KSI - All Over The Place Album Trailer
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Created by Troy Roscoe - instagram.com/troyroscoe/

Music Management: Mams Taylor - mams@properloud.com

RBC Records - rbcrecords.com/

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  • Roko Markov
    Roko Markov

    Its just... the Arsenal shirt


    Hello Guys! Can you guys please make my year and make me 1k?😏🙏🙏😊 I will do an extreme mix if it will come

  • Cameron Hepburn
    Cameron Hepburn

    cringe af

  • Jay Lee YT
    Jay Lee YT

    We want Baldski

  • Car13 Gamer65
    Car13 Gamer65

    So Swerve isn't part of the album? That's a lot of bonus points then

  • Miron Papp
    Miron Papp

    No hate bruv but dissimulation is still better than aotp

  • Dominik Cygan
    Dominik Cygan

    funny how in the teaser he didn't include the shittiest song of the album, swerve is absolute wank and i wish the album had this tracklist instead, sleeping with the enemy is a better outro

  • mikoy huio
    mikoy huio

    0:36 i thought he started throw bar there. it suits the beat perfectly😂

  • Cassie

    1:48 the amount of flows changing in this song 😍

  • The Problem Child
    The Problem Child

    Sorry buddy you can't sing. This charade won't last long

  • Kahsan Zafar
    Kahsan Zafar

    So much has changed after Lamborghini......damn ksi

  • Emily An
    Emily An

    Our fatneek is gonna hit hard THE TRAILER WAS LIT SO OFC THE ALBUM WOULD BE SEXY AF.

    • mikoy huio
      mikoy huio

      I’m srry but I -I just -I just can’t stop listening to 2:05

  • Vi _XXiV
    Vi _XXiV

    That beautiful like to dislike ratio 135k :

    • Cassie

      Bro, what is that beat at the beginning of the song? Someone link the song please 🙏

  • bodoti qwiu
    bodoti qwiu

    1:48 the amount of flows changing in this song 😍

  • Average Stegosaurus
    Average Stegosaurus

    Whats the point of buying an album?, i havent understood that

    • Emily An
      Emily An

      Ksi out here sponsoring arsenal 💎💎

  • Prodigy Fc
    Prodigy Fc

    Pls bee rap this time I beg

  • maaatt

    2:05 🔥fav song

  • Floyd

    I wish u do one tune with Dutchavelli

  • mllop aeet
    mllop aeet

    0:36 i thought he started throw bar there. it suits the beat perfectly😂

  • Drippy Tesco Bag
    Drippy Tesco Bag

    No matter what you say about his music you can’t lie he really came a long way from a small bedroom in Watford lmao

    • Drippy Tesco Bag
      Drippy Tesco Bag

      @mllop aeet I think it’s no time but I might be wrong

    • mllop aeet
      mllop aeet

      whats the song aat 2:06?

  • David. L
    David. L

    You fell off, make better music or I unsubsc..... Oh... damn I opened YT by accident, not Twitter. Well... love your music JJ!!! Can't wait for this banger to drop. I'm so gassed.

  • Rizky Iman Akbar
    Rizky Iman Akbar


  • Joanna

    Jj now that the album is out you need to redo the rating my best and worst songs tier list

  • H3R1KO

    Where is the pwrn dude a

    • Joanna

      uk features were better than the US ones in my opinion

  • bofooit gojo
    bofooit gojo

    hoping this album is a massive bop, need some bangers rn

  • Spicy_Boi

    Bro, what is that beat at the beginning of the song? Someone link the song please 🙏

    • bofooit gojo
      bofooit gojo

      personally i think the singles were the best songs in the album the moment was a true vibe

  • Domjayceon

    deffo better than dissimulation water in my eyes been watching my whole childhood

  • Neyxtou

    He should definitely to WWE Next as his Career I WOULD LOVE KSI TO BE IN WWE 😂😂😂

  • I J
    I J

    Ksi out here sponsoring arsenal 💎💎

  • Piza_


  • futfades

    2:05 thank me later

  • Karabo Machaka
    Karabo Machaka


  • Great Gamer490
    Great Gamer490

    Waaaaa I miss the old ksi😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Danny Tran
    Danny Tran

    The album’s gonna be so good that it’s only in 480p

  • Morro Barry
    Morro Barry

    Too many yes men.


    whats the song aat 2:06?

