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  • SidemenReacts

    Like this comment if England will win today

    • Foop


    • YouTube Clips
      YouTube Clips

      @ALL FOR ONE about that

    • Lukey Games123
      Lukey Games123

      @Pacy Foden shut up

    • Lukey Games123
      Lukey Games123

      @Sidemen Clips fake

    • Lukey Games123
      Lukey Games123

      @Arsh1a fax

  • William Myerscough
    William Myerscough

    I love the way harry just yeets his chair at the wall over excitement 🤣luv u harry

  • Hugh Stark
    Hugh Stark

    Wouldn't a glow down be called a dim

  • bowen voowy
    bowen voowy

    Harry definitely glowed up, in both looks and regard for physical things.

  • Talha Keri
    Talha Keri

    Hé hurted his own fist when hé hitted the chair

  • DatGuy OverDurr
    DatGuy OverDurr

    Damn I've always thought Harry to be the most try hard at being funny But I didn't think it would extend to raging as well

    • bowen voowy
      bowen voowy

      How strong is that wall

  • TR4P Z0N3
    TR4P Z0N3

    I love Harry's rage.Its so funny

  • Carter Bowman
    Carter Bowman

    Harry is ass blasted in this video holy hell

  • Catherine O'Malley
    Catherine O'Malley

    Simon out of the imbetweeners

  • Drenwickification

    1:33 tobi is so right 😂

  • kaelyn elizabeth
    kaelyn elizabeth

    he spends his money on new chairs and controllers

  • I EatMemesOnWednesdays
    I EatMemesOnWednesdays

    8:35 I like the Muse painting

  • Arta Cakarri
    Arta Cakarri

    this should be titled harry breaking things for 14 minutes straight

  • Ethanthc Playz
    Ethanthc Playz

    He needs to stop throwing things if he keeps going hes gonna throw someone or a rock straight into someones head of the balcony xD

  • Siddharth Anand
    Siddharth Anand

    No one has abused and destroyed more chairs than W2S in humanity's history...

  • Ecryptis

    4:23 sounds like simon from the inbetweeners

  • Lisa Reddichan
    Lisa Reddichan

    rip them controllers LOL

  • Raihan Zaky
    Raihan Zaky

    I don't know how people can break their controller when they rage. That shit's expensive in my country man.

  • Namib Itmam
    Namib Itmam

    how many controllers he broke??

  • Charming nowhere to hide
    Charming nowhere to hide

    Harry: gets slightly agitated Chair: “my time has come”

  • lukas taylor
    lukas taylor

    How strong is that wall

  • Surfvie

    It’s weird to think Harry used to be like that now he’s like so wholesome and so nice

    • Charming nowhere to hide
      Charming nowhere to hide

      11:01 at lunch as soon as you get the ball and the bell rings

  • TheGreekGuyNL

    Where is the second broken tv. That one got viral!😂

  • LO Alex
    LO Alex

    After watching this I think that Harry should be a baseball player bc of how fast he throws the controller

  • David Romo
    David Romo

    First half of the video: breaking controllers Second half of the vid: breaking chairs

  • AJ Medrano
    AJ Medrano

    Broken controller counter?

  • JannerPlays

    Wwe harry edition

  • BananzaBomber123

    What about w2s best moments?

  • Aleksa Vučetić
    Aleksa Vučetić

    9:04 wtf all the same close

  • Matt Kyle
    Matt Kyle

    My parents woulda literally shot me if I went through that many controllers

    • mllop aeet
      mllop aeet

      Toby was loving this episode lmaoooo

  • Simekn

    New title:evolution of Harry throwing controllers and spending his mum's money

  • • Chaotic • Crumbles •
    • Chaotic • Crumbles •

    He just has 50,000 holes in his wall

  • Malte Nielsen
    Malte Nielsen

    Harry gets ronaldo Chair pov: ive lived a good life

  • Zoom Arts
    Zoom Arts

    Here Iam who can't afford a chair for myself

  • william abe
    william abe

    999 operator: hello 999 whats your emergency?? The wall: a man in a blue jumper keeps throwing controllers at me 😭😭

  • Nathan Massey
    Nathan Massey

    Harry’s parents got back from town walk in his room and just see a pile of broken chairs just chilling in the corner 😂

  • Olly Good
    Olly Good

    11:01 at lunch as soon as you get the ball and the bell rings

  • nikolay petrov
    nikolay petrov

    What happens to Harry

  • bofooit gojo
    bofooit gojo

    I wonder if his parents ever considered getting him jn anger management classes after breaking yet another thing

  • Nathan Dania
    Nathan Dania

    Pov: you came here after ksi rage reacts

  • Kyle Daniel
    Kyle Daniel

    Someone give that man a controller sponsorship

    • bofooit gojo
      bofooit gojo

      Harry: can i borrow your controller? 😁 Me: 😐


    If I raged like that my mum or dad will nearly the living fuck out of me

  • Rinty Faruque
    Rinty Faruque


  • PartyMarie ._.
    PartyMarie ._.

    Harry chair have a backbone now 🦾😂

  • Robert Sanz
    Robert Sanz

    Toby was loving this episode lmaoooo

  • ?

