show that little Asian kid in a cradle holding a knife? Its completely gone!!!

  • Jesse Garcia
    Jesse Garcia

    Make front of Mexican they give a shit..Were to busy working..

  • Spoofy 88
    Spoofy 88

    You’re a true American, this country owes you a huge debt... NOW SHUT THE F**K UP, AND LET ME DO MY JOB!

  • Erika L Garcia
    Erika L Garcia

    Tropic Thunder still holds up and it is Total satire, Everybody finds a reason to be offended, but I just 😅 laughed.

  • Achilles6725 dhdh
    Achilles6725 dhdh

    Thats my favourite character robert ever did 😂😂😂

  • Blue Collar Men Productions
    Blue Collar Men Productions

    Joe : it couldn’t be done today 4 minutes later Joe: it could be done today

  • MidNight Toker7
    MidNight Toker7

    I didn't cry when Iron Man died... I cried when Black Widow died ....i still do. but I will miss iron Man RDJ is the best - less than zero

  • Brandon Bomer
    Brandon Bomer

    RDJ destroyed that role omfgggg

  • latinbeandip

    This is one of my favorite movies ever. The cast is just unreal!

  • Dr. Jones
    Dr. Jones

    I love that movie 🍿we need Tropic Thunder 2!!!

  • Bro. Ra'id
    Bro. Ra'id

    what was the name of his dads movie??

  • Jordan Mapfumo
    Jordan Mapfumo

    Fantastic movie that one!

  • Bebop Smalls
    Bebop Smalls

    you can never cancel RDJ

  • suraj 2020
    suraj 2020

    Weren't jokes and humour meant to spread happiness and laughter? People have become too soft and insensitive or rather "too woke"

  • Chris D
    Chris D

    Me. I know who I am. I'm a dude playing a dude disguised as another dude.

  • Kevin in the USA
    Kevin in the USA

    I saw it less a blackface movie and more of a jab at actors who are full of themselves. Anyone who takes offense are idiots.

  • Kevin in the USA
    Kevin in the USA

    This is one of my favorite movies and RDJ was great but Tom Cruise stole that movie from everyone. EVERYONE. Great film that is so rewatchable and fun.

  • bartofilms

    Peter Sellers in 'The Party'. Very Funny and not derrogatory, imho.

  • Pete Lewis
    Pete Lewis

    Ok mate, we get it

  • Hayber Dasher
    Hayber Dasher

    That's a fucking professional actor right there

  • Julian Flores
    Julian Flores

    Situación o estado en que no hay guerra ni luchas entre dos o más partes enfrentadas.

  • Imperial Stats
    Imperial Stats

    Im black The movie is a classic simple and plain lol

  • VocalTranceUK

    Legendary actor, legendary film!

  • Ajay Harry
    Ajay Harry

    Funniest Aussie accent ever, no Aussies were offended

  • Surfdrummer Mc'Metalhead
    Surfdrummer Mc'Metalhead

    People are too sensitive-

  • llg

    Everyone forgets about white chicks 😂

  • Laureano Aaron
    Laureano Aaron


  • spana123321

    Bob you are and always will be Ironman love the suits but you were also bad guy in Wierd Science you have made a shit ton of money out of normal people so take me for a drink one time you come to Birmingham and I will show you how to be a normal person

  • TranceJunky93No3Heroin

    "Ain't no Chris Angel mindfreak, David Blaine, smoke an mirrors trap door jumpin off here"

  • Ted Rob
    Ted Rob

    "What do YOU MEAN, you people?! "

  • Jacob Henry
    Jacob Henry

    If you didn’t get that it was a burn on over the top method actors in Hollywood your missing out on a lot of things 😂

  • LifeguardSai

    I thought it was hilarious.

