Can You Beat Minecraft in ADVENTURE MODE?
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In this Minecraft video I play Hardcore mode, and find out if it's possible to beat Minecraft, in Adventure Mode!

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  • 9C 02 Akhtar Abidillah
    9C 02 Akhtar Abidillah

    video sponsored by nike

    • Game Guy
      Game Guy


    • Ninja Dragon
      Ninja Dragon


    • Korlext e
      Korlext e


    • Thaispino Animations
      Thaispino Animations

      You can only trade for ender pearls not eyes of ender

    • gg ilumba
      gg ilumba

      @B Dog yeah its ok

  • ciągle wywalam się na schodach
    ciągle wywalam się na schodach

    U can beat Minecraft on adventure but u need good seed

  • Qube Pig
    Qube Pig

    Technically it's possible to beat the game without a set seed, you just have to get really lucky with the end portal coming lit

  • shannuel matty
    shannuel matty

    Next plz do (beating minecraft in spectator mode) cuz I only have minecraft bedrock edition

  • Prince Tuba
    Prince Tuba

    Next video can you kill the enderdragon in peasfull mod

  • Brown Bed
    Brown Bed

    Him: adventure mode Also Him: hardcore mode *S T O N K S*

  • zackmaster

    Nike Pa More Lol Translate mo to kong nakita mo to

  • mohanty mohanty
    mohanty mohanty

    He is using hardcore not adventure mode u cheater

  • Fernando Machado
    Fernando Machado

    Yes you can

  • Muelesa Riocontra
    Muelesa Riocontra

    I love your accent

  • Teox 2602
    Teox 2602

    How can you be hardcore while in andventure mode?!

  • Alice. Pikachu
    Alice. Pikachu

    me: THE PORTALS ARE STOPPING YOU FROM BEATING IT FULLY. GO AWAY PORTALS!! HE COULD'VE MADE IT. Also me: Maybe i shouldn't be too harsh on the portals. Me again: NAHHH.


    You can make nether portal in adventure completing an ruined nether portal and just lighting it up by Placing wood planks ( there are always some lava down in the ruined nether portal , I guess 2-3 blocks down ) now I want you to make an shout-out of me

    • DriftWood

      You can't place blocks. That's the point of the viddo

  • Zxngg N8
    Zxngg N8

    Short answer: no

  • Pyxalz

    I figured out a way to make a portal, get a bunch of endermen carrying obsidian (yes I know how rare that is, get them all to place the obsidian in the right position, get one enderman carrying a wooden plank and then get him to place it next to the portal and it will light, yes this is extremely hard, but still with the smallest of chances, possible, now where's the $5000? wait lol i only had 30 days.



  • Vedansh Budhia
    Vedansh Budhia

    The portal part was sus he didnt show him jumping in the portal and he straightaway cut to an exposed spawn in the end. Im not accusing just pointing it out I could be wrong and even if he did cheat to get an exposed spawn then its completely understandable

  • ParkerThePenguin

    he is cheating. you can see he slept a few times but it still says day 1 at 7:27

  • ً

    Me who cant even beat Minecraft without getting distracted or dying: *;-;*

  • Michael McAndrew
    Michael McAndrew

    2:58 it was defeated with beef.

  • Ali 2
    Ali 2

    Sb u can trade from villagers First u need to trade with cleric

  • FAJ J
    FAJ J

    can't place or break what about bouts adventure not him putting survival but great video

  • Niilo Kankainen
    Niilo Kankainen

    6:43 endermans can place blocks so its possible to make portal and maybe if skeleton shot trough lava it would light up

    • Thornthep Sintuwanchai
      Thornthep Sintuwanchai

      Umm. Enderman can't hold obsidaian

  • SerPlunk

    This is the last video I watched on Saturday July 24, 2021.

