Dream Has An Evil Clone...
Dream Has An Evil Clone...
this one is so stupid
Dream has an evil clone and Sapnap tries to figure out who is who...

  • Yash Venkatesh
    Yash Venkatesh


  • Nympha Portuguez
    Nympha Portuguez

    The evil dream good is win

  • •‿•

    Wait ain’t dream evil in general so there were two evil dreams? ?‿?

  • OxlClout

    Do I hear Auto Clicker!???!?

  • Kyle L
    Kyle L

    Yes dream has 10000 hearts

  • Yusuf Akyüz
    Yusuf Akyüz

    Had dream an Evil Clone? That means... SAPNAP IS EVIL FOR DREAM?!

  • DeclinedMouse

    Plot twist: The Dream on the DreamSMP is the evil Dream.

  • Orlando

    The real mystery is how did they stay alive that long despite fighting with diamond swords and no armor

  • Sams436


  • MasLuis Gaming
    MasLuis Gaming

    Dream is landing more hits than dream im guessing dream will win

  • l_aggy

    The only battle we can truly tell who the winner is

  • Ibrahim Amer
    Ibrahim Amer

    Who is real dream

  • ticOuSeN_

    these are both wrong, they dont use an axe

  • DEATH stare
    DEATH stare

    Dream the original vs dreambot 2.0

  • Sasuke itachi and shisui reacts
    Sasuke itachi and shisui reacts

    How much health did faker have

  • Pïxelated._.Pïxïe

    The real dream would use an axe u-u (this isn’t a stereotypical comment plz don’t hate it’s just a joke comment ;w;)

  • Marco Baltazar
    Marco Baltazar

    Hmmm, who is the real dream???

    • Marco Baltazar
      Marco Baltazar

      Sapnap killed the 2nd evil cl9ne dream

  • jaynubunnessa no name
    jaynubunnessa no name


  • shikomura_biggest

    Make him yellow

  • シjust_m̶Eシ

    No one: Really no one: Me wondering how they have so much hearts

  • StaySilent Roblox
    StaySilent Roblox


  • Ja mezacoal
    Ja mezacoal

    endgame be like bruh

  • Michael Corbo
    Michael Corbo

    Dream Civil War

  • James Pavell
    James Pavell

    Plot twist, the evil dream was in the SMP

  • epic Syiem Harris
    epic Syiem Harris

    It's like the movie Blitz from the epic battle where he fights his evil self but this time in Minecraft I laughed at this show🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🎊

  • john logic
    john logic

    Jews how meny hearts do they have

  • Steyn Visch
    Steyn Visch

    I think Mexican dream is gonna win

  • EliteFalkonZ

    I like the fact how we just watch 2 dreams slaughter each other for almost a minute lol

  • hipalex is og `
    hipalex is og `

    Lets go dream

  • Danger Cool
    Danger Cool

    He used smige account

  • Veyron Minguete
    Veyron Minguete

    I’m going to everyone that’s in the video

  • Greend

    I am telling joe

  • Michał Pluciński
    Michał Pluciński


  • David Umann
    David Umann

    Dream's handling the death of his own brother pretty well.

  • Hardi Wisata
    Hardi Wisata

    Okay- but which one is actually dream Everyone: 🤨

  • Jenchi Plays
    Jenchi Plays

    Dream stans: dReaM iS haCkiNg!!1!1!1!!!11!1! drEaM iS tHe bEsT nO oNe caN beAt hIm

  • Murali R
    Murali R

    Everyone:Talking about sapnap's decision Me:Wondering how they had a diamond sword and were alive after fighting for 30 sec

  • Gaming Legend
    Gaming Legend

    Wait does the manhunt song go on twice as long when’s there’s two or doe the song play at the same time

  • UltraNathan 99
    UltraNathan 99

    If sap shot the real dream. Dream would have dodged the arrow as proven in another one of his skits

  • Eden Hernandez
    Eden Hernandez

    This explains the huge changes in the dream smp and why “dream” is in prison. That ain’t actually him!!! He probably being held hostage or something!!! 😭😭😭🥺🥺🥺🤯🤯🤯

  • Eden Hernandez
    Eden Hernandez

    How can we know for sure that’s the real dream??? Prob killed the actual dream!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! 🤯🤯🤯🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭

  • Enderdead

    Atleast Sapnap save your life.

  • Annabel Hejmanowski
    Annabel Hejmanowski

    You should have Dream and Yellow dream fight. Then George walks in without his colorblind glasses and can't tell who thr real dream is

  • Mason Warlick
    Mason Warlick

    The green guy with the white face on his body is going to win

  • Sebastian Sanchez
    Sebastian Sanchez

    Dream had enough of people copying his skin.

