Apex Legends - All Cinematic Story Trailers (Season 1-9) - Apex Legends Season 9

In Todays Video im going to show you all Apex Legends Cinematic / Season Trailers!


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0:00 Season 1
2:19 Season 2
4:26 Season 3
6:54 Season 4
9:48 Season 5
12:15 Season 6
13:27 Season 7
16:36 Season 8
19:08 Season 9

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    • Alessio Santori
      Alessio Santori


    • Rocket reviews
      Rocket reviews

      Who else loved Titanfall 2

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      Rocket reviews


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      Sohail’s Planet


    • Thebeast12


  • Galaxy Drxppzy
    Galaxy Drxppzy

    4:34 me everyday be like

  • christos piperis
    christos piperis

    Wait...crypto is south korean?

  • Nursyaza Azzahra
    Nursyaza Azzahra

    arent thoughs robot from tt2?

  • Seagull

    i love how octane gets done bad in practically every trailer

  • Feld

    Animations slap, Valk va cringe

  • Phelius TheWise
    Phelius TheWise

    I’m not an idiot 😭🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Phelius TheWise
    Phelius TheWise

    That’s so cool how all the legends are just friends but they chill in the Drop ship together , talking and they look on the screen to see who there teammates are

  • Phelius TheWise
    Phelius TheWise

    That’s a made up number 😂

  • OrangeMeep

    Nah the season 9 animation is so disgusting. Mirage looks wrong, so does Wraith and basically anyone who has a face. They made the camera angles really poor as well if season 10 is like this animation I am genuinely done with apex I think. The Trailers were the things that got me hyped and back into apex but after this trailer I had no motivation. Just go back to how it was before season 9 I don't know why the changed it. Does anyone else see what I see I have checked everywhere and no has talked about it.

  • PluzUltraPlayz

    Horizon :Alright lads! Time to go/ Mirage:wait what! ArE you insane!/ Horizon: even worse. I'm a bloody genius!]honestly that is my favorite part

  • iNIX

    i played s1 - s3 and then quit until a few days ago (at the time of writing). seeing the older trailers is pretty nostalgic, and i love the humor and art style. path finder always cracks me up

  • Doomguy

    Sooo my ps4 stopped working as I was playing season 2 and I just came back to playing as I bought my ps5 and I was like: SNIPER AMMO? GEISERS??? DRONE GUYYY???? Just to see they were things added a long time ago, like holy shot I've sure missed a lot of things. God I love this game.

  • Ariel

    Came to catch up on the 2 or 3 season trailers I missed. The Revenant and Loba intros always make me want to cry XD.

    • Ariel

      @iNIX wait really? It just mad me feel bad for him (it)-

    • iNIX

      i’m 15 and that revenant mf legit scared me when i first saw his (it’s?) trailer

  • King Scott
    King Scott

    Apex trailers is like movies trailers to me

  • Olly the Olive
    Olly the Olive

    Octane got violated in the season 9 trailer

  • Donotsign

    S2 is the best

  • Tsenohebot

    First season trailer is my favorite

  • Olek Płowiec
    Olek Płowiec

    I waiting for Jack Cooper from titanfall 2

  • some_hispanicdude

    Can’t believe I played this since it came out, bro it’s been so long

  • buddah il Dio
    buddah il Dio

    The first is preseason trailer. Season 1’s missing


    Loba culona

  • ReKeZoSo

    The animation got better and better

  • Harden Gamer
    Harden Gamer

    Is it me or that look like ashe form titan fall 2

  • ghostboy

    Crypto reminded me of the one kid from karate kid

  • Aj Ballash
    Aj Ballash

    The apex predators are back!!!

  • Z1cky

    Started to play apex on season 9 saw the trailer made me interest in all the trailer lol.

  • arnab digar
    arnab digar

    Having 69 dislikes is still epic....thanks for the upload ❤❤❤

  • Riflez

    So this is where i heard shrouds comeback song. I was wondering where i heard it.

  • Antonio Orozco
    Antonio Orozco

    What are the names of all the songs?

  • Josh D
    Josh D

    Season seven blast incoming and pathfinder somehow calls this a welcoming comitee

  • Josh D
    Josh D

    In seaso. Seven tho the way they came out of hyperspace like this was Star Wars.