    • ItsAmee

      No time

  • sotuur aeei
    sotuur aeei

    The ONLY reason I know this album is gonna be fire is cus he didn't say "I'm gonna shock the world" in a tweet before releasing it...

  • Nathaniel Mata
    Nathaniel Mata

    W 🔥🔥🔥

  • bssni touir
    bssni touir

    This is epic!!! Can't wait for the new album.

  • Rafi Siddiki
    Rafi Siddiki

    uk features were better than the US ones in my opinion

  • CfromtheK

    personally i think the singles were the best songs in the album the moment was a true vibe

  • Martin Bostre
    Martin Bostre

    i aint even gonna lie when i first heard that last song i thought that was the one with s-x but nope i was like damn ksi did this verse

    • EmmadAli 14
      EmmadAli 14

      Same broo

  • lsbs


  • MultiBeast

    This trailer was better than the ksi show

    • BridgingNoob


  • Shaku Pro
    Shaku Pro

    Can anyone tell that is jake and ksi are enemies

  • Sundering Loki
    Sundering Loki

    Dude this is just embarrassing. The album was just awful. So much hype for this garbage you literally were getting carried on this album. Your voice doesn’t belong with some of the tracks, but man the biggest disappointment was your song with future and 21 the hook was just god awful with horrible mixing. But hey I’m still a fan of your content your music is just finished

    • Khushal Khera
      Khushal Khera

      Stop commenting the same comment on his videos and shut up

    • Akmal Idrees
      Akmal Idrees

      That’s ur opinion it was really good actually

  • The Dab King
    The Dab King

    This year is going to be insane for JJ!

  • eltrix

    He really likes overhyping things dosent he

  • Arrocks games
    Arrocks games

    This album is not that good but i like it

  • A J
    A J

    ur awful at singing tho

  • bilij pdan
    bilij pdan

    I've never been this Hyped up for an Album. KSI is truly an inspiration to all dreamers!

  • Kuzey BÜYÜKBAŞ
    Kuzey BÜYÜKBAŞ


  • Chhabi Tamang
    Chhabi Tamang

    hope for the best

  • KiemoKen

    KSI BRO … Kiemo here … I must say I have to put respect on your name king … you the first ISnetsr that’s has dropped music I actually listened to

  • TCR TachankaYEET
    TCR TachankaYEET

    2:04 ayo this bangs

    • bilij pdan
      bilij pdan

      see we can all love the old ksi but sometimes change is for the better

  • Prank Master
    Prank Master

    Bro it’s just old songs what’s so big about it bruh

  • Thomas Sanna
    Thomas Sanna


  • Marvin Alvarado
    Marvin Alvarado

    Release about to be ⚡⚡

  • TixqrsYT

    CANT WAIT MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • duwiii e
      duwiii e

      It been out for almost day

  • Slapumz

    Look at all your features you paid to be on your first album, thats a disgrace, you should be ashamed. Basically tryna sell an album with basically a feat ln nearly every track! First album should of been about you with minimum features, holiday was shite on ya own, actually the only songs that you got that are okay have features, KSI AKA FEATURE BOY

    • convexdata

      @Rahul lmao

    • Rahul

      Ksi lives in your head rent free go back to the gutter 🤡

    • Vir Chanda
      Vir Chanda

      @xICE ZeRoSky agreed

    • xICE ZeRoSky
      xICE ZeRoSky

      you’re the one who should be ashamed , you’re obsessed with commenting on every KSI video bashing him like an idiot , when he doesn’t even notice you nor does he care about what you have to say , you’re miserable

