Michael Bisping Reacts to Jake Paul vs Ben Askren Production Show
Michael Bisping Reacts to Jake Paul vs Ben Askren Production Show

  • skitzmations

    Ben askren is really good.. at getting knocked the fck out

  • amkobra

    What's funny is how many people bash professional wrestlers about the fake stuff. Last I checked WWE is more lucrative. People don't pay for authenticity, they pay for a show.

  • Mark Lang
    Mark Lang

    Impressive. Bispings prosthetic eye follows the other better than some people's real eye.

  • sheep hearder
    sheep hearder

    Title is fucked!?

  • Keekz

    These clowns clickbaited

  • MrAmouradian

    I took a bunch of mushrooms before that shit show and pretty much lost my gd mind!

  • Arsh Sekhon
    Arsh Sekhon

    bisping eating jake’s shit right up

  • D Army
    D Army

    Few things didn't seem right about the whole promotion.. despite the drugs, just the way buffer announced the name, the ref quick to call a stoppage, and Jake's punch to forehead knockdown power from a silly looking punch, wasn't even a proper over hand 😅... Still whatever was going on its worked, got everybody talking lol

  • FromHyrule

    “Fkin drugs!” Joe does shrooms

  • Jo Kapsalis
    Jo Kapsalis

    'Joe Rogan Reacts JP vs BA' Rappity Rap, Rappity Rap bla bla .. n' i'm a rapper, but fk man, stop with the click bait


    Most of these guys talking shit on the promotion that took place are so salty lol it’s just entertainment.. the announcers are there to be funny and just talk from an average persons mind set which is fine i thought it was humorous. I’d see why smoking anything while their up there matters at all I honestly see bisbing or however you spell his last name idek as a joke the dude has a horrible mentality always so judge mental and just naturally triggered nothing calm or settle about him. Sure the show was different so what about time to see some different productions everything doesn’t have to be the same boring shit. I thought it was fine I mean they should have hired a better ref ik that because the dude they hired looked like he could die at any time up there and he was just questionable on all accounts and some of the fighters looked like they didn’t train hard enough or really wanted to be fighting but all around it wasn’t a joke it was pretty entertaining.

  • Patrick Engelby
    Patrick Engelby

    Couldn’t agree more. Everyone talking how great snoop and the rest are. Ya they are but not like this. Shits annoying to listen to during a fight.

  • philosopher2king

    WHAT?! The commentators were the best part! And who the heck is taking Paul as a serious boxer?

  • Eleanor Funkin
    Eleanor Funkin

    Snoop was the best? This is why Joe Rogan is a terrible comedian. No clue what people like or are entertained by. People HATED snoops bullshit. I was live on a chat and it was a stream of a thousand people bitching the whole time.

  • Forward News Today
    Forward News Today

    3:52 Action Bronson “to this day” shout out Deontay Wilder

  • Forward News Today
    Forward News Today

    3:36 Joe rogan says “Snoop and LL Too Short” not LL Cool J, LL too short

    • Forward News Today
      Forward News Today

      Jk he said I love too short

  • Frank Barrie
    Frank Barrie

    So Rogan only brings up the fight for 2 seconds.. And only cuz he talkn bout Snoop.. Yay, ive been clickbaited

    • Roberto P
      Roberto P

      I bet dana white told him not to talk about the fight

  • teo delfuego
    teo delfuego

    Does Rogan talk about the actual Paul v Askren fight?

    • Mike Martin
      Mike Martin

      I dont know but Rogan does for a minute. 😆 🤣 😂

    • Frank Barrie
      Frank Barrie

      For like 2 seconds. He like only brings it up when talkin bout snoop and then thats it. I was like wtf, i got clickbaited lol

    • king tut
      king tut

      Thinking the same thing right now

  • Bruce Williams
    Bruce Williams

    Dmx grew up with Trauma most ppl (most white ppl in particular) could never relate to.

    • Brian McWilliams
      Brian McWilliams

      Im white and I cant even spell strugel.....

