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Instant Karma Videos (Sports Edition)

  • AKS_Mage

    At least us Aussies play tackle football without gear unlike the scared Americans who wear headgear and padded outfits😂😂😂

  • Jennie Wright
    Jennie Wright

    Baseball is just rounders on a buig scale. Girls play rounders in the UK and none of us use stuff like that, I swear any form of American football they have to add unnecessary shit, I mean just look at American footballers, it's like rugby for pussies 🤣

  • Reggie Shelton
    Reggie Shelton

    Australian football is a really shit version NFL rugby and real football ⚽️

  • Officialjjx

    The guy getting g speared of the policeman is in Edinburgh my hometown

  • Mitchell Hansford
    Mitchell Hansford

    AFL is not a Stupid sport

  • RnGa_HairZ

    Do you realise AFL has nothing to do with soccer, and we don't flop if a fly lands on us

  • Seema Singh
    Seema Singh

    Again Why is this an adult video

  • Chance Carter
    Chance Carter

    I find it hilarious that you think it’s more creative to kick a ball into a goal than it is to drive motorbikes and do stunts where you can literally die oh no but soccer is cooler

  • nerdy noctowl!
    nerdy noctowl!

    Mate y'all have crikit mate

  • rkl thbrdg
    rkl thbrdg

    sorry will you can't be disrespecting Australian Football like that

  • Ollie Wrigley
    Ollie Wrigley

    It’s been up a week

  • Lauren Matthews
    Lauren Matthews

    The paint on the baseball players is to counteract glare from the lights

  • Anthony Wallace
    Anthony Wallace

    Australian football league aka afl/gayfl

  • reggie Brisque
    reggie Brisque

    I am always scrolling until I see this

  • Rhys Fluburb
    Rhys Fluburb

    Afl is awesome


    1:27 Will clearly missed the fact that the karma was the hat/helmet hitting him after he's thrown it... had to get that off my chest

  • Conrad Cook
    Conrad Cook


  • Charming nowhere to hide
    Charming nowhere to hide

    It’s always so weird hearing your own language in an english video Dutch at 2:40

  • Zachy002 _YT
    Zachy002 _YT

    I’ve lost all respect for will! How dare he bad talk AFL

  • Emily An
    Emily An

    Last time i was this early was when Alexs laptop was smashed 😅

  • zijuiy wttuy
    zijuiy wttuy

    It’s always so weird hearing your own language in an english video Dutch at 2:40

  • Emperor Zorg
    Emperor Zorg

    Hey shut the fuck up about AFL man it’s a beautiful sport

    • Charming nowhere to hide
      Charming nowhere to hide

      i’m offended Will. Aussie rules football is a fucking brilliant sport

  • Lewis Matsis
    Lewis Matsis

    The AFL disrespect hurt

  • Lara Morris
    Lara Morris

    The “war paint” they were is to reduce glare from the sun to improve their sight

    • Emily An
      Emily An

      the charcoal in baseball to reflect the sun away

  • ilikewolves

    Did anyone else notice the ring on Will's ring finger...

    • zijuiy wttuy
      zijuiy wttuy

      Right hello

  • Sidder_19

    Will I like and all but don’t come for AFL

  • Flameblast73

    The kids playing basketball the white team celebrated way too early

  • Matt Pat Burke
    Matt Pat Burke

    Hahahaha "He Got Cleeared!" :D

  • Courtney Belz
    Courtney Belz

    Talking about stupid sports is this aussie football hahaha its so true, I'm from Australia and footy is terrible.

  • toyamwarr

    It’s both comical and frustrating when a person who knows nothing about American sports watches American sports.

  • RaddyRabbid

    It's not aussie football its handball

  • exgein784

    aussie rules was literally invented before football

  • beedsj roiue
    beedsj roiue

    Every Belgium guy is now happy because there was a Belgium clip

  • Enemy AC130
    Enemy AC130

    Can someone please tell me the background song at the start

  • Joshua Leistrum
    Joshua Leistrum

    British people have really never played baseball and are trying to talk about the sport like they are pros. Yes, I agree it's not AS physical demanding as other sports but I bet 90% of you couldn't throw an accurate ball from 3rd to 1st base and make it, let alone from outfield. Not to mention how often baseball games are played so you have a lot less down time to recover.

