reclaiming power : Dancing with the Devil
“You really find out who’s there for you when the world falls out from under your feet.”
Demi goes to rehab and begins her road to recovery, but with bumps along the way. As she returns to the stage for the first time since her overdose, she needs to find balance in her life.

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Production Companies: OBB Pictures, SB Films
Director: Michael D. Ratner
Executive Producers: Michael D. Ratner, Scott Ratner, Scooter Braun, Allison Kaye, Scott Manson, Kfir Goldberg, Miranda Sherman, Andy Mininger
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  • Miguel Rodriguez
    Miguel Rodriguez

    Clown 🤡

  • Leanna Taylor
    Leanna Taylor

    Truly heart breaking to hear this from Demi. She was my idol I loved camp rock I went to their camp rock concert in Sacramento and sobbed when Demi came out. Its so hard to come to terms with the fact that our favorite child actors were abused and traumatized while making things for KIDS to watch and enjoy and look up too.

  • PinkyChiChi

    We are not a hive mind here in the South. I’ve given and received a lot of open mindedness and grace. Pls don’t dismiss and downgrade us.

  • Jamie Hatcher
    Jamie Hatcher

    Thats awful to blame her!

  • Britney OG
    Britney OG

    I truly feel for her. She is a beautiful soul, but this is what happens to childhood stars. I can't think of anyone who has escaped HW unscathed. HW is evil. Stay safe, Demi. ♥️

  • Brittany McCollum
    Brittany McCollum

    I watched this before the Froyo incident, and now I wish I hadn’t lol. Wtf Demi??

  • Brittany McCollum
    Brittany McCollum

    I watched this before the Froyo incident, and now I wish I hadn’t lol. Wtf Demi??

  • VAart Official
    VAart Official

    😢😭 i proud of you demi lovato 💪💪💪

  • Mr Sandman
    Mr Sandman

    Shes a KAREN, never liked her personality... a BULLY

  • Moni-k 1687
    Moni-k 1687

    Demi and her toxic fans ruined this woman's career... Shame on them

  • Daizy Blanco
    Daizy Blanco

    You need to help yourself demi . Stop depending on others to help you . It start from you .

  • Gus S
    Gus S

    Can someone tell me how drinking alcohol and smoking pot will help her overcome her addiction? I’m being serious... I don’t understand how you can be in recovery but still smoke weed and drink?! Does that even make sense? What the heck is California sober and why? Why set yourself up for failure?

  • Monica Garcia
    Monica Garcia

    Not that she has to say who the person was but I wonder how many other girls that person raped. I hope they’re okay

  • Alexi Vulcano
    Alexi Vulcano

    I don't know how her mom wasn't balling when talking about the relapse. Her FRIEND cried, but her mom didn't?

    • Dash120z

      maybe she processed it differently but yeah it was weird.

  • kiane starnes
    kiane starnes

  • Ryan Wahlstrom
    Ryan Wahlstrom

    The internet disgusts me. I can’t believe people are so quick to “cancel” someone. Cancel “cancel culture”!!

  • DuckAndKim Vlogs
    DuckAndKim Vlogs

    That’s crazy that she did it again after she almost died. But I’m here watching this after DMX has died...such a sad world and life.

  • Gidc Coins Channel
    Gidc Coins Channel

    Keep Safe

  • blkbeauti05

    I hope this human finds peace.

  • Mazvita Selemani
    Mazvita Selemani

    Hollywood is honestly so disgusting. I'm so glad that the kids nowadays are using the internet to spread their talent instead of fricking Hollywood

  • Chanice Stora25
    Chanice Stora25

    All hail queen Demi I love her so much She's gold and more I really admire her strength... she's super strong and I'm so happy she's still here

  • manstein himmler
    manstein himmler

    Wow she's put on some serious poundage

  • Martin Mattins
    Martin Mattins

    Não a ver paz na terra em breve vai começar

  • Martin Mattins
    Martin Mattins

    Vocês tem que parar de fumar parar de beber vão pra igreja que é melhor o fim já ta acabando já não tem mais tempo pra se divertir ficar fazendo festa melhor lugar é a igreja

  • vbddfy euuyt
    vbddfy euuyt

    She said her rapist doesn't have a career anymore so stop making accusations against the Jonas brothers . K thanks.

