Simplifying Corporate Logos - JonTron
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Jon Jafari - Director/Editor/Writer
Sergio Torres - Director of Photography/Line Producer/Creative
Andrew Reynoso - Key Grip/Creative
Lewis Bown - Editor/Writer

  • PikáchuClásico


  • William Brock
    William Brock

    Am I the only one that thinks if he became a voice actor he would make a good Timone from Lion King series? Because JonTron sounds just like Timone

  • Benjamin Carney
    Benjamin Carney

    6:07 "WE FOUND THE GAP!!" Me: 🤣 Also, I love how he used OG Mario sfx from 7:57-8:02 to delete icons of Adobe programs.


    Salve brasileiro assistindo gringos se tá doido

  • Scott McDonald
    Scott McDonald

    Hey, what happened to Jacque?

  • Hiden Bunter's Krak Pype
    Hiden Bunter's Krak Pype

    Be careful putting that small short on that huge statue, he can't breathe.

  • Franz Müller
    Franz Müller

    I wouldn't even recognize "Dunkin'" but "Dunkin' Donut" I would recognize... just call it "Dunkin' Coffee" and pronounce it like a New Yorker. Edit: Just call it "D'D"

  • Skittleanimewolf


  • Samuel Asbury
    Samuel Asbury

    This video is cool

  • Lazy Flazzy
    Lazy Flazzy

    The mindless chalk proximately carve because calendar enthrallingly pull plus a thoughtless appliance. super, splendid insulation

  • Brandon Dawe
    Brandon Dawe

    Actually I really like the anmail planet logo

  • Alastor Fan
    Alastor Fan

    Is it bad that I like the simplified animal planet logo?🐘

  • Dog Food
    Dog Food

    You out of ideas buddy? Huh? :(

  • Corrupted Reality
    Corrupted Reality

    The return of Jon's fluffy hair brings me joy

  • Dr Dalmation
    Dr Dalmation

    I became the coolest kid in school when I turned the green giant into a green stick figure

  • The R. EightyOne
    The R. EightyOne

    If we could simplify the American flag it would be the French flag.

  • Richard D’Agostini
    Richard D’Agostini


  • Strive Indigo
    Strive Indigo

    Damn, Jon's video did so well that it had 3,728,811 views before his editor even hit publish.

  • Gabe's Gaming
    Gabe's Gaming

    I actually got this guy mixed up with tomska when I was talking to my friends on discord 😂

  • thor ug
    thor ug

    Animal blanet

  • Lazy Flazzy
    Lazy Flazzy

    The spotted romanian systemically apologise because centimeter clinicopathologically separate alongside a versed jelly. female fertile, smiling parrot

  • Beyond

    your content is trash

    • Davinwolverine

      Says you mr 0 subs

  • Pandawarrior 222
    Pandawarrior 222


  • Colin Bowser
    Colin Bowser

    The dunkin dounuts around me haven’t changed their logo at all

  • Graysongdl

    Holy shit, I genuinely thought the new gross blue Adobe logos were the joke ones you made!

  • D2EAM


  • Tj Richert
    Tj Richert

    Not gonna lie, I'm diggin Jon's new logo

  • moe

    you know what fuck you *un donuts your dunkin'*

  • Bellini

    I laughed too fucking hard at the dunkin dounts one, oh sorry I mean '

  • Thomas Is Broken
    Thomas Is Broken

    If looks like it says animal blanket

  • Boeing F/A-18E Super Hornet Multirole Fighter
    Boeing F/A-18E Super Hornet Multirole Fighter

    The part where he labels “tusk ->” made me cry from laughing. No reason, just perfect comedy

  • Crazy Wave
    Crazy Wave

    "Your the animal and I want you off this planet"

  • mac slapss
    mac slapss

    in 2030, their logo is just gonna be *e*

  • Rethink That
    Rethink That

    “It’s like the Michelin man if he was a burn victim” lmao

  • Sovran Soviet
    Sovran Soviet

    Feel like something Tony Blair would say

  • Busa Nut
    Busa Nut

    I can't imagine having that haircut in any place that gets remotely hot. Thank you for keeping it going bro.

