I Survived 100 Days Inside a Hidden Minecraft Base...
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I Spent 100 Days in a Hidden Minecraft Base!

  • edud eno taht
    edud eno taht

    it would be cool if you replied to him.

  • Stormly715

    Bout time someone else made content as quality as those of Dream’s

  • Buff cat
    Buff cat

    "Saddam Hussein in Minecraft"



  • Nikezimibros | UltimisMC Advertiser
    Nikezimibros | UltimisMC Advertiser

    This guy hasnt post for 4 months

  • Holden Conley
    Holden Conley

    Idea:make all of your fans able to build one house together if they destroy they get banned

  • Carter Zawicki
    Carter Zawicki

    Bruh why are you strip mining at bedrock level

    • Epic gaming
      Epic gaming

      Bedrock level is the most effective

  • Shea Lynne Kerting
    Shea Lynne Kerting

    So day 92 is non existent?!?

  • Jake Belvin
    Jake Belvin

    Nobody: Cameraman:

    • Jake Belvin
      Jake Belvin

      Not gon cap he is really cool

  • Victor Hamati
    Victor Hamati

    You should do a part 2

  • Lorelei Hallmark
    Lorelei Hallmark

    I love Ohtekkers

  • Lorelei Hallmark
    Lorelei Hallmark

    Hihi I love o

  • TedyPower

    Whats the port for the server?

    • Epic gaming
      Epic gaming

      Its only for java

  • crazy cool 100
    crazy cool 100

    No not this again I can't wait another 6 months for video

  • GachaBerry

    Ohtekkers come back we miss u!

  • SkylerCrouse

    Gonna tell my kids this was Parasite

  • 𝔸𝕥𝕠𝕞𝕚𝕟𝕚𝕫𝕖𝕣

    Well.... he died again

  • betsy hernandez
    betsy hernandez

    You should make more vids dude, I’m excited for the next one 😁

  • Delta

    First he went missing for 6 months, now he hasn't uploaded in 4 months

  • Declan’s World
    Declan’s World

    Day 81 is chase day

  • Adam fasanok
    Adam fasanok

    I want to play on SaiCoPvP but a dont hawe real minecraft. I have TLaunch er

  • MaxIsGreen

    how did he not see you is he blind

  • Mini Couldridge
    Mini Couldridge

    Why was this actually exciting by day 2

  • kelly

    Who are you

  • Νo Wifi Team
    Νo Wifi Team

    Ohtekkers do a video pls I love you

  • I van Uden
    I van Uden

    Uhmmmmm where are you

  • Hi Hello Gaming
    Hi Hello Gaming

    Why is he giving diamonds to him

  • ThoriqCraft YTツ
    ThoriqCraft YTツ

    Pliss part 2

  • Petru Sava
    Petru Sava

    Doooooooo moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

  • Charles H
    Charles H

    When he makes a video for being gone half a year makes a few more videos and does the same thing

  • M. J. V.
    M. J. V.

    A guy called "The Marzy" translated and copied your video.

  • Jack Reid
    Jack Reid

    What server is he playing on and what is the server address and name

  • kert time for pogi
    kert time for pogi


  • optibate

    Ohtekker be like can i survive in Minecraft with creative mode


    4 months ago ;-; where r u

  • Smith Andrew
    Smith Andrew

    I feels like Government watching what ppl do in their daily life

  • Garcello

    Plot twist:he already saw him but pretended not to

  • Amil Raziman
    Amil Raziman

    Its cool bro

  • Niraj Kumar
    Niraj Kumar

    Its 4 month no video we miss come back plz

  • Niraj Kumar
    Niraj Kumar


  • Will Alexie
    Will Alexie

    Will you tell him who you are tekkers

  • Zodax.G

    RIP Oh takkers

  • Dark Angel-65.2
    Dark Angel-65.2

    I spent a hundred days in a mine craft base lolz

  • Shadow Kage
    Shadow Kage

    So uh where you at man

  • isaac ramos
    isaac ramos

    oh tekkers

  • Luringskydiver

    Returns after long break just to go on another long break

  • Matthew Miller
    Matthew Miller

    Tbh this video was very enjoyable. Great job, and it would be cool to see a reaction from this dude.

  • Blok

    Hes fucking gone again :/

  • Erroll Gamer
    Erroll Gamer

    Ohtekkers r u on a break of yt pls come back

  • ravage

    been 4 months.

