I found a new girlfriend.
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Schlatt goes on the dating show Love Or Host (previously the Rajjchelor / Rajjchelorette) to find ANOTHER new girlfriend.
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After Schlatt and Minx were Cute Together and did many Cute Things like Schlatt and Minx's Minecraft Date, and jschlatt and Minx arguing, and jschlatt roasting Minx, the Schlatt and Minx saga ended once I realized I Just Didn't Like Her All That Much. Schlatt goes on Love or Host again to find a new girlfriend to be cute with. No, this was not the GeorgeNotFound Love Or Host (hiiiii george ;) where George and Minx go on a date (good luck with that buddy), nor was it the Wilbur Soot Love Or Host where Wilbur and Niki become a totally real couple. It wasn't the CallMeCarson Love Or Host, or the Quackity Love Or Host. TommyInnit did not invade my Love Or Host and say funny British things, either, which was kind of disappointing because he sounds funny when he says PogChamp. It was just good old fashioned Schlatt Dating Show content. Minx, Alexandra Botez (hotter sister of Andrea Botez), and many more Hot Women are there. Schlatt breaks keyboards, but will he finally get his 10 Big Hot Men? #LoveOrHost

  • Durvanurv

    Anyone know what's playing at 19:27?

  • Alfred Fuxen
    Alfred Fuxen

    It's not many people that are aloud to get a NEW gf like this

  • Thw0mew

    alternative title: a bunch of grown men bully a defenseless woman in a wedding dress.

  • Tuhx

    6:40 why the fuck did that scared the shit out of me

  • crislyn ropal
    crislyn ropal

    Minx acts old but looks young, and sound ancient.

  • Lovely Sunshinee
    Lovely Sunshinee

    Im actually happy Alex won she was literally the only sane one there

  • SmIle_SK

    25:50 *Who eve said Aww* I felt that...her face is- :(

  • Doin Your Mom
    Doin Your Mom

    oh wow wow that was awesome

  • GamerPig3184 & ItzEveryDrip
    GamerPig3184 & ItzEveryDrip

    this is so stupid

  • I sofa K1ng done
    I sofa K1ng done

    This is the only channel that I'm okay with him putting in lots of midrolls because it's part of the joke

  • DaBunny

    Ive been depressed for months and i had to write this comment as it has been the first time i genuinely laughed

    • DaBunny

      @crislyn ropal Thank you :)

    • crislyn ropal
      crislyn ropal

      Hope you're doin alright~

  • Jvst Emalyn
    Jvst Emalyn

    I literally wanna go back in time and make the whole chat vote for minx so the girl who won would happily get ELIMINATED and minx would win because that's now if should have gone in my opinion even though its a well known fact though lol

  • George Demos
    George Demos

    What is this show about this is stupid and your not funny

    • George Demos
      George Demos

      @ATLAS I was joking your show is doing OK good luck 👍

    • ATLAS

      Your name is George stfu

  • God of Gods Ruler of the fucking earth its self
    God of Gods Ruler of the fucking earth its self

    Fucking Connor with that Mia picture is fucking hilarious

  • 0ttimo

    Nearly cried myself on that tear jerking speech from Minx

  • Alex Bougas
    Alex Bougas

    Ever since i subbed to schlatt i started seeing keyboards differently

  • yavor prodanov
    yavor prodanov

    You suck and i hate you, couse you are monster.

  • zainab alkaabi
    zainab alkaabi


  • Dragon_ Space
    Dragon_ Space

    The man this man is the best but the best he is funny af


    Good to see some actual adults making adult jokes and no one getting offended

  • Kody Barfield
    Kody Barfield

    Now I would have expected blue bra to ask this question. 6:24 I was WRONG

  • Bro Zieg
    Bro Zieg

    The knife girl was cute chat wth

  • lukaspeacegg

    Cats havethe thing on thair neck eagals have a hat and people have a glock 17

  • Kody Barfield
    Kody Barfield

    6:24 That reaction though🤣

  • Bekfistwolf

    Eat pant conar

  • Kristofer Noelke
    Kristofer Noelke

    And then he never did the ISnets videos with her

  • Grim gg
    Grim gg

    6.43 fuck you i got so scared

    • idk wtf I'm doing
      idk wtf I'm doing

      6:43 also yeah I got so fucking scared

  • Joseph Mollohan
    Joseph Mollohan

    16:35 Oblivion NPC conversation! Lol

  • ToastyTea

    I just realized how much jschlatt looks like Ned Flanders

  • Dimitri Warchief
    Dimitri Warchief

    I came to say i dont care

  • Little Princess Uni
    Little Princess Uni

    As a female I would’ve picked knife girl she’s cute

  • Em!!