  • ItuByNature

    I remember not even knowing it was Robert Downey Jr until half way through the film. I kept thinking he's going to show up later until I realized he was Kirk Lazarus. If you had no idea who Robert Downey was and you see the movie you would have loved it. Shows how good his portrayal of that character was. If done today it would be white liberals getting offended on behalf of black people as usual.

  • Rene Balbuena
    Rene Balbuena

    Hmmm?!@#$%......I always thought he was part of the mainstream superhero bullshit cohort. Who knew?

  • Nick Chilson
    Nick Chilson

    Putney swope is a great movie, also one of Louis ck‘s favorite movies

  • Kool Kooler
    Kool Kooler

    Robert is the man thank you for having him on your show

  • Kekoa Davidson
    Kekoa Davidson

    “Smells like bologna”

  • SERGIp51D

    Same with Blazing Saddles! Makes fun how stupid racists and racism are by being so blatantly racist. People’s brains just can’t handle the concept today, it would be like dividing by zero / heads would explode: ITS RACIST! yeah, but it’s making fun of how stupid racists are. OH OK. BUT... ITS RACIST!!! 🙄

    • name ̈
      name ̈

      its bc they havent seen the movie

  • The Advocate
    The Advocate

    Ever notice how Joe Rogan becomes a giggler when he's star struck?

  • Rio GC
    Rio GC

    “The dudes are coming”

  • Some Legend
    Some Legend

    People just need to lighten up these days, all the butthurt whining needs to stop.

  • Jay K
    Jay K

    Arrogant SOB

  • Johnny West
    Johnny West

    Hell no you couldn’t do it. People would be crying like a pussy.

  • Jerry Knuckles
    Jerry Knuckles

    Just cause it's a theme song, don't make it not true.

  • Cole

    I love watching this year later let's ask the same questions...right?

  • Isaac F M Soares
    Isaac F M Soares

    They are so fucking afraid of backlash, Robert cant even say the word “fucked”

  • Robert Smith
    Robert Smith

    And you dumped all that on an aussie.

  • Lewis Barrett
    Lewis Barrett

    It's an example of what happens when you remove context from things. It's like that series someone made about the story of the black and white minstrels and how racist it was, those actors had to dress up as minstrels to make that show happen, so its based on intent and context.

  • Hebrew Connection
    Hebrew Connection

    It's crazy how it's funny that iron man does black facing 😶

  • Matt M
    Matt M

    Having black face in the comedy is making fun of black face. It’s the point of it in the movie. How do people not get that 😂

  • buggyboogle9

    He was making fun of Method actors - the self-involvedness, the pretentiousness. There was nothing racist about it. Also I'm often surprised at Justin Theroux's contribution here - good work. Tropic Thunder was fantastic when it came out but it seems have grown better with age; almost like The big Lebowski, developed a bit of adult following.

  • Ventura the Ace
    Ventura the Ace

    2008 was the most significant year of RDJ's life

  • R. Babylon
    R. Babylon

    White Chicks is to black guys essentially doing white face Scrubs has a black guy do white face a couple times. Nobody cared. Because it was funny.

  • Spetsop

    Does anyone remember any criticism about "White chicks"?? Doesn't really fit the fake "woke" narrative, eh? PS Would have loved to see Trudeau get the boot because of his "Arabic face"! He's an utter snake and a massive hypocrite who doesn't give a shit about Canadians! Worst PM in Canada's history by far!

  • D M
    D M

    Robert Downey Jr. Humor is too hilarious to me. This humor is only possible when you're very intelligent, it not just a quick wit, its much more. Hes awesome 🇺🇲

  • brooklyn

    Greatest movie of all time.

  • katie mikesell
    katie mikesell

    Jfc I love him so much

  • KiLLsWiTcH EnGaGe89
    KiLLsWiTcH EnGaGe89

    Shawn and marlon wayans did white face in white chicks and everyone loved it too lmao

  • Horny Hamster
    Horny Hamster

    The wrong race be getting offended over this movie

  • Damu Ryder
    Damu Ryder

    Black delegation, “we fuck with RDJ “!!!

