Tommy Makes Rust 1000% Funnier
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  • Maks Wiącek
    Maks Wiącek

    Pls pt 2

  • Ovation

    NOT AGAI- AOUGHAAGAA - Ranboo 2021

  • Jackie Landeros
    Jackie Landeros

    *Hello my friend Ranboob!* Lol

  • - Candycorn012 -
    - Candycorn012 -

    This is why you don’t upset Tommy

  • J.D

    19:42 is the quote that willbur will use for when he beome monke

  • LumpyPaint

    Wilby. Your so so funny.

  • Kitty horse skater too
    Kitty horse skater too


    • Kitty horse skater too
      Kitty horse skater too

      Hi people

  • CC TheRat
    CC TheRat


  • CC TheRat
    CC TheRat

    better then the original Hamilton🙂

  • Pastel sadist
    Pastel sadist

    I don't know what Tommy was on during this video, but whatever it is I want some.

  • datualanocastro blao
    datualanocastro blao

    Poor ranboo getting Sliced by tommy

  • YMoney07

    .bro dell sucks p

  • Tonkerzzz

    Roses are dead “Violets are dying" “Outside i’m smiling" “But inside i’m crying .... "I just wish people would notice my content and give me a chance to prove myself".

  • Kazimierz Chorąży
    Kazimierz Chorąży

    so your telling me tommy is feminist

  • Potato

    Tommy: Wilbur are you a pchyco Wilbur: I am hungry

  • Lunatic David
    Lunatic David


  • Rem

    "They always get the smartest guys to do the dumbest work" - Tommyinnit 2021

  • Tabitha. Nedeau
    Tabitha. Nedeau

    1:59 is when the video actually starts if you wanna skip the sponsor

  • Blarkeyy


  • Kaydon Horne
    Kaydon Horne

    he gave a child a gun

  • Christina H
    Christina H

    Ranboo: NoT aGAi-aaaausaghhaghhh Tommy: SORRY. MISCLICK

  • Internet Girl
    Internet Girl


  • Me_ LeFunnyFreak
    Me_ LeFunnyFreak

    Ok but the Dell sponsorship ad was so funny-

  • mata schmata
    mata schmata

    the sponsors usually annoy me but I'm honestly just impressed he got sponsored by Dell

  • Sophie

    wheres episode 2 wilbur???

  • Shxllynotfound

    Tommy: we’re like brothers Wilbur: don’t say that I will cry

  • Geric Villanueva
    Geric Villanueva

    18:56 i woke my dad while hes sleeping ahhahahahaha



  • Luca Snijder
    Luca Snijder

    play ark

  • Bnha adri
    Bnha adri

    We stan the Hamilton references 😂

  • Bingbing bong
    Bingbing bong

    Please continue this „series“

  • Charlotte Xu
    Charlotte Xu

    My mom works for DELL!!

  • Eva Landy
    Eva Landy

    Dear Tommy , As a women i appreciate u - Eva

  • NotFunny

    Imagine Dell comments on this video

  • Makar Krippendorff
    Makar Krippendorff

    Alright so me and the boi’s are very good and hardcore at rust and this greatly offended me

  • RapidFire Brothers
    RapidFire Brothers

    Then singing Hamilton made me smile

  • Zenitsu-Sama

    he got a vlog gun! :O

  • Nazarethシ

    Not Verified in ISnets

  • Soulless Riot
    Soulless Riot

    i mean he does

  • Charlotte Lowe
    Charlotte Lowe

    I have a Dell laptop and I'm using it rn

  • Tally Scott
    Tally Scott

    "episode 1" starts crying i miss you every day sbi rust

  • GO Gaming Only
    GO Gaming Only

    youtube named the game "Minecraft" XD

  • Blue Wolf55
    Blue Wolf55

    I like how you said episode 1 but never played agian 🤣

  • Blue Spark
    Blue Spark

    Alright, I gotta admit I'd like to see more videos like this. XD

  • Meta Salman
    Meta Salman

    "Men bad, ladies poggers" -Tommyinnit

  • Natasha Millar
    Natasha Millar

    i thought tommy wasnt funny

  • Joshua Enriquez
    Joshua Enriquez

    Tommy be singing halo music the game halo

  • Rosie Lafleur
    Rosie Lafleur

    Awwwww, when Wilbur said he will cry when Tommy said they were like brother 🥺

  • Ava Quintanilla
    Ava Quintanilla

    is anyone else obsessed with marvel but ur still here anyway? 😂

  • joshua k
    joshua k


  • NguyenNgocThao Nguyen
    NguyenNgocThao Nguyen

    The lovely lift ultrasonically wander because leaf spectroscopically brush from a next guilty. vagabond, psychotic weasel

  • Archie Daily Gaming
    Archie Daily Gaming

    Wilbur is so bad at making up relatable stories for sponsers and i love it

  • Oneesan

    No one: Wilbur: I want to start a religion

  • Fast Gaming
    Fast Gaming

    Tommyinnit the ABBA Fan base. He is using songs from ABBA

  • Jo Bo
    Jo Bo

    The definition of irony, two British singing a song about Americans sacrificing themselves to be free from the British

  • JamesM29 Gopengco
    JamesM29 Gopengco


  • House Of Hip Hop
    House Of Hip Hop

    "this video is sponsored by d e l l"

  • Nova Dubois
    Nova Dubois

    tomy: I AM NOT THROWING AWAY MY SHOT! me: you want a revolution I want a revelation with my decoration! P.S you guys are terrible singers.

