Will Starship Make The Artemis Program Better Than Apollo?
NASA's making some big moves to finally get humans back to the moon for the first time in over 50 years. The Artemis program is shaping up with checks written and hardware built! So how does a 21st Century program to the moon compare to that of the 1960's?

In Today's video, we’re going to answer the question, why does NASA think Artemis will be a sustainable program when SLS is sooooo dang expensive AND it’ll take at least two launches to get humans and their lunar landers to the moon.

This CAN’T be more sustainable than Apollo, right? Well, we didn’t even begin to scratch the surface of the costs, so today we’re going to really dive into the total costs, including development, infrastructure and hardware by giving SLS and Orion a full cost audit.

But we’ll even show you how the Apollo program and Artemis mission profiles differ including the specific orbits and rendezvous and everything required to get humans to the surface of the moon and even talk about the upgraded safety considerations and hardware involved.

Once we look at all these details, we can answer the question, 50 years later, is the Artemis program actually an improvement over the Apollo program or is NASA going completely in the wrong direction when returning to the moon?

00:00 - Intro
03:50 - The Hardware
15:55 - The Missions
29:15 - Safety & Upgrades
35:50 - Program Costs
46:20 - Rant
52:25 - The Good Parts of Artemis
55:35 - Conclusion


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    Shane Porter

    dump it.

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    "you can get into space by just going up." - I stopped what i was doing to cringe and comment.

  • Dretch

    Theres a rumor that they spent the first billion in development trying to make a rocket in the shape of a vagina.

  • Gabelhelm Sogarbraten
    Gabelhelm Sogarbraten

    What made Apollo work were the people working on it, the absolute madlad astronauts who went to the moon like george Mallory to everest and the absolute superstar engineers working with 60s tech, building their own tools, digging into problems and getting their hands dirty. We might have modern computers now we might have high precision tools now but what we should also look for people like we had back then

  • Autovetus

    Delta v is just the ability to change the speed . You could not have explained it in more lousy way. Simplify instead of complicate

  • Stephen West
    Stephen West

    If SpaceX gets to the moon and back with it's lander, lots of people will be angry about the politics that perpetuated old-school approaches used by the competitors. For this reason, I suspect the existing power structures will try to trip up SpaceX in any way that they can. SpaceX will need to eclipse the competition before they get shut down.

  • Thomas Bramwell
    Thomas Bramwell

    They refuel the space station all the time. I don't know why people think refuelling in space is an issue?

  • Coldfusionstorm Gaming
    Coldfusionstorm Gaming

    It already is no?

  • Jason

    SLS is a self licking ice cream cone. Waist full and unsustainable.


    Regarding costs ! What they receive isn't always what the spend ! Boing would likely shuffle those funds around covering losses on prior builds even failed soft wear on certain plane auto pilot systems !! That the general public knows as black projects like stealth planes etc

  • DeBee Corley
    DeBee Corley

    Times 10.

  • rushpuppy2

    Oh Tim oh Tim. Look who’s running NASA. It is the incompetence of the govt. and the democracy is gone. It’s now an autocracy. With King Joey at the helm. Blow up all your numbers and increase them 10 fold. You will probably still come up short. Our best hope is Private Enterprise. Just look at what SpaceX has accomplished.

  • Quamont

    My main problem with SLS aside of the ridiculous cost and time it took to finally get this thing running is that it almost seems like while the rocket is safer and more modern than the Saturn V, it does less. It "only" flings the Orion capsule to the moon, there isn't a lander and it can't be reused at all.

  • Arclight545

    No, it will never surpass Apollo. Apollo did far more with less. Succeeded with less. Artemis will use far more advanced technology and basically take the cliff notes approach, rather than the Apollo program having to develop all of the technology from zero. Artemis couldn't exist with out Apollo

  • El Torco
    El Torco

    neither: nasa should have made sea dragon.

  • Scott Cantley
    Scott Cantley

    An asteroid will destroy the earth and humanity long before humans perfect rocket science

  • Ed Kaine
    Ed Kaine

    These cost overruns are waste, fraud, and abuse right in front of our eyes. The Boeing contracts are nonsense. SpaceX has shon a light on how unproductive and wasteful our aerospace industries have been.