  • Riri Gift
    Riri Gift

  • Edy Rodrigues
    Edy Rodrigues


  • bamaretiredgrunt Scott Blanchett
    bamaretiredgrunt Scott Blanchett

    Self-loathing, yet self entitled twt waffle...sickening

  • Dilara Sarac
    Dilara Sarac

    I love you Demi and Demis Team 😊 You are soooooo strong and stay so 😉❤ You are the best 🥰

  • J Aaron
    J Aaron

    I wonder who it was


    If you want to live Leave Hollywood/LA.

  • Nikoletta Theodoropoulou
    Nikoletta Theodoropoulou

    Really well done you took out the Documentary for the reason that many women get this and need support to overcome it and with this documentary we can see what they go through every day 😞😞 Well done Demy that you managed to get it out of you !!!!! YOU ARE AMAZING DEMY 👏🏻👏🏻♥️♥️

  • Rae Renee
    Rae Renee

    I will stand by the fact that it was sterling knight, he’s the only one that has no career now and had a movie come out the same year while she constantly had to work with him on sonny with a chance, which is also when her ED started to get terrible.

    • Dash120z

      it wasn't Sterling, Demi's abuse happened at 15 and Sonny came out when she was 16 besides last year she did a Zoom reunion with the whole cast she wouldn't have done if she had felt uncomfortable.

  • bouytt guyt
    bouytt guyt

    She said her rapist doesn't have a career anymore so stop making accusations against the Jonas brothers . K thanks.

  • unknown

    I do not trust scooter braun at all

  • krystal lucienne
    krystal lucienne

    Imagine reaching out to Scooter....

  • Jane
    Jane can see in her eyes. Poor girl is lost, won't be long 😕

  • Maru Alfonsin
    Maru Alfonsin

    Yeah, You teamed up with scooter which it's being accused by Taylor and you don't believe her?? Nah honey I don't think supporting abusers is the way but.. go ahead

  • Cindy .Colonnette Camon
    Cindy .Colonnette Camon

    Yen a marre des vidéo sans traduction française putin.

  • Donna Wood
    Donna Wood

    how many more years do we have for her to continue to tell us over and over again about her addiction. The difference is she had the resources to go to a wonderful rehab facility. Normal people don’t have that. My heart goes out to anyone who has the addiction problem. But isn’t it time to move forward yet? keeping herself in the headlines constantly since she was released, can’t possibly be on the list of things to do. this need for constant adulation is a big part of the problem.......

  • James Spencer
    James Spencer

    What is sad about all this is that the same culture that abused Demi and caused her to chose a harmful path is the same culture that many here continue to glamorize. You all follow the Khardashians, you mimick the problem rappers, you put people like Cardi B on pedestals and then try to be a part of their lives. It’s those pathetic people that help to perpetuate the culture that has been harmful to people like Demi.

  • T

    The truth shall set you free. 🤍

  • sky Johnson
    sky Johnson

    I’m said that she would have been able with her and ok _*

  • Antec

    Lil nas already danced on the devil

  • Puna Family Vlog
    Puna Family Vlog

    ive never seen a celebrity come out and be as honest as her

  • Chelsey Kemp
    Chelsey Kemp

    Is the girl with the blue hair the same girl that was blonde in the last docu? Her assistant friend that went to the emo party with her?

  • Taylor Rowe
    Taylor Rowe

    "she was in her hospital gown, and she had ivs and stuff on her hands but i didnt see a hospital gown, you know, i saw a robe, like damn this girl is going for the belt" ♥♥♥

    • Dash120z

      that's so cute like Maddie admires Demi so much that even in that state she found her beautiful.

  • Colleen Clark
    Colleen Clark

    Omg this is terribleeeee. Soooo entitled and selfish

  • bocoy noiu
    bocoy noiu

    She said her rapist doesn't have a career anymore so stop making accusations against the Jonas brothers . K thanks.