  • Nuggie Boy
    Nuggie Boy

    song gives blue balls

  • kyle daly
    kyle daly


  • Zdestroyers1991


  • Jack Hawley
    Jack Hawley

    So fire

  • kamanzi espoir
    kamanzi espoir

    The features are something else🔥

  • Joshua B Games
    Joshua B Games

    JJ's been giving out so much platinum it's about time that he gets some PLATinum


    see we can all love the old ksi but sometimes change is for the better

  • JT Pineapple
    JT Pineapple

    the low quality is what makes this video dope 🔥

  • ethan rditi
    ethan rditi

    here after listening to the first song of the album and damn ur actually a rapper wow hype for the rest

  • Lanice Gordon
    Lanice Gordon

    I bet it gonna go ass the song ass you ass your whole rap thing ass trash

    • Rahul

      Get a life

    • Rahul

      Shush 🤡

    • Reaper SF
      Reaper SF

      this didn't age well

  • jas manders
    jas manders

    Bro it's a fireeeeeeee album


    "I don't like to be in a box." Literally singing in a recording box.


    fair play JJ. what a king

  • Remarkable Gamer
    Remarkable Gamer


  • Rom

    my guy

  • DarK


  • shuu

    does he write his songs?

    • Finley H-B
      Finley H-B


  • dumpy dunk
    dumpy dunk

    Coming back from hearing album and i can say with my full heart that its dog shit

    • Rahul

      Shush dumpy

    • Khuzaima Anjum
      Khuzaima Anjum

      @dumpy dunk bruh why you hating and plus do you even like a single song on his album

    • Reaper SF
      Reaper SF

      @dumpy dunk tf kinda example was that

    • dumpy dunk
      dumpy dunk

      @Khuzaima Anjum i mean if you eat shit long enough its not going to taste as bad

    • dumpy dunk
      dumpy dunk

      @Daddy Sprawl spotify

  • Boris nahh
    Boris nahh

    Yo that last half a minute got me gasten af

  • Mengo

    dissimilation was better anyone agree?

  • Ari DosPassos
    Ari DosPassos

    Homie absolutely spazzed on the album.

  • abdulrehman nadeem
    abdulrehman nadeem

    Ksi your music is great. You have all the help you need from production to the people around you & your music cast, it's great seeing you progress so much & become such a great person. Your making your parents proud my guy.

  • Gaming Is Fun
    Gaming Is Fun


  • Anthony nichols hj
    Anthony nichols hj

    He was rapping now he's singing lol

    • Prod.Jxshton


  • Kryptic Sceptixx
    Kryptic Sceptixx

    holy shit I read he’s gonna make a song with polo g and I shit myself this is gonna be good

  • MK Junior
    MK Junior

    lowest dislike

  • Lazy


  • Step-Bro Carlos
    Step-Bro Carlos

    Look at how far our fatneek has come, its enough to make a grown man cry😢🤧

  • Wil Rosz
    Wil Rosz

    DUDE THE ALBUM IS FIRE 😮‍💨 broski album of the year no CAP

  • Spen

    This is gonna be fire

  • Kaden Blaurock
    Kaden Blaurock

    2:04 🎶 I stay focused on my trip, crew flying you keep cryin I ain’t hiding. Shit you say I can just read your mind… 🎶 Absolute BOP anyone know what comes next, reply to me and ill put in here for ppl to skip too/

    • ゆとむいちろ

      1:48 The Moment

  • Medusa Bitch
    Medusa Bitch

    2:05 !!!!!!!

  • jb

    Keep an eye out for the secret Track. If you look on his latest video he talks about how a link will get emailed to you to access it. It's called 12 ABORTIONS - FEAT. Ex Hoes

  • Adalid Oregon
    Adalid Oregon

    2:05 chills 🔥

  • Hyugon Haru
    Hyugon Haru

    Streaming it now!!!!!

  • The waves of life
    The waves of life

    This albums sick JJ you should be so proud man well done

  • Cody Lamb
    Cody Lamb

    "No Time" is way too good. Gave me actual chills

  • Medusa Bitch
    Medusa Bitch

    Glad to see it


    U looking for any employees bra o.o

  • Free Food
    Free Food

    God bless u all have a nice day