  • Joe Joey
    Joe Joey

    48:00 only thing I can say is corruption , Boeing is always ripping the government off yet they keep getting government contracts even when there are better options whether in space or defense .. even their commercial airplanes … recently the government seems to put them in place as you said

  • Aidan Margarson
    Aidan Margarson

    It wasn't said but the world annual GDP approx. 80 Trillion Dollars now at the time 1968 of apollo it was much less :) .. just saying


    The unions are the worst organizations in the United States of America get rid of the unions get more accomplished .

  • r vanden
    r vanden

    Absolutely superb summary commentary at the end of the video . Top notch. World class.

  • FractalElf

    The rationale of people in congress s everything is really just a jobs program.

  • Jeff

    Shackleton Crater Moon Base? Ernest P. would have loved that.

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  • BackToSchool

    "1000 more powerful computer" -- try a billion, but sure.

  • kermitefrog64

    Increase the size of the ISS and keep shuttling material to the moon for a permanent base. The from the Moon launch to Mars.

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    Ace Dynamo

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    Chris Bishop

    Spectacular Rant! So many good points!

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    No comment on the $900 Billion spent annually on the military! More like 1200 Billion if you count black ops! All about national goals! Terror or exploration and science!

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    Rndm Fella

    how's the radiation like on the moon ?

  • Real Guest
    Real Guest

    Tim can you make a version of the sls in ksp

  • Kim Vanderheyden
    Kim Vanderheyden

    Hi Tim, I'm old enough to have seen all Apollo lanches and the lunar landings on a ugly, black and with TV. Now 50 years later, many people still don't believe we went up there. Don't we have telescopes enough to showe the debrie we left behind there. Is it still that difficult. It is almost as if Nasa itself wants to forget that we ever went up there.

  • James

    It's obvious to me that Boeing just gobbles up a billion here, a billion there, and then produces whatever it was going to produce regardless. Don't you find it interesting that the cost of everything is always around a billion dollars? I don't think that's because that is what it actually costs to make the stuff, but rather because nice round figures are easier to ask for and get. Btw, "sustainability" is a PR achievement, not a technical or budgetary one.

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    William R Warren Jr


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    Rodney Degens

    What I think is that the significance of each change of administration being such a challenge for NASA is really a sign that the USA will lose this race in the longer term.

  • Vatsal Khandelwal
    Vatsal Khandelwal

    Tim be like- What do you think? Is Artemis program in the right direction or in the wrong direction? Me- NASA should really use those billions to just fund starship.

  • 0MN1P073N7

    Start thinking about Military Industrial Complex companies and their cost+ contracts as a jobs program (complete with a lavishly paid executive level) meant to have as varied of a supply chain spread over as many congressional districts as possible and it makes a lot more sense.

  • lionel thompson
    lionel thompson

    That's so disgusting the waste of the money the people's money The people need to scream louder to tell them let Elon do this he will do it cheaper And a lot less time


    anyone ever wonder why the sudden rush?

  • Marius Meyer
    Marius Meyer

    Tim, I think that SpaceX should move those engines on the side to the nosecone area and split the Ship just above the tank section. The top part be the Lander with a single RVack and Legs underneath. The Tank part be a Service module that remains in Lunar orbit for the duration of the mission.

  • JackJ64

    SLS needs to be replaced in the future by private heavy lift rockets that innovate for Maybe just millions instead of billions of taxpayers dollars, which could revolutionize interplanetary space forever for the betterment of humankind

  • 0MN1P073N7

    I think NASA's Apollo risk analyses was basically "F#&@!NG USSR SUCKS! WE'LL DO IT LIVE!"

  • Tracy Avent-Costanza
    Tracy Avent-Costanza

    this dude is the quintessential lovable nerd


    Everything about this video was great except for one thing: cost-plus contracting is NOT a necessary evil! Look at all the innovation private companies have been able to do with fixed-price contracts. Everything from reusable booster stages to launching American astronauts back to the ISS.

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    Trey Gronkowski

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    James Morrow

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  • James Morrow
    James Morrow

    So what if these programs cost billions of dollars our government waste so much money sending checks to bums that won't work might as well spend some money on something constructive for the future

    • Péter Pop
      Péter Pop

      Hmmmm you know rhat this is less then 0.25% of the annual spendings... The military gets 600 billion dollars and nasa only 10

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  • Robert Kovach
    Robert Kovach

    I always thought the lunar module was cool looking!! When you see a real one in person you don't realize just how big it is!!! It's really big but so is everything that went with the Saturn 5! It's really impressive that they sent that huge rocket into space!! It's just mind blowing when you see it in person!! I would have loved to see one take off in person! Must have been incredible!!