  • wil ferwerda
    wil ferwerda

    i’m offended Will. Aussie rules football is a fucking brilliant sport

    • beedsj roiue
      beedsj roiue

      Every day at 8pm. Well that's it, you're committed now my boy.

  • angrypenguin

    6:23 is just London...just London

  • Harryy McP
    Harryy McP

    the charcoal in baseball to reflect the sun away

  • Luchon 1
    Luchon 1

    Right hello

  • Lola james
    Lola james


  • Thomas Black
    Thomas Black

    Oi u leave afl alone

  • n


  • Hugh Warner
    Hugh Warner

    WillNE: *Calls AFL stupid* Me: *unsubscribes*

  • Zeus Phoenix
    Zeus Phoenix

    Did you know Australian football is Rugby not American football

  • Flanoop

    Aussie football may be weird but I never understood the appeal of grown men crying on the ground and segueing whether their hand touched the ball

  • James Cunningham
    James Cunningham


  • Toby Snape
    Toby Snape

    *just insulted the best sport in the world*

  • SuperSkills101

    Alright Will, saying AFL is stupid, you gotta react to the best AFL marks ever and then say it's stupid after that. That is your challenge.

  • Changedname Lit
    Changedname Lit

    Was really expecting Will playing that charity soccer match again

  • Slandreth

    The eye black for baseball players is for glare. Idiot

  • dueeh nyyu
    dueeh nyyu

    Every day at 8pm. Well that's it, you're committed now my boy.

  • Valsi

    do u know how afl works ahahaha?

  • Brave

    she never touched the polate

  • LV426 Giger
    LV426 Giger

    There is one UFC fighter I forget his name but he was a prick, always had his arms down and moving his head so his opponent would *just* miss and showboats, well one fight he went to kick his opponents leg and he made contact and snapped his (not his opponent’s leg but his) leg right in half like the bone shattered. Skin still intact though

    • LV426 Giger
      LV426 Giger

      @dueeh nyyu I don’t know what AFL is (I’m guessing American football) I’m sorry I don’t like in America. But so do LOVE (American) football, it’s one of the few sports that’s fun to watch *and* play

    • dueeh nyyu
      dueeh nyyu

      Get off it will AFL is not a “stupid stupid sport”

  • Need for Tweed
    Need for Tweed

    See? This is what everybody should do if they know that their video will get claimed. Curse a bit, don't censor it out. Show the other folks who is the boss...

  • Lachlan Robertson
    Lachlan Robertson

    I’ve never heard such blasphemy as at 4:00

  • luk miller
    luk miller


  • mijuo roui
    mijuo roui

    “right hello” is the most comforting yet haunting thing ever

  • TheWorldofShanks

    watch an australian football compilation, would be a laugh

  • Prostaatfanaat

    2:40 Anderlecht!!!


    I’m Australian and I agree with wills opinion about afl

  • El Castigador Damian Priest
    El Castigador Damian Priest

    Will it's to cut down the sun

    • mijuo roui
      mijuo roui

      4:20 is when you press the wrong button on the Xbox controller

  • Vaulted

    3:53 excuse me mr lenney im gonna have to stop you there, aussie rules is not to be disrespected.

  • Tracie Lancaster
    Tracie Lancaster

    "Talking about stupid sports, is this Aussie football?'' Mate, you can't do me like that...

  • Jayden Teague
    Jayden Teague

    Stupid fucken sport go back to play football

  • Bobby Misner
    Bobby Misner

    Australian Football is stupid

  • Vincent van Dijk
    Vincent van Dijk

    The fact that Will acknowledged that he doesn’t like the content that he’s uploading but then proceeds with this stuff is pretty sad.

