I Installed The GTA V Chaos Mod!
This GTA mod makes the game way more fun and crazier. Of course we had to add a challenge to it.
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    Chris: There’s explosive zombies!!! Minecraft: Wait what?

  • Angre duck
    Angre duck

    7:21 g’et on text why does it say french frys

  • Ricardo Gibbs
    Ricardo Gibbs


  • fe3rthe toaster
    fe3rthe toaster

    at exactly 1:00 u can see a plane fall on carols screen looks like the pilot ditched it

  • Stacey Robertson
    Stacey Robertson

    i saw a bird just ramming in a garage when jimmy just went away

  • Timmeh :D
    Timmeh :D

    7:24 suicide

  • raahim Habib
    raahim Habib

    Karl got like 40k in the start I’m pretty sure he had Midas touch

  • American ball
    American ball

    As a human i got my own American ball from Russians Babushka th you Russian

  • American ball
    American ball

    Ah yes my favorite were everyone loves then my first GTA san andreas

  • Sad Depressed Lego Person
    Sad Depressed Lego Person


  • Sad Depressed Lego Person
    Sad Depressed Lego Person

    When Karl made the people disappear he has Midas Touch

  • Laiten

    NOOOoOOO chandler :(

  • Balázs Lászlo
    Balázs Lászlo

    I love Chris’s Gon shirt 😂


    Hi Mr beast I'm a big fan

  • William Gaming
    William Gaming

    I hate you

  • 駱微雅

    It is what gta online like.

  • That1guy productions
    That1guy productions

    2:48 lol the way he says scooter brothers

  • Cora's Magical World
    Cora's Magical World

    I love chris's shirt boiis! UwU

  • Devin Elkin
    Devin Elkin

    The scooter brothers

  • ernesto romerocortinas
    ernesto romerocortinas

    did you see the brid

  • ShadowLure

    Reminds me of DarkViperAU

  • Stacy Harmening
    Stacy Harmening

    #1:30 Just so you know, Carl, you had Midas touch

  • Neal Christie
    Neal Christie

    "the scooter brothers." -chandler

  • Προδρομος Τσιτογλου
    Προδρομος Τσιτογλου

    The bmx bike fans be like: 5:30

  • Προδρομος Τσιτογλου
    Προδρομος Τσιτογλου

    Chandler: an alien just shot me 5:03 Karl: why am I on the ground? 6:45

  • Προδρομος Τσιτογλου
    Προδρομος Τσιτογλου

    Karl: I am the best at english 5:06: think again

  • Student Holmes
    Student Holmes

    that is nasty what that sign for chandler

  • flutecoc


  • Debangshu YT
    Debangshu YT

    Darkviperau copy👍

  • Arush Singh
    Arush Singh

    5:29, I can't stop laughing on Karl's 'yeahh'😂😂😂😂

  • Giacomo Camellini
    Giacomo Camellini

    THE MOD WAS MADE BY DARKVIPER. Why wouldn’t you say that?

  • Blake man187
    Blake man187

    Carl got 1000 dollars when he killed the people he was standing on

  • Ilir Çerkini
    Ilir Çerkini

    1:26 Chris:I'm getting adopted by aliens Aliens:I think this dude is for us.(And that dude issssssss Franklin).

  • rachel carvajal
    rachel carvajal

    Karl is making me laugh so hard I can’t breathe

  • Gundam R
    Gundam R

    has anyone realized that when Karl get swarmed by people he got midas touch and got like 20000+ and then say he got 250

  • Crocadecroc 2/ Crocadecroc IRL
    Crocadecroc 2/ Crocadecroc IRL

    I just got a GTA ad Let that sink in........

  • Rosario Perez
    Rosario Perez

    Dude i feel bad for chandler

  • Yung Skar
    Yung Skar

    1:28 look at Karl’s money, how the hell was he at 225 dollars?

  • Jad jilan Abay abay
    Jad jilan Abay abay

    No bad fender

  • No Name
    No Name

    That was the king of cranes face on your screen when it said chaos mod

  • Adem Ot
    Adem Ot

    4:18 lmao

  • Karim Ahmed
    Karim Ahmed

    7:24 I love how Karl’s character just shoots himself😂😂😂

  • Tobiasz Dasiak
    Tobiasz Dasiak


  • junior makone
    junior makone

    itts funny but I kind of like it

  • Matthew Neisser
    Matthew Neisser


  • Melad Shuhait
    Melad Shuhait

    No one gonna talk about 7:27

  • gelloo n 2
    gelloo n 2

    Jimmy says 10 min chis rage

  • Roger Thomas
    Roger Thomas

    8:15 I don’t know if it was part of the chaos mod, but on Jimmy’s screen there was a bird flying directly at a garage door

