HELLUVA BOSS - C.H.E.R.U.B // S1: Episode 4
Welcome the wackiest episode of the season!
When Cherubs and Imps clash over the life of a shitty old man, things sure do happen.
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  • Vivziepop

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    • Shadow Storm
      Shadow Storm

      When is episode 5 comeing out

    • Muna Ahmed
      Muna Ahmed

      Omg thank you soo much I love this

    • Maddest Of Hatters
      Maddest Of Hatters

      The short scene when Blitzo’s (Blitz) kitty sock flies away. 💔😭

    • AneTheTeaBag


    • Jillian Valentine
      Jillian Valentine

      Hey Vivziepop if you ever had a main villain in Helluva Boss then the main villain would be either voiced by Cary Tagawa, Ron Perlman, Michael McConnohie, Richard Epcar, Keith David, Christopher Judge, Troy Baker, Liam O'Brien, Christopher Sabat, Robert Englund, David Hayter, Keith Silverstein, George Newbern, Kirk Thornton, Rob Paulsen, Patrick Gallagher, Dino Andrade, Mike Pollock, Jeremy Irons or Arnold Schwarzenegger.

  • Pedro Henrique Araújo Baldi
    Pedro Henrique Araújo Baldi

    Is Hitler the king of hell?

  • Turtlerial

    its impressive how millie and moxxie were making out with 2machine guns ona rope spinning

  • 24klolly

    can we acknowledge how Blitzos' disguise looks like his oc Blah Blah the Clown

  • Jetstream Sam
    Jetstream Sam

    Vivzie really knows her fanbase huh? Glad I'm not apart of it because holy shit that'd be embarrassing.

  • Living On the moon
    Living On the moon

    I love that on the whiteboard in the beginning, you can see two drawings of previous episodes. 1 is verosica parking 2 miles away with “walk Bitch” and the other is the robot clown getting eaten by the dragon.

  • qdpxqbp

    I.M.P. ≈ 8 MUST PROTECT ∞

  • Desmond English
    Desmond English

    Why not just hop back into the machine and set it to "young"?

  • 마히또_Mahito

    where's Episode 5!!!???

  • Frozia

    This kinda reminds me of Panty and Stocking... I really hope there's some sort of cameo/reference to it

  • Joce Lokzs
    Joce Lokzs


  • Zero98

    Did we see Leo from TMNT katana in there? 6:18

  • Nightmier San
    Nightmier San

    So are we not gonna talk about the fact that Wally looks related to Moxie?

  • Squigga

    Can't lie, rather would go to hell thanks to this, I dont even believe in religion, also fuck cherub



  • Aiden McCrillis
    Aiden McCrillis

    “Shut up, Furry!“ Died, saw Loona and the gang, then somehow came back to life because of laughing.

  • faye. otaku
    faye. otaku


  • Plamaryn

    So angels are tiny and demon are tall, this kinda looks funkin'

  • shadow mullins
    shadow mullins

    Collin is absolutely my favorite. He's such a sweet boi and it would be really cool if he returns one day and actually talks to millie and moxie.

  • The Unknown
    The Unknown

    Bible accurate angels

  • Joshua Cain
    Joshua Cain

    hurry uppppp

  • Yes I’m Shrek
    Yes I’m Shrek

    I just want to say stolas and blitzie are in love and they look like a great couple

  • kam Kam1A
    kam Kam1A

    Is blitz voiced by Brandon Rogers? Edit: he definitely is, and he’s even one of the writers... gotta check the credits 💀

    • RosexBerry


  • The Smarticus
    The Smarticus

    I think I found human Angel Dust at 9:40 and at the right

    • Nat Garret
      Nat Garret

      😂it looks like me irl, I just noticed too


    Hehe funne

  • lyrik macias
    lyrik macias

    yaaaaaa no

  • Thomas Nagler
    Thomas Nagler

    Just checking in waiting on episode 5

  • KapSans crazypsycho
    KapSans crazypsycho

    Just realized blitzo’s first disguise is Brandon roger’s clown character

  • Hiss8

    No one gets the gnome reference

  • DaimondEyes1986

    The heck does CHERUB stand for?

