Responding To David Dobrik's Apology - Frenemies # 28
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  • Itty Bitty
    Itty Bitty

    WELL this wouldn't be the last time talking about david haha

  • Dani Hristoff
    Dani Hristoff

    Ethan’s hair reminds me of a techno berlin DJ

  • Kendra Storey
    Kendra Storey

    I’ll be your HR either of you or both

  • Kendra Storey
    Kendra Storey

    Hi guys! I love your podcast so much. I was wondering if you could give me advice. I want to start a podcast. I just don’t know how to go about it and how to get famous. I don’t even have a friend to do it with.

  • Margaret Krause
    Margaret Krause

    100% my favorite thing ever. I’ve decided

  • SNB gamer
    SNB gamer

    Trisha: I was in the vlogs when she was 17 we went to her house Everyone: oh it’s okay as long as she talks about it This is fucked up

  • soyxtic

    I just realised that Jason is older than my mom and dad....

  • hbh Tcr
    hbh Tcr

    I haven’t been on ISnets in 3 months and I come back to everything in flames and Trisha and Ethan being superheroes. Y’all are wild

  • TaytorTot

    I love their relationship. Ethan always trying to show her memes knowing she wont get them still is everything 😂

  • Holly Gumballs
    Holly Gumballs

    Instead of Spring Chicken Burrito can we call it the Pedo-rrito

  • evan schultz
    evan schultz

    call james’ chipotle sponsor the p*do burrito 😭😭

  • Scott

    Philip DeFatty

  • Naiia Stacey
    Naiia Stacey


  • shiona


  • Kayla M
    Kayla M

    David sucking the spit back into his mouth every time he breathes in the “S3x in my moms apartment” podcast was one of my 13 reasons why.

  • dee dee
    dee dee

    broo this guy has zero confidence zero self opinion omg 😆

  • elly etc
    elly etc

    The good and fresh burrito.

  • Guys this Is so sad
    Guys this Is so sad


  • Guys this Is so sad
    Guys this Is so sad


  • Kennedy Renee
    Kennedy Renee

    "Its been a long week already" "its only Tuesday!" I felt that

  • Kennedy Renee
    Kennedy Renee

    POP OFF TRISHA YES Ethan stop trying to defend David!!!! he is 100% guilty and the fact that Ethan even suggests that David didn't know the full extent to what he was perpetuating by buying alcohol to "loosen the girls up" is so dangerous!! im so glad Trish was there to set everything straight. Men don't even realize the extent their biases can reach when it comes to taking advantage of a situation. David is an adult and and his actions should have consequences. And thank you Ethan for making is possible for Trish to make the correction. Im sure your opinion matched many others and needed to be corrected.

  • sillymissylissy

    It’s soooo fuked up that people that do this is real life and don’t film it or don’t put it out there will never have this kinda justice, why don’t you not do the fuked up stuff? (I’m sure there are consenting people out there, why do this in the first place)

  • Savannah L
    Savannah L

    It’s so sad that they have to commend Jeff for doing the literal bare minimum because compared to everyone’s something??

  • Pantii Briefs
    Pantii Briefs

    I'm with Trisha on the plain cheese pizza train

  • Yazmin Castaneda
    Yazmin Castaneda

    Okay but Trisha looks beautiful (with or with out make up ) And Ethan looks fabulous as always

  • Melisa Balci
    Melisa Balci

    trish's hair look so pretty here

  • charlotte davies
    charlotte davies

    Dead at gypsy rose blachard

  • TC

    Trisha looks like a mom... But either way no matter what look she wants achieves with makeup or with no makeup she’s still a beautiful queen

  • Fred Schinder
    Fred Schinder

    I hope this podcast never ends.

  • Olivia Conroy
    Olivia Conroy

    Ethan: It's been a long week for me, man. Trisha: It's only Tuesday. 👁👄👁 BIG EFFIN MOOD RIGHT THERE!

  • Gina

    trish holding alfredo is so freaking cute omg

  • ganjabong master420
    ganjabong master420

    james charles chipotle meal is the kids meal 🤣🤣

  • Wave Train
    Wave Train

    David Dobricks apology was good, don’t listen to them.

  • flowerhobi

    Trishas so super cute in this episode particularly like i dont know what it is she's like,, radiant or something

  • Casperia

    trisha wearing a whole ass curtain

  • Casperia

    i feel like trisha is always in a mind state of being high.. where everything she says seems exactly right for that moment in her head. yet its all stupid. she thinks its complete fire fax and logic. but... its just high thoughts

  • BroThisGameTrash

    dude I’m so confusedWhy are you making so many videos with this random check where is Elia

  • Kanroji

    holy cow vlog squad is fking dirty

  • hillowx luv
    hillowx luv

    ethan cut his hair n i can’t help but think it looks like a pushed back wig

  • sta ce
    sta ce

    why is everyone ignoring that trish drank half a litre of piss for 100 bucks

  • yes please
    yes please

    That little Phillip defranco moment was really funny

  • Selena Shaughnessy
    Selena Shaughnessy

    i had no idea about dom’s bullshit tour but thank you pandemic for putting an end to that holy shit

  • Casey Sedgwick
    Casey Sedgwick

    Trisha with alfredo holding him so cutely like a lil baaaaby so cute!

