Joe Rogan & Elon Musk - Are We in a Simulated Reality?
Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1169:

  • Leesunited

    We live in a advanced simulation of Donkey Kong. :-) The clues are all there, good vrs evil, stripping resources from each level to progress on to the next one, death & regeneration occurring on a regular basis. There is no beginning or end we are just trapped in a perpetual motion time machine where order is created out of inbuilt chaotic complex systems.

  • ermias samuel
    ermias samuel

    When you don’t believe in GOD you come up with stupid ideas about your existence, if there is any means of simulation, it is satan owning you

  • Aslynn Hallett
    Aslynn Hallett

    What if u don't exists 🤔and your only what u think u are and what u see is totally different than everyone else who says u even see this podcast like me or him or her u are not in my simulation we are all made up and acting a simulation think about in have u ever dozed off and heard your name and wake unever felt like u where dreaming buy u where awake how u ever felt a weird Erie feeling and felt like who am I it's not aniexrty the creators of the simulstions made that up but us 1% er know the truth but when u do they'll take u out

    • Aslynn Hallett
      Aslynn Hallett

      Ps watch the movie with Matthew McCaughey

  • Aslynn Hallett
    Aslynn Hallett

    I can freak all u guys out but I won't cuz alot u can't handle it I don't want to ruin you guys but u guys are lost trust me I know I was exposed

  • Stewart James
    Stewart James

    The 'Jury ' (at least for me) is still firmly out on this simulation hypothesis debate. Why? Well, as I began to slowly emerge from an intriguing dream I witnessed with eyes still firmly closed a universe of mathematics in motion. Don't ask me how, but being externally disturbed by a distant noise I somehow broke into the 'mechanics' behind this dream and I remember most clearly a deep feeling (a shame almost) that I had trespassed on - or, into that which we are never meant to catch sight of. And I do mean EVER. What I saw (which lasted for roughly 10 minutes before waking fully) was the mechanics of the all math that exists to us and beyond our knowledge moving in all directions (in colourful 3D) gradually slowing/winding itself down in REAL TIME. The experience was spellbinding and for REAL.

  • rorschach

    if only he inhaled

  • Carl Wilson
    Carl Wilson

    I wish Joe Rogan hadn't cut Elon off at 6.20

  • Da JamZ
    Da JamZ

    Happiness is realty minus expectations

  • Vanessa Anguiano
    Vanessa Anguiano

    So Elon musk is the richest man in the world so in reality he’s “winning” the simulation game. you know when a serial killer turns himself in or calls the police to gift clues on himself because the police are too dumb to just figure it out maybe he’s the one that created the simulation and he’s just throwing out hints because we as a human species are too stupid to realize it and even then with him throwing hints we still don’t acknowledge it

  • Eviel Kanievel
    Eviel Kanievel

    Musk is a weirdo . But he has some logical ideas and asserted views.

  • First Last
    First Last

    12:07 joe rogan begins to doubt reality

  • Marc P
    Marc P

    12:00 🎖

  • Frosted Lightbulb
    Frosted Lightbulb

    the first 2 minutes of this. you need to relate to yourself and not compare that to ur friend. thats maturity

  • RZ Ace
    RZ Ace

    Do they expect people to put their worst moments and worst looks online? I try to use my social media to put more humor/positivity out there, The world is already a fucked up place and I’d never be another person adding to that. I’m happy in my life and if there’s a problem, I’m definitely not running to social media with it.

  • YoungRangerJu

    Sure - Elon Musk

  • Javier Ramirez
    Javier Ramirez

    do you have to have an Instagram account to understand the first couple of minutes? what are they talking about? Because none of that shit makes sense to me

  • Ron John
    Ron John

    6:10 Elon gives a head nod like “you get that” Joe’s face: blown

  • Corey Sparks
    Corey Sparks

    Hey Joe if a simulation is is flat earth. I’m no expert but I’m pretty sure it’d be easier to simulate a flat earth and use “holograms” to make it appear otherwise.

  • Bew

    this should be on a "dont watch while high" list :DD


    Elon looks sad to me. I wish that he becomes happier. I love my life and I am nowhere as rich as him. All people should idolise his innovations and ideas not his money!

  • cristina vidal
    cristina vidal

    La traduccion al español por favor!!!! Mil gracias

  • Live4evers

    We live We die we go to the air after we die we breathe the air for us to reborn and we will take the air wherever we go for the rest of eternity

  • Skittles X
    Skittles X

    We are in a simulation of only yall knew what I been thru shits crazy

  • BARCH !
    BARCH !

    Tron Legacy

  • Aiorix CR
    Aiorix CR

    Man. I need a joint and listen to this again and again. Fucking gold.