  • Sam Vodopianov - Самуил Водопьянов
    Sam Vodopianov - Самуил Водопьянов

    I like that shirt a lot

    • Sam Vodopianov - Самуил Водопьянов
      Sam Vodopianov - Самуил Водопьянов

      @Pomegranate Pom id buy it

    • Pomegranate Pom
      Pomegranate Pom

      It is a good shirt.

  • Colonel Sanders
    Colonel Sanders

    2 videos within 2 months? wow god has truly blessed us

  • Chase Henry
    Chase Henry

    The animal planet logo you made is kinda good just needs some better photoshop

  • Chaseb

    It's like a company sees other companies over simplifying their logos and they think "This must be some way to make business boomin better than ever!"

  • Ben Higbee
    Ben Higbee

    he's reached the beanie phase

  • Josephi Krakowski
    Josephi Krakowski

    * cries in Formula 1 Logo * No seriously that logo used to be fuckin great, now it looks like someone hit adidas's three stripes with a hammer.

  • Kyle Kossen
    Kyle Kossen

    I won’t lie, the Animal Planet one he made is a pretty good concept

  • j-mac.

    Simplify your logo We know how to do it

  • Elbow_Juice


    • Davinwolverine


  • Kiriachy _
    Kiriachy _

    Whys the whole video a black screen

    • Pomegranate Pom
      Pomegranate Pom

      I think something is wrong with your browser, it was not dark for me.

  • galeforce3192

    I think someone at DD likes Sans a little too much and had a different idea of getting dunked on...

  • Brittany Dunn
    Brittany Dunn

    Lmao damn how did I miss Jon in my city

  • shezmu24

    Smuckers redesign makes me think of a medical corporation

  • Willy Aleksander Wiksaas
    Willy Aleksander Wiksaas

    9:26 how... how did i know he was gonna do that?😅 I mean, honestly tho, like what else could you do? Take a bite on both sides?🤣

  • 00Noontide

    I like him because he is truly a nerd :)

  • Aeneas DeLaCerda
    Aeneas DeLaCerda

    VPN’s still track your info.

  • The sexy gaming channel
    The sexy gaming channel

    when you showed me the all blue Adobe logo i thought that was the one you created BUT IT WAS ADOBE WHO MADE IT like who thought that was a good idea?!?

  • BucketDwarf

    the adobe one makes me so mad... IT WAS SO MUCH BETTER BEFORE

  • Owen Roth
    Owen Roth

    Make the life is ok idk a shirt and I will buy plz

  • Jusuf Mujevic
    Jusuf Mujevic

    For the coffee Dunkin’ Donuts logo I always thought it was a face I was werd

  • Pythois

    Your saying this was uploaded 3 weeks ago? It felt like months when it was uploaded

  • Fell Ker
    Fell Ker

    Animal planet is going to steal your design now

  • Dya Volo
    Dya Volo

    The current animal planet logo looks like a knock-off version of the actual animal planet logo

  • Morphéwo

    They should make the "U" of "Dunkin'" a coffee cup

  • Nikajin Pusno
    Nikajin Pusno

    Dunkin donuts should change to “dunkin’ Ds” or “double D” lol

  • Panzer of the lake
    Panzer of the lake

    Bruh u hate the new fire fox logo it's not even a fox any more

  • Nikajin Pusno
    Nikajin Pusno

    Well, graphic designers need a job, eh? Lol best thing is to just leave it alone. Some of These are classic case of „ain’t broke - don’t fix it.”

  • TheUnknownOne

    Duncan Bc?

  • White Gold
    White Gold

    Where did you get that pulp fiction poster from

    • Pomegranate Pom
      Pomegranate Pom

      I found it for you. If you go on Amazon and type: "Pulp Fiction Poster Standard Size" I found the exact one but I'm not sure if the size is correct.