  • Myles Stewart
    Myles Stewart

    I love how the title is like can you beat Minecraft in adventure mode WELL SB NO

  • Star Sphere Leaf
    Star Sphere Leaf

    11:16 you could've just punched it for silver fish stone

  • Click Basher
    Click Basher

    He is doing hardcore mode and adventure mode which means this is staged cause they are both gameMODES

  • Chideraa Mbakpuo
    Chideraa Mbakpuo

    U can do that by getting a ruined nether portal and then finish it

  • Ultimate_Cactus

    It is possible to go to the Nether in Adventure mode, but you have to be extremely lucky. You would need a fully formed ruined portal, and either have it lit by trees burning around it, or from a lightning strike. Combine that with a 12 eye seed and you have Minecraft defeated in Adventure mode. *Disclaimer:* I have no evidence that a ruined portal can spawn fully formed and ready to light.

    • Ultimate_Cactus

      @zan jerenec Very true. Hadn't thought of that.

    • zan jerenec
      zan jerenec

      You can also light the portal with a trident from a drowned during a lighting storm

  • VSSR - VR Socialist Soviet Republic
    VSSR - VR Socialist Soviet Republic

    given an infinite amount of time and possibility, it is theoretically possible for lava to generate in the correct shape to create a portal frame. Additionally, you could channel water onto the lava using creeper explosions to create the portal. Make sure a bit of lava still exists close enough to the portal. Then an enderman would have to place down a flammable block in the right location where it catches fire and ignites the portal.

  • Joshua

    You can just find an abandoned portal which is a full portal get a fire charge in lighter


    Dream : found the second stronghold SB737 : found three stronghold

  • UdrGrade6 Ghadoliya soham
    UdrGrade6 Ghadoliya soham

    i have fined a way to make a portal in adventure mode

  • FlowerDosesStuff

    Did u guys see he is in hardcore?

  • Carolyn Broccardo
    Carolyn Broccardo

    U could go to the nether by finding a ruined portal with enough Obsidian to fix and a fire charge to lite it.

  • SEBAS_GAME_636

    Yur so pro bro

  • king wza
    king wza

    SB737: Defeating an iron with my fist . The sad part: Once u have looked at his "hand" he is holding raw beef.

  • HideTheWatermelon T
    HideTheWatermelon T

    of course you can beat it its easy... just use the luck from the past 47 years and get the set seed that has 12 eyes

  • Can Poyraz Dirik
    Can Poyraz Dirik

    for the stronghold you need to be very lucky and find one on land.

  • Can Poyraz Dirik
    Can Poyraz Dirik

    maybe a really lucky ruined portal in adventure? nah youd need a tree and lava and a full obsidian ruined portal. the tree can be any other wood but it has to be next to the portal. also the lava pit very close to tree.

  • Sebastian Brito
    Sebastian Brito

    you can go to the neather if you just ask Herobrine

  • Makarand More
    Makarand More

    Hats off for all efforts

  • samarth miraji
    samarth miraji

    the reason sb737 got ad revenue is BOATS

  • kindly help me to reach 10 k sub without any video
    kindly help me to reach 10 k sub without any video

    He dont lie,he is a genuine player,in adventure mode it is not impossible,big fan from india

  • yuling zhao
    yuling zhao

    its so dumb that you can throu eyes of ender but you can't place them


    Accessing the nether in adventure mode is really hard but possible. To build the nether portal you need to find a 5 blocks deep lava pool and to use creepers to funnel water so that it converts the bottom-most layer of lava into obsidian.


    0:10 well howd you get that diamond pick then hmmmm

  • Legendary Lucas
    Legendary Lucas

    You can use an ender man to place the blocks in a ruined portal and use a lightning rod to light It up but it is one in a infinite chance

  • towarzysz Marcel
    towarzysz Marcel


  • Maxi Boy
    Maxi Boy

    Welp the answer is no

  • Aro

    Can you beat the dragon on hard core mode

  • Hamzacomedy

    7:10 just keep finding black smith's that have obsidian in it, where's my money money 🤑🤑🤑

    • Hamzacomedy

      @Adamnnnn ik, but it's still possible

    • Adamnnnn

      random seeds

  • OnlyWolfsy

    Sb: can I beat... Me: *yes*

  • yaboyDennisthegamer Gamez
    yaboyDennisthegamer Gamez

    this is how to make a nether porl first you find a villgen if you have a blacksmif next go to the blacksmif and if it 10 obie and i will try to find how to do the rest /your helper mrdennis

  • Psycho !
    Psycho !