  • Correct Name
    Correct Name

    I want to see comparison of timthetatman and danawhite head dent lulz

  • Correct Name
    Correct Name

    I love his sigh when he says “depressed”

    • First Last
      First Last

      elon r u ok

  • Nitesh ojha
    Nitesh ojha

    4:00 go live in the simulation .. IN THE SIMULATION

  • Countless Earths
    Countless Earths

    I wonder if aliens are artistic. I wonder if they’re kind. I’m no longer interested and Facebook because no one is interested in Fact they exist. I’m ashamed

  • RainbowDreams30

    Naked and Afraid is so extreme but I don’t think like living on a farm or something with a nice farmhouse and simple life away from all the pollution and technology with a flip cell phone would be that bad

  • RainbowDreams30

    I compare myself constantly, I think that’s why I’m clinically depressed

    • Tia Steele
      Tia Steele

      Comparison is a thief of joy

    • Khazul Tristram
      Khazul Tristram

      yes, when u stop with this u will be free

  • judd brady
    judd brady

    Dear simulation creator, code some hot chicks and money into my matrix as not of it matters anyway......

  • Brian Splawn
    Brian Splawn

    And I thought I was high when I started watching this video,fuck I'm stoned!!!Or Not!!!WTF I'm a typing!!!

  • The Mad Lads
    The Mad Lads

    If we were in a simulated universe, it wouldn’t be this poorly made.

  • Dan Bamlett
    Dan Bamlett

    Joe talk to musk like he's god and he's only got an hr to ask the most important questions of life and reality

  • flesh cork
    flesh cork

    he is hal 9000 from space odyssey

  • Vile •
    Vile •

    anyone’s guess of what reality is, is as good as the smartest man alive. No one knows, and no one ever will. we’re 99.999% either gonna get erased by an asteroid, or by ourselves. That’s the fate of the entire earth, it’s just plain obvious. Nature won’t a lot is the time required to become intelligent enough to write our own futures

  • Miranda Rogers
    Miranda Rogers

    1 Corinthians 15:1-4 Moreover, brethren, I declare unto you the gospel which I preached unto you, which also ye have received, and wherein ye stand; 2 By which also ye are saved, if ye keep in memory what I preached unto you, unless ye have believed in vain. 3 For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures; 4 And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures:

  • Yarr YoHo
    Yarr YoHo

    LMAO Elon: we're gonna has some bad ass vr games, OR, we're all gonna die.

  • C

    Lol Elon like stop making that slurping noise

  • Sajon Swardde
    Sajon Swardde


  • James Ferguson
    James Ferguson

    I don't think we will be here long enough for this to happen I believe the planet is already making us aware that life will not be forever I think we are going to have to drop game,cool gadgets ect. And start focusing on leaving this planet if our kind is going to make any kind of real mark.

  • Evemix

    so when I play a game of sims. these characters have consciousness? that doesn't make any sense.

  • Emmet Proxy
    Emmet Proxy

    "It would be in some point indistinguishable from reality 0_0"

  • mattw337

    I wonder if this conversation was the idea for Neurolink.

  • Phenomenal Anomaly
    Phenomenal Anomaly

    Trauma future mama

  • X Shargian X
    X Shargian X

    Yes this is why love elon musk he's chill hes funny and smart i look up to him

  • Hd Hd
    Hd Hd

    Well i think Elon is the one who cretaed this simulation and sometimes gets online to fuck with his players brains

  • jimmy nutrition
    jimmy nutrition

    The universe as we know it is will disipate into a fine mist of cold nothingness eventually.. and then someone's gonna bottle it. Put a fine fragrance to it. Sell it to french people in another dimension. LMAO

  • Badlaama Urukehu
    Badlaama Urukehu

    Thoreau was an animal.

    • Badlaama Urukehu
      Badlaama Urukehu

      We're just a self-aware marble.

    • Badlaama Urukehu
      Badlaama Urukehu


    • Badlaama Urukehu
      Badlaama Urukehu


  • william ralph
    william ralph

    When it clicked with Joe - "Oh shit, I'm talking to a robot"

  • Charles Allen
    Charles Allen

    Elon musk seems very depressed

  • Good Shows
    Good Shows

    simulation is not matter guys it's your soul that's a simulation in the matter world an universe your soul transfer into matter from a simulation universe we live in both reality inner worlds

  • Fatos Mustafa
    Fatos Mustafa

    Is funny, to create such a simulation you should create a PC the size of earth, and its easy to terraform a plant like Mars and we know are billions of plants only in milky-way than to Build a huge PC and you have to invest every time in it. If we are living in a simulation I would like to know why is so much pain in this world, wars, people are poor, If you get sick you don't get healthy like in a game, if you lose your finger you will be without it for all your life, why?

