Tesla Hacker: The Rogue Mechanic Taking On Tesla
This video was originally posted on @Motherboard in 2018.
Rich is a car enthusiast whose passion is to find wrecked Teslas, bring them back to life, and then share his adventures in repairs on his ISnets channel @Rich Rebuilds: isnets.info/first/fV0_wbjG8KJADuZT2ct4SA.html
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  • Jack TheRIP
    Jack TheRIP

    2000 people are so envy of this gaaa that dislike his knoledge...poor people

  • recon forsales
    recon forsales

    Personally I would leave it to the experts to repair my tesla

  • sactownedd916

    If you open a shop you should call it “static shock” lol. Or similar so you don’t get sued by the cartoon lol

  • Dutch Kushman
    Dutch Kushman

    Can't wait to see him work on the lucid air. Open a EV repair shop!

  • logan smith
    logan smith

    Well there is Tesla dealership here in Raleigh NC 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • eyuel birhanu
    eyuel birhanu

    I am 💯💯💯 percent with him there need to be more laws for Tesla owners/consumers ! Congress need to act and make this happen . I need to be able to make anything I want with my own item that I owe and bought eighth my money . Tesla Needs go do better

  • deadtreebark

    I had no idea Elon musk was anti repair

  • jonathan lee
    jonathan lee

    lets be real here if you have enough cash for a tesla you can afford to rent a car no problem while you wait for tesla 🤪

  • Victor Calvillo
    Victor Calvillo

    Smart man

  • The Mad Lads
    The Mad Lads

    Calling a Tesla a masterpiece is laughable. Panel gaps galore and a company that was so bad at manufacturing that even Ford, despite being poor in quality on its own, gave them advice on how to make cars better and waste less money making them.

  • Vincent Grassano
    Vincent Grassano

    This guy's crazy amazing


    Rich & shop friends are Awesome

  • Garrett

    Just so you guys understand there's a reason why they want to be the people who fix their vehicles. There's still in their alpha phase they want to work out all the kinks before these things drive completely autonomously. The way they will drive autonomously I promise you is going to be off of the vast network of satellites SpaceX is launching into space form a global 5G network. It's pretty easy to see what musk wants to do.

  • GhostlyGamer

    I think Tesla owes him a dam Job after this kinda stupid for them not to try to hire somebody like him

  • MrTelfs

    this guy is the man

  • KampKarl

    This is capitalism for you in the end it will be no different than communism. You will have no privet property all property will be in the hands of corporations with help from the goverment. Corporate communism

  • Ricko pete
    Ricko pete

    I was going to buy a truck...but nevermind

  • Jim Rr
    Jim Rr

    Tesla is trying to control YOUR property

  • Tony Suda
    Tony Suda

    @15:32 Rich sets It to read and write .... 5 minutes later,: Tesla cars become self aware they learn at a geometric rate.... Rich: Oh oh Tesla: we told you!!!

  • Aaron

    Tesla stole the idea off i robot

  • James

    What an amazing man!!

  • Hasan Ibrahim
    Hasan Ibrahim

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  • Emily

    Wow!. They are making cars so complicated. Lost my remote to my uUdi and it is close to EIGHT HUNDRED DOLLARS. you can get off market but the start of car could be affected. Good to know about the Tesla......I am just going t keep my Audi and run it forever. i go less than 10k miles a year. Just give me a car that drives...i dont need lane protection etc.

  • Snow Puddle
    Snow Puddle

    smart dude

  • Retro Plus
    Retro Plus

    Tesla, the apple of the automotive industry

  • Jennifer Nunya
    Jennifer Nunya

    Welp, I won't ever be buying a Tesla unless this changes. That's just ridiculous.

  • J R
    J R

    Black excellence at its finest. Tesla is really allowing a missed opportunity to pass by via a partnership with this guy.

  • davyrockxx

    I once bought a wrecked 1981 Camaro Z28 and also one with a blown engine and did this same idea. although i realize that tesla cars are much more complicated

  • jtreinen762

    Most people look at a car and think, "I have no fucken clue how to fix this thing." Most auto mechanics look at a Tesla and think, "I have no fucken clue how to fix this thing."

