The Goth Who Lives With A Lolita Doll | HOOKED ON THE LOOK
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TWO BRITISH girls are the most unlikely best friends as one is a goth, and the other a pastel lolita. Rosie Hinton, 21, is a pastel-coloured ’80’s space baby’ living in London with her best friend, and goth, Jude. Not only do the pair dress in massively contrasting styles, they have even themed their bedrooms around their unique looks. Rosie’s bedroom is jam-packed with pink toys, happy clowns, and colorful stuffed animals, while Jude has taken the more minimal approach, choosing only black and white decor. And they even share a dressing room which is split entirely down the middle, divided by a sofa which is half pastel pink and half gothic black. See more of Rosie here:
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  • Heather Lowe
    Heather Lowe

    I just love their make up! I bet it takes a while to get ready each day, but it's just georgeous!

  • Jasmine Soprano
    Jasmine Soprano

    I thought they were the same person

  • Gaming with Toph uwu
    Gaming with Toph uwu

    Omg im a mix of them its beautiful but mostly the kawaii one😌🥰 I know what the goth is talking about how she gets stared at I get stared at every wear because I have a Mohawk with long hair and dress in pastel!

  • Ayva apostle
    Ayva apostle

    Imagine just laying in your bed and all your shelves and stuff animals/dolls fall and hit you in the head

  • Layla Kaneza
    Layla Kaneza

    So ugly

  • Brian Brian
    Brian Brian


  • lisa chiara
    lisa chiara

    do they switch on halloween? I really love the good vibes of those two by the way :)

  • Official.Gatchamation

    Ngl I feel little bad for them, Some people forget that people don’t want pictures of them Yet some people have the nerve to just get their phone out and take a picture *like, what happened to ur:* “People need space”

  • Nika Franka Gilja
    Nika Franka Gilja

    My favourite is purpel but I like black a lot and I light too much light like at night I had only one lamp in room on and mom always yell at me beause of it.I want to dry my hair black and with red,blue tips of hair and want to wear boylish clothes more

  • Lauren Lin
    Lauren Lin

    awww the two of them together just so cute

  • Miku Baner
    Miku Baner

    4:09 Am I the only one who saw the ciel doll???

  • Nhu Tran
    Nhu Tran

    Calling her friend "another strange creature" 😂 I'm gonna start calling my friends another strange creature too ❤️

  • kate 易マ意
    kate 易マ意

    And then they kissed

  • Angiecute13 Moschonikolakis
    Angiecute13 Moschonikolakis

    Kawaii and goth

  • Claire Givens
    Claire Givens

    OMGGGGG I love their looooook 😂 it's so cool

  • Flo go The messy
    Flo go The messy

    I love black and pastel

  • Sandy Scuba
    Sandy Scuba

    You do want the attention to have to wake up every morning putting all that makeup on, you don't like how you look and you changed it.. God made you beautiful but you think you can do better than him but you're wrong

  • Samantha Anglin
    Samantha Anglin

    So beautiful it like my fourth time watch this

  • ix_Cloudio_ix

    How do I find people like this I need the goths life like hers

  • ユナ


  • Justin Lewis
    Justin Lewis

    I want to dress like them but I’m too self conscious. I need to learn how to not gaf

  • Lyntzbartzky

    1:20 black isn’t a color, she should know that 🙄🙄🙄

    • Lyntzbartzky

      I hopes yall know im joking

    • Crystina Anderson
      Crystina Anderson

      and you should should your username is dumb.

    • Joyuris

      It is

  • horse

    They're both is so beautiful omg

  • Avery Belle
    Avery Belle

    i love it so much 🤍

  • Angie


  • ijustwantramen

    guys, i don’t think jude likes black

  • Emma L
    Emma L

    They’re both awesome looking!

  • Mia Pretorius
    Mia Pretorius

    imagine a couple like this

  • Liusila

    Yeah they're definitely a closeted couple.