  • Gil-Senpai

    I don't know why but seeing 2 dreams fighting is funny as f*CK 🤣🤣🤣

  • Digital

    Lemme fix that Dream had an evil brother

  • Forest In Focus
    Forest In Focus

    At this point you should just change the title to: Two brothers fight and Sapnap is their mom.

  • Neerav Singh 8-C
    Neerav Singh 8-C

    Who is real dre ?

  • Vaishnavi Vedant
    Vaishnavi Vedant

    I love how the description is @Dream @Dream @Sapnap so one of the dream is the evil clone lol And Dreams: " *WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT* " is too good xD

  • Crystal Vang
    Crystal Vang

    nvm its sapnap xd

  • vibella !
    vibella !

    I'm rooting for the one in the green

  • Madness Liwia
    Madness Liwia

    I think dream will win not dream

  • Robo Woody
    Robo Woody

    Thats funny wow!

  • United states of America
    United states of America


  • Lucas Surla
    Lucas Surla

    i love how they hit each other so much with the swords and dies because of 1 arrow ONE!!

  • bob ross jr
    bob ross jr

    is this a gang beast map?

  • Star And Angel
    Star And Angel

    This is Dream Vs DreamXD....but the real question is, Who's the villain?

  • Paper Plane
    Paper Plane

    ISnetsrs vs Impersonators in a nutshell.

  • ChillBloC

    I love how none notice that the axe does more damage

  • Chris Q
    Chris Q

    Who’s good and who’s bad

  • Matthew Yeh
    Matthew Yeh

    don't underestimate stupidity

  • Bustune The Great
    Bustune The Great

    Both aint dream since there not using axes

  • Sukanya Somsa-ard
    Sukanya Somsa-ard

    Obviously dream will win

  • Ginny M.
    Ginny M.

    not the train station :(

  • Hasan sahib
    Hasan sahib


  • Awesome Drawer
    Awesome Drawer

    It’s fun keeping track of the real dream

  • Jacob

    Basically there both evil

  • xakariyo

    I have an video idea it's dream the speed runner vs dream the hunter

  • Natulala Gaming
    Natulala Gaming

    plot twist: the evil dream was actually Drista

  • Negative DREAM
    Negative DREAM

    I'm your clone😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐

  • Fam-tastically

    What Anime is this?

  • FunkehGaming

    Its over Anakin i have the high ground

  • LuddeP1

    plot twist: none of these are actually dream

  • Mario is MLG
    Mario is MLG

    I would watch Dream fighting Dream for an hour straight ngl

  • PixelVoid

    I'm 100% sure tht dream will win


    0:23 I have the high ground

  • Phil Sharpe
    Phil Sharpe

    The plan was shoot them both and the one without plot armor would win

  • Danny Rakena
    Danny Rakena

    sannap is A EEEEEGGG


    Plot twist:sapnap actually killed the real dream and the evil dream acted like the real one so he can destroy the dream smp

  • Potatodragin 69
    Potatodragin 69

    They have like regeneration 20000

  • ca1ebwastaken

    Who is he good dream

  • Adrian Rodriguez
    Adrian Rodriguez

    10k on the green one

  • Julian Hardin
    Julian Hardin

    Flashbacks to Okuyasu punching guitar dude

  • Prensena L
    Prensena L

    Imagine fighting 2 dreams lol 😂

  • Rot - Gaming
    Rot - Gaming

    Dream is punching the Otter fix Witze the Diamond sword and bi armore like a Millionen times and he is Not dying and Than came Sapnap with a crosbow and just ohne Shot him

  • CatMasterLegendary

    *me and that same skin guy on hypixel:*

  • s o l a r c e r a m i c s
    s o l a r c e r a m i c s


  • Terry Tang
    Terry Tang


  • Naethan Magcalen
    Naethan Magcalen

    I was still thinking how did they even been alive for that long maybe creative mode then turn on the survival mode when sapnap came?

  • Vijayakumar Anthonappa
    Vijayakumar Anthonappa

    But are y'all talking about dream's already evil

  • Ziad HaithamShoukry
    Ziad HaithamShoukry

    Only ogs remember the title was named dream vs dream

  • Curzed

    I like how they're both fighting on 1.8


    I knew dream would win

  • Paul Satud
    Paul Satud

    Woah wait how did sapnap guess I cannot guess who was the real dream

  • prithvisam

    I knew clay would win

  • Jasper Fong
    Jasper Fong


  • Jiaxi hao
    Jiaxi hao

    IU say the one tha lived is teh clone, because I think he landed more hit on the other ;) XDs

  • kevin style
    kevin style

    Who is dream i dint know they look the same oh wait sapnap is the hero he saved dream