  • Charmicarmi Cat
    Charmicarmi Cat

    This made RDJ 1000% cooler imo

  • Rolex Rell
    Rolex Rell

    I'm black and ii thought that shit was hilarious,You tha man!!Where all a little racist 😅🤣

  • knevil753

    I liked tropic thunder then; but watching tropic thunder now makes me upset. Not upset that it might be considered offensive; but we might not get to experience such satire again in cinema. Movie will most likely be banned but go down in history as one of the funniest movies ever written. Long love simple jack and Kirk Lazarus!

  • Diablo

    Work the shaft, cradle the balls, swallow the gravy!! Jack Black was awesome! 🤣

  • Ned Danson
    Ned Danson

    Props for leaving the comments open, I'm amazed at how civil the responses are.

  • Masterstrings534

    Twitter cancel culture should come over here and read the comments because their are spitting facts.

  • Mar10

    Tropic Thunder was the last true comedies. Everything else afterwards just felt stale and neutered.

  • J Stenberg
    J Stenberg

    Impressive interview. How RDj escapes this insane leftist cancel culture is amazing.

  • Rudi Johnson
    Rudi Johnson

    Geez joe rogan looking like sheet, especially around 2;53 when you get a clear look at him lol

  • Glitched Blox
    Glitched Blox

    Never go full...

  • Migsy P
    Migsy P

    I was young when I saw it & I didn't even realize RDJ was playing a black guy in it. LMFAO WTF 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Ajil Jagadeesh
    Ajil Jagadeesh

    If tropic thunder was made today, people would would go crazy that Australian's arent hired play an Australian, Black skin toned person isnt hired to play a black skin toned guy even though its a movie within a movie which basically a comedy flick. You can just see people boycotting in front of studios and theaters, instead of fighting against police brutality and actual racism, people care more about hollywood.

  • DD

    joe rogan is so dumb lol

  • Kevin M.
    Kevin M.

    Anyone who loves Sgt. Lincoln Osiris should watch the Rain of Madness documentary. OMG that's the pinnacle of absurd comedy.

  • Icarus141

    & there it is... everyone on the RDJ blackface b.s.. yet what have you heard on the controversy of White Chicks deal ??

  • Andrew Cox
    Andrew Cox

    Tropic Thunder is fucking hilarious. The characters are great and the jokes are fucking awesome. Those fake trailers at the start were so good too.

  • Chris Ande
    Chris Ande

    You mu mu mu mu mum mu make me happy

  • Jaxon Micallef
    Jaxon Micallef

    Joe Rogan and Robert Downey Jr really here complaining about not being able to do black face anymore

  • Nice To Lizards
    Nice To Lizards

    I remember seeing the trailers for Tropic Thunder and thinking it was going to be the lamest shit ever... boy was I wrong.

  • Galidorn Elkenmeer
    Galidorn Elkenmeer

    Almost lost the Prime Minister of Canada? Joe says that like it would have been a bad thing. I hate cancel culture but taking down Turdeau would have actually been a positive. Certainly it would have been the most inane reason, however there are a multitude of real reasons that this incompetent, corrupt moron should not be leading any country, anywhere. The fact that he was allowed to continue only proves that "cancel culture" is merely a political tool that one side, and one side only, wields against the other.

  • April Rain
    April Rain

    He's definitely an Aries

  • Nate Dogg
    Nate Dogg

    Joe Rogan you’re a fucking idiot!......this isn’t black face. It’s an actor playing a black guy, black face is when you put on charcoal based paint, red lipstick and you negatively mock black people like them racist films back in the 1920’s. I would be offended if I was Robert Downey.......there’s a huge difference between playing a character and mocking a whole race of people! SMH

  • George Bryant
    George Bryant


  • High Fly Bart
    High Fly Bart

    Didn't know howard stark made movies ?