    • Tony Suda
      Tony Suda

      Also mekanik: yeah thats the discombulator that'll be $400

  • Cam Orias
    Cam Orias

    Tesla needs to hire him at a 200k Salary

  • Sōshi Miketsukami
    Sōshi Miketsukami

    Tesla: wait thats illegal 😂

    • Tony Suda
      Tony Suda

      Also tesla...because we arnt getting the $400 for the discombulator replacement

  • Will Robbinson
    Will Robbinson

    I wish u all the best , good video

  • jimmy jams
    jimmy jams

    Cut and Shut cars are legal? Dodgy as!

    • Tony Suda
      Tony Suda

      @jimmy jams I am overwhelmed because of the language I'd love to debate but i don't understand mercantile class?

    • jimmy jams
      jimmy jams

      @Tony Suda beurgois society; sounds like a 60s beatnik comment But dead set, the mercantile class is the new monarchs and lords. Liberal Democracy is all smoke and mirrors and social democracy is capitulation; In the US the Republicans aren't even liberal-must be fascimos!

    • Tony Suda
      Tony Suda

      @jimmy jams ah capitalism has been making it this way for ever old fashioned values are whats needed hey

    • jimmy jams
      jimmy jams

      @Tony Suda ohhhh; I spell gaol the old way not the bugs bunny cartoon way-jail! By gaol I meant jail!!!! Gaol=Jail their goal was to be dodgy and make money by deception= capitalism in a nut shell!

    • Tony Suda
      Tony Suda

      @jimmy jams well that wasn't their goal I supoose

  • Imhotep Nubian
    Imhotep Nubian

    Good Work. Experience vs certificstion! Get a Patreon. Shade Tree mechanics were considered good back in the day. Black males would run a chain through a tree and lift the engine up and work on it, because they couldnt afford a garage. T

  • Felipe

    And now he is SWAPPING A V8 IN A TESLA!!!!!!! FCKN LEGEND

    • Tony Suda
      Tony Suda


  • Maximilian Rethmeier
    Maximilian Rethmeier

    hahaha america country of freedom hahaha good joke

  • aziz ropal
    aziz ropal

    Avoir des vus c'est facile 1.27 les 1000, ainsi des abonés tout services provient de vrai personnes ceci est donc très stable il faut juste trouver un site comme *British* *Panel* *net*

  • Big bang 1
    Big bang 1

    Imagine knowing every ant in the hill by name. This is what this guy is doing

  • MrTomBlackTV

    lol why are the cars (teslas ) so great when you get problems like this just use a normal car so you stay in control

  • Laurie Hunter
    Laurie Hunter

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  • gTheHun

    Whos disliking this!? Great job sir!👏

  • Cameron Bush
    Cameron Bush

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  • 5pikeoholic

    I love his voice! (Morgan Freeman?)

  • sdfsdft rgtaergfger g
    sdfsdft rgtaergfger g

    and people say vice doesn’t have good pieces anymore

  • John Yeoh
    John Yeoh

    If only the manufacturer just sold him the parts.. More people will drive Tesla

  • nonamebrand

    People need to stop riding the Elon/Tesla dick train bc their cars are actually not that good. But good for this guy cause he's smart af being able to do all this.

  • Genny Kumako
    Genny Kumako

    Rich is David and Tesla......I'm sure you know. Rich should be congratulated for what he does because he himself has said how good Tesla cars are, so Elon should be proud. Anyway Elon has that stubborn mentality of the super rich.....fk everyone and anything that gets in my way.... good luck Rich.

  • Chief Tigmos
    Chief Tigmos

    my 2002 civic was included in the takata airbag recall even though it was 20 years old. the fact is, is that musk is another billionaire seeking world domination. he is using tactics he has learned from the euro manufacturers. everything thing from the aluminum bodies that are rivet bonded together to not selling parts for certain cars to anybody who doesnt pay ungodly amounts of money for a factory repair certification. the only thing proprietary about tesla is the drive train and software. the damn thing might as well have a john deere badge on it. you shouldnt trust anything from a person who wants to sell brain implants to people and colonize other planets. in all reality musk is a god damn sci fi villain.

