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  • Memite


  • atzas spi
    atzas spi

    isnets.info/main/jJbax2KB13XXkN0/v-deo.html new warzone tournament incoming!

  • HGamingOfficial

    Omg no WAYY 🤯🤯🤯 Click this link to see what happened 😂😂isnets.info/main/nnbIsH2euWCqbb8/v-deo.html

  • Infinite Harm
    Infinite Harm

    What spray paint is that on his lc10

  • Tanner Fontenot
    Tanner Fontenot

    Bro they put in more effort on the Ad for the new map than they did on the map.

  • Bas Wierenga
    Bas Wierenga

    Vikkstar laugh glitch at 3:12:52-3:12:58

    • Siddharth Arora
      Siddharth Arora


  • Crut 02
    Crut 02

    War zone and fortnite both fucked their new seasons..... pain

  • Anthony

    Vio play amuogs

  • Austin Wu
    Austin Wu

    “Mom can we get warzone?” “We have warzone at home.” Warzone at home:

  • zadex

    2:51:35 “that guys 0-1” 🤣

  • Archie Webster
    Archie Webster

    Can I play with you vik

  • Qadi

    So many people in the comments complaining about them whining so what🤣 raven had a whole year to give us something amazing they fucked up that's there fault so what if we make fun if it its funny if you don't like watching someone complain then stop watching

  • P Lampard
    P Lampard

    Lol y'all out here sour cause Vik and the boys call it how it is. The 'new' map isn't that great or that new, starting with the lighting, it's like getting flashed looking out of some windows 🤣

  • Humdan A
    Humdan A

    Summary: He zip lines up and someone is waiting at the top x 4 and then picks his nose at 4:33:19

  • Ben Watts
    Ben Watts

    Imagine saying the pp is awful it’s the best smg in the game

  • Josh

    The blackhawk helicopter was introduced in 79... so it still makes sense for it to be used here.

  • Damit Bro
    Damit Bro

    When he saids to get some snacks ready but your fasting 🥲

    • Nova Nellie
      Nova Nellie

      @Joe Exotic have you ever considered getting a life? Or a personality?

    • Joe Exotic
      Joe Exotic

      Don't have that religion then

  • Abozar Shukori
    Abozar Shukori

    I may sound stupid bur how tf does he have max level guns at the beginning?

    • FlyingDutchMan225

      Because he played 7 hours of the alcatraz map before streaming

  • halifax og
    halifax og


  • Nexus

    His head tilt in the into , is that like his new thing 😂😂

  • Emmanuel Ramos
    Emmanuel Ramos


  • Zubair Davids
    Zubair Davids

    I did watch the whole stream

  • Igor Batista
    Igor Batista

    Yo why couldn’t they just enjoy the event? A lot of stuff they were complaining about literally happened or was explained seconds later. Jesus Christ, there was a time I enjoyed watching vikk on cod, that time is gone. Hope you go back to your old self one day vikk. Peace out

    • John Coco
      John Coco

      Ain't that deep

  • The Gamer ff
    The Gamer ff

    Thanks for 300 Ab 350 krwado guys ❤️Love you all guys

  • Particular Pete _
    Particular Pete _

    Refreshing to hear a group call it how they see it; the event was lame and the "new" map is the epitome of laziness from the devs

  • Joe

    new title: "playing the reskinned warzone map"

  • T K
    T K

    2:58:56 “what does the police have do with any of this”🤣

    • zadex

      glad someone else found this i was dying

  • Young Trapz
    Young Trapz


  • BE Versatile
    BE Versatile

    Vik loved the Stream. Please could you make a Video of tier list of the sidemen sunday you produced. Josh and Harry did that too. Loved to see that from you too and Use code Vikk to support our Boy

  • T K
    T K


  • Thumbs down For ya
    Thumbs down For ya

    I only came here to give you a thumbs down 👎

  • Rab Drummond
    Rab Drummond

    Where the comments at

  • Hammad Khan
    Hammad Khan

    stop complaining about roze skins if you have one on too LMAO

    • Josh

      If you can’t beat em, join em. It’s just like when there’s a meta. If everybody is using an AUG, you have to use an AUG to compete.

    • dan jones
      dan jones

      But he is aggressive in game most roze skins will sit in a corner and not move so he can complain.


    Good Vibes on that search game man!

  • Alex Shearer
    Alex Shearer

    I used VIKK in the Fortnite store

  • simransingh sidhu
    simransingh sidhu

    Let's go vik

  • Mojave

    Dude laughes like simon

    • Mojave

      @Thalash i was talking about bart not vik

    • Thalash


  • Δημητρης IWDI
    Δημητρης IWDI

    Vikk goat🐐

  • Hugh Thompson
    Hugh Thompson



    I got warzone and I used use code vikk

  • sfree1979

    Ok so the map isn't entirely new. If it were you'd complain about that, complaining to complain.

    • Adam

      What do you mean "isn't entirely new"? It isn't a new map at all. It's the same map with added locations. It's like saying "im moving to a new house" but then painting the rooms a different colour and maybe turning your spare room into an office. It's not a new house, it's the same house with a couple new features.

    • RiThePie123

      No, they want a new map. They dont want a recoloured map

  • Nathan Holt
    Nathan Holt

    I don't get the new map how come the destruction of the verdansk was the big thing then its gone back in time and how come there's a nuke goin off in the back ground

    • Door Rome
      Door Rome

      The explosion in the background is mount yamantua from the cold war trailer for season 3

  • Hanz Nastor
    Hanz Nastor

    Vikk, put a barrel on your krig loadout. Either ranger or takedown barrel will make the krig even better.

