Jadon Sancho - Best Moments, Goals, Skills & More
Jadon Sancho reaches 100 Bundesliga games for BVB

Jadon Sancho was once a super-talent, but now he's a superstar. The 21-year-old is the ultimate threat up front, capable of scoring and assisting in equal measure. The England international has been taking opposition defences apart for Borussia Dortmund and setting numerous Bundesliga records. Now he's reached the milestone of 100 appearances in Germany's top flight. Time to look back on his best moments with BVB. What impresses you most about Sancho? Let us know in the comments.

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    1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ Games for BVB at just 21 years old. Congrats Jadon! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

    • leeeastwood

      @Collins gbobor, Man City fan!

    • Collins gbobor
      Collins gbobor

      Decent player but too much hype ....Owen won balon d Or at 21 during the era of the great Raul, Figo, Ronaldo de Lima, not this half baked era Ruled by only Ronaldo and Messi ....Sancho overrated 😂😂😂

    • Collins gbobor
      Collins gbobor

      Is 21 a young age ? Owen won Balon d O'r at 21 stop the hype ....

    • Your dad
      Your dad

      Hello adminho ! Time to put thank you jadon Sancho viedo

    • Jake Wilkinson
      Jake Wilkinson


  • Abhijit Chavan
    Abhijit Chavan

    Bundesliga! U have my heart!♥ but now its officially red heart♥😜!! What a player to have! His takes are just too good to watch💥😍

  • Abhirup Das
    Abhirup Das

    what impresses me the most? His decision to leave Farmers to join the Reds..

  • Haru Krentz
    Haru Krentz

    Halaand reminds me of Cavani, only the former is more explosive due to his young age.

  • Haru Krentz
    Haru Krentz

    Cant believe hes still 21 years old, so young....

  • Quick Simple Effective Tech
    Quick Simple Effective Tech

    whose here after he signing for Manchester?

  • Henry Ceasar
    Henry Ceasar

    Let's hope he won't flop in utd. Most English Players are overrated

  • kelele

    1:53 Haaland's face lmao 😂😂

  • Wisdom Nzube
    Wisdom Nzube

    Who remember shinji kagawa?

  • Ayaan

    Welcome to the theatre of dreams.

  • Muna May
    Muna May


  • Andi Fitrah
    Andi Fitrah

    Welcome to THEATER OF DREAM Jadon Sancho

  • YoudyGaming

    hes a 7 figure earner.

  • mjaatpriory


  • king darling
    king darling

    Glory glory man uniteeeeeeeeeeedddddddddd 🤌🏾🤌🏾💪🏽💪🏽 cannot wait to see this led and Bruno sharing the same field we’re looking mighty

  • Potatochief

    World Class he is going to bring Man Utd back to the level they used to be.

  • abdishakur ibrahim maalim Maalim
    abdishakur ibrahim maalim Maalim

    Sancho is a blessing for Cavani

  • Sal

    Don't get the hype at all.

  • I'm Back ayoko
    I'm Back ayoko

    He's here!

  • René Cross
    René Cross

    Wow! I didn't know that he was or IS THIS GOOD! Manchester United will become a happier place by far Next Haaland...........shame we can't have both and Grealish and wave bub-byes to Pogba

  • kennedy borquaye
    kennedy borquaye

    That weighted pass to set up hall and @2:13 was something else

  • Ikram Bashir
    Ikram Bashir

    Welcome 🙏 GGMU🔴❤️🔴

  • Ankit Ghimire
    Ankit Ghimire

    Manchester United Fans Watching🥶🔥👀

  • Steve Fidel
    Steve Fidel

    Only player to have been voted the player of the month once in the last 3 seasons Youngest Bunsesliga player to make 100 apps The record for youngest player with 25 goals and 30 goals respectively Has assisted almost 30% of Haaland's goals Record of 17 goals and 16 assists in a Bundesliga season, most since data collection Wow! Proud Manchester United fan.

  • David Mcateer
    David Mcateer

    He's coming to the big boy league now, best pull he's socks up and finger out!!

  • HONDA CIVIC takahasi
    HONDA CIVIC takahasi


  • Ismail Khlil
    Ismail Khlil

    i got a feeling he might flop at united.

  • Rocket Roy
    Rocket Roy

    Why oh why didn't he play for England???? Sack Southgate I say!

