ULTIMATE SLEEPER Mercury Marauder Terrifies Unsuspecting Passengers...
Guys it's stock... I'm tired of this nonsense!!!
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  • Cleetus McFarland
    Cleetus McFarland

    If I see a single comment about this car not being stock I’m gonna delete the video

    • Jr Lewi
      Jr Lewi

      32 Valve 4.6 ?

    • Spazz Reid
      Spazz Reid

      This car is definitely not stock idiot, 😂😂

    • Kenan

      Theres no other pleasure like a STOCK sleeper! yiiihaaaa!! 👍

    • Jay Jay
      Jay Jay

      I knew If anyone would guess before hand it would be Jeremy and that was expected hes like a scientist lol

    • John Smith
      John Smith

      It’s as fast as a “stock” car you are 100% correct.

  • Iggy Fritz
    Iggy Fritz

    I'll ignore the stock gauges underneath the climate control 😄

  • Bryan Shaughnessy
    Bryan Shaughnessy

    I had tje pleasure owing for a real short time. ..wsp had a few of them..and hated being pulled over the dot..and hearing that idle...once havin owned one..I want another one

  • Fred Epps
    Fred Epps

    I wont one of them for a long time people are asking to much for them

  • Kevin Maxwell
    Kevin Maxwell

    The intro tickled the butterflies in my stomach way over here 😁 was that a 2nd Burch i heard? Also noticed every rider had the same genuine giggle.

  • Thank You
    Thank You

    He knew that bad boy wasn't stock at 0:52 when it chirped second gear lol. Ole svt supercharged cobra in sheep's clothing lol. Love it.

    • Garoh Seven
      Garoh Seven

      I loved that double take he did lol

  • green soldier
    green soldier


  • Mike Tobin
    Mike Tobin

    UH-60 creeping...

  • WaterLaws

    Why would I put it on a dyno, the numbers are on google, has got to be the greatest response when messing around ever lmao

  • WaterLaws

    Sounds stock

  • Remedy Talon
    Remedy Talon

    "why put it on a dyno, the numbers are on google" lmfao

  • FLP Media
    FLP Media

    The Crown Vic SS ....always liked this ride

  • Gavin Jones
    Gavin Jones

    I want one 😎

  • digitalchef

    Can we talk about the helicopter?

  • Matt Snook
    Matt Snook

    @Cameron Vic's ls swapped marauder, lol.

  • Arnold Shoezeneger AKA Kick in’t Veld
    Arnold Shoezeneger AKA Kick in’t Veld

    8:49 this pop while it shifts, soo good love it

  • Carlos

    Bad fucking azz !!!!!!!!

  • Jose R. Garcia Santana
    Jose R. Garcia Santana

    Anyone noticed the Blackhawk hovering at the begging of the video like nothing was happening 😂😂😂

  • Hayden Hayes
    Hayden Hayes

    Are we ignoring the black hawk prepping for war in the background at 0:30

  • jordan clark
    jordan clark

    My 06 crown vic blew a head gasket, would you be able to donate anything at all to a good cause? Trying to save up enough for a f150 coyote motor

  • 7Seven Six6
    7Seven Six6

    Definitely an awesome car

  • Austin Hess
    Austin Hess

    There's no way it's stock lol from factory specs stock I'd love to see it.

  • Hussein Jussab
    Hussein Jussab

    It's got an electric turbo

  • Bill Moore
    Bill Moore

    Is the 2003 just as good as the 2004?

  • TheCasualGamer

    Defo not stock

  • Enlightened Idiot
    Enlightened Idiot

    I waited to see under the hood and under the car. No dice, lol...

  • Gryff Longdong
    Gryff Longdong

    It's a ripper. It's also pretty grouse mate.

  • Kevin Miller
    Kevin Miller

    I Got a Marquis.... These are a dream of mine!!!

  • D J
    D J

    For anyone wondering how this is possible. Change the spark plugs, add new oil/filters, and kiss your 401k goodbye. 😉🙌

  • Mick Hannickle
    Mick Hannickle

    Not sure how Cleetus still has a driver's license.

  • Hector M Alicea
    Hector M Alicea


  • Jacob H McDougle
    Jacob H McDougle


  • MaTthEw raza
    MaTthEw raza

    No one can say it was stock because you could hear that turbo

  • Odrummer007

    I miss the old youtube days where u got one ad if at all. I got 8 ads in this video that’s like every 1:30

  • Gregory Valentine
    Gregory Valentine

    I had purchased a 2006 Gran Marquise fully loaded one of the best cars I've ever had. I worked at Chevy when this car was released and we had a 96 Impala people were sleeping on the Marauder didn't have the SS engine but it could accelerate like it had 1.. They were about $50k when they were released..