  • Captain Weeaboo
    Captain Weeaboo

    The memes...

  • Shifty Spaghetti
    Shifty Spaghetti

    Can't believe it took me this long to realize Blitzø's clown makeup and wig are based on Brandon's character, Blah Blah the Clown.

    • 私は同性愛者です


  • Animegirl1217

    Pause your screen at these times too see details you may have missed 0:16 (murder Thomas the tank engine) 0:39 (look at the God poster in back) 0:42 (look at the bottle in corners label and look what the sign says in the window) 1:42 (blitzo's twin sister) 7:44 (craftmine it's like minecraft but better) 7:59 (Pikachu shirt) 8:10 (I found the lovers lookout sign funny) 8:54 (read the spray bottle) 10:06 (good pun) 13:23 (Blitzo's phone)

  • Randy Walter
    Randy Walter

    8:02 I love that the fake Santa is wearing a shirt that says Cuties to further sell his creepiness

  • Robert Murray.
    Robert Murray.

    Imagine this video but with **Biblically accurate angels**

  • Mya McCarty
    Mya McCarty

    Lmao the first part of the episode made me think I clicked the wrong thing

  • Ender Watch
    Ender Watch

    12:30 Bitch move its hunting season Me: pulls out m16

  • galacticacid

    hahaha I can't read

  • EngieMan909

    "shut up dear furry"

  • drith the foxe
    drith the foxe

    How long till the next episode

  • Alessandro Piazzi
    Alessandro Piazzi

    oh please.... PLEASE tell me there will be more of this. The funniest serie i ever watched.

  • HotDog101

    Anyone else notice a human Angel Dust in the audience towards the ending? Or is that even him and could be someone else?

  • Rex Gomez
    Rex Gomez

    Lyle lypton demon form reminds me of dr egg man

  • Gaylactic Unicorn
    Gaylactic Unicorn

    Fun fact: Viv voiced Keenie ( the yellow sheep cherub ), meaning that she technically had to trash talk her own characters at the end of the episode. I just thought that was kinda funny

  • Izuku Midoriya
    Izuku Midoriya

    Wait the opera singer is dead how is there still music 😅

  • Maria.Wendi.Macabria

    Veni. Vici. And LOVED every single moment of this show since the first scene! It's a BEAUTIFUL STORY! You're great guys, everything is fantastic! YOU MUST GO OVER! I'M A FAN NOW hahaha! Xoxo

  • Gata Autista
    Gata Autista

    very chaotic episode, i love it

  • Tom Trench
    Tom Trench

    6:36 he’s able to talk with his mouth close wow

  • guy dude
    guy dude

    You just got ghnomed at 8:01

  • Benjamin Hymøller Schneiders Ahorn
    Benjamin Hymøller Schneiders Ahorn

    8:02 i died

  • Jeffrey Herrington
    Jeffrey Herrington

    12:44 I'M BATMAN.

  • ElDebulas Carrito
    ElDebulas Carrito

    some subtitles would be good

  • Genesis Cruz Perez
    Genesis Cruz Perez


  • Genesis Cruz Perez
    Genesis Cruz Perez

    oh good

  • Ivan Potts
    Ivan Potts

    Yo at 1:41 the poster on the wall has Blitzo and Barbie Wire and now she needs to be in an episode

  • Ei Kukaan
    Ei Kukaan

    Moxxie is looked for blitzo beacuse he cime inside for Window

  • clappin

    angels turn into fallen angels when they get kicked out of heaven

  • Joey Vr
    Joey Vr

    I need more helluva boss I might die without it

  • Bacons Eggs
    Bacons Eggs

    Millie is absolutely great in every costume she is in

  • Arron Moore
    Arron Moore

    Can't wait for ep 5

  • E

    Vive voices Deerie if you guys didn’t know that

  • the Wtf dude
    the Wtf dude

    If you thought Wally only has appeared in this episode. Sorry your wrong. you can actually see him in episode two selling torches outside of fizzozs tent. Rewatch episode two if you don’t believe me

  • yang yang Magno
    yang yang Magno

    i am angel my father is devil

  • BenGiganotosaurus13

    "Shut up dear 千 ㄩ 尺 尺 ㄚ"

  • JamesDavy2009

    I keep thinking Deerie is Australian because that's how a lot of Aussies say "no".