  • gregoryallen caldwell
    gregoryallen caldwell

    another aspect everyone is overlooking is that of quantum mechanics and subatomic physics-when you see that atoms are not really tiny solar systems of electrons in orbits around a nucleus but that electrons are waves and everything really is waves and not particles, then realize that they are waves of what?-WAVES OF PROBABILITIES, they are only probabilities to exist, where you cant find the speed and location at the same time of any subatomic "particle" they dont really exist!, atoms are really made of "things" that dont really exist but of waves of probabilities to exist... and us and the rocks and buildings and everything around us and the entire universe is all made of atoms- it really is a matrix, a matrix of probabilities and chance created by our perception, we actually create this "universe" by perceiving it! and this is not a movie or crazy idea but where physics is today and what we have discovered scientifically about the true nature of our "reality"

  • Dillon Sulak
    Dillon Sulak

    Elon is so calculated with how he talks & what he says. Feel like he’s anticipating everything and planning out his answers & segways to next comments 24/7

  • Bubble Bram
    Bubble Bram

    What if we are the Roblox or Minecraft version of simulation? The shitty graphics version. What's reality look like?

  • Mr Deeds
    Mr Deeds

    The way he look him dead in his eyes without no facial expressions. I believe everything


    Mr. Elon, when you say that we are in simulation, what do you mean by us, who ae we, are we just creatures that have evolved according to what they are supposed to be, or because we know ourselves, or we were living in another life and we passed on to the fake, and we were deceived or forced what do you mean?And why did you reveal the reality of our situation in a simulation? Are you destined to know, or do you have free will, or we were not in a place and we came to a place? Maybe this and here is our origin .If our inventor wants us to be in simulation why gives us the idea to knw that we are not real life ..We are not modified according to what he wanted Or maybe we are not in a simulation like you think. We can never invent something like this. Maybe we imitate, but the original remains original

  • Brim

    Elon.. Great company Joe.. 🤗

  • John Johnson
    John Johnson

    Joe is a clown in this interview

  • martin bogle
    martin bogle

    If reality is a simulation would there be a way to crash it or make it lag

  • Francisco

    I do have various questions but u have to pay for it :)

  • Calvin Iturralde
    Calvin Iturralde

    At 8:14 joes actually insulting Elon and basically says what are you gonna do about it you you can't stop certain ideas from propagating talking about his free will in the simulation and probably because he's an important figure so he knows elon can't touch him. I might be crazy but I feel like they're talking about things in the background of talking about things.

  • Calvin Iturralde
    Calvin Iturralde

    We're are the simulation and life's a game . I think that's what's they're really saying xD

  • BadgerBJJ

    If you’re a Christian... a true believer. This is a simulation.

  • Phil Lynott
    Phil Lynott

    Elon Musk is just a smart businessman. Nothing more. Stop acting like he's a genius 😵

  • Ruben Costa
    Ruben Costa

    5:16 is where you need to start

  • Osahin Martinez
    Osahin Martinez

    I like that Elon is applying the fermi Paradox to simulate theory but idk if I believe it

  • parKb5

    No, I don’t think we are living in a simulation because if we were, the people running it would be inhuman monsters. Take, for example, games like GTA. It gets criticized because of its simulated violence, now imagine if the people in the game that you hit cried and begged for their lives. Imagine if when you shot them they said things like “I have a wife and child at home. Please don’t do this.” Would you be able to play that game? Imagine if you raped women in GTA and they cried and pleaded. Could you play that? Probably not and we know that the people in the game can’t really feel pain and fear and yet our empathy would prevent us from playing games like that. So what would that say about the monsters that created this simulation where children are killed and raped every day? Who would want to create such a monstrous would just so that they could see simulations with feelings suffer? It would be unethical and monstrous. If we are a simulation, then the people in the base universe are evil. Plain and sump,e.

  • R

    He doesn't look.... real? Like a robot pretending to blend in😳😟

  • alex daguer
    alex daguer

    Ig is a tool used to make money and flex and see some things that are interesting. You decide who’s on your ig and what you watch. Then there’s all the others that are frustrated about it because they don’t make it beneficial for themselves

  • Poison_ Corpse
    Poison_ Corpse

    Man I'd love to have a conversation with Elon, I completely understand what he says, and what he doesn't say.

  • Androo Burrows
    Androo Burrows


    • ZANE

      so you don't understand something it has to be drug related? Life isn't real

  • Dusty Rader
    Dusty Rader

    The sophisticated flock clearly trip because swimming pathohistologically live underneath a disturbed arrow. blushing, anxious cherry

  • Yashwanth Reddy
    Yashwanth Reddy

    The theme story of The Matrix

  • Captain Scentsible
    Captain Scentsible

    My therapist told me he pauses most likely because he has so much things running thru his head, he may think of 30 things before saying a word. Maybe while he is talking he is thinking of new things to put in his cars. I think id go nuts, then again he was born with that thought process. It may be normal for him.