    5:43 y e s just YES 👁👄👁

  • Samanthainnit

    I prefer him with minx

  • SkyBoy 156
    SkyBoy 156

    William afton hearing susu saying she loves knive him im coming brub

  • Sus

    4:21 the niko bellic reference

  • Christopher Giroux
    Christopher Giroux

    I was so sad for susu she looked so hurt by the missing boyfriend comment

  • andrew lopez
    andrew lopez

    That was fucked up with minx kind of sad

  • krumlukum

    If I saw susu in public I would run from minx

  • Tomas Agudelo Salazar
    Tomas Agudelo Salazar

    bro you could see how gisgust was minx

  • Cody Corum
    Cody Corum

    Why is this the funniest thing that’s ever happened in history? 💀 And why did Mia have to betray this man like that 🤢

  • Daniel Krusholm
    Daniel Krusholm


  • Lucian

    I would be more scared of this girl if she pulls out a knife then a robber

  • Ace

    Susu reminds me of sykunno. And MAN SHES SO PURE I WANNA FOLLOW HER

  • Ultimate skatter
    Ultimate skatter

    Dude Their couldn’t be a better wingman than fucking connor. He’s the best

  • Matthew L
    Matthew L

    the look of disappointment is beautiful 26:13

  • nemu

    Everyone introducing themselves nicely, No one: Susu: I collect knives and dead bugs I DONT KNOW WHY ITS SO FUNNY LMFAO

  • Samon Sily
    Samon Sily

    I can protect you Shlatt umm i am american

  • L


  • Ticcy12

    16:15 he doesnt look like him. Not even close 😂

  • Corrine Kelly
    Corrine Kelly

    Fr. Schlatt

  • Double C
    Double C

    Susu legit murderer 🤣

  • Just some guard Who plays games
    Just some guard Who plays games

    The pope moving actually made me jump

  • Chris Horton
    Chris Horton

    Everyone clowns on minx but I actually really like her

  • Masked

    12:57 That reminds me if L’Manberg, you know, that place

  • K.

    *L E R B E R G*

  • DuneScapeTube

    Van darkholme mvp

  • TheInternetLad

    the vagina candle should be sold as merch

  • kyle shipp
    kyle shipp

    9:07 best part of the vid change my mind

  • ItBeFFox

    Life be like : wake up , eat , hate minx , sleep . Repeat

  • Zio Slayer99
    Zio Slayer99

    I want my death by snu snu, by Susu

  • Zachary Chandler
    Zachary Chandler

    I genuinely felt bad for minx

    • fatboijo3

      It's just banter bro

  • boftheb

    how tf does mia have the worst camera and mic quality out of all of them

  • dejv

    I swear kandyland is butch's girfriend from pulp fiction

  • Sir Kellen
    Sir Kellen

    mia is not a good Christian girl

  • Kona Bean
    Kona Bean

    Mmm... J-Shart.

  • SuperNinjaWarrior 02
    SuperNinjaWarrior 02

    What is that song that played at the end when Minx got voted out i really want to know please someone tell me

    • DreamedWave

      I have scoured schlatt's music playlist, and the entire first page of google search results and I still cannot find it

  • Toshita Joshi
    Toshita Joshi

    Plot twist: Minx and Schlatt are in an actual relationship and make fun of eachother to throw everyone off track

  • Mc_clipz

    Susu sus asfffff 😭💀

  • Alexander J. E.
    Alexander J. E.

    Did Minx actually cry I felt that

  • smalltok

    Minx pretty much got her entire wedding bit from the I.T. crowd lol

  • Oporto Rat
    Oporto Rat

    Minx's revenge thwarted

  • Big Foggy
    Big Foggy

    I love j schlatt’s chat it’s just perfect 8:00 8:57 16:50

  • Heydan

    Bro minx is freaking hilarious, their combo is golden

  • Nursing Flame
    Nursing Flame

    This was the funniest love or Host I’ve ever seen

  • One Piece fan clips
    One Piece fan clips

    who wtf are you???

    • Kanada

      Optimus fuckn prime


    Jshslatt knows what he doing when he says hes ecstatic



  • Wingman46

    I like the knife one

  • Dead Man
    Dead Man

    If schlatt and minx got married he’d quiet her up with only the airhorn but what caught me off guard was the purple/blue and red lights from the Pope “what does that mean?”

  • Vivian Woodward
    Vivian Woodward


  • Vivian Woodward
    Vivian Woodward


  • Xbox


  • ¿Meko? ¿Blade?
    ¿Meko? ¿Blade?

    Knife girl is the new Man Behind the Slaughter! Woman Behind the Slaughter!!

  • Tyler Bartel
    Tyler Bartel

    I think jschlatt has a New Yorker fetish

  • Leah lee bee
    Leah lee bee

    Bu- but minx did her lil dancy dance....

  • E_The_Weasel666

    5:50 this aged well

  • ThiccBoiKoopa

    First a presidential campaign now a buisness.

  • Dwagony Dwagon
    Dwagony Dwagon

    Minx and schlatt are the best ship out of them all


    This did get 4M views

  • Wanre _
    Wanre _

    Susu was the best ngl

  • Ancient Buns
    Ancient Buns

    15:55 *pain true pain*

  • tehflying doge
    tehflying doge

    shlatt angy

  • RogueGamer907

    That skyrim music during the verse had me dying

  • Always Dr3aming
    Always Dr3aming

    When you realize that when Schlatt and Minx get married, he's going to win every argument with the mere power of the airhorn.

    • Always Dr3aming
      Always Dr3aming

      @BaconBun Live 10:31 and 10:41 for context

    • BaconBun Live
      BaconBun Live


  • 314

    What’s the song at 9:43

  • Doublenightmoo

    Honestly Susu's knife collection has my interest

  • John China
    John China

    What’s the outro song?

  • Trik Shot Games
    Trik Shot Games

    Minx is like the Meg griffin on her life

  • Jack Bright
    Jack Bright

    I’m so into the knife chick holy mama

  • Lil John
    Lil John

    I low key feel bad for minx