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  • Belén Morúa
    Belén Morúa


  • P R I N C E
    P R I N C E

    400 million views soon🥰🥰 of this Masterpiece...

  • Just Stop
    Just Stop

    Way down we go

  • Daniel Naosei
    Daniel Naosei

    I am brasilian , i good like your music! 2021

  • jason Alexander
    jason Alexander

    This can easily be the soundtrack of my little miserable life..

  • María Andrea Martínez
    María Andrea Martínez

    Anyone knows which is the bird from the first three seconds of the video?

  • The Peoples Voice
    The Peoples Voice

    it deserves a billion views.


    eu dps de cinco anos dps aqui

  • Erick cat
    Erick cat

    Esa la pusieron en FIFA 16

  • sofia tr
    sofia tr


  • Yahya Al-mahrooqi
    Yahya Al-mahrooqi

    4:08 - 4:30 that violin is hitting the e spot (ear orgasm)

  • morteza mortazavi
    morteza mortazavi

    This song is legend

  • Bailey Johnson
    Bailey Johnson

    Thank you, for as you plucked your guitar strings, so hummed the strings to my broken heart. This music touched me in a way I didn't know possible. You've earned a fan for life

  • Davide Zaccarin
    Davide Zaccarin

    One of the best song i've ever listened...


    Aakash is my best friend.

  • ReyNOLDS 3107 cRew
    ReyNOLDS 3107 cRew

    I can’t go on whit out you Chika!!! P!!!

  • Lary Soares
    Lary Soares

    Sou fãaaa canta muito !

  • Elena Rechnaya
    Elena Rechnaya

    Музыка, исполнение и текст...в этой песне идеально всё

  • Hardcastle Industries
    Hardcastle Industries

    The music sounds very Tom Waits

  • Don Nguyen
    Don Nguyen

    This is Us brought me here

  • wendy tascione
    wendy tascione

    I am

  • Sameer

    she is like you, very much like you.

  • - دحـٰوم
    - دحـٰوم


  • Rusty Nailz
    Rusty Nailz

    You guys would absolutely rock out a cover of Pixies - "hey"

  • Israel Flores
    Israel Flores

    Found this song in an episode of of a show (Manifest) season 2 episode 5, how about y'all?

  • MEK GG
    MEK GG


  • kha dija
    kha dija

    How lessons that music in series teen wolf

  • Kamil Struzikael
    Kamil Struzikael

    FIFA 16, thank you ❤️

  • mohamad momeni
    mohamad momeni

    Love this song from iran 🙃

  • Enkhjin Battuvshin
    Enkhjin Battuvshin

    Listening to this song after signing Varane on a free.

  • Alisa Mityushina
    Alisa Mityushina

    Why is it reminds me The Walking Dead game?🥺

    • Alisa Mityushina
      Alisa Mityushina

      I know that there’s wasn’t that song, but it has similar atmosphere

  • Jolygonal123

    Great song, but my grades may have taken it too literally…

  • LowProductions

    Suits !

  • Tomaas_ Okk
    Tomaas_ Okk


  • Cukierک

    Oh my god 2021 and i anyway remembber this fom FIFA16

  • Mav W
    Mav W

    Even tho this song never appeared in Blacklist it reminds me of the series every time.

  • John V
    John V

    What an powerful song. For anyone, like myself, whose life circumstance makes these lyrics relevant right now, this is a beautiful, emotional, and inspirational declaration of commitment. Well done!

  • Marcin Pole
    Marcin Pole


  • hari krishnan
    hari krishnan

    this song gaves me a thought about rewatching peaky fking blinders

  • hari krishnan
    hari krishnan

    at 00:46sec dope

  • hari krishnan
    hari krishnan

    uff that start

  • NumberGold845

    Esta canción es como para hacer el delicioso jejej xd 👌😎❤

  • TheStengo

    The guys she told you not to worry about. 🤣👍

  • TheStengo


  • Valeska Contreras
    Valeska Contreras

    Me encanta

  • Jonathan Foresight
    Jonathan Foresight

    Now I can go to 💤

  • Adil Ah
    Adil Ah

    Yeah bro big respect

  • Douglas Arthur
    Douglas Arthur

    Meu, que caras bons, pqp!