  • Josh D
    Josh D

    Loba: go back to hell Revenant: ok (takes over Halloween 🎃 👻)

  • Josh D
    Josh D

    Song: I know your secrets! Loba: 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈

  • Josh D
    Josh D

    Season one two and five had the best songs

  • Josh D
    Josh D

    U didn’t really do season 1-9 u did season 0 skipped one then went to two and continued.

  • no username
    no username

    “Maybe it’s the welcome committee” had me laughing so much

    • iNIX

      path finder always cracks me up

  • Abran Torres
    Abran Torres

    Caustics dropping like flies

  • Bryan Tapia
    Bryan Tapia

    The fantastic trowel undeniably walk because salary mechanistically mend beneath a synonymous act. narrow, gamy spruce

  • BALLON PEREA Marcelo
    BALLON PEREA Marcelo

    19:43 Best leyend ever, valkyrie

  • Cow Lemin
    Cow Lemin

    11:49 Pause and look for the Easter egg

    • poseidon

      Awe wattson's toy

  • Inosuke

    This make me want play more and more this perfect game

  • Kelvin Specogna
    Kelvin Specogna

    Stop use strike pack

  • OceanGirl207

    4:56 I love lifelines voice!

  • OceanGirl207

    Why is no one talking about season 4 and season 5 trailers? The storyline is amazing .

    • Phelius TheWise
      Phelius TheWise


  • triscuit crackers
    triscuit crackers

    I swear octane and caustic get bullied almost every trailer

  • • Sundae Cookie •
    • Sundae Cookie •

    Wraith always killing caustic

  • Rav3n

    Mirage got some killer lines

  • Ethan Orashan
    Ethan Orashan

    why did valkyrie track down blisk but didn't track down cooper

  • SheepGenetics2.0

    I own thesky

  • Alexander Z
    Alexander Z

    I love how in this whole part 20:20 they made a whole reference to the first season trailer

  • Goo Goo
    Goo Goo

    The time I realized COVID was going to be pretty bad is when is saw that rampart’s teeth started social distancing

    • Secret commenter
      Secret commenter

      😂🤣 did her dirty

  • Xeno 1746
    Xeno 1746

    Bloodhound: Their deaths still carry honour Lifeline: POOR BASTARDS

  • weeby

    Mirage is a lot of fun

  • Faris Ahmed
    Faris Ahmed


  • NobelKingFilms

    bro watching these makes me cry

  • Phoenix gaming
    Phoenix gaming

    you got the trailers wrong season one is when OCTANE came out

  • AwsomeJack88

    22:10 me: OMFG LMFAO 🤣🤣🔥🤣🔥🤣🤣🔥🤣🔥🤣🔥🤣🔥

    • AwsomeJack88

      Oof 20:22

  • AwsomeJack88

    This guy is dah bomb

  • lymphe tyche
    lymphe tyche

    This shit bussin

  • RaiDeR BoSs
    RaiDeR BoSs

    “For a dumb guy you’re perfect” -octane perfect comeback 😂😂

  • Khai Do
    Khai Do

    6:07 Pathfinder trying to high five.. but failing lol

  • Cameron Martin
    Cameron Martin

    They should seriously make a movie the animation looks beautiful

  • Slurpee 24
    Slurpee 24


  • Give me a good name in my comments
    Give me a good name in my comments

    I got an apex add on this video😂

  • Give me a good name in my comments
    Give me a good name in my comments

    So in the season 3 trailer caustic gassed out Bangalore’s squad, so how was her ultimate used on the train

    • Franco S
      Franco S

      Its a clone

  • Cap’n Salt
    Cap’n Salt

    I can't be the only one thinking that Apex animation somehow got a bit worse, just look at Fuse's face

    • poseidon

      Corona man, it does things

  • Jordan C. Wilde
    Jordan C. Wilde

    Mark my words, now with Arenas next update will be practically Titanfall 3

  • Logan Carson
    Logan Carson

    This is my favorite part🤩🔫💥

  • Nate Latham
    Nate Latham

    When your Mom figures out you punched your friend 20:39

  • Iluvcheems

    18:47 Bloodhound is so cute there xd

  • Mechatonics 09
    Mechatonics 09


  • Luke Scott
    Luke Scott

    I always look forward to the trailers season 4 is still the best tho

  • Amber Anzalone
    Amber Anzalone

    17:46 stupid gibby

  • LogeyPerogi

    Apex Legends is always a fun time, so much of interesting story telling It will end with the legends taking on the Syndicate, that’s a guarantee, but you know it’s a good story when the buildup alone is still good enough to keep you happy

  • Jupro

    how did nobody notice that his "season 1 trailer" is actually the release trailer?



