Living with Ari
what a little punk rascal

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Kinda Awkward by ionics
the mii theme song by nintendo

And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D ari will send you a happiness scream

  • Warlox Officials
    Warlox Officials

    0:02 That's totally kinda tru

  • noob killer
    noob killer

    dont say it like that like youre not a proffesional at anything youre the best at art

  • fabiola jimenez
    fabiola jimenez

    I wish I could live with Ari🍇🍒❤️🐦🍉🇺🇸

  • fabiola jimenez
    fabiola jimenez

    I love ❤️ birds 🐦 Ari is super cute 🥰!

  • Gerald Tocmohan
    Gerald Tocmohan

    We saw the half of your face pls put ari in your head and film your self so we can edit you so we can see your real face✌️😁

  • Bowed MC
    Bowed MC

    I love how you can see "Jaiden Hair" in the end lol

  • La más Pequeña
    La más Pequeña

    Can he fly

  • austin maxson
    austin maxson

    Will u do a face reveal

  • Pin Par
    Pin Par

    Wait its all ari Continue the meme in the replys

  • Pres s
    Pres s

    Jaiden once said he has a very manly voice but I don't think that's quite normal

  • Nicole Nedelko
    Nicole Nedelko

    My great grandma kind of treats her Ari like decoration but when I get one ( which will be in 10 years ) I’m going to be a good owner

  • Robert Quinn
    Robert Quinn

    STILL think ari is cute. And I want one.

  • Music Sans
    Music Sans

    No one's going to talk about the last song ari sang

  • Doop Poop
    Doop Poop

    *A R I* is a *B O Y*

  • Love and Cake
    Love and Cake

    Me and my sister have two parakeets in one is really sweet and the other one is just mean like mean like she bites us and stuff

  • Raza Gilani
    Raza Gilani

    Dude that lil dude who just said I’d like you to hold something My hand Like bruh @cadroper made him

  • Mark Priest
    Mark Priest

    I love Ollie would accuse your bird and looking to do but you don’t morning poop and I literally love always be you will you

    • Mark Priest
      Mark Priest


  • Nicoló

    6:19 XD

  • itzaiah Ortiz
    itzaiah Ortiz

    Who the f*ck says “ Am i Baka for having a crush on Ari, cHuUuul” who says that. 6:22 lol

  • Oliver Braemer
    Oliver Braemer

    can ari fly

  • Maddy Claire
    Maddy Claire

    Ari seems kinda like my grandmas bird but worse ._. But also I want Ari

  • Yến Hải
    Yến Hải

    Did Ari can dance?

  • Chien Dang
    Chien Dang

    Ari is cute but your good to

  • djkuroneko

    Jaiden:he flings strawberries everywhere Me:we never new dat...

  • Jessica Golden
    Jessica Golden

    What type of bird is ari and can he fly

    • Jessica Golden
      Jessica Golden

      Never mind

  • Jon Lawrence
    Jon Lawrence

    I have another ari question has ari ever watched your vids or seen himself in one of your vids in an animation

    • JuiceJumper

      Ari is a bird.

  • Bigmoyz

    0:42 jazz hands

  • Molly Daniels
    Molly Daniels

    does ari fly

  • Coolio Gameplays
    Coolio Gameplays

    My auntie has a parrot like that called Coco

  • Mr. Mango
    Mr. Mango

    Hey jaiden I had 3 ari and they all died

  • Shreyas Omar
    Shreyas Omar

    Come on, Ari is a bird...

  • yokeedude1 booboo
    yokeedude1 booboo

    if ari met stick fingers ARI ARI ARI ARI ARI ARI ARI ARI ARI

  • Felix_ Noah_
    Felix_ Noah_

    3:43 mInEcRaC

  • man chiken
    man chiken

    yo my brid loves to eat my phone. My phone is now broken

  • MelonGamer27

    Quick note: Baka = stupid

  • Mr. Keplerton
    Mr. Keplerton


  • Baker Fransen
    Baker Fransen

    You should make an Ari plushy

  • Dx Hearted
    Dx Hearted

    Would you stop screaming for 5 second

  • Dx Hearted
    Dx Hearted

    Ari can only sing one song it big enough

  • Ari Munoz
    Ari Munoz

    I am ari!!!

  • Ralph Lespron
    Ralph Lespron


  • Rhiannon Kerkel
    Rhiannon Kerkel

    I'm raising money for sugar gliders, actually.

  • christopher daffron
    christopher daffron

    Free and I know I ain't stopped him are you simple annoying

  • christopher daffron
    christopher daffron

    I do not like he's annoying I don't like your pet bird is annoying

  • Gia Alvarado
    Gia Alvarado

    I like ari more then you

  • Estrella Cortez
    Estrella Cortez


  • LoliRose

    I played this video while I was sitting with my parakeets and when Ari screamed my parakeets just went, what is that demon.

  • k morris
    k morris


  • Yeriel Urena
    Yeriel Urena

    What type of bird is ari?