  • Michele White
    Michele White

    Lord have mercy 🥵💔💘💘


    Oh, Father tell me, do we get what we deserve? Whoa, we get what we deserve And way down we go Way down we go Say way down we go Way down we go You let your feet run wild Time has come as we all, oh, go down Yeah but for the fall, ooh, my Do you dare to look him right in the eyes? Yeah Oh, 'cause they will run you down, down 'til the dark Yes and they will run you down, down 'til you fall And they will run you down, down 'til you go Yeah, so you can't crawl no more And way down we go Way down we go Say way down we go Oh, 'cause they will run you down, down 'til you fall Way down we go Oh baby, yeah Oh, baby Baby Way down we go Yeah And way down we go Way down we go Say way down we go, ooh Way down we go

  • hyhy Jajaja
    hyhy Jajaja

    why is it not done on spotify please post it

  • Annabelle McClain
    Annabelle McClain

    Netflix's go to song when something gets serious

  • Willy Jonasson
    Willy Jonasson

    I do. It's in "Sky Rojo" Netflix. Don't miss it

  • Shilpa Ds
    Shilpa Ds

    Anyone here after “MANIFEST”

  • Villca Mamani Felix Sebastian
    Villca Mamani Felix Sebastian

    i dont like this shit :)

  • KiReal _YouTube273
    KiReal _YouTube273

    Лучшая песня, я её даже напеваю часто. Это самая лучшая песня👍😄

    • David Borrero Perez
      David Borrero Perez

      LoL Un Ruso 😄

  • Roberto R.S.
    Roberto R.S.

    Impresionante voz del tipo. Esta canción es como para usarla de fondo cuando tu chica esté haciéndote un streap tease

  • Vladimir Sokolovsky
    Vladimir Sokolovsky

    Just wondering who are that 260 people that clicked "dislike"🤷🏻‍♂️


    Fun fact: You actually searched for this song and now it's stuck in your head ♥️

    • Can i get followers ? Lol
      Can i get followers ? Lol


    • ThatGirlShae


  • dierblog T
    dierblog T


  • Meta Lukan
    Meta Lukan

    Why can't all people listen to this kinda music...i don't wanna wibe alone 😥

  • Azdine Bouabta
    Azdine Bouabta

    O o o o o o o o oho oho oho

  • Erivaldo Ribeiro
    Erivaldo Ribeiro

    Salvador (BA) firme

  • Gwuera Valdez
    Gwuera Valdez

    Masterpiece, beautiful🔥❤

  • Gwuera Valdez
    Gwuera Valdez


  • Gwuera Valdez
    Gwuera Valdez


  • Klaiver Rodrigues
    Klaiver Rodrigues

    So esta eu de brasileiro nos comentários

  • Amith Rodriguez
    Amith Rodriguez

    It’s July 27 ✌🏻2021

  • Richard Weekes
    Richard Weekes

    Thank EA Sports - Fifa 16 or 17 for accepting and playing these tracks first!

    • EN3MY

      Nostalgic 🥲

  • Tumer Celik
    Tumer Celik

    Müslüm baba daha iyi söyler iste o yüzden ronaldo

  • Jonathan Foresight
    Jonathan Foresight


  • Rafkaa

    1:54 my fav part

  • Champagnje Thersia - HD du Venage - Pietersen
    Champagnje Thersia - HD du Venage - Pietersen


  • Kimmy Dooley
    Kimmy Dooley

    Earns full respect @3:20

  • Abdullah Almajnuni
    Abdullah Almajnuni

    I have felt like a throwback to my last year what about having done..... I believe that everyone has passed the issues hopefully at least without any symptoms of bad health. I can’t go without you 💔💔💔💔

  • Abdullah Almajnuni
    Abdullah Almajnuni

    End July, the start of happiness 🍒

  • Jonathan Foresight
    Jonathan Foresight

    I remember I love it

  • Ana Moraes
    Ana Moraes

    Sky rojo