  • soops noodle
    soops noodle

    i have a dell gaming computer for well gaming the keys sound cool but it isnt the best BUT ITS WAY BETTER THAN PLAYING ON MY NINTENDO

  • DreamSMP POVs
    DreamSMP POVs

    Lmao i love the slide show at 20:21

  • Lancinator Boi
    Lancinator Boi

    Tommy: They always give the smartest guys the dumbest jobs Also Tommy: Can I drink this, oh wait its fuel.

  • Kxawaiiis

    Alternative title: Ranboo getting bullied for 24 minutes straight

  • GameDoggo

    11:56 Wilbur your a dumb ass you had a fuckin' combat knife yet you harvested with a damn hatchet shame.

  • OG Boog
    OG Boog

    There newbie house kinda makes me mad upgrade the walls 😱

  • Scifer- TFT
    Scifer- TFT

    The vast bottle originally need because dimple importantly knit notwithstanding a milky crayfish. fascinated, tame deborah

  • مهند جالنج
    مهند جالنج


  • GdayHarps

    the 1st and last episode

  • Kendall

    Are we just gonna skip over how Tommy said they should kill Tubbo and Tubbos? family

    • Kendall


  • Fire Fennec
    Fire Fennec

    wilbur i feel a sense of betrayal... YOU DONT SAY

  • MannualFPV

    Wait is tommy a feminist?!?!....

  • SecondaryXelyzn

    Wilbur getting sponsored is just like a dose of vines.

  • Gavin Crary
    Gavin Crary

    Bro its been 2 months and no part 2:(

  • Khaos

    Alternate title: Hamilton behind the scenes

  • Tiny Turkey
    Tiny Turkey

    still waiting for episode 2

  • Zizzy_Is_A _Weirdo
    Zizzy_Is_A _Weirdo

    1:38 How do we tell him that the laptops not a book?

  • Dong Simba
    Dong Simba

    Petition to make Wilbur make another video

  • lucasthelad yt
    lucasthelad yt

    D O M E

  • lucasthelad yt
    lucasthelad yt

    I watched the full series stream it was sick

  • Jocelyn Acosta
    Jocelyn Acosta

    Tommy: "They always ask the smartest guys to do the dumbest work." Tommy seconds later: "Can I drink this? Oh no thats fuel."

  • Big Forehead Monster
    Big Forehead Monster

    wilbur boot

  • Slack Toast
    Slack Toast

    im still waiting for episode 2

  • Sasha Lycan
    Sasha Lycan

    Ed Sheeran 'Castel On The Hill' more like falling off the hill lol

  • River Merrell
    River Merrell

    You might not care but if you have ever heard of denvers general store in rust tht's my uncle :)

  • Skyline

    Praise the Dome

  • Pastry Lover
    Pastry Lover

    Wilbur: “I just murdered a chicken.” Tommy: “Are you psycho?!” Wilbur: “No, I’m just hungry.”

  • Big Noot
    Big Noot

    5:57 is that his real face or-

  • Wardy Wards
    Wardy Wards

    We need to get technoblade on this

  • bad youtuber
    bad youtuber

    wilbur: *playing rust* youtube: hm, MINECRAFT

  • Raspberry Cream
    Raspberry Cream

    Poor Ranboo-

  • Chuck herndon
    Chuck herndon

    He showed his bottle of u no what

  • Tennessee Boi
    Tennessee Boi

    Wait he plays rust

  • MJM Plush Show Movies & Shorts
    MJM Plush Show Movies & Shorts

    8:21 RIP Horse

  • -Nep Nep-
    -Nep Nep-

    Why when Wilbur plays any games he always starts a cult

  • NG's Adventures
    NG's Adventures

    "Wilbur we're like brothers :)" Wilbur: *proceeds to hit Tommy with an axe*

  • emma w
    emma w

    5:35 lowkey sweet

  • Gene Kim
    Gene Kim

    The flimsy ghana perioperatively blot because metal complementarily talk up a murky popcorn. ugliest, wicked edge

  • Natty•_• Sasha•3•
    Natty•_• Sasha•3•

    Is no one gonna talk about how tiny he makes that laptop look at 0:57 hes giant asf what the nuts :0

  • Random Colors
    Random Colors

    I actually thought that the computer was a book for a sec-

  • Havannah Wild
    Havannah Wild

    Oof I thought Wilbur said "I'll go to the dome and you go get stoned"

  • Luna - Gacha & More
    Luna - Gacha & More

    I came back to this and I think this may be the first thing I ever watched of the people from the dream SMP without knowing it

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