  • Finley Tohill
    Finley Tohill


  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover

    Rip off of “Fixed your picks” by jacksfilms but with less charm, don’t @ me .

  • Sans the animator
    Sans the animator

    Thank god this man is still alive.

  • Kek Kekiaten
    Kek Kekiaten

    Where is jhock?

  • MrSirFluffy

    They need to shoot all corporate idiots wanting to mess with logos.

  • Vitamin

    While I do hate most of the logo changes, Internet Explorer changing to Microsoft Edge and the logos being so different is fair, Edge is way better than Internet Explorer and as good as Chrome is now

  • Charged Creeper
    Charged Creeper

    please make a part 2 XD

  • Wonaruto Animations
    Wonaruto Animations

    it's the what the fuck guy!!!

  • joey donaldson
    joey donaldson

    The recondite soprano simplistically repeat because neon strikingly buzz up a awful passive. undesirable, savory study

  • al west
    al west

    This felt less like 18 minutes and more like 5 minutes of concentrated enjoyement

  • Anxiety

    Damn he is going to get lost again…

  • Pineapple Studios
    Pineapple Studios

    Anal planet

  • Billie Jean The Jelly Bean
    Billie Jean The Jelly Bean

    The Adobe flash logo looks like a periodic table. Glad John changed it.

  • Tdawgmcdizzle

    You need to 69 the phones otherwise they can't hear each other

  • SSS4

    14:01 Euhh huggghhh

  • aswer huio
    aswer huio

    If he took the animal planet one serious he's actually onto something all jokes aside

  • Isaac Jackson
    Isaac Jackson

    What happened to the bird

  • Пётр Павло́вский
    Пётр Павло́вский

    this is his worst video

  • BenMontey

    The Dunkin donuts one made me die to the point of having to pause the video Lol. Man said "You want some '??" I'm freaking dead dude

  • Jing Soo Cho
    Jing Soo Cho

    Jontron is like def noodles. But entertaining and actually funny

    • aswer huio
      aswer huio

      Shout out to Sergio and also the security guard I think their roles in this were the most important

  • Rabbit Robot Cowboy
    Rabbit Robot Cowboy

    Redesign your logo, we know what we're doingWe are here to help you; everything's connected Time is of the essence, we live in the future Color makes us hungry; everything's connected Redesign your logo, we know how to do it Make the calculations, put them into action We will find the angle, starting with conventionOn to innovation; everything's connected

  • Friday

    Maaaaaaaaaaaan I had no idea Jon was in Boston :(

  • lil keyla
    lil keyla

    wtf they really did change Dunkin' Donuts to just Dunkin'- whY

  • Robert Paulson
    Robert Paulson

    This is so crazy I lived in Boston most my life and moved a year ago and this is the first i've seen of it in a year. I know these locations

  • Rex Louis
    Rex Louis

    1:41 JAKARTA

  • soren maximus
    soren maximus

    Rip Adobe flash

  • Robo Nobo
    Robo Nobo

    Based john?

  • StraightEdgeHippie

    "That's pretty much set for the next 3 centuries... ... Wrong." Fuckin' Dead 🤣

  • Victor Machado
    Victor Machado

    The animal Planet logo isnt that bad

  • Allan Edwards
    Allan Edwards

    Setting yourself up for a career on 99 designs

  • muhammet islam bedirbeyoğlu
    muhammet islam bedirbeyoğlu

    The music selection for the sketch at the beginning, bellisimo **clap** **clap** **clap**

  • Bowling Boi
    Bowling Boi

    When Dunkin' simplifies their logo again it's just gonna be Dunkn' Then they'll go to '

  • Fiona Bull
    Fiona Bull

    Shout out to Sergio and also the security guard I think their roles in this were the most important

  • FujiFilm

    Dunkin' doughnuts Dunkin' Dunk D