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    Neel P


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  • Reel Talk
    Reel Talk

    I'm so happy for them!

  • Lil Salai
    Lil Salai

    God bless her n her family, I believe all girls should b able to defend themselves especially in the world we r in, keep it up

  • Soph Nesbitt
    Soph Nesbitt

    I think they abduct Chantelle to find out what on earth is on her head.

  • Roelof Zinn
    Roelof Zinn

    Now, THIS is inspiring - and sobering - stuff. I was in fairly good shape and relatively strong and healthy before the bad stuff going on in my life got to my psyche and I just let everything go. I've been transforming VERY slowly over the last 18 months or so, but mostly so on a spiritual and mental level. Now the time has come to gain my physical health back.

  • Re Leon
    Re Leon

    What if they have a kid together…? A single dad and two kids in a house?

  • Nesha Nee
    Nesha Nee

    He doesn’t look like Kanye whatsoever Lmaoooo


    I have to train my child in future

  • Carey Robbins
    Carey Robbins

    They are super cute together.

  • Natasha Monea Smith
    Natasha Monea Smith

    I can see if he brought an Alpaca home and told his family that was his new wife. He married a whole human being and folks are still mad. I don't understand. Smh

  • DeshAun _LUv
    DeshAun _LUv

    If this what ken looks like I must be missing something

  • Nesha Nee
    Nesha Nee

    She’s a full figured woman in real life and skinny on ig lol

  • Evie Sedgwick-Read
    Evie Sedgwick-Read

    She’s normal 💯

  • Evie Sedgwick-Read
    Evie Sedgwick-Read

    What’s this thumbnail about ?? She’s completely normal ...💚💯💯💯❣️💞💖

  • Nesha Nee
    Nesha Nee

    Wow the delusion!!!!!😂

  • Mad AZ
    Mad AZ

    When u cant walk but ride.

  • D M
    D M

    So Kim left her husband for Leo?

  • David M
    David M

    Good for you!!! I can relate about the weight. I was hit by a drunken driver when I was 18. I was attending a military academy to go into the Marine Corps. Since that accident I have had five back surgeries. They now want to finally go in and fuse my back. Coved-1 has delayed that surgery. I currently weigh 290 lb and with all the back problems I have the weight makes it even worse. Exercise is something I cannot do because of my spinal injury. I hope that one day I will be as successful as you, and get back down to 170 lb. Best wishes You're an inspiration.

  • Julie Van Berkel
    Julie Van Berkel

    They're little beauties.

  • ImSPOTon

    If there is an intellectual & emotional connection then physical can easily developed whether there was an initial attraction to begin with. Love can make someone so appealing....even beautiful. Depending on ,asons character & personality , I could totally go for him. I don't see the amazement of it

  • lily lily
    lily lily

    Happy for his parents supporting him

  • Jewel Phoenix
    Jewel Phoenix

    This is a form of body dismorphia.

  • Samone Wortham
    Samone Wortham

    He is a handsome man

  • SakuraKatya94

    Holy cow, I recognize throse roads, she lives in my home town. Great, like I wasn't scared enough of driving, now I know there is a lady going around trying to paralyze herself in an accident. I wish, someone would help her, before her illnesses hurts some else. My boyfriend was comforting me the other day with "don't the other people on the road are not trying to get into accidents" lies!!!

  • Dave Lumsden
    Dave Lumsden

    There are just to many motorcycle deaths a year for me to get my kid involved. Drunks , cell phones and old people convinced me to sell the bike.


    He is born biker🔥

  • Mav Vynne
    Mav Vynne

    When he was 6, he's already riding a Cheetah down the jungle park.😂

  • Vasu Varma
    Vasu Varma


  • xxxWolfQueenxxx xxx
    xxxWolfQueenxxx xxx

    Oh dear...

  • GraveyardGroupies

    Start an OnlyFans

  • H R
    H R

    Mon dieu elle me fait de la peine

  • gm Nicole
    gm Nicole

    She looks like Jenifer Lopez

  • Ahad Malik
    Ahad Malik

    Mean While 17 Years Old me : Trying to Balance The Switch.


      Same here

  • Jason B.
    Jason B.

    I hope the family have the dough to get this kid into motogp!!!!!

  • Jay Bevoman
    Jay Bevoman

    1:13 Is that the noise when he soiled himself from the crash 😂😂

  • Sunset.

    I thought the baby was a giant

  • Sunset.

    Wait why do they seem fimiliar

  • navneeth krishnan
    navneeth krishnan

    Man the guy is an inspiration.

  • just a human somebody
    just a human somebody

    Every body is unique and differemt with charms, and we all just same(humans)

  • Abbysswalker

    5 hours of sleep at night is still not enough for me. This girl is a warrior

  • Amanda Whitworth
    Amanda Whitworth

    He is a attention seeker

  • Katie

    This is canine culture appropriation and it's wrong.

