Jaiden Animations

Jaiden Animations
Jaiden Animations


  • The ferret
    The ferret

    All I heard is the book wings of fire

  • Awesome Kid Piku
    Awesome Kid Piku

    Why did u put papyrs in the background

  • Madelynn Keu
    Madelynn Keu

    haha being awkward having paranoia and crippling depression but still being an extrovert to hopefully one day get rid of crippling depression but yet it will not leave but im fine im okay nothing to worry

  • Shaa Naa
    Shaa Naa

    Are you in 2021

  • Sooffer

    Lets get her to 10 mil

  • Hui Eng Lim
    Hui Eng Lim


  • endy

    What with distrosin

  • harukazeeh

    Vomit on my sweater already, mom spaghetti. The sudden Eminem rap hahaha

  • Jonathan Mulatu Official
    Jonathan Mulatu Official

    Jaiden: says she's surprised she has 2 mil subscribers 2017-2021: Here's 7.94 million people who adore your work!

  • Madelynn Keu
    Madelynn Keu

    why you got to remind me of the 8 hours og homework i should do before the end of the school year which ends in like 2 weeks but yet i havent don it anyways

  • Michael Cross
    Michael Cross

    The closest thing I've got to flirting is "I face you think like- FUCK!"

  • Le'Nooby

    You're face is beautiful! *might be asian* but if you saw mine you would eat you're words and just be happy that atleast you have friends and a face anyone can be happy with. If you saw my life or anyone at all they would disgust me for years and that's what's been happening to me for years I hope at least someone reading my comment knows what I feel like it's like they treat you good but also hurts you're feelings at the same time. I hope jaiden know that she isn't the only person who feels a hurt relationship or anything else. But then again I really hope jaiden recoveries and becomes even happier then I am :)

  • Madelynn Keu
    Madelynn Keu

    the thing is that im reading a manga for a school project so yea

  • Giuseppe Terracciano
    Giuseppe Terracciano

    Fun fact I'm from Naples (thanks for donating Jaiden )