I became a catfish, i did my makeup at a very fancy salon and i treated and styled my hair for my 2021 transformation.
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  • Ulloaynek

    ✨2 O 2 1 ✨

  • NE


  • Stuti Sharma
    Stuti Sharma

    The end 😭💛💛💛

  • Valerya Tabares
    Valerya Tabares

    I like her nose. Like Fr. I think it’s a nice nose and it fits her. The makeup artist did good but all old ladies are chismosas and should not try to make people feel insecure 🙄

  • Lorraine Coggins
    Lorraine Coggins


  • Marta Libia
    Marta Libia

    where is she?

  • Coco C.
    Coco C.

    You look so good with this transformation! The eye makeup really brought out your eyes. I got sad when they brushed out the perfect curls 😅 It took awhile, but I finally grew out my bangs, except now you're making me think of cutting curtain bangs too 😂

  • Maci A
    Maci A

    “Things looks better from farther than up close” Same, except always😂

  • letabebe

    Wow so beautiful!! I would love to see more of their work! Your so beautiful! Happy birthday!!

  • is that a chicken?
    is that a chicken?

    She's a model😍

  • carmenh509

    ooooooooh so pretty!!

  • Brittany Carter
    Brittany Carter

    2021 wow you have really found yourself

  • janet evans
    janet evans


  • InLoveWithBlackPink

    when she put the hair mask on.the most satisfying thing i've ever seen

  • Milkshake Bebe
    Milkshake Bebe

    Her lips are 👄(big)

  • Creative Renewal
    Creative Renewal

    Happy Birthday 🎊🎈🎂 I love that the MA was around my age. Loved this!!

  • Pamela Idontknowyou
    Pamela Idontknowyou

    That ending montage warms my heart ❤️

  • xVacunaVenomx

    Such a 90's look 🖤 Iconic

  • Htrhs Palioma
    Htrhs Palioma


  • skyluv420

    that's how you do it!

  • Ebony Duke
    Ebony Duke

    So lucky to be able to do all this for your birthday I'm having my 30th this Thursday. Nothing this glamorous because of the lack of money and lockdown there's not much to do but I wish I could celebrate in style you are such a beautiful woman i live watching your videos xx keep smiling and being beautiful =) 😀

  • georgia girl
    georgia girl

    I love it! 💗

  • Henrietta Kennedy
    Henrietta Kennedy

    Love you guapa! I love everything about youre 2021 look! You are a beautiful lady with or without make up 😊 cant wait for some more videos xx

  • Henrietta Kennedy
    Henrietta Kennedy

    Love you guapa! I love everything about youre 2021 look! You are a beautiful lady with or without make up 😊 cant wait for some more videos xx

  • Mary Leggett
    Mary Leggett

    Your make up looked great in 2020 and 2021 but your hair in 2021 was a real transformation! I absolutely love how they styled it!!!! You looked beautiful and I hope you had a great day ❤️

  • Mary Leggett
    Mary Leggett


  • Nasreen KHAN
    Nasreen KHAN

    U look amazing. So pretty

  • Birgit Bauhaus
    Birgit Bauhaus

    @Judy D.: at Min.11:00. 👏👏👏😍👍 I love it! It is in my Eyes the most beautiful Look you ever had! 😍💞💋👍 Beautiful! Congratulations! 😍

  • Birgit Bauhaus
    Birgit Bauhaus

    YESSS, THIS ARE VERY GOOD HAIR-TREATMENTS and HAIRSTYLISTS! It's like that I can feel it with my own Hair, which is also looong, 1 m at all! And more dry and fine in Structure now now as I getting older! So same same with your Hair!! I was happily impressed in the First 5 Min.! 💓💞👏😍👍

  • Ena Korać ex Šofranac
    Ena Korać ex Šofranac

    That's a great salon!!! Hairstyle & makeup match perfectly. This type of makeup is gorgeous and suites for everyday use. The color is perfectly matching with your eyes, clothes and the lips are a very nice shade. So overall, I would really recommend this place. It's just great. You go there, get your hair and makeup done, without needing to change the clothes because half the products used are on them, and go straight to your appointment, date, party or whatever the occasion is. Just great to have everything at one place.