  • Vivian Paul
    Vivian Paul

    Finally I found kick butouski

  • Sophie Contino
    Sophie Contino

    How me looks like Kanye but he doesn’t like that Girl AT LEAST HE GOT SOME SENSE

  • T Perez
    T Perez

    He’s very cute 🥰

  • NaturalElicia

    Their a great couple!

  • Happy Cooking
    Happy Cooking

    Subhanaallah aktif banget,semoga selalu sehat yah dan semangat😊

  • Gloomy Cloud
    Gloomy Cloud

    Title: I became a genderless monster Comments: she

  • Sahana

    Its okay to support teen parents, but its not good to encourage it. By 13 people are already anxious with so many things at both school and home. And then are some kids who actually have free time to indulge themselves to lose their virginity? Um do they understand the ideology of marriage? If being a parent at an early is okay for them are they okay with young teen marriage as well? Hypocrisy much? I suppose. I'm not saying you have to be married to make children. There's a certain age to go for it and its called 18 and above. That's why i'm saying its fine to support teen parenting but don't do it too much because teens these days mostly take everything for granted, you start supporting its fine but sometimes they feel encouraged about it. And its scary encouraging early teens like 13 y/o to indulge doing such things. No hate, but early teen preganancy is highly unecessary, but please yes do support them to raise their children. I hope Everly and Mamma are doing amazing! Maddie is indeed a strong Mamma and her daughter is an angel already 😇 But just to say...there's an age for things, please don't over encourage such things.

  • Danush Danush
    Danush Danush

  • Sukhvir Singh
    Sukhvir Singh

  • jax shaw
    jax shaw

    You are gorgeous your energy is everything #blackgirlmagic

  • Rachelle P
    Rachelle P

    Oh my gosh your gorgeous !! Great job staying motivated and making your goals a reality👏🏼

  • MC Randolph
    MC Randolph

    Her confidence over shadows her thoughts and fears..omg.. I am sorry you have to go thru are beautifully gorgeous....EMPRESS

  • Lone Star Indie
    Lone Star Indie

    I hope that Dr. lost his license to practice

  • Tia Einsam
    Tia Einsam

    *Sushi não é nada perto do que ele come*

  • Shannon Glaser
    Shannon Glaser

    Figures this comes from Arkansas. Man traded in the wife for a younger trimmer chick. Let's see who ends up being the third wheel...

  • Scalamaster Electros
    Scalamaster Electros

    Being pregnent at this age off 14 and rasing a child is only posiball iff you are finencialy suported by your parent the problems begin iff you dont have the resorses

  • Zhaqsylyq Suleimenov
    Zhaqsylyq Suleimenov

    Малой красавчик!

  • Ghost of my Soul
    Ghost of my Soul

    like ... i was anorexic when I didn't want people to bother me. is blackout tattooing a defense mechanism to get people to leave u alone? ... she totally mentions how when she was more conventional looking people would approach her more ... i keep my hair short because it's red and people are obsessed with it. it's hard to be comfortable with people staring at you frequently.

  • rebecca xx
    rebecca xx

    she got roasted *literally*

  • Damien Brooker
    Damien Brooker

    This man is shitting on them... with his fecking mouth, I give mad props to you man

  • Nouvel Shepard
    Nouvel Shepard

    i would love to have this lol

  • Akki Akki
    Akki Akki

    Amazing kid..

  • Shreya Pahuja
    Shreya Pahuja

    Slayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Queennnnnnn

  • ________holly

    Black goths rule.

  • Rude Valve
    Rude Valve

    Certified Gold!!!!!

  • Okky Handayani
    Okky Handayani

    But polygamy is "wrong" 😁

  • Alamgir Hasan
    Alamgir Hasan

    he is very much talented when i was 4 i didn’t even know how to spell motorcycle

  • Thoibi Irengbam
    Thoibi Irengbam

    You look do pretty

  • V O R
    V O R

    She look so cute and beautiful with her beard ❤️🖤

  • Jennifer Graham
    Jennifer Graham

    So beautiful and strong, that's a deadly combo.

  • D M
    D M

    IRL simps

  • ShintoKatana


  • Hayyaan Anwar
    Hayyaan Anwar

    Hopefully he doesnt get injured cuz these type of falls can cause stunted growth

  • Toby SiberianShadow
    Toby SiberianShadow

    Seals eat penguins: the seal in the video just play along and nobody gets hurt

  • alan wisdom
    alan wisdom

    At some point you have to stop changing your face and body, she starts to look like an alien. But it became an addiction they can't stop even if there is nothing left to change, next ultimate surgery head transplant 😆

  • Devon Lake
    Devon Lake

    Thank you for sharing your story. you are so strong.

  • Sugar716 O.G.
    Sugar716 O.G.

    Your story is such a big inspiration for many people. The other day I watched a story about women who had oil thrown on them from Men in their country. It's An all-too-real Occurrence that's not put out there. I'm saying this because I would like to make it where that people go through this more often than others realize. If anyone likes they can Google that about getting oil thrown on them. I hope I can have at least a smidge of your kindness and passion for life. Congratulations Newlyweds:-)