  • Aimee Henderson
    Aimee Henderson

    Can you do a vid for what new players need to know to play mc

  • 莱蓝

    missing again:(

  • Cooper Hoang Le30
    Cooper Hoang Le30


  • jaxon gallant
    jaxon gallant

    I got my brother to join your server

  • Pongypig

    He has a… TASK ROOM!

  • Melina Corts
    Melina Corts

    when he found the base my adrenaline just spiked

  • Juan Alejandro Meza Sarmiento
    Juan Alejandro Meza Sarmiento

    marzy se copio asta el ultimo detalle

  • HaxGaming08

    21:35 what my mom thinks when I bring a girl from school over

  • Him Lam
    Him Lam

    why haven,t you been posting ohtekkers?

  • Darth Tycho
    Darth Tycho

    Ohtekkers: builds railway to escape Proceeds to run through tunnel with railroad instead of using a minecart

  • Riman saini
    Riman saini

    Part 2? Pls come back

  • aaron khaykin
    aaron khaykin

    What’s the sever name

  • Luke Ziegler
    Luke Ziegler

    Why hasn't he uploaded? Did something happen

  • Tanner Natoli
    Tanner Natoli

    Can we just appreciate how good this man is at building like he got waterfalls that r lava!

  • ShadowSurge _BS
    ShadowSurge _BS

    @OhTekkers why do you let @TheMarzy take your original idea


    Another one plsss

  • NCTismylife my life
    NCTismylife my life

    Rip shift key😆😆😆😆

  • โอมพัฒน์ อ่วมสำอางค์
    โอมพัฒน์ อ่วมสำอางค์

    Your are copying Ryan not Brian caught in 4K

  • CuteBoyNinja

    Yoo its been 4 months seen this video got uploaded

  • the nine tailed fox
    the nine tailed fox


  • Adam Kreutzman
    Adam Kreutzman

    I think tekker is ded☹

  • Brawler Noob
    Brawler Noob

    Where is ohtekkers 😭 You haven't posted since 4 months Where are you 😭

  • Stuart Werner
    Stuart Werner

    I done this thing before

  • Kolohe crew
    Kolohe crew

    It’s is very hard dude…

  • Kolohe crew
    Kolohe crew

    That has to be a hard challenge because his bunker was seen by the hunter…

  • Austin Wilburn
    Austin Wilburn

    This is like some psychology horror stuff from the dudes pov.

  • theunkownrebel

    Were is tekkers?!?!??!

  • Meljean Centeno
    Meljean Centeno

    Ohtekkers not appload

  • Bobo Dakes
    Bobo Dakes

    He's gone again...😞

  • Koko

    He's gone );

  • Zelappy

    I watch OhTekker for 100 days then this happens

  • ShemuelMackendrick Garcia
    ShemuelMackendrick Garcia

    sad section z was blown up but he survived that was intence anyways great vid see ya


    how could he move when he is afk😂😂

  • That Weird Girl
    That Weird Girl

    Image if he commented on the video 😂

  • The Big Copper
    The Big Copper

    He’s gone again😭 4 months last time it was 6 is it going to be 8 now😭

    • The Big Copper
      The Big Copper

      My grammar be bustin😂

  • BlazingPheonixYT

    "When the world needed him the most he vanished"

  • Logan Montgomery
    Logan Montgomery

    Imagine being the dude who has this guy in his base. Minecraft but 100% scarier

  • gord playz
    gord playz

    Tekkers I have favor pls make that again video 200 pls

  • ElHugixbb

    Well, a youtuber called The_MarZy is coping ur content ://

    • César Hidalgo
      César Hidalgo


  • ElHugixbb

    Well, a youtuber called The_MarZy is coping ur content ://

    • César Hidalgo
      César Hidalgo


  • ElHugixbb

    Well, a youtuber called The_MarZy is coping ur content ://

    • César Hidalgo
      César Hidalgo


  • ElHugixbb

    Well, a youtuber called The_MarZy is coping ur content ://

    • César Hidalgo
      César Hidalgo


  • Finlay McCulloch
    Finlay McCulloch

    Mr obvious 3:16

  • blu_

    Idk why but you inspired me to play minecraft again

  • Dogeify Life
    Dogeify Life

    Isn’t that stalking

  • skeletor98

    A youtuber called marzy IS copying your videos

    • César Hidalgo
      César Hidalgo

      Ya lo sabe

  • Francisco Urias
    Francisco Urias

    Congrats but who is BILL ?????