  • Nina Pusheena
    Nina Pusheena

    Chandler ur character is NOT a Roblox character

  • Dead shot
    Dead shot

    4:30 gta sa cheat



  • Hazel Comet
    Hazel Comet

    5:06 ______________ | | | | _______________ what how

  • Azzedine Chabbi
    Azzedine Chabbi

    Chris: you get Midas tuoch and I get teleported to haven

  • Ardis Dukurs
    Ardis Dukurs

    i noticed something when carl in begin says eyerbody gets out of car and that flash in there was falling plane

  • Jackob Flores
    Jackob Flores


  • Antonio brunt
    Antonio brunt

    Poor chandler

  • Sir ClogsworthYT
    Sir ClogsworthYT

    WARNING: At 0:53 the flickering screen can effect photosensitive viewers

  • Isaac Edward jarrett
    Isaac Edward jarrett

    Why did you have to be like today am not going to shout and then world war2

  • Katrina Lofberg
    Katrina Lofberg

    There is a way to make 1 million dollars in gta 5

  • KS_Sta4x

    carl is famus

  • payia cha
    payia cha

    It was funny Karl shoot his self on the game😄😄😄

  • GorillaPlays_DC

    What the 2:30

  • ThatGuyRob

    Why the dude loses all the time... He doesn't wear he's glasses

  • Arkam Knight
    Arkam Knight


  • Tankman’s sussy gaming!
    Tankman’s sussy gaming!

    When I clicked on this vid it gave me a add of currentXmrbeast! Very random?

  • Ticci Toby
    Ticci Toby

    If you notice here a t 1:30 Karl actually got Midas touch that's why the pedestrians disappeared Midas touch gives you money for each ped you touch if he noticed that Chris would have lost

  • karen auen
    karen auen

    I want 1,00,00,00,


    Karl got Midas touch and he got like 10 grand

  • Branded by Bruh
    Branded by Bruh

    Jimmy I’m game is just like in real life

    • Branded by Bruh
      Branded by Bruh


  • Ray McBride
    Ray McBride

    Chandler Roblox is good you should play it some time

  • Nathan Caballero
    Nathan Caballero

    Bruh Lester is at the beginning

  • Jenna Wheeler
    Jenna Wheeler

    Lmfao Chris was the best!

  • Wraith

    10:12 is chandler holding a dab pen lmao

  • Silck Btw
    Silck Btw

    Karl got Midas touch first

  • Britt

    2: 27

  • Zy'Air Green
    Zy'Air Green

    The guy from the screen was the fat guy from Jurassic park the you didn't say the magic word guy

  • Krish Parekh
    Krish Parekh

    Chris cheated. He restarted the game and got the default money

  • David Alegria
    David Alegria

    Karl got Midas touch like jimmy at 1:29

  • Piyush Mehta
    Piyush Mehta


  • Laurits Ljørring
    Laurits Ljørring

    0:59 i think that plane crashed

  • ItzFallenYT

    Karl: HE KILLED HIMSELF IN FRONT OF ME Subtitles: He killed him self french fries Me: 🤣🤣🤣 lol wth

    • Emilia Saikou
      Emilia Saikou


  • MC Gaming
    MC Gaming

    Jimmy: let’s be nice Me: not lasting more than 10 seconds

  • Mémér Gàmér
    Mémér Gàmér

    Don't bully Chadaler😭😢

  • Doge :D
    Doge :D

    7:24 LOL

  • Fire Worrier
    Fire Worrier

    Karl got 1000

  • Pepsi Gamer
    Pepsi Gamer

    en ai pa

  • Myles Bosson
    Myles Bosson

    Holy cow🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋

  • Kenneth PH
    Kenneth PH

    The mod just prank karl karl thought he died when karl see what is writen he thought he died hahaha

  • Roiyaru ryuga
    Roiyaru ryuga

    Intro is epic!

  • Julie McCarthy
    Julie McCarthy

    This was lol

  • Bryan Loeza
    Bryan Loeza

    Jimmy was doing the middle finger but actually he tried to do the point finger

  • ツnikinikuツ

    my appreciation for chris because hes wearing a gon shirt: astronomical

  • Toastyboi

    Haha I died when Chris screamed “FLASHBANG!”

  • Samuel Beshay
    Samuel Beshay

    cmon u were calming down with no shouting in the intro

  • syth gaming
    syth gaming


  • syth gaming
    syth gaming


  • Marlon Perez
    Marlon Perez

    Chris: u get a quarter of a million dollars a get teleported to heaven Me:Bro god is way better then some ugly money

  • Sergio Torres
    Sergio Torres

    Mr beast I’m a big fan

  • Thabo Pitso
    Thabo Pitso

    its cool but i know this mod

  • Mr. TK
    Mr. TK

    At 1:28 Karl has more money than other but at 1:45 he has $255 ? It doesn't make any sense