Tom Scott

Tom Scott
Tom Scott

Hi, I'm Tom Scott. These are some of the things I've made and done. They'll probably come back to haunt me in a few years' time.

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  • Paul-Ivo B.
    Paul-Ivo B.

    Sabrina has a TERRIBLE vocal fry. Makes listening to her very unpleasant.

  • Geilestofzuiger

    Imagine your just chilling on a plane and you look out the window and you see a flying bread

  • kkkennedykk

    Tom don't lie this video title is AI-created, right???

  • Ikanaide

    Imagine if the garlic bread hits someone when it falls

  • William Jones
    William Jones

    Reminds me of a hill out side my home in Billings Montana. I don't know how steep it is but in the winter it makes the best sledding hill in the state.

  • Ankle Donna
    Ankle Donna

    Tom doesn't like tea; that's OK with me since I an American and I can't stand coffee.

  • Dziki Bober
    Dziki Bober

    Tom: send garlic bread to the space 43 millions of people: interesting

  • ThirrinDiamond

    I want a vid on how to watch the news without being terrified please and thank you

  • Jake Mccain
    Jake Mccain

    Me sitting here with a R speech impediment, also I want to fix it but not sure how and also if I do fix it I won’t be that different

  • Jonas Kircher
    Jonas Kircher

    Tom: 'This video contains images of a preserved dead body.' My brain: 'You haven't eaten breakfast yet, how about making some and eating it while watching?'

  • sarah bruce
    sarah bruce

    Not interested, scary they want 3/4 population of world gone

  • Daniel khan
    Daniel khan

    But I was using VPN!

  • S J
    S J


  • Imperium Commenting Network
    Imperium Commenting Network

    To show the power of flex tape, we built a replica of the titanic and sailed her through an iceberg again.

  • Bruce V
    Bruce V

    They actually don't really match that well...

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne

    7:53 TOO TRUE

  • Krusty Lash make Da Cash woof
    Krusty Lash make Da Cash woof

    As someone that lives in Australia, it sorta blows my mind that places like these exist.

  • Ammar Ahmad
    Ammar Ahmad

    The preservation process reminds me about the ship of Theseus.

  • ethan embí
    ethan embí

    Honestly, in the Tom Scott extended universe, this is probably my favorite intro to a video

  • Armchair Psycho
    Armchair Psycho

    We had some really offensive/gross/dark versions of I Have A Little Dreidel in my syangogue.

  • nick woodward
    nick woodward

    "As best we can". If only the church had money...

  • Jennifer Ditman
    Jennifer Ditman

    Tom, thoughts post covid?

  • Hi P
    Hi P

    I like how I get this 7 years later

  • F elix
    F elix

    you explained the Internet to my parents, thanks!

  • AsuKiri


  • Alex Jerome
    Alex Jerome

    Still 100 percent spot on

  • Benjamin Dare
    Benjamin Dare

    <3ing the pyro guy. He's woofy.

  • ÆŁĮ ÆłĮ
    ÆŁĮ ÆłĮ

    Why pets are a scam needs to be a video

  • macronencer

    Everyone please note: this is NOT the "vocoder effect". Vocoders have some things in common with pitch correction, in that they essentially use Fourier analysis (either in software or through circuitry), but whereas vocoders are relatively simple (if you can call multiband envelope follower, VCA and bandpass filter plus optional sibilance detector and noise source... "simple"), pitch correction has more complexity and subtlety to it. I admit I don't know as much about pitch correction as I do about vocoders, but I do know it involves very clever proprietary algorithms.

  • Zackerie Gold
    Zackerie Gold

    April 24th, 2021 Still working



  • P Granger-Stylinson
    P Granger-Stylinson

    I don't get the gun jokes...?

  • Niel Reyes
    Niel Reyes

    Before i clicked 28,722,814 After i clicked 28,722,976


    Now..... Who say earth is flat.

  • Drishtant Singh
    Drishtant Singh

    wHY SO LOUD?!

  • dorky. subby
    dorky. subby

    *when garlic bread goes to space before you*

  • Draconia Drawing
    Draconia Drawing

    Still 100%

  • Kelsea Hinze
    Kelsea Hinze

    still spot on :)

  • Tsugikuni Yorichii
    Tsugikuni Yorichii

    u have 43m view?? wtf?