    • Roland Evans
      Roland Evans

      Southgate decides who plays based largely on how they perform in training - he has said as much on numerous occasions; so form and natural talent matters nothing compared to who can shout loudest and ineffectually run around a lot. This has been the case for ever - Hoddle and Le tissier used very sparingly despite being the most gifted players around at the time. Grealish, and Sancho don't fit in the Southgate way of playing as he is focused entirely on defense. We could see the best players for a generation in Grealish, Bellingham, and Sancho left on the bench because they cannot play deep and negative. I fear England under Southgate will repeat the long Erikson years of tactical ineptitude.

  • Jebz Jimmy
    Jebz Jimmy

    Penalti pn x gol wkwkwkwkw

  • Siril Sunil
    Siril Sunil

    Most skilled english player ever in my op. I like southgate but he hasn't figured out how to get the best out of foden sancho saka etc. They all need to play together for world cup.

  • Heracles Thales
    Heracles Thales

    Someone explain to me why he's so hyped yet can't get into the England team? Remember this is the England team not France or Belgium but England a country with technically poor footballers.

  • Self proclaimed dead
    Self proclaimed dead

    New skill unlocked 🔓 : Missing penalty

    • SnoopDiss

      Well you're not self proclaimed now.. this comment ensured that

  • Bijay Malla
    Bijay Malla

    Sancho may have lost his place to Saka in the England squad but he is sure to succeed in the United shirt.

  • Dolapo Aboderin
    Dolapo Aboderin

    What's he doing on the England team bench for Europa? He should be playing for God's sake!

  • Khanh Nhu Ngoc Minh
    Khanh Nhu Ngoc Minh

    The lively buffer enthrallingly pray because freckle microcephaly hum unto a real lyric. clammy, spiky land

  • mango fish
    mango fish

    70+ million player can't get in to the England team? Surely he's overrated.

  • Bigdaddy Mk
    Bigdaddy Mk

    He young and hope he allways keep tryhard im mufc

  • Troll

    So when is haaland joining sancho

  • Buju

    I feel pitty for martial and james..


    I want to see him back in The Prem now. I want to see if it will be too much or if he will have the same skills.

  • Lloyd Hardcastle
    Lloyd Hardcastle

    Maybe Gareth might actually start him against Italy

  • KING SAK_Official🇸🇱
    KING SAK_Official🇸🇱


  • Ari Budiono
    Ari Budiono

    he is the reason I play dortmund in FM 2021 :D

  • TheOfficialBros

    How could Southgate not be starting him from the beginning

  • Success Raphael
    Success Raphael

    POV : You are here after Manchester United Announced Him ❤️

  • M10

    ❤❤ Welcome to the greatest club in England

  • Sicelo Vilane
    Sicelo Vilane

    This is the type of player we have been waiting for after a long time. He is far better than Rashford and he looks like CR7 for his athleticism and neymar for his skills. United have got a very talented player who has potential to light up the premier league. He can score and assist as well.

  • King Of Zamunda
    King Of Zamunda

    He did the same for 2020 DFB cup against Leipzig, a stunning shot!

  • Lefa Phala
    Lefa Phala

    If Dortmund had never sold the likes of Lewandowski, Dembelé and now Sancho, they could have possibly been a team in possession of all of Europe's top accolades🤔🤔🥇🏆.

  • TheMusicfan189

    Our most exciting signing in probably 7 years.

  • Ahmad Al habib
    Ahmad Al habib

    As an Arsenal fan I believe United are doing great things and will reach the top in 2 seasons if they remain like this. Be frightened for is what to come from them.

  • John Bradley
    John Bradley

    Dortmund are very cleaver in buying young players for small amounts of money and selling them on for huge profits.

  • c Difff
    c Difff


  • Ilir United
    Ilir United


  • Tony Celestino
    Tony Celestino

    This bunch of English players are special

  • Eriko Rahmadha
    Eriko Rahmadha

    The video that make United buy Sancho

  • Justo Nghwelo
    Justo Nghwelo

    Sancho is Awesomeeee!

  • Muna

    He's no longer a ISnets end card.