  • Viktorija Bastete
    Viktorija Bastete

    Finally right colour foundation!

  • Lala Si
    Lala Si

    Absolut beauty!

  • Janice Castillo
    Janice Castillo

    Kinda looks like Thalia here

  • Elisheva Abarca
    Elisheva Abarca

    You make me wish I had friends lol

  • Sharon Kour
    Sharon Kour

    Ur friends are really nice genuine people luv u lots Happy birthday

  • Sharon Kour
    Sharon Kour

    You can tell shea experiance makeup artist beautuful look i think this was the best one ive seen ever flawless good base and cheeks are propely used correct shade wow stunning

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    vik Witch


  • Sofia Johnson
    Sofia Johnson

    That look is so beautiful. Your nose makes you look even more beautiful

  • J K
    J K

    Your friends are awesome to give you that sweet party

  • J K
    J K

    I’m confused why a lot of these artist use a spoon to curl lashes. I think it’s more professional to use a curler

  • christabel webb
    christabel webb

    2021 looks sooooo amazing ❤️🔥❤️🔥❤️

  • Jeenie Jolie
    Jeenie Jolie

    Gorgeous makeup, that lady should go to every worst-reviewed place and give them a few lessons.

  • Tiggy

    you look like one of Charlies angels when you flipped your hair up so pretty .. Happy belated birthday !

  • Tiggy

    that hair mask!!

  • Ava Harrington
    Ava Harrington


  • Ziyah Desso
    Ziyah Desso


  • vmriana

    Wait we are BDAY PALSSSS MINE IS FEB 1st TOO

  • LB *
    LB *

    Dear JD as a quite new subscriber I must tell you that if it wasn't for you&yor channel I'd never knew about a famous "spoon lash curler" 🥄✔️👍💯 I don't think they use it because they can't afford a real lash curler which costs maybe as much as a spoon, or even less. I've tried it and it works much better than any lush curler I've ever had and believe me I've had a lot. So big 'TNX' for introducing a spoon to me 😉🤣👁️ You rock girl 👍❤️

  • Krista Terry
    Krista Terry


  • Sherylyn R.
    Sherylyn R.

    I love you so much Ms. Judy D. I'm a fan from Philippines 🇵🇭

  • daisymae1963

    Wow you look beautiful they all did a good job

  • Heather Fowler
    Heather Fowler

    Wow girl , 2021 blew it out the water!!! Amazing look !!! Love the hair !!!

  • nemaga nijenavedeno
    nemaga nijenavedeno

    1:11 Ingrid Witt - Deep in the Blue 3:48 Rain Jewels ft Cassandra Holmquist - Wild Life 5:31 Metin Bati - Omur Bir Masal Gibidir 7:06 Ambre Jaune - Take Five 8:53 Duplex Heart ft. Brigette Hammers - Screaming Out 10:22 OTE feat. Steven Ellis - One Trick Pony 11:31 Fleurs Douces - I used to be Free You're welcome 😁❤️

  • Meredith Topmiller
    Meredith Topmiller

    Damn you look amazing!

  • Linda Velasco
    Linda Velasco

    When ur real name is Linda and u feel so welcomed to this channel xD

  • Kenneth Joy Alacon
    Kenneth Joy Alacon

    Perfect! Also her outfit

  • Royaltybrand11

    Yo I wish you were in los Angeles I would have done your hair way better

  • Pam IE-MEX
    Pam IE-MEX

    All good but if you were treating yourself you should have gone to a ( don't want to be mean) but am sure there are better makeup artists in your area .. you could have had a better makeup for sure.....other than that I hope you enjoy it.