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    Everybody! Send this to your Congressman!

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  • Kevin Cook
    Kevin Cook

    I think Artemis and NASA are a big mistake - let the real genius' and entrepreneur's handle this - more efficient, more accomplishment, costs born by real life capitalistic enterprise instead of taxpayers and no capriciousness from political/Congressional Buffoons. Private enterprise will provide based on need, not on political games. By the way: Obummer canceled the shuttle program before a replacement system was available as a way to hurt the U.S. not because it was unsustainable.

  • Kevin Cook
    Kevin Cook

    One explanation for SLS overbudget - Government program and all of its inefficiency and pork. If you want to double or triple the cost of ANYTHING just put a gov. bureaucracy in charge of it !!

  • SCI-FI Lover
    SCI-FI Lover

    NASA: We need support to go to the moon U.S.A: There is no oil on the moon NASA: There are quantities of helium 3 capable of supplying energy to the world for 10,000 years U.S.A: The moon is ruled by a tyrant to whom we must deliver democracy, we will not allow this to happen

  • Ray L
    Ray L

    In the 50s they were more likely to accept mission failure with loss of life. Today is approached from the zero percent chance loss of life is the only acceptable plan. More system testing costs more money

  • Daniel Kavanagh
    Daniel Kavanagh

    POV: When you play too much KSP 8:04 1200 m/s of Dv I can easily get to the mun with that Plus Apollo didn’t use it’s CSM to get to the moon. It used its 3rd stage. The CSM was used only to bring Apollo into a lunar orbit once at the moon. And used to leave lunar orbit So I imagine the Orion space craft would do the same (The ICP propulsion stage)

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    Mike Arias

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    Malek Zin

    i hope the first moonbase will be named Jamestown. and we will later eventually put a nuclear reactor and some marines to protect our mineral claims

  • Corey Gordon
    Corey Gordon

    The 1 thing apollo had that artemis didn't was to search of answers that have been asked since the beginning of time. I thing the apollo missions are the best

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    xu natham

    I'm totally convinced it's just another program started by NASA administration's pocket filled with corporation bribery turned into a "because we have spent this much already" or "it will be a pr nightmare if cancelled" budget for budget program, and no I don't even believe it can deliver people to the moon before 2050 because they're already started fighting where components should be produced just because which Congress man are on the budget committee

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    • Everyday Astronaut
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    People ask why congress limits NASA budgets. Artemis/Orion is why. Limit the budget, force cost efficiency.

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    Frankie Ford

    I Agree...the Russians have no Problem using a 50 year old Rocket design with upgrades...Thats why the there Rockets are So Reliable... A New and Updated Saturn V would have been more Capable then Artemis...Apollo was a Great and Reliable Design....👍

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    Mr Yee

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    NASA, Musk, Blue Origin are all on the wrong path. The future of planetary space exploration should not be based on Earth launched rockets as that is a huge leap backwards. The future of space exploration should be based on 3d Printing and the Manufacturing of Craft IN SPACE. By building craft in space and using smaller rockets to send up needed assembly robots and supplies & printers we save millions on launches. Most of a rockets weight and cargo space are wasted on fuel to escape orbit. All of that could be freed and ships made much larger if we printed them in space docks. Companies like AI SpaceFactory & Relativity Space are the future of space travel, Musk and NASA need to embrace that quickly and quit wasting money on 1960s rocket tech or they will be left behind by countries like China that most certainly will.

  • Kyle

    sounds like NASA and Boeing are padding pockets....

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  • sergio miguel argotti
    sergio miguel argotti


  • sergio miguel argotti
    sergio miguel argotti


  • sergio miguel argotti
    sergio miguel argotti


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    Donald the Great

    You forgot to mention, "Yachts, lots and lots of yachts!"

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    Mike Fletcher

    Thanks for the superb and always fascinating content. However, one small negative : The black banner with the “NASA is working hard....” text means the the youtube closed captions are impossible to read at Tim’s normal speaking speed. This makes the content almost inaccessible to folk who are hard of hearing

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    Princeofcups Poc

    The target date is 2024, in fear of the insurrection people getting back into office.

    • TheFiscallySound

      Your BLM and ANTIFA administration is more likely then not to end this program.

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