    Hey your voice is just like skip the tutorial . I know its you

  • Ali538XXX

    انت ابو ف ف ف ف ف ل ل ل ل ل ه ه ه ه ه ه ه ه ه ه ه

  • Aram Chamesian
    Aram Chamesian

    How did you make a boat?????

  • D

    I can't believe Creeper is useful lol...

  • Dave G Proodian
    Dave G Proodian

    So you find a full ruined portal and have lava light the grass into the portal

  • Lucas Kapudokkk
    Lucas Kapudokkk

    Yes, it is possible, "void append" beat the game on adventure mode

  • Amoghsiddhu

    12:16 how u got those iron

  • BlueTHUNDER0811

    sb is my favourite youtuber

  • 在美国当父母

    You are a pro

  • Arjun Mahale
    Arjun Mahale

    Him: can you beat in adventure mode Adventure mode: you are saying beat the dragon it's really hard to break a flower and you are beat the game I'm going to ruin this man's whole career

  • TadpoleYT

    now do it in spectator mode

  • Luke Billing
    Luke Billing

    Beat minecraft by beeing incredibly lucky finding an opened strong hold with all eyes Cough: 1/300000000000 chance cough Not that much

  • Zak Macleod
    Zak Macleod

    You can get a seed with a full portal and a tree next to it and then lava that is burning it to light the portal. Also u would need a 12 eye seed

  • Mr Tazooka
    Mr Tazooka

    I have a way to go to the nether, find a rune portal that is able to be lit with a tree generated next to it and lava under the tree LOL it’s possible

  • Ewan_NotFound

    Sb if you can get ice and a torch you it will melt and make water

  • misterhoo

    You "Just" gotta find a ruined portal ready to be turned on and wait for a thunderstorm, then you wait for a thunder right on the portal, where's my 5000 dollars?

  • Imperial Periwinkle
    Imperial Periwinkle

    sb loves creepers now

  • blob the gamer
    blob the gamer

    actually you can’t beat it you need to place the ender eyes in the portal edit: unless your god or you just have epic poggers luck

  • Brenda Guido Pedrazza
    Brenda Guido Pedrazza

    where are the credits to the brazilian youtuber that made this first?

  • Suiram2

    It isint adventure mode it is hardcore look at the hearts

  • Josh Ang
    Josh Ang

    It is possible to beat Minecraft all u need are A cave that leads to an end portal that has all eyes and then go punch the dragon 2 death Or u can wait for an enderman to pick up obsidian and then have them place it to a portal and have creepers make a hole into the strong hold

  • Louise Rodgers
    Louise Rodgers

    It’s not adventure has hardcore hearts and you can’t punch mobs

  • Honkar

    sb737 i know how to do it 1 find a ruined portal that has no crying obsidian 2 hope that the chest will have an flint and steel or fire charge 3 light it 4 go in Give me my money

  • Lightning Bolt
    Lightning Bolt

    I did it

  • BestBrosForever 145
    BestBrosForever 145

    Get obsidian from ruined portals and make it

  • Alvino V Sabu
    Alvino V Sabu

    To build the nether portal you need to find a 5 blocks deep lava pool and to use creepers to funnel water so that it converts the bottom-most layer of lava into obsidian. Then, using the endermen's ability to place blocks, you need to remove all the lava sources except those which will create the portal. Endermen however will only place blocks where there is air, meaning that you will need a platform over the lava pool where endermen could place gravity affected blocks, then a creeper to blow up the platform to make those blocks fall into the lava and remove the lava sources you don't need. You can then funnel more water to convert the remaining lava into obsidian, remove the water you used with the endermen's help once more and remove the blocks you used to remove the lava by exploding a creeper. Now that you've built the structure you only need a trident enchanted with channeling (as you can't enchant in adventure mode it needs to be dropped enchanted by a drowned) to light up the portal. But that is really time consuming though.