  • JM F
    JM F

    same with facebook

  • Pierre Roussin
    Pierre Roussin

    Throughout history every contemporary thinkers have come up with theories based on the observations of their immediate surroundings. The truth is that the ultimate reality is most surely something totally incomprehensible to us.

  • Miguel G
    Miguel G

    My mans musk out here thinking of how to make the world last longer and I’m over here thinking about what kind of coffee I’m getting this morning

  • Julian Suggs
    Julian Suggs

    Cause your taught in school your piers opinions matter when in reality it shouldn’t

    • Christopher Stone
      Christopher Stone


  • Lion Turtle
    Lion Turtle


  • JoshTheJuice

    This might be true. When you really think about it, thousands of years ago technology and other things weren’t made yet. Now here we are, with technology and a lot of stuff. The real question is what else would be improved in the other thousands of years from now. Would we still evolve or is this almost it? Another really question in my thoughts and should be yours too is that, if we were in a simulation, when we were made, what was our goal?

  • Saul Robertson
    Saul Robertson

    Honestly man I don’t know how anyone can do DMT and still take simulation theory seriously. I hate how people think simulation theory is so deep and out there. It’s the philosophy of the mid-wit. A few DMT trips make simulation theory look like something a 12 year old kid came up with after watching the matrix (wait a second.. 😂), the cosmos is surely way, way weirder than that... thought JRE and Musk would have a better imagination than that!

    • Saul Robertson
      Saul Robertson

      @Christopher Stone that’s not really what bothers me though. Simulation theory MIGHT be true, fine. But just stop pretending that it’s in any way a novel or creative or ‘far out’ idea

    • Saul Robertson
      Saul Robertson

      @Christopher Stone Nah I wasn’t meaning DMT is the answer to everything, I know how that sounded. Don’t have to smoke DMT to question simulation theory, just that it’s something that stretches the limits of your imagination so that “the universe is basically a really complex video game” starts to look pretty pedestrian and banal. Even the Netflix cartoon “final space” had a better core concept than that. Different dimensions compressed into each other inside stars or something. I mean come on .. simulation theory.. yawn. At first the world was a cosmic “egg” Or it’s the “kingdom” of God Industrial revolution comes and then big surprise, the universe is like a huge clockwork machine. Now in the age of computers and the internet, who could have guessed! The universe is a simulation! I’m not saying I have a better theory, but it’s just a bit too obvious to be the final answer to everything, don’t you think?

    • Christopher Stone
      Christopher Stone

      So, what is the answer then? Imagine knowing everything cause you smoked a plant, badass.

  • James Johnson
    James Johnson

    Joe wants Elon to tell him he’s working on a simulation so bad

  • Francis Cyprus
    Francis Cyprus

    happiness is reality minus expectations - true that. comparison is the enemy of joy - also true that.

  • Joaquin Oliveras Paez
    Joaquin Oliveras Paez

    I love how calm he is when he talks.

  • Frank Arcia
    Frank Arcia

    Sorry to say the new wave of simulation is here now. It starts soon. Much wow 🚀

  • Denim • 14 years ago
    Denim • 14 years ago


  • servant of THEMOSTHIGH
    servant of THEMOSTHIGH

    If you don't know Jesus Christ you are lost

  • Tony Ruiz
    Tony Ruiz

    This podcast is getting too weird

    • Christopher Stone
      Christopher Stone

      do dmt and it won't

  • liquidbraino

    Valve & Half-Life. I can't believe they mentioned my favorite game.

  • boab boab
    boab boab

    Guys a fucking weirdo 😆

  • persico

    Just goes to show you money cannot buy brains....

  • Caspa

    How can he just sit there and do the interview after hacking everyone's Brian a

  • Wolf Mountford
    Wolf Mountford

    I've always found this notion to be depressing. It ultimately means THIS WHOLE LIFE is meaningless as fck! No purpose except to serve as an experiment to those who created us. No afterlife except to be recoded and re-entered into the system(digital reincarnation). And whenever THEY decide to pull the plug and end the simulation, we also cease to exist. With NO chance of being invited into base reality 😟

  • Rock Trainer
    Rock Trainer

    The living pollution impressively greet because smile marginally blink since a bite-sized property. adamant, tacit nancy

  • Dean Connor
    Dean Connor

    Anyone else get vibes that elon knows something no one else dose and he's just trying to hold it together and not spill it

  • Jedooo98

    0:54 did Elon Musk just call me ugly

  • Gorge Rose
    Gorge Rose

    Bitcoin is a good business someone can think of doing..

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