  • L W
    L W

    “Don’t be suspicious, don’t be suspicious”

  • Matthew Calhoun
    Matthew Calhoun

    You need to find a Taurus SHO


    Oh wait... why dont one of your cars have Königsegg engine? :D

  • Rick T
    Rick T

    I love their reactions when he punches it lmao!!!

  • Justin Dougherty
    Justin Dougherty

    Exhaust work for sure from the reaction looking under the car..... and a slightly better cam with aftermarket headers and pistons, other things that aren't forced induction but add power.

  • Justin Dougherty
    Justin Dougherty

    That is not stock. My lincon ls v8, the one with a jaguar frame and engine in it can't pick up and go like that.

  • Justin Dougherty
    Justin Dougherty

    What's the 0 to 60

  • George Dennison
    George Dennison

    Turbo and a shift kit

  • Trae Volker
    Trae Volker

    @cleetusmcfarland @Cameron Vic Hahaha coincidence I think not

  • UTbCanSkMyBawlz

    @ 3:30 Dudes a dayyyum little B'ch boy!!

  • Virtual Vapes
    Virtual Vapes

    Cleetus, I saw one of these two nights ago when I took my wife out for dinner. It had ugly aftermarket wheels on it though. I have always loved these cars. Lots of folks were unaware at how fast these gems were in their stock form.

  • Chad Fitterling
    Chad Fitterling

    The first guys reaction when it chirped 2nd was hilarious lol...he was so confused

  • Sean Sharp
    Sean Sharp

    When you realize the Crown Vic version of the Marauder was called "Blackhawk," you understand why there's a helicopter in the background.

  • Mark Clough
    Mark Clough

    Got the tuner underneath the car trying to figure out

  • stephen hammer
    stephen hammer

    what was with the helicoptor in the background

  • Mynameisnottrevor

    Rear mounted twin turbos?

  • Rage Page
    Rage Page

    couple extra bolt onz .. center mounted vertical tactical shotgun= 10-15hp comms array armrest mod = 5-10 hp Eye Assault Distractive Light kit (Biggie) = 40-60 hp Passenger Safety Cage= 5-10 hp hp = harassment power lmfao really tho.. stock.. it's a picture of perfection. modded PROPERLY its Bullet proof luv it

  • Elliot Pate
    Elliot Pate

    I like to watch hit is Video over and over sometimes. And I can hear the turbo at 10:20-10:30😂😂

  • Kaden Watt
    Kaden Watt

    Get with Gale Banks to make this thing a daily with some POWER! He daily drove a Marauder for a super long time before he got his twin turbo Cadillac

  • tallandsmall123

    U gotta love that first reaction. Stock marauder for the win!

  • Randy WL
    Randy WL

    When the guy looked underneath the car. The expression on his face said quad turbochargers. 😱 I worked for a guy that had a Cadillac CTS and he had twin turbochargers located right under the rear bumper. Once the intake feed tubes went back towards the engine they went around the rear fenders and then disappeared. They were concealed inside the rockers all the way up to the engine. He has a Cadillac delivered directly from the factory to a performance shop that specialize in this kind of stuff. That is one cool sleeper Cletus! 👍

  • Randy WL
    Randy WL

    I wonder what the sales numbers would be if this was actually an engine option. 😁

  • Bram's Hobby Shop
    Bram's Hobby Shop

    Damn now I want one

  • Cody Carter
    Cody Carter

    Stock turbo and boost gauge

  • James Jenkins
    James Jenkins

    The symphony coming from that car. BLISS.

  • Nick

    Sleeper for sure !!! Lmaoo nice job

  • what's right is right and what's wrong is wrong!
    what's right is right and what's wrong is wrong!

    Is this the conceptof 99? If so it's stock, but other than that's not stock.

  • what's right is right and what's wrong is wrong!
    what's right is right and what's wrong is wrong!

    Finially a big body sexy biotch ! Much love bro!

  • Dwizzleusa 1984
    Dwizzleusa 1984

    Those 32v fords...👍

  • Scadoo’s Videos!
    Scadoo’s Videos!