  • Anime boi
    Anime boi

    God feel hungry seeing that garlic bread flying

  • Tsugikuni Yorichii
    Tsugikuni Yorichii

    what the f.....?

  • DEC

    "With a ukulele shop opposite, but thats not what I'm here to talk about." Why not Tom? I demand a follow-up about ukuleles in Shoreditch!

  • Varshith Reddy B
    Varshith Reddy B

    Hi bro sis

  • David Anderson
    David Anderson

    18:16 Hummingbirds don't require 12,000 calories per day. They require about 10 calories per day. It would be in the ballpark of 12,000 if they were scaled up to the size of a human.

  • 89 Degree Studio
    89 Degree Studio

    Tripwires, explosives.... you looking for the lost City of Zinj???

  • Matt Haliadex
    Matt Haliadex

    Why do these videos get even a few hundred down votes let alone over 1k? What could anyone possibly have against Tom and his quick bites of interesting stuff??

  • Mote

    That spoof website is funny. Nice job

  • McNibbler

    Booba 😳😳😳

  • Andrew

    Cardross isn’t THAT remote. It has train links, it’s nearby Helensburgh, Balloch and Dumbarton and not too far from Glasgow. Faster by train.

  • Self-promoter Remover
    Self-promoter Remover

    They should add Gimpy Gimpy plants to their garden



  • Lucas Shtevnin
    Lucas Shtevnin

    It's been a year and still %100 spot on

  • Alvynz715


  • bLeEp BlOoP
    bLeEp BlOoP

    That half a loaf of garlic bread is the luckiest half loaf if ever seen.

  • Daniel Kaspo
    Daniel Kaspo

    Hey! I'm from the future and BOY did 12:28 age poorly!

  • Eric Thompson
    Eric Thompson

    Aliens watching humans learning about space through garlic bread and balloons 🎈 🍞 :👽

  • Bert aroo
    Bert aroo


  • forfeitus

    ferb i know what we're gonna do today

  • Zebali Zebali
    Zebali Zebali

    Imagine garlic bread passing by alien's UFO.

  • rickvian test
    rickvian test

    well, you can with css transition

  • willmatiq

    Still exact!

  • Peggy Newvine
    Peggy Newvine

    The purification is the point tho.

  • Coyle

    Tom, mate, ya probably just saved the lives of amateur sailors around the world with internet access.

  • Shreya Sanjay
    Shreya Sanjay

    3:14 That's true for Austin McConnell

  • Cedrick Vidal
    Cedrick Vidal

    How to disprove flat earthers

    • Cedrick Vidal
      Cedrick Vidal

      My god, fool spotted

  • CMDR Waffle
    CMDR Waffle

    ;( code dont work anymore

  • Václav Jebavý
    Václav Jebavý

    this is is the quintessential Tom Scott video.

  • psyferocious


  • Patrice Masterson
    Patrice Masterson

    it is still 100% spot on

  • Michael Roberts
    Michael Roberts

    It's still working

  • Vasundhara

    This video becomes 3yrs old today

  • TheMostFrench

    I usually say 'ok' to people when they ask me something or want to confirm plans (without the quotation marks), sometimes they ask me if I'm angry about something. It's actually very hard to explain to someone that you aren't annoyed without coming across as sounding annoyed. This is why emojis are good. What I hate is when people replace words with emojis like "How would I describe myself? drink bottle wine glass sun palm tree wave avocado pineapple person jogging dumbbell vuvuzela happy new year"

  • Inkhao Huang
    Inkhao Huang

    Seems japan is very likely to make the world like that in near future

  • A Random Account
    A Random Account

    Ay Mr. Beast and Tom Scott collab

  • Fresh Kale
    Fresh Kale

    god its been a year

  • Khodazmoon

    MrBeast is awesome

  • Gerson Rendón
    Gerson Rendón

    This comment has 0 likes

  • Sanved Joshi
    Sanved Joshi

    I subbed because MrBeast said so

  • Emma Gustafson
    Emma Gustafson


  • lolli domoni
    lolli domoni

    I'm surprised mr beast had the worst call quality