I Transformed A SUPER FAN! | Alexis Stone
Today I had the pleasure of transforming self proclaimed super fan Alice from head to toe! we took her shopping, coloured her hair and took her out for dinner with a fresh beat! so much fun. Show her some love
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  • Jean Rico
    Jean Rico

    She s beautiful as natural person... before

  • L S
    L S

    Morticia Familia Adam's Barbie. 🖤

  • Darlene Martinez
    Darlene Martinez

    Wow the power of makeup

  • greg clark
    greg clark

    SHe's beautiful to begin with and nice job on the makeup. Skintone looks a little muddy tho... The lash transformed the eyes completely.

  • Heather Estes
    Heather Estes

    I'm so jealous! It's like Natasha from Bullwinkle came to life.

  • Amy Marshall
    Amy Marshall

    I thought the same. Natural unique beauty to start. No words after glam.

  • Moira Orfui
    Moira Orfui

    She looks like a Tim Burton creature, without makeup 😻

  • Goldie



    Its always easy to get beautiful make-up on young people........I'm 50...baggy chin, saggy eyes, lips getting thinner each time I look in the mirror and my cheeks are like chip and dale from walt disney.....

  • E G
    E G

    Make up is fab but her face is too long n her chin. And having that short of bangs only emphasises the long face even more. Sorry

  • coffee with two sugars please
    coffee with two sugars please

    wow , i wish i could get my make up done by a pro , she looks amazing like a star ready for a red carpet night .x

  • Mia Claudia
    Mia Claudia

    Selbstbetrug! Natürlichkeit ist besser!

  • Junifer Q. Sparrowhawk
    Junifer Q. Sparrowhawk

    She looks like a freaking pinup style Morticia Addams and I am HERE for it!! GORGEOUS!!💖💖💖

  • Lana

    When you start with a beauty to begin with, add pro makeup, you end with a top model out on the town.

  • Gregory Malone
    Gregory Malone


  • Tom Valveede
    Tom Valveede


  • Eddie King
    Eddie King


  • Наталья Алябьева
    Наталья Алябьева

    Страшная и до и после. А это кольцо в носу - просто капец

  • boots ross
    boots ross

    Bravo 👏

  • Valerie Adair
    Valerie Adair


  • Belkis Perea
    Belkis Perea

    She could not stay in silence! It is more difficult for him do the magic when the client is an unstoppable chatter

  • Juan KV
    Juan KV

    Amazing transformation. Good job, she looks so gorgeous ❤️

  • Loveleigh Ladey
    Loveleigh Ladey

    The foundation was a little dark

  • Red one
    Red one


  • Heart Mind
    Heart Mind

    Never a duckling, she’s beautiful either way but that Audrey Hepburn neck -she’s a swan!!! Great Job and so fun to watch! From Lancaster PA USA.

  • Ruth Reibly
    Ruth Reibly

    does she ever stop talking ? LOL

  • Johanna Jumelet
    Johanna Jumelet

    Uniquely beautiful ✨🤍🎉🎉

  • Moniwerner

    200 kilos de maquillaje...? Es muy linda naturalmente.

  • 07celebrity

    People don't know the difference between "Transformation" and "Makeover"... Smh that's why the makeup was done in such a manner.

  • Abby Smith
    Abby Smith

    Very bettie page, those bangs and that smokey eye are fantastic😚👌🏻

  • SmashinBeauty

    Alexis this is amazing!!!!

  • michelle mcgill
    michelle mcgill

    Omg! It’s Betty Page!

  • marie rose
    marie rose

    without lashes better

  • Suzie Quzie
    Suzie Quzie

    Gorgeous! Love it!

  • djkommando

    I can't stop staring at her crooked septum piercing...

  • Yasmeen Marmash
    Yasmeen Marmash

    Wow she looks like a different person

  • Shanon Thatcher
    Shanon Thatcher

    Oh my gosh!!! Wonderful

  • wiggie771

    Wouldn’t it be nice to just wake up like that and have to do all that work

  • Antonio Vasconcelos
    Antonio Vasconcelos

    Woah, she’s other worldly

  • Giridhar Dhar
    Giridhar Dhar


  • Gretchen Dupree
    Gretchen Dupree


  • Светлана Трифонова
    Светлана Трифонова

    Прям не узнать!

  • Kill Hacker
    Kill Hacker

    She looked very pleasing before the transformation.

  • Teresa Ellis
    Teresa Ellis

    Very much natural beauty before makeup...bombshell after..

  • Norafzalila Zainol -
    Norafzalila Zainol -

    The music in this vid is too much

  • Errin Taylor
    Errin Taylor

    *I. LOVE. IT.*

  • MilCo

    Not sure if it's the lighting or the camera but her contouring just looks like she has a dirty face 🤔

  • Yoshii Pagan
    Yoshii Pagan


  • Nathalie G.
    Nathalie G.

    Magnifique !

  • 月紫

    I don't like it. I feel like the artist didn't consider model's features and just copied and pasted a makeup he would do on literally anyone, while everyone has their own structure that needs to be analized to know what to do, accentuate, reducte, to make the face symmetrical. That's how we work - we consider beautiful what's closest to symmetrical. Here we have just any eyeshadow shape slapped on, making her eyes wide spaced. He didn't do anything to make the illusion of her forehead to chin ratio symmetrical etc. It looks clean and neat tho.

