Complete Guide To Starship: Falcon 9 VS Starship. What's new? What's different?
SpaceX is taking everything up a notch with Starship. This thing is the ultimate challenge in aerospace engineering, a FULLY and rapidly reusable super heavy lift launch vehicle, capable of taking 150 metric tonnes to low Earth orbit.

But Starship’s ultimate goal goes way beyond just terrestrial orbital ambitions, Starship is the first vehicle designed to actually take human beings to Mars and back again.

In order to achieve this absolutely bonkers goal, SpaceX has had to employ a litany of new technologies, use new materials, develop the most advanced rocket engines ever made and come up with some wild ideas that have never been tried before… and maybe for good reason.

So today I wanted to go over all of these new technologies and compare it to SpaceX’s Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy to help point out what things are new, what things are different and what they’ve learned from the Falcon family that will apply to Starship in order to really understand just how ambitious this project is.

We won’t be just scratching the surface here, in fact we’ll actually be taking you inside the rockets and showing you basically every single part and going over all of them with a fine tooth comb so you can learn as much as possible and have a definitive guide to Starship.

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Is SpaceX's Raptor engine the king of rocket engines? -
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SLS Vs Starship: Why does SLS still exist? -
Why won't Starship have an abort system? -
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Why SpaceX's Starship will fall like a skydiver and not fly -
Will Starship make Artemis better than Apollo? -
Why Starship will only have 2 rear fins instead of 3 -
How much do rockets pollute? -

00:00 - Intro
05:05 - What's the same
06:00 - What’s Different // Engines and Fuels
23:05 - What's Different // Size, Capabilities, Construction, Costs
32:15 - What's Different // First Stage Reuse
41:50 - What's Different // Second Stage Reuse
53:40 - Conclusion


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      Oort Cloud

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