    Harry's Disclaimer at the start of his video back then: “Viewer Discretion is advised, a lot of Controllers and chairs were broken during the making of this video, I do not advise you to do this irl*

  • Lord Lapsian
    Lord Lapsian

    Young Harry went through chairs like toothbrushes XD

  • Singlepringle

    Harry the chair destoryer

  • Singlepringle

    POV you just watched ksi reacts

  • WhiteMayo

    Harry got buff bcuz of the things (controllers and chairs) he broke and wrestle

  • YoungBoy JC
    YoungBoy JC

    Harry sounds the same just more wise and hilarious

  • Akif Ansari
    Akif Ansari

    Harry the chair destroyer

  • Victor Culverwell
    Victor Culverwell

    Harry’s bedroom was a free rage room 😂

  • QuikSilverGaming


  • Okk13.Tm6

    Harry: Mom, today imma play weekend leage Mom: 💸😢🪑🎮💸

  • Okk13.Tm6

    Harry: can i borrow your controller? 😁 Me: 😐

  • Okk13.Tm6

    With all the money from the broken controllers i could buy a car 😂

  • Zeno 2020
    Zeno 2020

    Harry's MMA training comes from using his gaming chairs as sparring partners

  • Vasco Martinho
    Vasco Martinho

    Harry has the world record of controllers and chairs broken

  • Charlie Chaps
    Charlie Chaps

    8:45 Anyone else gonna see that he was versing You Mad FC

  • Adam Asyraf
    Adam Asyraf

    Harry shopping list be like: Gaming chair(3), Xbox controller (7),

  • Elmos Lil brother
    Elmos Lil brother

    The glass almost hit Harry when he smashed his tv

  • 1NFECT3D.

    3:11 Harry:"I've Lost Too Many Coins." _I Guess Harry Was Talking About Real Life..._

  • Ishita Kapoor
    Ishita Kapoor

    harry should do a video on main channel, "breaking chairs and controllers"

  • STK_Strict

    How many controllers broke in this video lmao 😂

    • furious 8spect
      furious 8spect

      I know right🤣🤣🤣 i love hard he throws them into the wall and you also see a piece of it break off as well.

  • bread is nice
    bread is nice

    i swear harry's voice only dropped a few years ago. 17 year old him sounds like he's 11

    • zijuiy wttuy
      zijuiy wttuy

      1:33 tobi is so right 😂

  • DJH

    Fun fact, Pablo Escobar spent $2500 on rubber bands to hold his money each month, Harry spent double that on chairs alone

  • NTS Shine
    NTS Shine

    Wrotetoshaw More like Wrotetofuckingsmashing my Xbox 360 controller inn my wall

  • Chris The King Of Games
    Chris The King Of Games

    keep objects that cost more then 1$ away from this man

  • Armaan Miah
    Armaan Miah

    "that's not EVEN MY CONTROLLER"


    The controllers hitting the wall had me dead😂🤣😂🤣

  • Trevor Zheng
    Trevor Zheng

    Everyone mail Chairs To Harry

  • J Bakes
    J Bakes

    Damn, what an idiot! I'm surprised his parents kept supplying him with controllers and chairs.

  • Dark Acer 2.o
    Dark Acer 2.o

    i like the way josh said V2S

  • Agenon viswasam
    Agenon viswasam

    ok now its just a how to basic video

  • Arav Singh
    Arav Singh

    I think that Harry isn't uploading bcoz he's broken all his controllers and now even Microsoft doesn't have any left lol

  • Siddharth Jog
    Siddharth Jog

    We need a broken controller and chair counter

  • Oses

    Harry’s controller bill per month at this time 📈📈📈📈📈

  • Ben Abbott
    Ben Abbott

    what about when he threw the chair and broke the tv???

  • Cooper McCreery
    Cooper McCreery

    He be 60,000 in chair debt

  • Lord Punisher 85
    Lord Punisher 85

    LoL Harry always kill chairs after suffering while raging

  • Matthew Williamson
    Matthew Williamson

    When Harry is destroying his stuff, he reminds me of my friend who got pissed off with various devices and destroyed them one way or another, like; PSOne, Laptop, multiple phones, portable radio, etc. 😂😎

  • Jack Timboty
    Jack Timboty

    We need a broken Harry controller count

  • Richard Bates
    Richard Bates

    11:14 Oh you know what? Fuck you! *breaks chair*

  • Nana Bonsu
    Nana Bonsu

    It's crazy that Harry is so relaxed and deadpan now when his career began off of raging

  • Tyler Nagel
    Tyler Nagel

    I'm in need of a chair and a few controllers. Please send help

  • Mario

    Rumour has it over the years Harry has become a skilled marksman with controllers

  • With Arbioon
    With Arbioon

    Where is when he broke TV ?????

  • Evan Ogletree
    Evan Ogletree

    If I had a dollar for every time Harry broke a controller, I’d be a very wealthy man

  • 3dAwG

    Brake my Cher pls and 🙏

  • Youssef Hanna
    Youssef Hanna

    harry's current chair is like $800 wouldn't want to throw that

  • big fella
    big fella


  • Harsh Srivastava
    Harsh Srivastava

    How to not use ur chair

  • Lui Deluz
    Lui Deluz

    Bro the amount of money he mustve spent chairs 😂

  • BOTM

    If Harry every played in the actual WWE roster. You know he's gonna kill RIP ROMAN

  • Hujjat Ullah
    Hujjat Ullah

    i tell you what it's w2s but everyone say's it v2s i thought it was only me

  • kris deng
    kris deng

    harry get a pc, theres 5 bucks for a keeb

  • Ryan Bcfc
    Ryan Bcfc

    I was Sandwell fc 😂😂

  • Aris sagias
    Aris sagias

    That's how many controllers Harry has broken 👇

  • Blair Stedman
    Blair Stedman

    stop th chair abuse