  • Avah Worthington
    Avah Worthington

    I’m not even that into Demi but I’m watching this bc of how powerful it is also I cried for her when she sang anyone at the Grammys

  • Ally Fuentes
    Ally Fuentes

    Anyone find it odd she overdosed exactly a month before her 27th birthday?

  • Chanelle Quiteno
    Chanelle Quiteno

    So wait she thought that calling back the rapist and having sex with him but by choice was gonna fix the rape? Wierd

  • Sthefani Mattos
    Sthefani Mattos

    Now we know who the fake friend really was...

  • Dayanne Mirelle
    Dayanne Mirelle

    Chorei litros 😢🦋♥️

  • Beau33

    I am sorry but her end will probably be a tragic one; Amy winehouse. She will keep going back to the drugs.

  • Levi Rodrigues
    Levi Rodrigues

    Demi needs to get out california immediately

  • Jennifer Watkins
    Jennifer Watkins

    I love her no matter what

  • Nan Nan
    Nan Nan

    I always thought Demi had the best voice on Disney channel

  • penguinsRawesome

    I loved all 3 of these... I def. relate and I have been where she has... Addiction is a very hard thing to overcome. U really have to want it! U will always think about it, even if u don't want to. . . It always pops up in that freakin mind that can control u. U just have to have great coping skills. I was literally where she was. Not the same place, like not physically where she was... I overdosed twice. It was very scary, but this isn't about me. If anyone out there is struggling... Ur not alone. It's really hard to overcome and change that mindset, but it CAN BE DONE! I LOVE U DEMI! 💋🦋🙏👑✌️

  • SharleneKate

    “abusing your abuser is not where the healing is gonna come from” powerful line that most people don’t realize 🙏🏼 praying for Demi’s true healing. she needs to take a break from Hollywood because it’s eating her up

    • bouytt guyt
      bouytt guyt

      I really dislike people on the internet. Look at all the disgusting things that they wouldn't dare say if they were in your face.

  • Tabitha Kaercher
    Tabitha Kaercher

    My rape happened the same way and I was told all the time that it was my fault because I did go to his house and go to hook up. And when I told him to stop and he didn’t that was not my fault. I still kinda look at it like it is, but the fact that I’m not the only one who has gone through that helps. ♥️

  • Jade Welch
    Jade Welch

    I truly admire Demi for doing this documentary! Thank you for sharing your heartbreaking story. I hope it helps others. You’re such a strong woman for doing this. Much love from the UK.

  • Paulo Brito
    Paulo Brito

    You can see and feel how people around her have suffered, they also need especial treatment...

  • Isabel Rodriguez
    Isabel Rodriguez

    The "stans" who sent death threats to people look real stupid lol

  • Aubree Christensen
    Aubree Christensen

    Which Jonas Brother is it?

  • Lucía

    After watching these I have come to the conclusion that Demi is a pathological liar.

  • An Nita
    An Nita

    can anyone tellme where i can watch her "anyone" Perfomance in Quality?

  • Suicidal Tendencies
    Suicidal Tendencies

    Demi if your friend means that much to you then why didn't you stick up for her and clear her name yourself instead of just letting her take the fall for it and allow people to treat her like that...nice friend you are. I'm sorry but that really grinds my gears. I don't care how rich and famous you are, you don't treat your friend's like that.


    This woman has a lot of mentally and & emotionally unstable people around her. That's a major problem, too.

  • Nizziana Qayla
    Nizziana Qayla

    Love you demi !

  • Iliana

    Was it joe jonas 🤔🕵🏻‍♀️

  • Prancer 1000
    Prancer 1000

    I hope she just tell us the people who did this to her. This person needs to be accountable.