  • Maritza Herrera
    Maritza Herrera

    Fuck you guys

  • Nikki Olivas
    Nikki Olivas

    Honestly David looks and sounds like a sociopath , I never understood why anybody watched him or found his content funny.

  • Maggie McDonnell
    Maggie McDonnell

    I feel like the outfits being the same doesn’t really mean they filmed it the same day/night Bc if they really did want to re-shoot a shot then it makes sense that they would put on the same outfits so when the viewer was watching they didn’t suddenly switch outfits for a few mins so it flowed more smoothly I’m not saying they’re innocent (Bc they definitely r creeps!!) I just don’t think that’s a strong enough conclusion legally speaking

  • ctrl

    just for myself so I don't have to scroll down for the time stamp every time @ Jeff @ Talking about David’s Apology @ Trish talking about Jason @ David Jason audio @ Incriminating video @ Apology

  • Emily Morris
    Emily Morris

    Now that I’m listening to everything they’ve done, I’m looking back on when I used to sit back and watch those videos like it was normal and it’s making me sick to my stomach that they actually promoted predatory behavior on such a young audience. I used to be 12 or 13 watching these videos and say “I wish my life looked like this” not knowing what was going on behind the scenes. I feel so disturbed at the fact that I thought that behavior was normal and I feel super horrible that I never picked up on the behavior that was taking place. I’m so sorry to anyone who was involved or hurt by these horrible horrible people. These people even know the apology sounded genuine shouldn’t be forgiven unless it’s by the people involved/victims. It’s pretty disgusting also to say that I’ve heard their fans say that these allegations were false, while not doing research at all.

    • Emily Morris
      Emily Morris

      I believe everything Trish is saying

  • raising mex
    raising mex

    wait swatting is still a thing ?!

  • Ema A
    Ema A

    1:33:44 is everything ✨she SHOULD NEVER TALK TO HIM HER HEALTH COME FIRST 👏✨

  • Neil Bowman
    Neil Bowman


  • No DIY's
    No DIY's

    3:25 has me screaming

  • Rock girl
    Rock girl

    I used to think trisha was a whack job but now that ive been watching frenemies im realizing ... im so much like her lmao

  • Lisa Rumler
    Lisa Rumler

    James charls took parts of David's apology and use the same exact wording in his so called apology

  • Terran1

    Ethan, props if you answered the door eating a pizza. Double props if you offered them a slice.

  • hey there
    hey there

    as someone who has an education in psychology i honestly think David is a psycopath, he`s manipulativ and has no remorse

  • J Kiwi
    J Kiwi

    Trisha better not get hurt I love her the way she glows and is super positive and happy 💜


    Ethan: “The police are here” Trisha: * Grabs another slice of pizza *

  • Vincent Persaud
    Vincent Persaud

    Y’all ruin a man career cause he didn’t what happened

  • will colwyn
    will colwyn


  • Nick Schuman
    Nick Schuman

    Dude has a yarmulke made out of damn hair

  • rivamika69

    I have this gut feeling trisha and ethan will get cancelled. Because when jeffree started to become friends with shane everyone was like "I'm so happy for jeffree, he's finally found his true friends :)" look at them now.

  • Jimmy Low
    Jimmy Low

    Like like like like like like

  • Ivan

    1:28:24 pls-

  • Willow Moon Wolf
    Willow Moon Wolf

    “Rules for thee but not for me.” ~Trisha Paytas Someone, anyone, everyone...even Ethan calls Trisha “crazy.” She goes psychotic and on a rampage. Trisha says Ethan “looks crazy” because of his cool hair do. But that’s ok.

  • jade jones
    jade jones

    tw: s/a , r*pe the way i grew up on david and all of the r*pe jokes ALWAYS made me uncomfortable from such a young age as a female and i brushed them off because i thought this was how men were supposed to act. i remember watching that exact fucking vlog before he deleted it. i feel sick to my stomach seeing all of this now and knowing that it happened and i just kept watching.. i had no clue.

  • Kacy Chi
    Kacy Chi

    if trish was there? why didnt she stop them before it happened, why didnt she take the girls out of that environment if she new and is saying its wrong... why is she not getting blamed for wats happening as well.

    • Kacy Chi
      Kacy Chi

      @ThickBoy yes, but she knew it was a bad idea to get the girls drunk and she didn’t stop them

    • ThickBoy

      Because she left

  • Erin O'Rourke
    Erin O'Rourke

    What happened with shay carl ?

