Sidemen Among Us 2 - The Animation
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Sidemen Among Us 2 - The Animation

  • Tai Bach
    Tai Bach


  • Tai Bach
    Tai Bach


  • Tai Bach
    Tai Bach


  • Tai Bach
    Tai Bach


  • Dylan Loftus
    Dylan Loftus

    Trickshot time 😂😂

  • Ve_x X.
    Ve_x X.


  • Retr0 CJ
    Retr0 CJ

    Its mad that josh ended up getting covid

  • Ethan Armstrong
    Ethan Armstrong

    Anyone back here after the 3rd one came out today?

  • Robbie Rawal
    Robbie Rawal

    We need part 3

  • Jordon Smith
    Jordon Smith

    The third animation is out, only a matter of time till they watch it

  • L4xLewi5 OFFICIAL
    L4xLewi5 OFFICIAL


  • Billy Green
    Billy Green

    Part 3 is out

  • Tai Bach
    Tai Bach


  • Tai Bach
    Tai Bach


  • Kosmo Heiskanen
    Kosmo Heiskanen

    React to the 3rd one already

  • Joseph Richardson
    Joseph Richardson

    Yo sidemen a third one has been released

  • Tony Kirk
    Tony Kirk

    There's a new one number 3

  • Konner

    now react to the new one:

  • Iyanu Olayimika
    Iyanu Olayimika

    they should react to the thrid one, its really funny

  • Osman Hersi
    Osman Hersi

    I love it when Harry says trick shot time!!!

  • William Heather
    William Heather

    React to sidemen among us 3

  • InfiniteZen

    Wasn’t it coke mixed in with Tobis apple juice

  • The Epic Gamer
    The Epic Gamer

    Part 3 is out so go react to it boi's

  • Derrick Ambrose
    Derrick Ambrose

    Sidemen among us animation 3 is out

  • Everything gamer
    Everything gamer

    I like it

  • Alhaje Jalo
    Alhaje Jalo

    more more

  • Vincent Saliby
    Vincent Saliby

    best animation ever


    Let’s see how long it takes until we get a monthly listeners check 😂

  • Jake Botha
    Jake Botha

    This was actually halarious I rate they make another 😂😂😂

  • Jazz TheMess
    Jazz TheMess


  • Jeremy Namora Silalahi 1954081
    Jeremy Namora Silalahi 1954081

    i thnk they didnt realize that vik is the only one that has an eyebrow

  • Bennie Pimentel
    Bennie Pimentel

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  • alsunpilsut

    This is sick! What a fucking G the animator is 💪🏻!

  • TKM


  • Josh Doidge
    Josh Doidge

    Naughty boy 😂

  • Sienna Wayne
    Sienna Wayne

    they've deadass made a teaser for the 3rd one

  • Edgy_Greg

    That ending though

  • David Jarrah
    David Jarrah

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    Um the sidemen got it wrong Toby got spiked by the cocain and the vaccine vik got was actually Josh's piss and packs of coke

  • factnation

    nice vid

  • Adam Cunningham
    Adam Cunningham

    tobi didn’t drink josh’s piss. josh made the piss and coke into the fake “antidote”. tobi just drank the apple juice mixed with coke not piss


  • FURY 2.0
    FURY 2.0

    The animator is an indian

  • Dylan James
    Dylan James

    React to more of these among us videos

  • Flirken1

    I love how Josh’s backpack just says “Josh.” Always the boring or basic jokes with josh lol

  • Connor Logan
    Connor Logan

    That was the most mad thing I’ve seen in a long time

  • 3 Winners
    3 Winners

    Trick shot timeeeee

  • Swinno 007
    Swinno 007

    Class vid lol I made 2 gta 5 songs using the characters voices one with me and Claude gnome and one by myself if u would react to it it would be class but u don’t have to though

    • James Davidson
      James Davidson

      @Swinno 007 it is good though

    • Swinno 007
      Swinno 007

      I wish lol

    • 3 Winners
      3 Winners

      Wow that’s class

    • Thomas Jones
      Thomas Jones

      Hopefully they might

    • James Davidson
      James Davidson

      Ngl that’s class how did u do it

  • Young Fizz
    Young Fizz

    These are sick

  • Oscar Garvö
    Oscar Garvö

    08:17 josh goes ” is it gonna be me all along?”

  • Jayuun

    A reaction gets more views than the original. kek.

  • topdogadkins

    wroetosnort thats what we should call him

    • Alex08

      I want drugggs - harry

  • bocoy noiu
    bocoy noiu

    that vikk indian accent killed me 🤣

  • Reuben Lim
    Reuben Lim

    So sick!💯💯🔥🔥

  • Ninjapooface

    This animation is as Good as the first one

  • Felicity Nutting
    Felicity Nutting

    I can't believe they made this

  • Squashy Games
    Squashy Games

    Everyone: chatting. vikk: SHUT THE FUCK UP. Few seconds later. everyone: that’s enough for me.

    • bocoy noiu
      bocoy noiu

      Best vid yet

  • mahmood hasan
    mahmood hasan

    Josh is legit playing warzone

  • Alex E
    Alex E

    Finally Josh is the main role

  • Kxrxn

    How many subs can I get from this comment?