  • kyiesha balcomb
    kyiesha balcomb

    Demi is REAL 🤍🌅

  • Jengkay Mix Tv
    Jengkay Mix Tv

    Psalm 37:4 Delight yourself unto the Lord and He will give u the desires of your heart❤. I love u demi, please be strong. I am from Philippines I am praying for you as always. Luv u ❤

  • Seca Ledinic
    Seca Ledinic

    Sirah is such a vibe

  • Rachel Andrade
    Rachel Andrade

    LOVE her, she is SO Fing brave

  • Lesly Altamirano
    Lesly Altamirano


  • KateRavenBlueEyed

    Hope all the toxic so called fans apologised to Dani for what they did to her company/work and the hate they sent! Sending death threats is illegal you stupid twunts! Just stop and wait for all the facts before you try to ruin someones life!

  • Leticia Longknife
    Leticia Longknife

    When talking about her Disney rape she ends by saying "That's the tea"...which Sophie Turner always says. anyone else think it's Joe she won't name?

  • Anna W
    Anna W

    Interesting Demi didn't sit with her choreographer friend, nor did she tear up. Demi seemed cold while talking about the situation. But she sat with her bodyguard, teared up, etc.

  • mal morbidus
    mal morbidus

    Scooter can't be all bad.

  • Audenim Oshea
    Audenim Oshea

    She has her demons, and none of us know them all. I wish her, her team and friends the best.

  • Political Smackdown
    Political Smackdown

    you should stay out of politics.

  • Leanne Robertson
    Leanne Robertson

    When Dani started crying it broke my heart, fans can be super toxic, WAY too invasive & end up causing SO much hurt it's messed up!!

  • Charles Hess
    Charles Hess

    I've never heard her sing.

  • Darren Rutledge
    Darren Rutledge

    go smoke some dope with comethzine

  • Supreme326 mack
    Supreme326 mack


  • Lcr Lcr
    Lcr Lcr

    She’s really talented, but she’s getting chance after chance, because she’s a celebrity and wealthy. Her experience isn’t in the least relatable. If any of us repeatedly made these mistakes, we’d be in jail or homeless. And that’s not to say money is a magical salve that cures all. I’m sure professional and social pressure have had a lot to do with her problems, but we aren’t going to posh rehabs or getting sober companions. Most people will have to white knuckle it, and find an inner strength they didn’t know they had to conquer this insidious affliction.

  • mlayati Saadi
    mlayati Saadi


  • Kat

    Who did Demi have as management back then? Was it Modest? Or am I so wrong? Also, it's iconic that Scooter Braun is the one that is her manager consisting all of the drama between him and Taylor. But hopefully, she actually is getting the management she deserves. At the same time, go her for sticking up for herself and getting what she deserves which is a team that ACTUALLY cares for her. Scooter Braun actually taking time to get to know what helps her and stuff shows that there are people in the industry that care about their artists and not just the money. From this documentary, I don't see why people hate him.

  • Ananya Bhatt
    Ananya Bhatt

    I wish Selena was interviewed about this too, she and Demi were inseparable during their Disney days before they had a fallout. I don't want them to talk about the fallout but about things that happened during that time

  • Maddie Kerr
    Maddie Kerr

    This is eyeopening

  • Jessica Ferreira Coury
    Jessica Ferreira Coury

    I didn't understand the part where she called the same drug dealer to get back at him... What exactly happened what did he do except give her the drugs, and what was she planning to do to get back at him? I'm kinda lost in the story, maybe I missed something

  • Rianna Richardson
    Rianna Richardson

    she didn't lose her virginity, it was taken from her

  • Jessica Ferreira Coury
    Jessica Ferreira Coury

    I feel like Demi should compensate this choreographer-friend financially for what this girl went through.

  • Cutie S
    Cutie S

    Y does this women Dani need her own "story" it ain't bout u! 🤨

  • Melissa Archiquette
    Melissa Archiquette

    omg Baby girl I am so sorry . My kids are youre age . I wish that I could just hug you !

  • fvgt njfdrd
    fvgt njfdrd

    The heroin girl herself

  • Elina Filatova
    Elina Filatova

    demi looks different , but cute

  • Yopo Martin
    Yopo Martin

    dancing with meth and heroin.

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