    Alec’s face from 0:50 to 1:00 😂😂 Shitt! WTF!! 😂😂😂

  • E38 BMW
    E38 BMW

    How many G Force you get ?

  • TheChzoronzon

    What's the 0-60 of that beast?

  • Hardesty Hardesty
    Hardesty Hardesty

    You could see the look on the first guy's face when it bark the tires going into second gear that's when he knew something was up LOL

  • tbone penticost
    tbone penticost

    Dino sesh hood shut we guess motor I said 4v bald eagle

  • Lee Sylvester
    Lee Sylvester

    When he lets off the throttle with rg you can hear it flutter

  • Isaiah Beattie
    Isaiah Beattie

    Does anyone in Florida remember when State Troopers had a bunch of these??😂 they used to RIP down the highways!!

  • George Martin
    George Martin

    Somebody put steroids in that "stock" " 4.6L" Maurader's gas tank!!!

  • Tang Alicious
    Tang Alicious

    Love it!

  • Matt Arredondo
    Matt Arredondo

    Dude I fckin love this a lot people do not know about this car lol sleeper af

  • Maxxarcade

    Love the sound of the tires breaking loose when it hits 2nd :-)

  • P H O E N I XxX
    P H O E N I XxX

    "and its got AC" :o

  • steve

    Well it may have air conditioning but anybody that cannot hear that big Turbo is obviously not very intelligent

  • Preston Cox
    Preston Cox

    I can see you riding around blasting mercury blues by Steve Miller or the Alan Jackson version

  • Bill Stiles
    Bill Stiles

    I sold these cars when they came out...it isn’t your grandaddy’s car! Center console shifter... came in sliver, black and red... these are basically Crown Vics on speed with elegant touches. Fantastic engineering!

  • azoz_sulm


  • Zachary Reichert
    Zachary Reichert

    This thing is a smile machine.

  • Jared Addison
    Jared Addison

    Just saw a factory clean, garage kept, 2002 Maurader a couple days ago, 16k miles on it. It had the "God Head" emblem on the grill and tires, pretty dope car

  • Frosty Films
    Frosty Films

    Cleetus PLEASE take this car to ThatDudeInBlue so he can review it😂

  • Rising Sun Garage
    Rising Sun Garage

    Nice video cleetus I love these Mercury's I had a 99 grand marquis gs as my first car and I loved that car so reliable wish I still had it definitely a dream car for me too brother 🤘🤘

  • Jaybruhh

    *_The title says it itself!_* ULTIMATE SLEEPER!

  • Tammy Forbes
    Tammy Forbes

    I like any car big enough to put a big block in! Not that he has one I don’t know but I’m sure one would fit! Another sleeper is Buick with the corvette engine detuned in it! My aunt had one I used to detail it was brand new basically and it ripped it had torque for days! Buick Lacross special LS4 front wheel drive! Thing would fly it’s isn’t a mid size car so a LT4 pulls it like a freight train!

  • Steven Van
    Steven Van

    The subsequent snowplow trivially describe because pain morphometrically tame pro a staking cuban. elastic, four frail industry

  • Justin Hawes
    Justin Hawes

    Can hear the turbo.

  • Motorsports in Japan
    Motorsports in Japan

    No pulling the wool over Jeremy's eyes

  • Donny Paik
    Donny Paik

    I like how u say the golden retriever THEN the girlfriend.

  • David wellman
    David wellman

    I've always wanted one of those!!

  • Cam S
    Cam S

    Definitely need to make this a Uber or lyft car lol

  • Nirotix

    Yup, all stock. If that were the case they may have actually sold cars. Lol

  • Sebastian De méndez
    Sebastian De méndez

    I heard a turbo

  • Adam Folsom
    Adam Folsom

    What an annoying video, I started it with interest and finished it not giving two shits. Unless there’s an army of micro unicorns that fart pure nitrous into your engine then there isn’t anything under the hood that hasn’t been done to a million other cars. I don’t get why he is so entertained by not telling anyone. Tool

  • Nopsi

    Its an Euro Modded Car. 1.8liter, 4 zylinder, Turbo out of an Audi 🤣😉

  • Pat Mac
    Pat Mac

    isnets.info/main/gp6VkXShuXvUlr8/v-deo.html 🤔

  • mrford203

    If you get in a marauder and don't expect that then you don't know what it is to begin with!

  • Jacob Nykiel
    Jacob Nykiel

    Best video on ISnets

  • Steven Malo
    Steven Malo

    who else noticed the blackhawk in the background of the intro