    • Aneta Raczynska
      Aneta Raczynska

      Ari is a green cheeked conure from the looks of it

  • Random Stuff
    Random Stuff

    I have teo tiny aries

  • Peter Allen
    Peter Allen

    dose ari head bob my budgie dose

  • 《``•Eli and Friends•``》
    《``•Eli and Friends•``》

    I dont know his name but The evil version of Mario or Luigi sticker thing that kept popping up on ari was funny I know he does laugh like that somewhat- Whats the name Please someone tell me 8:56 8:57 8:59

  • Nubzoo Neela Vang
    Nubzoo Neela Vang

    what type of bird do you have

    • Aneta Raczynska
      Aneta Raczynska

      She has a green-cheeked conure

  • Nicolas Hernandez Cano
    Nicolas Hernandez Cano

    2:27 very funneh

  • Jonathan Pryke
    Jonathan Pryke

    Those are 100% real screams

    • Jonathan Pryke
      Jonathan Pryke

      I would know cause I have two

  • woofhuski

    *b i r d*

  • Aram Arekat
    Aram Arekat

    My birb will just bite knew people

  • Clarke Dharya Sunarto
    Clarke Dharya Sunarto

    can ari fly

  • wild_creeperz

    This video is 10x funnier now being a bird owner

  • Charles Hampson
    Charles Hampson

    I have two lizards. One of them is an extremely cute, soft and loveable leopard gecko The other one is a grumpy bearded dragon who always expects food from everyone You can see him in my profile pic.

  • Alicia Sanchez
    Alicia Sanchez

    Call this insane but this video of Ari actually drove me to get my German Shepherd mix Rico and he's very similar to Ari🤣🤣

  • blizzard the ice fox
    blizzard the ice fox

    lwhat type of bird is ari?

    • Aneta Raczynska
      Aneta Raczynska

      Ari is a green-cheeked conure

  • blizzard the ice fox
    blizzard the ice fox


  • Ana Hernandez
    Ana Hernandez

    I Don’t Have A Ari Before

  • High Treeson
    High Treeson


  • High Treeson
    High Treeson

    Ha ha

  • High Treeson
    High Treeson

    Lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol

  • High Treeson
    High Treeson

    I love Ari is that how do you spell him I think so but I love you it’s funny how everyone loves Ari

  • c o f f e e-h u n n y-b e e
    c o f f e e-h u n n y-b e e

    My brid just died in a mop😭

  • dpeek1234

    He wood get in my hair

  • dpeek1234

    He was so nice his name was coconut

  • dpeek1234

    Ari is cute but not like mine in havin

  • Evolet Figueroa
    Evolet Figueroa

    @Jaidenanimations Can you PLEASE do a vídeo of how you Anímate and edit please!!!! Ps, I love your Videos keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thabiso Maditla
    Thabiso Maditla

    1:41 True So..... Ari likes Bruno Mars???

  • Brian Wanke
    Brian Wanke

    Jaiden in the future : Friend : hey, can I see some of your old animations? Jaiden : sure- oh, don’t mind Ari....he’s just, my past birb I don’t want to talk about.... Friend : oh..I’m sorry- Jaiden : yeah, he’s squeezing out turds right now and since he’s an old man it smells like onions....

  • Mohamed Mubarak
    Mohamed Mubarak

    I like ari better

  • FerretGuild

    The drawer story keeps bringing me back!

  • Ryan Dascomb
    Ryan Dascomb

    Aris terms and conditions You will feed me constantly It will be black berries I will yell when I can’t be around you I will push things off counters you will give me constant attention

  • Nawfal Aqeel Rainul
    Nawfal Aqeel Rainul

    Remember it's Jaiden that do all the work just to make people only like ari

  • Funblox

    Mirror agent good for Ari

  • Bertha Granados
    Bertha Granados

    What if this hurts lEt iT gO lEt iT gO cAnT hOlD iT bAcK AnY MoRE what a terrible song I singed

  • YW - 03MK 864395 James Grieve PS
    YW - 03MK 864395 James Grieve PS

    Amazing Respecter Intelligently smart

  • Gavgabe 10
    Gavgabe 10

    I got a ari because of you and I am so happy now thx

  • Seehat

    Ari to strangers:Ew your disgusting dont tuch me oy oy! no stay back you got a flu

  • Чепушок

    Вау,у джейден Хонда! Завидую..

  • Cartoon_demonclark_playzrblx clark pallares
    Cartoon_demonclark_playzrblx clark pallares


  • Cartoon_demonclark_playzrblx clark pallares
    Cartoon_demonclark_playzrblx clark pallares


  • Juliette Labrecque
    Juliette Labrecque

    I want a sugar glider... do you know sugar gliders live in Africa and are legal in Vermont.

  • Mariia Art
    Mariia Art

    I have 5 crested geckos which are hilarious!! I'm planning of getting a blue and gold wing macaw when I move out into a bigger house. I love birds so much, they just bring so much joy into our lives!!

  • Lucky Cat
    Lucky Cat

    I have over 30 big and small aris

    • Lucky Cat
      Lucky Cat

      Sorry I have bad spelling

  • Brian Pierce
    Brian Pierce

    Your copyrighted.

  • Andrew Holmes
    Andrew Holmes

    I vote Jaden

  • Gamer Phoenix
    Gamer Phoenix

    8:49 Would this be a half face reveal

  • Shabeina Banu
    Shabeina Banu

    I recognize the first person ari ignored from the Pokémon shirt! (It’s James)

  • SweetConfections

    Can Ari fly?

  • S animal
    S animal

    Can ari fly

  • Súper sonic Adventure world and friends
    Súper sonic Adventure world and friends

    Why is the animation change at times?

  • PsychoWolf

    can ari fly or is his wings clipped???

  • Matthew B
    Matthew B

    Jaidens better

  • Emi Rose
    Emi Rose

    Ari is cute and you are so funny so I love both of you.