Jack Savoretti - Breaking The Rules (Live Acoustic)
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Recorded live at Teatro Carlo Felice in Italy, Jack performs a powerful acoustic rendition of his track 'Breaking The Rules'.
Filmed & edited by Emiliano Bechi Gabrielli Recorded live at Teatro Carlo Felice, Genova, Italy on 26 Feb 2017.

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  • Kim Possible
    Kim Possible


  • Eleonora Flore
    Eleonora Flore

    Mio dio meraviglioso che emozione grazie 🙏🙏🙏❤

  • My World
    My World

    rest in peace hussein shamas. 💔

  • reena prasad
    reena prasad

    The song is sped up! We listen to it all the time. I know! ISnets fycking with this????

  • reena prasad
    reena prasad

    Earth Angel this song! Oh my gosh! My whole family is moved by you.

  • isa Castro
    isa Castro

    How old are you ?

  • Rose Tsiporin
    Rose Tsiporin

    U have an amazing sexy beautiful voice god bless u ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Be Ko
    Be Ko

    dankjewel, lieve Joyce...thx you mister Savoretti

  • אורציון טלי
    אורציון טלי

    שובר את החוקים

  • schneeflöckchen Bohlen
    schneeflöckchen Bohlen

    Ich sitze hier, schließe meine Augen und höre dieses Lied...Du berührst mich so sehr damit, mein Herz und mein Seele💖❗

  • LotusLou

    1st time ever hearing your music...just wow 🤯🥰

  • Jani Kiuttu
    Jani Kiuttu

    One of the greatest male singers of our time.....so underrated still....i hope everyone who loves music listens to Jacks original songs and covers....he sure knows hes stuff ✌🤘🌋♥🍻🙂

  • Julie Clark
    Julie Clark

    Love this ❤️

  • silvia gowdy
    silvia gowdy

    OMG His voice, Gaensehaut pur

  • Zhanna Mitchenko
    Zhanna Mitchenko


  • mindylpn

    This man is amazing I have never heard a song to bring me to my knees and cause tears to roll down my face until I heard this song by this particular man it doesn't get any better... You bring a lot of light to a lot of people's reality thank you

  • Sophie Sebaggala
    Sophie Sebaggala

    Amazing voice, beautiful song! Loved it!👌🏾👍🏾❤💯

  • Alexandre Hart
    Alexandre Hart

    Just... Thank you with All the love of my HEART

  • J. W.
    J. W.

    What an amazing voice, why did I did not find it earlier? Keep on singing. Love it

  • J. W.
    J. W.

    What an amazing voice, why did I did not find it earlier? Keep on singing. Love it

  • Mouna Tourabi
    Mouna Tourabi


  • Helen Donnelly
    Helen Donnelly

    What a voice!

  • Aleksa Ilić
    Aleksa Ilić

    Thank you for this MASTERPIECE ❤

  • St. Ko.
    St. Ko.

    Woooow,what a kind of Voice 😳😳😳- impressive!!

  • Shelley Wright
    Shelley Wright

    Omg your voice is so gorgeous and you, I could make love to you all day xx

  • Jerry Michaud
    Jerry Michaud


  • Jerry Michaud
    Jerry Michaud

    Jerry michaud 23

  • janet Ewen
    janet Ewen

    Zone wwwww W

  • janet Ewen
    janet Ewen


  • Lesley Ashwood
    Lesley Ashwood

    Oh my god Jack, come and get me. What a voice


    Yes Thank You

  • Luis Concepción
    Luis Concepción

    O H M Y G O D

  • janet Ewen
    janet Ewen

  • annabel vignali
    annabel vignali

  • Nic

    Wow just found gold! Thanks youtube algorithm, this is amazing

  • Nataliia Koschii
    Nataliia Koschii

    Jack, please go on stage asap. You have so much to offer, to present! Your live performance is ballistic! Full of energy! I'm blown away !!! Play with your voice, go discover and continue. You can do so many things with it!!!!! I hear sooooo many of my favorite notes in your voice - Joe Cocker, Zuccero, Chris Cornell. Pretty sure that's not the end of the list. Amazing how you mix them all and make it your own signature. My only wish....stay true to yourself, be unique, don't let music companies turn you into just "another perfect selling brand" . I know it's very hard. Good luck, Jack.

  • krista lee
    krista lee

    Sometimes walking away, is the best thing to do for yourself. Nothing last forever. Just be greatful to have the time you had with them. memories last forever.

  • Dimity Taiani
    Dimity Taiani

    Feel so moved❤❤❤

  • Saska Andric
    Saska Andric

    Amazing!! 😻🧡

  • Hasan Younis
    Hasan Younis

    looking for love at every corner 👌

  • Sharaf Mohd
    Sharaf Mohd

    How did I come here !! How I didn’t know this amazing song before ? Truly outstanding performance, and great voice 👏🏼!! All Love 💜 & Respect ✊🏼 From Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦

  • Matty Kay
    Matty Kay

    I mean who has actually clicked dislike...how can you not like this...

  • Aldo Cassisi
    Aldo Cassisi

    Thank you

  • Kalvinder Kaur
    Kalvinder Kaur

    Beautiful 🤩 beautiful song

  • F Lpr
    F Lpr


  • Noura

    Just woow amazing

  • Hernani Inacio
    Hernani Inacio

    Fantastic! Great moment.

  • 777Raeoflight777

    Wow so heartfelt very powerful I love it. Thank you 💜 😊

  • наталья пенкина
    наталья пенкина

    Это как волна по моему телу

  • anita n
    anita n

    Passion, love, all the best. I see you.

  • Mauricio Passine Araujo
    Mauricio Passine Araujo

    O drive lembra muito o saudoso e talentoso Joe Cocker!!!