  • Gambia’s Grandma
    Gambia’s Grandma

    Tesla’s got that “Brotherhood of Steel” mentality with technology it seems

  • Robert Motherwell
    Robert Motherwell

    What a badass! American hero sir! Seriously the world needs more people like you!

  • WenMar Old Repairs and Pcp air rifles
    WenMar Old Repairs and Pcp air rifles

    Rich is AWESOME he is the reason i save so much more "trash" where parts i can use that i overlooked before! Get them buddy!!!

  • Çesar Łopez
    Çesar Łopez

    He does a great job and has great points but it would only make sense for the company to be like this due to it not being out for a long time

  • Nootpocket

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  • Cecil Blackman
    Cecil Blackman


  • pt0407

    You are one awesome smart thinker, Rich. Brilliant! To think beyond and realize that people are losing their ability to truly own something because they can't fix it is a novel way of thinking thru this whole new EV & big tech market. Them asking you "what do you need those for" when you call Tesla to ask for a part. UNBELIEVABLE! And here I was thinking that E Musk was the peoples genius. Ha! (Yeah, like Amazon & Google is).

  • Adnan

    bring tesla to Pakistan. Pakistanis mechanics will rebuild the entire tesla.

  • TheBrentonTaylor

    Right to repair; Tesla, Farm tractors and apple products.... Y'all see how fucked up this is right? They spend millions marketing to you so you buy their product, they sell it to you @ full retail price yet you become a slave to their repair shop when it stops working AND society continues to bend over and buy said products. Righto then. I'll show myself out.

  • Simon Wang
    Simon Wang

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  • Social Sneakers
    Social Sneakers

    Tesla doesn’t want to deal with future lawsuits when unlicensed people fixing their own cars or fixing other people mistake. Since their business relied on the electronics and traditional moving parts like traditional cars. Hopefully the more people drive teslas, the more parts and even licensed technicians would be more accessible and available. Until that happen, buy a toyota lol.

  • Escobar B
    Escobar B

    That’s good my prediction are coming true about Tesla, they are going to have to show other mechanics how to work on their cars and once’s more people know how to work on electric cars, Tesla will be irrelevant.

  • Phil Chen
    Phil Chen

    The whimsical line individually type because notify daily worry on a abundant production. anxious, awful doctor

  • billy19461

    Farmers are facing the exact same problems. Especially with John Deere.

    • Tony Suda
      Tony Suda

      The cost of repair is just becoming too deer

  • Minor Clips
    Minor Clips

    I've been following rich on ISnets for quite some time we're both from Massachusetts so I felt a little obligated to give a fellow masshole a chance and I'm glad I did one of the funniest stories since this is when he opened his shop Tesla showed up at his grand opening party

  • Adrian Ochoa
    Adrian Ochoa

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  • Betty Vanderhooven-SchmaaSchmaa
    Betty Vanderhooven-SchmaaSchmaa

    Rich, you're awesome!

  • Aquarius

    I bet Tesla would pay this dude millions to join the dark side,

  • Joe Toh
    Joe Toh

    wow great move tech should be liberating no oppressive

  • Jonathan Vogel
    Jonathan Vogel

    when there are loads of electric cars , a company will allow people to repair their own cars as a hook to get them to buy it , then the flood gates open , its only a matter of time. If Tesla stick to their rule , then no-one will buy them .. bye bye Tesla

  • Damian Medina
    Damian Medina

    Now i have a different idea of buying a tesla

  • Damian Medina
    Damian Medina

    This is very dangerous for taxis it will put you out of business if having to wait for repairs

  • Damian Medina
    Damian Medina

    This is no good

  • Damian Medina
    Damian Medina

    This is very important for the world to know

  • Damian Medina
    Damian Medina

    Brother Elon musk will back you up

  • johny begood
    johny begood

    common this is vice , they have agenda ,wake up people, I could care less about tesla, look I enjoyed the documentary but really ,some guy telling me is life purpose is helping others with their tesla cars, people are starving cant find a decent place to live , if you can afford a tesla car just put up with their corporate bullshit , don t try make me feel sorry for tesla owner, lets give this guy a noble prize for saving tesla owners, f......ng western world ,like people don't have bigger problems then owning a tesla car!!!!