  • Isabelle C
    Isabelle C

    oooooh trisha looks so pretty

  • Sarah Harper
    Sarah Harper

    believe me when I say I HATE cancel culture so much but David is one of the few people that deserves to be canceled for the rest of his life. I have always gotten a bad vibe from him and I believe he is truly evil. Part of me wishes he would get deported so that we wouldn't have to deal with his bs anymore

  • baley robinson
    baley robinson

    As someone from Illinois, we dont claim her at all

  • Caolan Doherty
    Caolan Doherty

    This should be called ‘Two sociopaths talk about another sociopath’. I’d least these guys admit ‘we are deeply flawed human beings’


    Call it the “Young Tender chicken wrap” 😎

  • Eva Catalano
    Eva Catalano

    i LOVE dan’s laugh in the background

  • bouytt guyt
    bouytt guyt

    What a good friend ????

  • frida melendrez
    frida melendrez

    Whats wrong with ethans face?? His eyes move all crazy

    • Professor_Flamingo

      he has tourettes

  • Amara Aguilar
    Amara Aguilar

    Dom isn't attractive...that hairline

    • Chris I
      Chris I

      Lmao he isn’t attractive period 😭

  • homegrill

    Ethan looks like a used q-tip

  • Ben H2O
    Ben H2O

    Plot twist David was the one who swatted them

    • bouytt guyt
      bouytt guyt

      They're fabulous.

  • Hachiko C
    Hachiko C

    Seeing all this going with the vlog squad makes me upset with myself because I watched the vlogs and didn’t pick up anything. Like I’m looking back and seeing all the wrong things and I’m like wtf.

  • Cinnamon Swerl
    Cinnamon Swerl

    Why is nobody talking about the fact that Ethan gets swatted so often that the police just call him personally to ask him if it’s real or not-

  • o

    dominos should sponsor frenemies and trisha and ethan can both dress in dominos worker cosplay for the episode

  • Hailey Morris
    Hailey Morris

    😭😭 I love how Trisha thanks Alfredo for the kisses

  • Isaiah Melville
    Isaiah Melville

    Anybody else question why people even listen to anything Trisha says??? Home girl is a clout chaser and purposely starts drama with other influencers to keep herself relevant. I say cancel Trisha lol

  • Hack successful
    Hack successful

    Whoever the fuck is playing guitar is a god. Single? Marry me

  • Hack successful
    Hack successful

    Yo WTF the swatting needs to stop wtf

  • Hack successful
    Hack successful

    Cursed pizza Ethan ily. I love Hila. Send my love to your kids but may lord have mercy on you.

  • Hack successful
    Hack successful

    I love how Trisha doesn’t know who GIZZ lane is. (Ghislaine Maxwell) and she loves the name because it has GIZZ in it 😂

  • Emily Treviño
    Emily Treviño

    Here in Texas, it’s illegal to send an eggplant picture and you can be fined.

  • mehmaid

    Even after taking accountability for creating the perfect ambient for that to happen, I still think that David has the "I'm a good guy" mindset. He's not. Every time he didn't stop his friend from acting like a predator or made him responsible for his predatory behaviour and tried to protect him even after serious allegations came out, he was enabiling SA. Of course he would never want what happened to happen , but every single choice he made throughout their friendship made that R possible.

  • Georghelas Onorina
    Georghelas Onorina

    Trisha looks amazing with or without fool glam makeup

  • Belén G Hohn
    Belén G Hohn

    Okey wtf.The shit logan did was still much worse than David's shenanigans. He fucking filmed a corpse!!!!!!

    • vbddfy euuyt
      vbddfy euuyt

      people who lashed out at Trisha for telling her story abt the vlog squad should apologize including myself

  • Lulu

    1:26:50 Trishas apology to Phillip cause it’s hilarious

  • Haleigh Anna
    Haleigh Anna

    this is why Josh Peck decided to have a kid and tell David to pretty much fuck off lmao.

  • Harriet Stylinson
    Harriet Stylinson

    8:05 please fix the table to line up with the back ground, for the sake of my sanity

  • Kris H.
    Kris H.

    the whole "VlOg SqUaD" is the defininition of LIAR

  • Rosie Serrano
    Rosie Serrano

    Tbh Trisha needs to put more energy into helping victims. The way she handles this, I don't even think she realizes how much she's helping the victims. It's a real gift to be able to help others especially ones who have been S. A.'d. Before this I didn't respect her but after seeing how much she's trying to give these victims justice definitely changed my opinion on her.

  • Actually Cierra
    Actually Cierra

    Dom always gave me weird, uncomfortable vibes. The confusion was always “are these videos staged or are they genuine vlogs”. Watching trisha’s recounting of the vlogs and I’m realizing they were more real than I thought. This makes me come to the conclusion Dom’s behavior and everyone else’s silence/enabling is wildly inappropriate and wrong.

    • Ailsa Ni
      Ailsa Ni

      I think trisha is over thinking but I think David brought her name up because this whole time he thought she was crazy but actually she was actually trying to help him

  • Actually Cierra
    Actually Cierra

    “Even tho he looks like he’s 40” LMFAOOOOO

    • Ailsa Ni
      Ailsa Ni

      What's swotting?

  • Mino Minklo
    Mino Minklo

    ethan lowkey trying to get david dobrik on the pod lmao

3 m.
3 m.