  • faroogh haftjoosh
    faroogh haftjoosh

    Aaand he's ours boys 😍

  • Darschan Nathan
    Darschan Nathan

    Now Sancho to man united💥💥💥🎊🎉

  • Um Bongo
    Um Bongo

    He's exactly what man utd have been missing - a little bit of swag

  • Yahaya Abdulahi
    Yahaya Abdulahi

    Welcome 🙏 United sancho

  • Joke Devils
    Joke Devils

    Now in EPL bro 🇮🇩

  • Shravan Shetty
    Shravan Shetty

    Agent Sancho getting best mate Haaland to united next season.

  • Yewbzee

    It really is amazing how many opposing players he pulls in when he gets the ball in and around the box. That alone is a huge advantage for the team. I'm sure if Haaland is still there United will be going back to Dortmund next year and knocking on their transfer door again. Maybe he will be reunited with his old pal.

    • Paul Ngugi
      Paul Ngugi

      He will be too expensive then. I wish we could buy Haaland today!

  • Uwewe Ossas
    Uwewe Ossas

    Welcome to Manchester United. Hehehehe

  • Arif permata
    Arif permata

    Glory glory Manchester united #sancho

  • Danish

    Welcome to Manchester United Jadon Sancho after 50 years. 🔴

  • Joe Yung Tyunne
    Joe Yung Tyunne

    Manchester united fans here praying he brings his mojo to old trafford

  • OSSS Music
    OSSS Music

    Jason, cavani and rashford.

  • Kar Hian Ong
    Kar Hian Ong

    shinji kagawa anyone?

  • °SN°ッJarrodッ

    United need a striker similar to haaland to play with jadon

  • Davian Grant
    Davian Grant

    Welcome home sancho glory to united💯💯

  • raushan sieed
    raushan sieed

    Haaland and sancho need to reunite its only right

  • Rasim Setia
    Rasim Setia

    can Someone explain...how come there is so much space for players in opposition Defence area..is it down to how...football is normally played in Germany

  • Ramzi Rinaldi Daeng Matarang
    Ramzi Rinaldi Daeng Matarang

    Welcome To United Sanchoo

  • Jaden Shanil
    Jaden Shanil

    absolutely gassed! can't wait to see him don the red jersey soon

  • Stanley Kuria
    Stanley Kuria

    Manu have just bought another Eden Hazard. He's gonna tear the league apart


    Who’s here after Man United confirmed the signing of Sancho

  • Theredevils 302
    Theredevils 302

    His best position is on the left winger..it means, Rashford need to work hard next season 😄

  • Roger

    Welcome to Manchester United

  • Ursula Wilson
    Ursula Wilson

    Delighted to have him at united

  • Festy

    Welcome to Manchester United!

  • Joel Brito
    Joel Brito

    ISnets algorithm, at it again. Almost as good as Fabrizio's "here we go!"

  • Minh Đức
    Minh Đức

    Welcome Manchester United ❤️

  • Jeems

    Thank you Bundesliga for helping develop such a talent into such an amazing player!

  • Thich Truong Van
    Thich Truong Van

    Sancho welcome to man united 74milion GBP hợp đồng 5 year lương 350k bảng Anh

  • Dayo Olaleye
    Dayo Olaleye

    But can he do it on a rainy night in Stoke?

  • ZE Gamenation
    ZE Gamenation


  • ZE Gamenation
    ZE Gamenation


  • AFNAN Studio
    AFNAN Studio

    Yes x

  • Matus Zeman
    Matus Zeman

    Who is here in nostalgia tour after Sancho move? :'(

  • Sayan Sengupta
    Sayan Sengupta

    Upcoming Superstar Noni Madueke. One going ,Another coming.

  • DR.DOS25

    Rashfrd Sancho Cavani Greenwood with pogba and bruno behind well well well

    • Hamza Jama
      Hamza Jama

      You still won't win any trophies

  • Sangeerth K
    Sangeerth K


  • Halo

    Who’s here after he signed for united

  • SnoopDiss

    We're gonna take good care of him

  • Joe Heaton
    Joe Heaton

    What impresses me is his accent. Do you think he'll talk like Bez when he comes to Manchester united?

    • Michael Muddy
      Michael Muddy

      You do know he is from England right?

  • Deepak Shankar
    Deepak Shankar

    Welcome to Manchester United!!

  • Habit Progress
    Habit Progress

    Am happy that he is becoming a United player