  • Ruebinotfound

    OMG I SEE CIEL 4:11

  • Exmortis 999
    Exmortis 999

    They both have a japanese style but its not lolita or goth, its something else.

  • Hara Juku
    Hara Juku

    1:47 THE COUCH

  • Hara Juku
    Hara Juku

    arranged aesthetic marriage

  • Lillian Davis
    Lillian Davis

    They are just lovely! I just love them both

  • burgherboii


    • Avery Belle
      Avery Belle


  • lana hender
    lana hender

    i remember seeing this when i was 13 ive been inspired ever since

  • Charlotte Rayner
    Charlotte Rayner

    I actually really like the styles

  • Ediixl

    I feel like the lolita works at Claires and the goth works at Starbucks or M&S

  • PiscesAngel

    This is very inspiring since I have been wanting to express myself more through how I present myself, I am so shy to go out in public though but I'm trying to get more confidence. Plus I shouldn't worry about what others think of me but it's just my anxiety

  • Angelina Sawyer
    Angelina Sawyer

    "My favorite color is black " Me: Black isn't an color

  • Big Mama Pimp
    Big Mama Pimp

    “I don’t like the light and I also don’t like the people out side” - me too

  • Macaroni and the chicken strips UH!
    Macaroni and the chicken strips UH!

    The tea in the comment section IMAO

  • Ar They\Them
    Ar They\Them

    I love it when opposites actually attract

  • ꕥ 【 your local innocence.】
    ꕥ 【 your local innocence.】

    bats haven't made you happy since feburary 2020. hahahah

  • Juliana Santiago
    Juliana Santiago

    They remind me of the Hot Topic and Claire's stores right next to eachother at my local mall

  • Eve G
    Eve G

    are they sisters?

    • littleleddy

      no they said they met in college

  • ribbit !
    ribbit !

    the pastel girl is also on the creepy side it’s more creepy cute! 💗 i aspire to be like rosie!

  • Ioli Symianaki
    Ioli Symianaki

    Ok that’s too much

  • Eve

    a pastel girl and Goth girl B E S T F R I E N D S ✨

  • totally not a gamer girl
    totally not a gamer girl

    *and they we're roommates*

  • the lizard that katya burnt
    the lizard that katya burnt

    They both look so cute!!!! I love to draw inspiration from different alt ppl towards my own style :))

  • Little Ginge
    Little Ginge

    is it just me or do goths look realy cool? they look amazing.

  • Sabrina Siggers
    Sabrina Siggers

    I actually love this. I wish I had been brave enough to live freely like this. I was too busy being afraid of what people would say.

  • Kirk Engnath
    Kirk Engnath

    I think that Rosie is definitely going for a Popular Japanese style and look that can also be classified as Lolita. I see a very precious girl that she is on the inside and outside as well.

  • TF Hahs
    TF Hahs

    I'm just curious what they do for a living lol

  • SekuFox_Artz

    R.I.P Money

  • Mark Davie
    Mark Davie

    Love their style!!

  • angry black kid
    angry black kid

    I wanna be gothic Lolita

  • Hayes Tucker
    Hayes Tucker

    I think Jude is actually really attractive

  • Jojo our emo king
    Jojo our emo king

    Can we just appreciate the people who didn't stare and just continue don with there day (along with the person who complemented them)

  • nem e
    nem e

    İ wonder how they look without costumes and makeup, i'm curious about dat👀

  • ѕοƒτ Lilith
    ѕοƒτ Lilith

    My two personalities be like :

  • Beatriz Pérez Morán
    Beatriz Pérez Morán

    They are like the kuromi and melody but in real life, and i looooove it!!!!😫✋💀💗

  • Ash Tomlinson
    Ash Tomlinson

    I aspire to one day say ugh my snail he ate some of the wall

  • luv googie
    luv googie

    and they were roommates 😃

    • The Half Breed Mari
      The Half Breed Mari

      Oh my god they were roomates...