  • Luke D
    Luke D

    “New map” all we got was greener grass

    • not quite a weeb
      not quite a weeb

      Its a lie

  • Reza Harifi
    Reza Harifi

    If you hate the game just don’t play it

    • Reza Harifi
      Reza Harifi

      @RiThePie123 the map is good , if u played the bocw campaign you would get what are they planned for us Soon we will get the new map , but verdansk84 is good

    • RiThePie123

      They like the game, they dont like the map

  • The Dark Knight
    The Dark Knight

    Vikk don't slide cancel and move like he used to

  • Jagnoor Singh
    Jagnoor Singh

    They saved all the money for the fckn season ads HAHAHAHAHA😂😂😂

  • Jayden Dias
    Jayden Dias

    My friends dad killed him in this stream

  • Jed Spencer
    Jed Spencer

    Everyone.... I’m not going to bless your family. Who does that smh.

  • James Rodriguez
    James Rodriguez

    Vikk is back being a God at the game again

  • 10A 38 Vansh Kakkar
    10A 38 Vansh Kakkar

    Love u vik from India 🇮🇳🇮🇳

    • Smiles 1367
      Smiles 1367


  • dazzle

    "New" map is retro old map but with a snapchat filter 😂

    • idk who i am
      idk who i am

      lmao so true. but less dark corners is always nice

    • Arnav Jain
      Arnav Jain


  • Nalaci

    5hrs of quality rollercoaster content. Cheers for the gameplay Vikk, Fifa, Warz, Barton and Liam and other guy from SnD match...

    • John Dodson
      John Dodson

      Still eats way too much corry

  • Adam Kezza
    Adam Kezza

    Honestly lost my live for cod how can they mess everything up

  • devin mcnulty
    devin mcnulty

    Used code VIKK to buy and skip all tiers of the battle pass lmaoo You’re welcome Vik😂

    • Brad the lad
      Brad the lad

      Same! 👌🖒😎

    • devin mcnulty
      devin mcnulty

      @Hugo Langham bout a hunnid

    • DarthRalston

      Same 😂

    • Hugo Langham
      Hugo Langham

      How much did that cost

    • devin mcnulty
      devin mcnulty

      @Vikkstar123 much love from socal bruh

  • Damian Ornelas
    Damian Ornelas

    Fucking bot now

  • Ethan Foster
    Ethan Foster

    5 hours 😂😂😂

  • minnesotadude24

    They really missed an opportunity for a brand new map. How can fortnite pull off amazing events but COD can't...sad.

    • Buzz

      @Food Reacts yea but fortbite also adds like a whole new section to the map every 2 months

    • Episodic Choice
      Episodic Choice

      @Food Reacts It's been only 2 years since apex released and we already have 3 maps

    • Food Reacts
      Food Reacts

      Fortnite made a new map like 1 and a half into fortnite it’s only been a year on warzone think about it

    • devin mcnulty
      devin mcnulty

      Because cod is a joke now

    • Food Reacts
      Food Reacts

      I think that nuke will make the new map

  • nahar tala
    nahar tala

    cod logic ; just change the colors

  • Seven 4One
    Seven 4One

    What if you could do things in pregame lobby that effect things in game

  • Seven 4One
    Seven 4One

    Nuke Town gulag without the back yards

    • Seven 4One
      Seven 4One

      @dan jones what are they removing gulag?

    • dan jones
      dan jones

      That was the last gulag anyway

  • Ajonn

    “Congrats to everyone who is early and who found this comment” 🐥

    • DosBro Taco
      DosBro Taco


    • Anthony Morris
      Anthony Morris

      Mr Beast is the real gangster here

  • Ascended Demon
    Ascended Demon

    3:28:10 for the Loadout they were running and think is the new meta

    • Rusty

      Honestly right now it's an open meta, there's a lot of guns that are good and can be used

    • Jack Kilbz
      Jack Kilbz

      ak47 better than the krig imo

    • Arnav Jain
      Arnav Jain

      Dk bout that krig tho

    • nbadiegoo 4KT -
      nbadiegoo 4KT -

      Thanks dawg

  • Scottish 123
    Scottish 123

    fifakill does my head in Guys English and speaks American

    • dan jones
      dan jones

      @Scottish 123 how does he speak American?

    • Scottish 123
      Scottish 123

      @Food Reacts yes

    • Food Reacts
      Food Reacts

      What u mean , u mean he’s English and speaks American

  • PhantomRaul

    Wow 6 comments only

  • ndbvbdl ööö
    ndbvbdl ööö

    The new map was trashw

  • JoYzZ

    Big fan Vik 🔥

  • Adam Fawcus
    Adam Fawcus


  • Rastaziggy

    So whiney

    • killer queen
      killer queen

      Ur mum

  • Iridocyclitis


  • Morgan Phillips
    Morgan Phillips

    Glad to see you’re back playing war zone🙌🏻

    • dazzle

      Yes!!! I play on xbox and love to see Vikk on pc how smooth his game is :o

  • Gulam Mustafa
    Gulam Mustafa

    Can't believe I missed the whole stream. Smh

    • Ivan T
      Ivan T


  • Paul Broggan
    Paul Broggan

    Not feeling it

  • Gulam Mustafa
    Gulam Mustafa

    Ayy vik.

  • Bat Head
    Bat Head

    ayee love from pakistan

    • Saad Hasan
      Saad Hasan

      Warzone id?