  • oiuet souiu
    oiuet souiu

    If TommyInnit was there he’d be like voting KSI out 1st round and helping vik to win 😂

  • Henry Walkinshaw
    Henry Walkinshaw


  • •Pixel gacha•
    •Pixel gacha•

    tobi didnt drink pee, josh put drugs in tobi's apple juice and peed in a tube and changed it to blue and pretended that was the vaccine

  • Zack Thebunny
    Zack Thebunny

    This is funny as hell 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Zack Thebunny
      Zack Thebunny

      @oiuet souiu yap he does 😆😆

    • oiuet souiu
      oiuet souiu

      harry looking like Simmons chair

  • Omar Ibrayghith
    Omar Ibrayghith

    Bro if they put deji instead of vik on the swipe they should have put Randy’s song “every time your card comes out declined bro”

  • Wang Oscar
    Wang Oscar

    Play the 3d version of among us

  • qopoy dnon
    qopoy dnon

    Me:I swear to god they should of done w2s whith his pack face Nobody:

  • Oliver Murdin
    Oliver Murdin

    If TommyInnit was there he’d be like voting KSI out 1st round and helping vik to win 😂

    • •Pixel gacha•
      •Pixel gacha•

      rouge speed god has to make a sidemen among us ft tommy innit, that would be so epic

  • pida siouy
    pida siouy

    Random fact: May 29 is officially “Put a Pillow on Your Fridge Day”

  • YeMeNI_NiNjA

    Best vid yet

  • Kar71k15

    that was so good!

    • qopoy dnon
      qopoy dnon


  • Juice on ipad
    Juice on ipad

    4:58 LMAO Naughty boi

  • Efct


    • pida siouy
      pida siouy

      These are the best

  • RED X
    RED X

    A few moments later For Sidemen Among us 5 get him to a Million subs...

  • gioyu comi
    gioyu comi

    Me:I swear to god they should of done w2s whith his pack face Nobody:

  • Lorenzo_f2

    Someone recommend a movie that has 'the big reveal'

  • Abhinav Rajesh
    Abhinav Rajesh

    harry looking like Simmons chair

  • Liam Ward
    Liam Ward

    preferred the first one but still sick

  • funkymanfat 21
    funkymanfat 21

    Follow for follow on TikTok @_assaulrifle_

  • hoiy vinosa
    hoiy vinosa

    Josh: "Welcome to MoreSidemen" Everyone else not noticing: ...

    • Alfred Rich
      Alfred Rich

      No he said welcome to more “SidemenReacts” more sidemenreacts videos

  • Jenson Williams
    Jenson Williams

    HARREEE never chill on the dids and class A's , your a hero 👐🙌👐 g

    • Jenson Williams
      Jenson Williams

      gioyu comi ayyyy come on big back wys

    • gioyu comi
      gioyu comi

      Me:I swear to god they should of done w2s whith his pack face Nobody:

  • Mahdi Shams
    Mahdi Shams

    Absolutely insane

  • Gaming Is Fun
    Gaming Is Fun


  • TheDudes

    harry looks like simons chair

    • hoiy vinosa
      hoiy vinosa

      Imagine sidemen tinder instead of among us animation

  • Mel Murray
    Mel Murray

    These are the best

  • shotford

    May I say, at the epilepsy warning time, 10:27-10:33. I have epilepsy and I watched that bit and i didn’t have 1 of my moments so it doesn’t happen to all epileptic people. That’s just so us epileptic people don’t be afraid when they watch that bit. Your welcome

  • Arsenal biggest club in London _
    Arsenal biggest club in London _

    How rather amusing seeing little colorful bots playing around

  • S Lux Lds
    S Lux Lds

    Are they using zoom?

  • Lip Lop
    Lip Lop

  • Quick Reactionz
    Quick Reactionz

    This sucks man, please don’t do anymore ‘among us’ vids 🙏🏼

  • hazldn 51
    hazldn 51

    They should do a sidemen reacts with all the sidemen

  • bibo dawn
    bibo dawn

    "2:52" Yea i've been getting paid with 𝗣𝗣𝗢𝗡𝗟𝗖𝗔𝗦𝗛.𝗖 𝗢 𝗠 i'm making over $2100 a week with them! ਹਰ ਜੰਤਰ ਤੇ ਉਪਲਬਧ ਹੈ

  • SJ BC
    SJ BC

    Randy was my fav in this. The one liners

  • iSnipe CODM
    iSnipe CODM

    9:08 "Lets go,my G" 😂🤣

  • Tay _clarkson
    Tay _clarkson

    That was actually banging, that was amazing

  • Mashfiqur Rahman
    Mashfiqur Rahman

    Looks like simon got lights in his room

  • Abdullah 2460
    Abdullah 2460

    Lol 😂

  • Miguel savage127
    Miguel savage127

    Imagine sidemen tinder instead of among us animation

  • Swrve

    This animation was better than most Drama Shows

  • TheDonCartier 13
    TheDonCartier 13