  • Bitz

    I feel like mirage is the main character of these cinematics in a way.

    • Franco S
      Franco S

      The only ones where they weren’t protagonists in the trailers were in season 4 and 5

    • Robin Roy
      Robin Roy

      Mirage, Wraith and Pathfinder are the protagonist trio.

  • someone

    This is so underrated

  • gappy


  • Elle Lupin
    Elle Lupin

    2:58 Has anyone actually tried to replicate this? Because it’d be so cool in game!

    • poseidon

      Fun fact is that most probably this happened to us but we are so focused we didn't notice the hundred something sounds and things happening with third party around the corner lmao

  • Bastion And Ganymede
    Bastion And Ganymede

    7:20 oh it so wholesome 7:58

  • Wither

    i know reaper or what ever his name is is supposed to be intimidating but that is just all specters and simulacrums lol. and actual pilot simulacrums.....yeah dont fuck with those lol.

  • adrian valerio
    adrian valerio

    When mirage was just singing on the bar table u was dead laughing

  • Jacob Ludick
    Jacob Ludick

    you know that the first one is season 0 and season one is when octane came out

  • L

    Revenant backstory is cool but lore wise I wonder why they don't have a Rev army, or why they have to give them a personality. I guess that's linked to the 20 years to make it work, and explained in Titanfall. The latest trailer Wraith killing, while she was also an Hammond test subject, may suggest that as a scientist, she may have participated to Rev's building research. I also wonder what Loba expected to achieve by shooting the head in the can , looked like it was an image on a screen. Is it that they can't "store" the original rev "brain image"? A Little unbelievable since they can put it in Rev brain. So many things that I would be interested in having answers about.

  • L

    I like how Wraith is scolding Mirage. She's so funny. They make a good trio with Pathfinder.

  • Owen King
    Owen King

    I wish they had a game mode where the game actually looked like this

  • Lucas White
    Lucas White

    arena is ash's war games from titanfall 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Maja Birkeholm
    Maja Birkeholm

    I love Alex legtens

  • Gaming ghost Wolf
    Gaming ghost Wolf

    Bro I swear they just be updating apex lol. I’m not mad or sad because of that it’s just that I’m a fan of titanfall. And really been waiting for titanfall 3 but they just be updating apex. Have a good day btw and stay safe

  • freddie Belcher
    freddie Belcher

    When wraith says to mirage seiriously again I think of the first trailer also I love how wraith mirage and pathfinder were in the same squad from the begining.

  • lilly small
    lilly small

    21:40 it sounds better when viper says it

    • poseidon

      I haven't played titanfall but everyone talks about it, is the offline campaign good?

  • literally ppp
    literally ppp

    i started laughing when fuse face changed when valk shot his beer😂

  • DoYouLikeOculus

    I ironically got and Apex Legends ad on this video.

  • Dabacabb

    Technically, in the s4 trailer.. we saw ash for a little, does that mean that revenant is older and stronger than her?

  • Dire wolfXL
    Dire wolfXL

    Ash is next legend trust

  • SUPER Bread Gaming
    SUPER Bread Gaming

    4:35 was he playing apex legends or titanfall

    • Sorin Savulescu
      Sorin Savulescu

      @Duncan MacIntosh it's the gauntlet from titanfall 2 top screen, left it is skate 3 and right idk need for speed or forza

    • Duncan MacIntosh
      Duncan MacIntosh

      Apex, can see a supply box

  • Savage Spirit Gaming
    Savage Spirit Gaming

    Are you crazy!!! Worse I'm a bloody genius

  • Jeremy Yanez
    Jeremy Yanez

    Danm rip pathfinder he was left alone no one got his card