  • Cynthia kolt
    Cynthia kolt

    What a sexy voice!!!

  • Ciara Simons
    Ciara Simons

    Just heard you for the first time a little over a month ago and can't stop listening. My favorite voice of today. I absolutely love your sound and style. Thanks for sharing your talent.

  • Christina Kar
    Christina Kar

    You speak right inside my heart especially with this beautiful song! With all of you, but with this you speak just for me.. Great performance!! With your amazing voice!! We love you for everything in you , our Jack Savoretti.🌺🌹♥️

  • Sofia The Musical Witch
    Sofia The Musical Witch

    I come here quite often 😌

  • Lea Pulino
    Lea Pulino

    Just perfect

  • Shawnee Sullivan
    Shawnee Sullivan

    Your voice is intrancing. You've just become one of my favorite singers. Can't wait to hear all your songs.

  • Pamela Benites
    Pamela Benites

    No sé como llegué a esta joyita 😍💯

  • Maria G
    Maria G


  • Dilvin Kurt
    Dilvin Kurt

    anlasamda içime dokunuyor

  • Zaptoid

    Sweet Jesus, my guy, that was an awe inspiring performance. What vocals! A sheer pleasure to listen to you, chap. Thank you from South-Africa

  • Jerry Michaud
    Jerry Michaud

    Michaud boy

  • Semmelein

    A friend just recommended me this and ... I couldn't stop crying. So much passion. So intense feelings. Love it! ❤️

  • Mohd Asyraaf
    Mohd Asyraaf

    U kill it! Jack Savoretti, u beauty!👏👏👏👏

  • Светлана Алекса
    Светлана Алекса


  • Jeeny Maltese
    Jeeny Maltese

    You should release a full album like this!!! This is YOU 🙌⭐️ Love the voice, style and music. So intense and full of feeling 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Justine Hamilton
    Justine Hamilton

    Love this track and hearing that gravel in his voice ,so much emotion…

  • Простой бизнес на инновациях
    Простой бизнес на инновациях

    Спасибо!!! Thank you

  • German Zunda
    German Zunda

    Amaizing 😀

  • Jerry Michaud
    Jerry Michaud


  • B Smith
    B Smith

    Simply unbelievable!!!!! Wow. Couldn't be happier for discovering him from a reaction video. I'm blown away

  • maria d.
    maria d.


  • Ste Mcghee
    Ste Mcghee

    Love your songs 👌

  • Ute Ahrens
    Ute Ahrens

    Wooooow what a voice. Goose bumps.... And the sound, the text. Thank you for this

  • Cristina Mendes
    Cristina Mendes

    Tão magnifico...! Sem palavras

  • Maria de Lurdes
    Maria de Lurdes

    E um conjunto né voz arranjo e quem canta nossa e dima+++👏👏👏👏

  • Maria de Lurdes
    Maria de Lurdes

    The voice is the best👏👏👏🤩

  • Odile Lichter
    Odile Lichter

    Et bravo aussi aux musiciens qui l'accompagnent

  • Odile Lichter
    Odile Lichter

    C'est féerique

  • Odile Lichter
    Odile Lichter

    Je le compare à Joe Cocker que j'aimais beaucoup

  • Gerda Muller
    Gerda Muller

    I think I've broken the record for the amount of times watching a video on ISnets! THIS TALENT OMW 😱😱😱😱😱😱

  • Jennifer Karen
    Jennifer Karen

    So powerful and beautiful, thank you..... !!!

  • cerijg123

    My absolute favourite 💗 what other artist can sing live like Jack can, it gives me absolute chills everytime I hear this song. Have been lucky enough to hear Jack live twice already and looking forward to next year 💗

  • Gillan Lorna
    Gillan Lorna

    Omg i see a lot of folk dont like this video How stange. This is raw Jack doing it his way. Brilliant

  • Gillan Lorna
    Gillan Lorna

    My all time favourite Jack song. Never heard him sing it live though at any concerts i have been to Hopefully i will one day

  • Jan De Wit
    Jan De Wit

    One word "heavenly"

  • Yannah Abdulkadil
    Yannah Abdulkadil

    What a beautiful song on doing things the way we want it and living our lives as we see fit. Makes me so emotional.

  • Jerry Michaud
    Jerry Michaud

    Michaud boy love all =

  • Pille Kirss
    Pille Kirss


  • Holly Joiner-mason
    Holly Joiner-mason



    on ressent vraiment une vie dans ces paroles

  • Deedee 60
    Deedee 60

    Lovely interview with Jack on ITV early this morning!! New album sounds good too.

  • Bernadette Rupp
    Bernadette Rupp

    OMG! WOW! This song! 🔥Your voice!💓 MIC DROP!🎤💥touched my soul. So beautiful, love it!

  • I'm No One
    I'm No One

    Thank you ❤🥺❤

  • Alex Silny
    Alex Silny

    I found your song Yesterday, now Im in love with your voice! 😘

  • Brenda Kamerick
    Brenda Kamerick

    This is my favorite song sounds like he is singing about my life it dosen't get any better then this I have several of your cds playing in alot of my rooms in my house I just can't stop listening to u Jack.💜😍🥰😘😘😘😘😘💋💋💋💋💋 🙏💜

  • If its pink I'll take it
    If its pink I'll take it

    I can't get enough of this song. So much emotion.

  • A. Eqabi
    A. Eqabi

    120 grit.

  • Eva John
    Eva John

    Thank you for this beautiful Song, and your being. It often helps me over dark times❤

  • Lee-Rentia Arnoldus
    Lee-Rentia Arnoldus

    Never even heard of you 😢but today is a wonderful day will look up all your music