  • countrydream29

    how did you get netherrack when you did not go to the nether yet??

  • Comunista Crente
    Comunista Crente

    Void append did it COMPLETELY in adventure, he didn't even changed his gamemode do place any block...


    "Boat is goat"

  • Hello YouTube
    Hello YouTube

    In theory it is possible on a random seed (very, very, very unlikely tho). 1. An enderman could correctly place obsidian and fire spreads to light the portal. 2. You find a fully lit end portal

  • Ngoc Lien Dao
    Ngoc Lien Dao

    you can have the loot in bastion

  • Super Aditya
    Super Aditya

    Wait wait wait am I the only noticed that sb has 64 iron? But if he did not mined that but how he has 64 iron ? 🤔

    • Super Aditya
      Super Aditya

      Well he got by the zombie drop by tripwire hook lol 🤣

    • Super Aditya
      Super Aditya

      @miruna teleaba see his inventory

    • miruna teleaba
      miruna teleaba


  • Sreedhar Reddy
    Sreedhar Reddy

    SB737: pls find a way to make a nether portl Me:find a ruined portal with no crying obsidian and make a fire light the portal

  • Naman Swami
    Naman Swami

    Wait how did you switch gamemode in hardcore? Huh

    • Naman Swami
      Naman Swami

      @Opposite_lava1 ok i didn't know that lol "in hardcore"

    • Opposite_lava1

      You can enable cheats

  • Charlie✍

    Me reads the title: Me: n o

  • Nancy Elena Shepley
    Nancy Elena Shepley

    i got a 12 eye seed

  • Nancy Elena Shepley
    Nancy Elena Shepley

    so the lava lt the villige house and the house lit the portal and i vent in

  • Nancy Elena Shepley
    Nancy Elena Shepley

    there was a perfect ruend portal next no lava next to a villige

  • Nancy Elena Shepley
    Nancy Elena Shepley

    it is possible i didi it

  • Glitch Mong
    Glitch Mong

    I found diamonds in the lava

  • Gabriel

    In Minecraft not exist ruined portal with all obsidian? Or an enderman can place the block:)

  • Gabriel

    Me seeing hardcore hearts: wait, that's illegal.

  • Smart M Cuber
    Smart M Cuber


  • Jammy Rocket75
    Jammy Rocket75

    Okay, so, you titled it "Beating Minecraft In ADVENTURE MODE?", well, explain my explanation: "If you say 'Beating Minecraft In ADVENTURE MODE?', you went in survival, you got water, did the portal, and, boom, portal, then you switched back to survival, so, you didn't do it legit", though, I said "You didn't do it legit", I'm still enjoying it, so, maybe title it "Beating Minecraft In ADVENTURE MODE, Well, Almost". And to all of the protectors of his channel: I'm not hating on him, I'm just pointing it out, and telling him the (maybe) alternate title, just to any protectors, just, don't yell at me. Plus: I'm said, I'm alone, my sister doesn't like me, neither does my brother, I'm sad, and I'm anxious on what's about to happen next. Anyway, I'm not making fun of him, nor am trying to say it's full, 100% un-legit, I'm just saying what I'm thinking and I'm telling y'all that this isn't a real-gamer run for him, I'm just saying that it's just not legit in my book. Please don't demonitize me on ISnets. Thanks y'all!

  • The Helicabopter
    The Helicabopter

    And boats have health

  • The Helicabopter
    The Helicabopter

    The reason u can break boats is bc boats r an entity