  • Alex the Gordon Highlander
    Alex the Gordon Highlander

    That triller production was a bad spell. People gotta shut that degredation out. ✨

  • Alex the Gordon Highlander
    Alex the Gordon Highlander

    Triller and Jake Paul .... What a pathetic fraud. Now we know why Mike Tyson boycotts triller trash.

  • THE GOAT .
    THE GOAT .


  • pjmac550355

    The studio looks so much better that space ship shit made all the guests looks mad oily

  • Wake Up!!!!! Canada
    Wake Up!!!!! Canada

    DMX Died from Vaccine!!

  • Biggie Smalls
    Biggie Smalls

    DMX didn’t let the game get to him. When he was 14 someone gave him a blunt with crack inside and got hooked he didn’t gaf people talking about him!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Matty Cordz
    Matty Cordz

    I think it was dmx upbringing not what Joe was saying about pressure of fame

  • Mikey Mathis
    Mikey Mathis

    I'll never forget Del LA Hoya all cocd up drunk calling U.S.A. the USSR! What a goofy 🤡

  • Duke Cally
    Duke Cally

    Come on guys let’s stop acting like it was drugs and not Illuminati

  • Josh Keys
    Josh Keys

    Most unprofessional thing I’ve ever seen

  • Johnny Pockets
    Johnny Pockets

    Snoop is cringe, being “gangsta” isn’t cool anymore

    • Goku

      Yeah it is

    • Brolog Sanctum
      Brolog Sanctum

      It still is considered cool

    • Mikey Mathis
      Mikey Mathis

      Snoop was way better first fight had too many clowns up there this time 💯💯

  • B

    Click bait piece of shit. Joe didn't mention jake

  • Hector Escobar
    Hector Escobar

    isnets.info/main/Z5DFm2R-lpmaaNE/v-deo.html Nuts for rap, certainly not for rock/heavy metal

  • Kenji Martial Arts
    Kenji Martial Arts

    Ngl but I like how accurate Jake Pauls punches are

    • M M
      M M

      Shut up

    • Essex G
      Essex G

      No you don’t..

  • Chael P. Sonnen
    Chael P. Sonnen

    Joe Rogan Is to blame for Ben askren...

  • Seke Keretsu
    Seke Keretsu

    Joe deliberately trying to hype snoop dog. His music maybe great but snoop has no business in that panel. But what can you expect anyway from a circus show.

  • Chucho Rodriguez
    Chucho Rodriguez

    Ben Askren actually won , Ben Askew Lost

  • Campy Camel
    Campy Camel

    I thought Snoop was just as annoying as the rest of the fools that night. A grown ass man acting like a child

    • Campy Camel
      Campy Camel

      @LeRoyal Flush I’m not saying he hasn’t worked hard. But, he also influences a lot of younger people and teaches them to act like a disrespectful idiots. The mans almost 50 and he behaves like he’s 15

    • LeRoyal Flush
      LeRoyal Flush

      Why y'all be hating on Snoop? He worked hard for what he has

    • Jimmy D
      Jimmy D

      This is what the godfather of gangsta rap has become

  • migs fabs
    migs fabs

    $500k in a minute is futured secured than training and fighting everyday just to pay your bills.

    • Dan Sullivan
      Dan Sullivan

      @Fried Chicken casual

    • Liam

      @Emiliano Rodriguez wait frreal? Dang thts a bummer

    • Emiliano Rodriguez
      Emiliano Rodriguez

      @Liam he wont jake is the only one getting a percentage if the pov

    • Mikey Mathis
      Mikey Mathis

      Facts I say he will clear prob 1.5 mil from the fight after ppv etc. Way more then he ever made fighting so salute to him for getting the bag.

    • Fried Chicken
      Fried Chicken

      Still the most embarrasing UFC fighter in history up there with CM Punk, got knocked out the fastest in MMA history, got outboxed by Damian fucking Maia and knocked out by 1 punch in 1 round by a Disney channel actor. Came in to fight like an overweight slob, the referee saved his life i hope yall realise that.

  • sciuz23

    This might be the first time I have a problem with something Joe said. Snoop is a clown.