  • johny begood
    johny begood

    no he like getting 3 000 000 views

  • Darrick Vann
    Darrick Vann

    Very Nice my man very Nice

  • Yoshua Martinez
    Yoshua Martinez

    "Uh Oh. First time that's ever happened. It's alright!" The way this man conducts himself is so wholesome and inspirational. Such a sweet guy 🖤

  • Anthony Phung
    Anthony Phung

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  • fatman6647

    4:26 I think Elon musk would proudly shake your hand even tho your going against him

    • Tony Suda
      Tony Suda

      He would probably buy him to stop

  • Jay S.
    Jay S.

    and 3 years later, he's working on putting a V8 gas engine in a Tesla.

  • Pleb Failsworth
    Pleb Failsworth

    if you think this is crazy you should watch the videos of rich buying a legitimate used tesla from the tesla website. he went through 3+ months of hell trying to pick the car up.

  • Max Schrodinger
    Max Schrodinger

    Never ever buying a Tesla or there stock after this.

  • SuperKinahead

    In new zealand i know a guy who managed to get the cost to replace said batteries, a prius cost around 5k, where as for tesla the most expensive one went all the way to 100k.

  • Lee Ennis
    Lee Ennis

    Do you not need a safety certificate for road worthy car's, you can't just weild a car together in Ireland, this would be gone to the scrap yard

  • Dave Sweetman
    Dave Sweetman

    I couldn't agree with you more, its about time some one took a stand, good on yea.

  • Anthony Clemons
    Anthony Clemons

    The power cell in a tesla runs at 375 VDC (enough to kill) and if it is punctured, by simply putting the jack in the wrong location when trying to jack it up, it could cause a massive fire, if this occurs you have no choice but to wait until it has burned itself out. I am a massive advocate for the right to repair, this is pretty much the only example (im sure there are others) of understanding why a company is selective as to who can service their equipment.

  • Elon Musk
    Elon Musk

    This man must be arrested.

    • Tony Suda
      Tony Suda

      Oh musk you be so pedantic

  • Sally Chi
    Sally Chi

    Rich is the All-American, and Tesla is the rogue company that Rich is calling out.

  • maxmumbai1234

    Your car got marooned, you did have insurance right!

  • Alessandro Silveira
    Alessandro Silveira

    A company that has this kind of policy, should be out of market. Just do not buy and they will change. There is a lot of great cars to buy, we do not need to became "slaves" of this kind of policy. Congrats, great job!

  • A Mexican And European
    A Mexican And European

    A Shelby gt500 is a masterpiece Tesla’s are just cars rich nerdy guys drive 😂

  • dan sangha
    dan sangha

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  • concretecurt

    Love and admire what you are doing, keep it up and all the power to you. Your attitude inspires me, and I agree with your philosophy of repair if possible. Not junk and buy another.

  • matthew lambert
    matthew lambert

    Fun fact ...he is the R2-D2 mechanic as well

  • Rhys Boag
    Rhys Boag

    Tinker tom is doing great for himself!

  • DollarHere

    It's cool what he does but if his diy tesla repair fails someone and causes injuries or death. Then he is in a bad position

  • lew allen
    lew allen

    We just passed a bill here in the UK that states manufacturers must design products in such a way and produce every part for spares that hopefully this type of practice will be a thing of the past

  • taco de salsa
    taco de salsa


  • Revolution wake up
    Revolution wake up

    Disappointing information -Elon-!!!!!!


    Very inspirational keep going !!!!!!