  • Orange AndBlue
    Orange AndBlue

    7:24 ... this needs to be a GIF. Gotta love it.

  • RoSoh

    10:57-10:59 HUMAN ANGEL DUST!!

  • Choa_ Playz
    Choa_ Playz

    No one: Not a soul: Nobody: Loop guy: F U R R Y

  • TJ Makes
    TJ Makes

    Plot twist: the piano moving mid air like that wasn’t just for comedic effect, that was god/a high ranking angel doing a little miracle on the sly to make sure Lipton died- ensuring that the cherubs would be expelled bc they’ve got endgame importance that they wouldn’t grow into otherwise.... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Llama 244
    Llama 244

    episode 5 plisss

    • 릴리

      Is episode 5 coming out today?

  • DJdog Furry_Lover
    DJdog Furry_Lover

    I feel like this episode is Vivid using her brilliance of animations to show us every reason she hates life. 😂 (also I said she, sorry if that's not your pronouns)

  • Hopeful Sleepii
    Hopeful Sleepii


  • Vere Tuisovivi
    Vere Tuisovivi

    🤣 it's funny when loopy said "now get your crimson asses up above and sent that thoughtless no good son of a bitch to hell where he belongs🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • mohamed zayan
    mohamed zayan

    To me, I.M.P will always have a catchier jingle than C.H.E.R.U.B. XD

  • Demothor Dregmen
    Demothor Dregmen

    is there mare juana merch?

  • Dread Slayer
    Dread Slayer

    We want a lot more of this!

  • Sami YT
    Sami YT

    10:21 is the best line in the episode

  • Sami YT
    Sami YT

    8:20 made me laugh so historical

  • Sami YT
    Sami YT

    6:50 made me laugh so hard

  • Rhys Lavy
    Rhys Lavy

    Where the fuck is has been hotel it's been menched in the hella boss ep 3 when blits x she got out of it

  • C Photenhauer
    C Photenhauer

    what's stopping them from turning the machine to young and putting lyle back in

  • Onionboss *
    Onionboss *

    8:01 Didn't know Vito Gesualdi was making a cameo in this

  • nuclear powered cake
    nuclear powered cake

    Morshu looking bad after the rubi inflation

  • Tom Coyle
    Tom Coyle

    I started laughing when he gnomed

  • Reese Fry
    Reese Fry

    Does anyone else want a crossover of helluva boss and monster lab

  • Jake Hunt
    Jake Hunt

    Bro i love your content i wish i could voice a character i would love that

  • jum

    Y’all, I just realized the person who voiced Moxxie voices Zim from invaders Zim too!!

    • jum

      I just realized this lol

  • Thelaging Monster
    Thelaging Monster

    So that what keeping the queen of England alive

  • Vacel Dakstrum
    Vacel Dakstrum


  • Asian Potato
    Asian Potato

    I never knew how much I needed to see Blitz and M&M in drag

  • Tyler Kinnie
    Tyler Kinnie

    Dying by being crushed by a piano nice

  • Luis Malagón
    Luis Malagón

    just realize wally wackford was working on looloo land selling torches

  • VioletMations

    You should do an episode were we meet blitzo´s twin sister and they kill they parents or friends who are still alive

  • UgolinoV

    Although I despise opera (sorry opera lovers!), I laughed so hard when Blitzø moved the spotlight around when the woman was singing. 😊

  • Cosmic Wonderhoof
    Cosmic Wonderhoof

    1:41 Can't wait to see blitz's twins

  • Peter Pariona
    Peter Pariona

    Time to wake up vizzie

  • Peter Pariona
    Peter Pariona

    Time to wake up

  • Peter Pariona
    Peter Pariona

    Time to wake up

  • Peter Pariona
    Peter Pariona

    Time to wake up

  • Peter Pariona
    Peter Pariona

    Time to wake up