  • Emmanuel Alva
    Emmanuel Alva

    People always care about others once they pass away it’s sad

    • Johnny Walker
      Johnny Walker

      @Josh Keys at least i don’t make money of other people’s sadness and misery

    • Josh Keys
      Josh Keys

      @Johnny Walker your going to hell just saying at least my spirit is clean. Take a look in the mirror and he’s a pastor so rethink what you said I would never talk negative about someone who passed we ain’t the same

    • Johnny Walker
      Johnny Walker

      @Josh Keys fuck him

    • Toha

      not me im not fake lol if i didnt care before i dont care after its just awkward u wouldnt let some random person show up to ur dead moms funeral its like u didnt like her when she was alive dont come crying now

    • Josh Keys
      Josh Keys

      Everyone fuck with x tho

  • Craig Farnam
    Craig Farnam

    Snoop is a Racist,,, sorry but true.

    • Chief Mario
      Chief Mario

      @KDXtreme ™ can explain why they passed a crimebill for Asians and not for black people

    • KDXtreme ™
      KDXtreme ™

      @Chief Mario so if that were the case, what's all this hate against asians for? If a black person did a hate crime against an asian, what do you call that?

    • Colin Lefort
      Colin Lefort

      @Chief Mario yeah they can be racist that's rediculous everyone can be

    • LeRoyal Flush
      LeRoyal Flush

      How can Snoop be a racist when he hugged more white people than everyone in the comment section...he make more white people rich than anybody in the comment section,Black people goes to shows but caucasians buy most of the albums...calling Black people racist is the most racist thing ever,beside the NOI we are all about love fun and money...have a nice day my white brothers and sisters and every other races ✌🏾

    • Orkan Kurt
      Orkan Kurt

      @Chief Mario a belief that race is a fundamental determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race. I guess your too dumb to google, so there you go. Notice how i don't know your race, and still call you dumb? Nothing about race, just purely you.

  • ddd dsouza
    ddd dsouza

    🤮🤮🤮 Snoop was the best part?.Joe has been smoking too much lately, That event gave alot of people around the world lifetime trauma.

    • priyanshu dhawan
      priyanshu dhawan

      Yes ...it was fking awfulllll ...

    • ddd dsouza
      ddd dsouza

      @Mahesh Lalwani You should continue watching wwe bro

    • Mahesh Lalwani
      Mahesh Lalwani

      No . Only haters didn't enjoy.

    • ddd dsouza
      ddd dsouza

      @ZickPranks Yea yea I was half sleepy tho lol Ben Is the guy who would trick death with his fake confidence.

    • ZickPranks

      Snoop is pure cringe. I muted the whole event.

  • Dave Anderson
    Dave Anderson

    Every single one of those celebrity commentators is a disgrace to the human race.

    • Mike Martin
      Mike Martin

      @Mikey Mathis Was kinda weird hearing all of their comments. Even snoop dropping ni**a every 2 minutes. I did like him talking crap to Dana. Dana says they didn't bet but Snoop was way too hype to be bullshi**ing

    • Mikey Mathis
      Mikey Mathis

      They f**ked up when they let all those other goofys up there with snoop. Shoulda kept it like before

    • Apekks duh
      Apekks duh

      @Ham Sandwich nah he was funny af

    • Kinjutsu Master
      Kinjutsu Master

      It was actually funny af lol

    • Ham Sandwich
      Ham Sandwich

      Especially the little gay blonde dude from SNL he was annoying AF

  • Mark Sibley
    Mark Sibley

    That was the worst production the worst thing o have ever watched thank god I didn’t pay

    • Chief Mario
      Chief Mario

      It was the best shit on ppv in years

  • ChiefLee

    Ben Askren didn’t lose. Ben Askew did.

    • Mikey Mathis
      Mikey Mathis

      😅😅😅 Poor guy was hyped for buff to hear him f**k it up 🤣🤣🤣 That's when I knew at that moment he was screwed that night

    • mykalerie

      Joe Rogan “ you SUNNUVA BITCH!”

    • 311

      Savage a.f 🤣🤣🤣

  • rstyree