  • zaffi khan Alizai
    zaffi khan Alizai

    Which country you are from

  • Amy Bennett
    Amy Bennett


  • Emilia Radford
    Emilia Radford

    Is it just me or does she kind of look like Amy from the next step when she smiles ㋛

  • Freedom Fighter
    Freedom Fighter


  • Lioness Gaga
    Lioness Gaga

    This is i think the best make up and hair artist you had

  • KJK Always
    KJK Always

    2021!!!❤️🥰❤️ your hair looked incredible!!! Love the curtain bangs and curls on you!!! Makeup was super pretty too!! Just didn’t like that the MUA mentioned any “so-called imperfections” not cool at all.... everything else was Great!!!❤️🎊😍🤩💜🌟🌸

  • Shane Millott
    Shane Millott

    I think you look beautiful and you have beautiful friends ❤ 💕

  • Giselle Rodriguez
    Giselle Rodriguez

    You look good

  • Aigerim Kubayeva
    Aigerim Kubayeva

    What’s the name of the song 11:38

    • tnclinton

      I used to be free by fleurs douces, ❤️ that song

  • Rosanxe

    2021 you look so much more happier!!

  • Annabelle

    Don't you *love* when ppl point out your flaws, like thanks I didn't know I had a big ass nose 😩😭🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Alexis Nicole
    Alexis Nicole

    The eye makeup needed more blending. Happy belated birthday 🥳

  • Faye Rogerson
    Faye Rogerson

    The people that did ur hair and makeup and everything else was so so so nice I cant believe it they were so nice😀

  • Cute Buttons
    Cute Buttons

    Very cute but I wouldn't say catfish you still look like you

  • FierceJadeMakeup

    oh man watching that woman applied that hair mask

  • Amanda Maria psychic medium.
    Amanda Maria psychic medium.

    You are very beautiful and look amazing. Many blessings Amanda xxx

  • LaVitaCreativa

    The squelching sounds

  • Valeria Bustamante
    Valeria Bustamante

    such a nice vidddd🥺

  • M MJ
    M MJ

    It seems that you have naturally curly hair and it just needs the right products and styling.

  • KimberB95

    I’m a hairdresser and I wanted that treatment!

  • Mister Knightley
    Mister Knightley

    Wow you look like Iris Mittenaere with that look! 🤗 🇫🇷

  • Marie Andrea
    Marie Andrea

    Beautiful...also your blouse is beautiful, where is it from?

  • Jodi jo
    Jodi jo

    So this chick spends their days going to get her makeup done with the money her fan send her this is bizarre literally spends her days getting her face made up people start worrying about the more important things in life this is ridiculous

  • ZoSoArt

    I am in LOVE with your top!!!!!

  • ZoSoArt

    Oooh those ladies were so nice!! Makes a good change haha

  • Brooke Hildebrant
    Brooke Hildebrant

    Literally my new favorite youtuber since like 3 days ago but Im so happy I found her!!!! Iomggg

    • KJK Always
      KJK Always

      Me too!! Just found her channel like 5 days ago too and love her and have been binge watching her videos!! 👍❤️

  • Laura Jones
    Laura Jones

    Holy crap, when she spread that net mask out. She looked like a magician!

  • Kryssii


  • Lori Ihler
    Lori Ihler

    "This looks so much better from far than close", the MUA says. Not sure how I'd take that, lol! You look beautiful as always Judy!

  • SimplyJen X
    SimplyJen X

    I luv being a LINDA

  • Wanda Cardec
    Wanda Cardec

    I think we are the lucky ones that we have you here. Gorgeous either way but it was nice to see you out of black clothing.

  • Julia Hundley
    Julia Hundley

    you are STUNNING

  • zara a.
    zara a.

    Ahhh what was the very last song at the end???

  • potato pirate
    potato pirate

    U really look fantastic. Belated Happy Birthday!

  • Genesis

    make up artist rude-.-

  • Eloise Beattie
    Eloise Beattie

    You are SO beautiful! You shine from the inside out! So sweet and humble xx

  • Erin

    I'm living for the song used during the beginning of the hair styling.

  • amy lynch
    amy lynch

    She looks like a younger Kim k

  • Carola in Paris
    Carola in Paris

    happy birthday. Oh, it is so wonderful see you getting good makeup :)

  • drasil

    Music at the end???

  • OJ H
    OJ H

    I can’t believe she asked you if you’re gonna get your nose fixed 😭

    • Ainun Ap
      Ainun Ap

      That's so rudee

    • San

      That was so disrespectful. This old woman telling a young girl what is and isnt right about her face 🤮

  • OJ H
    OJ H

    I thought the brows looked great before she added more makeup to them and made them thicker haha