  • Ks gaming286
    Ks gaming286

    Did anyone notice that pastel gurlll she has two toungs

  • Q.M Minecraft
    Q.M Minecraft

    I like goth style and I'm fine with it

  • KokichiOma_ Official
    KokichiOma_ Official

    The Lolita girl gives off Melanie Martinez vibes and I LOVE that

  • breha / bingus
    breha / bingus

    ive been watching this since i was like 8 and i still stan

  • Anna

    I love how they are super honest about themselves.

  • Pineapple Bee Bomb
    Pineapple Bee Bomb

    This is so cute, see humanity it doesn't matter even these polar opposites get along

  • Don't steal my Baguette
    Don't steal my Baguette

    I like how they both have different styles and different hobbies but still are nice and respect eachother

  • Itz Kyleena
    Itz Kyleena

    Hello kitty is there so thats why there like that-

  • Patricia G.
    Patricia G.

    if both of them had a sibling the sibling would be a lolita goth-

  • clara Moo
    clara Moo

    There like kid vs black kids

  • 〰Kay〰


  • 클레오파트라

    I want to be invited to their wedding !!

  • AveriStylus

    Did anybody see that 6:39

    • Lily :D
      Lily :D

      see what?

  • Hành Phy
    Hành Phy

    AWWWWWWW, i this style so much

  • P i c n i c
    P i c n i c

    This is where pastel goth was born

  • Let hope into your heart!
    Let hope into your heart!


  • { Cutie•Pinkie }
    { Cutie•Pinkie }

    I love the black one🖤

  • vaee

    If I saw them in public I would be fangirling 💀🤚🏼

  • Elias Pope
    Elias Pope

    Do they like each other

  • Alicia Sepulveda
    Alicia Sepulveda

    Imagine if an earthquake happened to the rainbow girl😂😂😂 Also its kinda cute how they like their colors but they like each other style than they kinda like the opposite of they like💕 a little contradiction I see😉

  • GeorgeNotClothed

    This terrifies me.

    • SomeFurryFromSerbia

      Then go away. It's not that hard.

  • sarah maunder
    sarah maunder

    I love them.. awesome friendship and styles! Me personally I live the cute kawaii toys but at the same time literally love black, am a rocker and love the Gothic style. They are awesome

  • Pip’s Corner
    Pip’s Corner

    Rosie: ‘I am obsessed with bats!’ Me: Well that didn’t age well.

  • Hela Makrena
    Hela Makrena

    2:27 Every depressed girl in gacha: left Every brat in gacha: right. I don't wanna offend anyone with this. They both are beautiful! You will understand the joke if you watch gacha life or gacha club videos

  • Lema Cat
    Lema Cat

    Why does the goth girls shirt make be laugh because it had to get blurred

  • It’s• •Mona
    It’s• •Mona

    If I saw u on the street I would just ask for a photo,not to post up or anything,I just find u guys interesting

  • Kimmy’s Roblox
    Kimmy’s Roblox

    you have two tongues ma’am

  • Bule snail gurl
    Bule snail gurl

    Well um idk what to say so um you do you 💧👁️👄👁️

  • Yoshi92

    What stuns me the most is that they don't even have eyebrows

  • gamergirl07 sparkle
    gamergirl07 sparkle

    do you know what i love the unicorn girl one my room is all pink now xx

  • champi mimi
    champi mimi

    you cant complain people are looking at you, if i see you i will look too, simply because i love it, find it unique, so ill look, it might inspire me. Sorry it offends some people but art is made to look at.

  • kai sarusal
    kai sarusal

    when i clicked i was hoping they were a couple ( '' >c< )

    • kai sarusal
      kai sarusal

      @friendly weeb omg yes its so cute ^>^

    • friendly weeb
      friendly weeb

      I kinda was too, I love the whole opposites in relationships thing 😩👆

  • Lacey Craig
    Lacey Craig

    Ying & Yang ☯

  • Tisa Zupan
    Tisa Zupan

    The editors job is harder to blur with her shirt XD

  • Misty Cupcake
    Misty Cupcake

    They are adorable I love them 😂