  • Marty

    Please, please fix this 56 year old grandma with the coffee stained tee-shirts who has given up on ever being pretty again. There's a doughnut in it for you. :)

  • Hank Upyours
    Hank Upyours

    She was pretty before...but wow...stunning after the make over...if only she never got into that goth crap...a real shame...she really is beautiful

  • janeany737

    But she never stops talking 😁...BUT AMAZING MAKE-UP ARTIST !!¡ beautiful girl

  • Roberto Junior
    Roberto Junior

    Que maquiador lindo 😍🥰

  • Aliguar

    Wow! I wish someone would transform my old face. That is incredible.

  • Ria Sanders
    Ria Sanders

    Very Great...🤩👍

  • Kiki G
    Kiki G

    Please do more transformations with fans! Seeing people love their makeup is my favorite thing ever! How fun, getting a makeover, then going out to dinner looking amazing with a person you admire 🥺😭❣️✨

  • Arzur Del Gallego
    Arzur Del Gallego

    Bastaba con quitarle las gafas. El color de sus ojos es brutal. Creo que al final va como una puerta

  • Paradise McKnight
    Paradise McKnight

    You gave her LIFE!!!!!! Yessss.

  • cenobyt3z

    Ugh I’m living for this 🖤🙌🏽 yaaaas hunty!

  • Nidhi N
    Nidhi N


  • L M
    L M

    Super adorable 😍

  • alexandernicolo

    I think I saw this girl in the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

  • Е.М.А. М.А.Е.
    Е.М.А. М.А.Е.

    Ощущение грязи. Непромытых лиц, рук, кистей

  • puro amor
    puro amor


  • NuNu Suth
    NuNu Suth

    Omgosh! Love this!!!

  • Nancy Couch
    Nancy Couch

    This was the most amazing transformations ever. She is absolutely adorable and lovely without a stitch of makeup on and then when he applies her makeup it fully enhanced all of her gorgeous features she was already born with. Her hair is magnificent and those eyes are absolutely spectacular!!! I wish so much that I could apply my makeup like this but I am truly hopeless. I need to watch more tutorials and practice.

  • Jami Conroy
    Jami Conroy

    .... beautiful to begin with.....

  • chilena orgullosa
    chilena orgullosa


  • ApocaLIPS Gorgeous
    ApocaLIPS Gorgeous

    I NEEEDDDDD to know what lashes you used!!!!!

  • Lily Rose
    Lily Rose

    She was naturallly beautiful to begin with. I love it. I think even I could pull off this look.

  • Ana Indiana
    Ana Indiana


  • Danielle Nichols
    Danielle Nichols

    You are so dang handsome

  • Fel Gonzales
    Fel Gonzales

    Why did you change her skin tone with foundation?

  • Asmy Sarasan
    Asmy Sarasan

    There's something off with her lash placement

  • Фрукт Ананас
    Фрукт Ананас

    Why dark tone on whaite skine?

  • y.a 3210
    y.a 3210


  • Sam Young
    Sam Young

    The dude is a master of painting someone else's face on you. She looks nothing like herself now.

  • thegreenmoskito

    So much cuter before ! She is naturaly beautiful, just a little makeup would be so much better ! The false lashes are particulary horrible and give her a pretentious look !

  • Robin Yarnell
    Robin Yarnell


  • Nan Duarte
    Nan Duarte

    He keeps putting his hands all over her face

  • Маша Борбосик
    Маша Борбосик


  • Ole man
    Ole man

    Где очки такие купить, как у девушки?

  • richard1002

    Absolutely WOW!

  • Mei

    are you guys related??? Like missing siblings related???

  • Carmen Farine
    Carmen Farine

    Unbelievable I

  • Some One
    Some One

    "I'm obsessed" People really need to stop with that ridiculous phrase. Is that the best you can do? How about: you did an amazing job, i love it, thank you. PS: You are stunning. And he's an artist.



  • Amber Price
    Amber Price

    ❤️ she looks like Mavis from hotel Transylvania ❤️❤️❤️

  • Vero Aviles
    Vero Aviles

    Divina !

  • faiza aladawi
    faiza aladawi


  • Smarie IsMe
    Smarie IsMe

    Ummmm....shouldn't her foundation be the same color as her actual skin?? There seems to be a glaring continuity issue here......just sayin.

  • Mary Hensley
    Mary Hensley

    The makeup/beauty side of youtube is so petty and mean. JAMIE is entertaining and fun to watch...plus she has talent and is so good at all of the techniques she attempts, no one had a copyright claim on these freaking makeup looks. She made the look viral fun and interesting, what haters!

  • michelle fain
    michelle fain

    She looks amazing, I just wish her nose ring was even instead of being sideways and making her nose look funny.

  • HenryManson

    why did they make up that beautiful girl with unfortunate bangs & the pig-noseing intho THIS 0815 uninteresting plastik barbie?! disgusting!

  • Laura Powers
    Laura Powers

    Most excellent work.

  • Hellcat :-:
    Hellcat :-:

    Uhh I love her face, beautiful makeup.

  • Alisha Montgomery
    Alisha Montgomery

    Omg pretty before but after she went to a Lilly Munster vibe like no other!! ❤️

  • Monica 0003
    Monica 0003

    She's the hottie of the Addams family, makes mama Morticia proud

  • Meliha Kremic
    Meliha Kremic

    I just cant seem to understand why does everyone thins out the nose 😱😱😱