  • Mark O Connor
    Mark O Connor

    The war paint is to reflect the sun i think I don’t know tho I’m Irish

  • Zana4

    Get off it will AFL is not a “stupid stupid sport”

    • Zana4

      @yaliso gioouy not what I was saying

    • yaliso gioouy
      yaliso gioouy

      Btw the clip with the 4 year olds is on a GAA pitch in Ireland🇮🇪

  • Batch

    joe harding legend

  • Katherine McGarry
    Katherine McGarry

    british football is called soccer in aus

  • ezrah law the queen
    ezrah law the queen


  • Jake Arnold
    Jake Arnold

    Yooooo you cant call dirtbikes weird

  • Gwen Rees-stams
    Gwen Rees-stams

    Cant tell if he’s joking about the warpaint thing or if he genuinely didn’t realise it was sun block

  • YNL Breezy
    YNL Breezy

    We have weird sports? Austrialians throw a boot around and thats a sport (Not hate)

    • bilij pdan
      bilij pdan

      the field is an oval not a circle. I’m a little too passionate about this but you cannot do AFL like that.

  • Hayden Moore
    Hayden Moore

    4:20 is when you press the wrong button on the Xbox controller

  • Yung Mogli
    Yung Mogli

    I support Chelsea so the thumbnails angers me

  • Jardinho7

    Will really turned into the English Gordon Ramsay in this vid “Fucking donkey”

  • Marvin Dude official
    Marvin Dude official

    Will: Americans have some weird sports dont they. Me and 50% of all of the uk: WHAT ABOUT US? Lel

  • nez naunlud
    nez naunlud

    the thumbnail about maguire kicking the guy in the bulls . when there is corona .. he does social distance tackles now

  • Thomas Wilson
    Thomas Wilson

    This didn’t make it to the sub box

  • Alex Cook
    Alex Cook

    So much karma!

  • Gaelic Gamez
    Gaelic Gamez

    Btw the clip with the 4 year olds is on a GAA pitch in Ireland🇮🇪

    • lorcán campbell
      lorcán campbell

      I was at the game too

  • This is nothing
    This is nothing

    Here I am back at it again

  • Tobias Palethorpe
    Tobias Palethorpe

    As an Australian I felt attacked when Wil said the ring about AFL

    • xjblake


    • lorcán campbell
      lorcán campbell

      He thinks it's made after football🤦‍♂️

  • saberxhhauxy

    It should be w2s pls upload

    • Hayden Moore
      Hayden Moore

      Wrong dude

  • saberxhhauxy

    Y tf is his name s2w

    • Hayden Moore
      Hayden Moore

      U got the wrong dude

  • Lachlan Jetta
    Lachlan Jetta

    Dislike the for AFL slander

  • Ridsys Art
    Ridsys Art

    We didn’t ruin football you fucking tosser actually our football was made first

  • Small Potato
    Small Potato

    The disrespect for AFL. How can you call it a stupid sport when you have America and their players wearing suits of armour. And I don’t know how long ago you learnt shapes but the field is an oval not a circle. I’m a little too passionate about this but you cannot do AFL like that.

    • Small Potato
      Small Potato

      @Pirate The Pony I don’t watch it either haha.

    • Pirate The Pony
      Pirate The Pony

      Bruh as an Australian, I don’t even really watch or keep up with the AFL but Will’s attack hit too close to home since I did grow up doing Auskicks

  • Thicc Muffinman
    Thicc Muffinman

    I will unsubscribe if will calls AFL stupid. Fucking its based of the aboriginal game not of European hahaha

  • FBI

    How is racing dirt bikes a stupid sport

    • lorcán campbell
      lorcán campbell

      Your jumping on bikes in tiny arenas

  • ApeSlayer6969

    1:24 So they dont get blinded by the sun.

  • Andrew Stavrou
    Andrew Stavrou

    Will react to AFL (Aussie Rules). It’s good as

  • Aaron Curtin
    Aaron Curtin

    You lost me as a subscriber when you called Motocross stupid. Jokes, still bloody here.

  • mitymit mad
    mitymit mad

    As an Australian from Sydney i can confirm that AFL is a piss poor sport that doesnt deserve to acknowledged

    • lorcán campbell
      lorcán campbell

      Im irish and it's class it's a great mix of rugby and Gaelic

  • jonats

    This is like accidentally starting dancing in like warzone or overwatch 4:11

  • LieutenantLamp

    I don’t know how to feel about the AFL comment as an Australian I should be upset but as a Willne fan I’m not

  • Mitch Perry
    Mitch Perry

    I can't respect will anymore. Bruv's just disrespected 25mill people by saying AFL is shit. And around another 330 million for calling motocross shit.

  • Piestar 77
    Piestar 77

    Was a fan until he dissed afl